Threat and Crisis
Theses are words I have accepted

I deserve nothing else...
But the temperance I am left with

Life's rare and divine ecstasies
Snatched by the apathetic

Thieving currents

In the absence of temperance,

I indulge in you.

Submerging myself into the depths of your being,

With an insatiable thirst for your flesh.

Drinking your essence with my lips,

Becoming intoxicated,

Dominated by the power of your skin.

A servant to your body.

I worship you.

In the absence of temperance.

Omnis Atrum Jan 2012

With our passion all spent they would have us repent our consent
with blind zealotry they refuse to relent opposing our mergence
so when curing prurience leave one percent of passion unspent.

As we share these moments and begin our physical ascent
be aware that they will not capitulate in calling for our penance
with our passion all spent they would have us repent our consent.

Remember this simple covenant in order to circumvent
the condemnation of our actions as unforgivable flagrance
so when curing prurience leave one percent of passion unspent.

In these sheets we have long forgotten the virgin's lament
because the silent weeping is drowned out by our cadence
with our passion all spent they would have us repent our consent.

By our mutual pleasure we have earned their unrelenting resent
and we are endlessly castigated for our lack of temperance
so when curing prurience leave one percent of passion unspent.

The cries of fanatics prove their opposition to be hellbent
they would prefer that we endure the torment of abstinence
with our passion all spent they would have us repent our consent
so when curing prurience leave one percent of passion unspent.

kylemetz Dec 2013

When the stars begin to fade
I may just change my ways
Until that time doth come
I'll try and catch the sun

Sylkie Smoothie Nov 2013

I wish so hard that uou would just turn around and
spark my heart
light the fuse that explodes the suns stars and moons
from out of my tempered heart,
to give a word spoken in that one way,
to touch with that delicate intent
to reach for me
and fight for me
and pull me away
from these empty phantasms
calling to my sex
release me.
Open me up to the universe
and let me explode with with mystical madness
let me paint with colours the endless sky
save me from this fortified heartened mess
My love, light me with your fire!
The one that she brings back alight.

Loutre Sep 2011

the cat
waits for her enemy
to make the first move
though this foe
has his eye
on better prey

By God, what have we done?
Lost in those hours in which we had fun.
Tis this evil, this cruel twisted fate,
That cut us short on our special Skype date.

Now you're gone, then again so am I,
What's worse is, I can't hear you cry.
Fate is kind and will bring you back,
Set everything out on a nice smooth track.

I needn't worry, I needn't fear,
We'll be together very soon my dear.
Till then think of me as I do you,
I'll see your smile when the sky turns blue.

SøułSurvivør Dec 2015


My former addiction
is proof of damage...

my current temperance
is proof of REDEMPTION.

(C) 12/1/2015

I am not proud of my
former addiction nor actions

... but i am unashamedly a believer
upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

Johnny Trash Mar 2016

Everything is pointless,
Life's lost its meaning,
I have no purpose,
Not enough willpower to break this,
So I'll just write these words out,
Until this broken record is changed...

Serenity is foreign,
A construct that eludes me;

Temperance reverses, casting it's dim shadow

N Jul 2015

I indulge and deprive myself

Leila Valencia Mar 2015

Like a poem made for devils
like a hanging tear that begs to halt until forgiven

The soured lips
the sun sipped mouths
scratch print to a sea of grass
Its sun tipped and drowned into everyone

The warp and the fast paced move.
Eyes will sound asleep into the blur

Tania Crocker Jul 2015

"I will speak my mind."

Fiona Runs Sep 2016

With eyes squeezed closed tight
I wrung both my hands
And thought I had found myself
Cast adrift alone in far off lands

I slowly opened one eye a slot
And quickly realised I’d rather have not
I had wandered deep into a forest glade
Following the sound a warbler had made

And when I looked down I was amazed
To see bluebells dancing between grassy blades
Each bell seemed to call a certain sound
Ringing sweetly to me from all around

A bright gleaming light shot through the trees
And all about me the birds and bees
I began to feel a joy not known before
And allowed it to seep through every pore

I looked far beyond the bluebell haze
And thought I’d slipped into ecstatic daze
For there in front of holly trees
Stood a creature not know for centuries

It’s beauty and strength were felt at length
With eyes so bright I stepped back in fright
It’s mane was glorious it’s nature raw
And between it’s ears it’s magnificence I saw

For purity and grace come not often to face
With some thing so wild only a maiden can chase
I reached out my hand to offer it peace
And was surprised when it walked to me with such ease

It knelt down beside me and lay in the grass
I lingered a moment and time seemed to pass
We were lost in our day dream for ever some say
Just me and my legendary horse for the day

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