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S Smoothie May 3
Piercing molten holes through garded hearts

The causality of your fancies rip through innocence with effortless charm.

Another pair of ******* drop to the floor

Another set of mounds

aching pinnacles begging

for the breath of a touch.

Sharp eyes survey endless pain,

but you don't want to heal

You want your name screamed in vain.

I'm good now and I'll be ******

If I let you in again

The flicker was enough

I know  you saw it

Walking on by as if it didn't mean a thing

And each time I ******* over

I know you'll hope I'll  steal away to cry

******* and those graceless eyes,

You played games

You told lies

You crush beauty

Like flies

Didn't we almost have it all?

Shouldn't of asked to see my love in measures of pain.

You played my crazy for sane

You shouldn't have said you loved me

When all I wanted was a ****,

I die again and again in those eyes

Each time in vain.
What the eyes can't see the heart can...
S Smoothie Apr 26
It seems they own us already... Well played... Well played... Thanks to all the fuckwits with out integrity or vision... **** all the dimwits placated with social justice bs and not on choices and moral values caring for life and living. We are all well and truly ******. Virus take me, this **** is laying out a painful future I don't want to be a part of. Stay safe. You're never safe.  It's immunity or strength. We're still part of a conspiracy we all didn't want to see coming...

Oh, where are you Orwell when we need you? What a prophet, wondrous genius labelled it fantasy so that those who could see may lead the blind...

War machine no1 mkultra on steroids social and cultural shift media. Blurry lines, smaller tribes are overcome much easier with global propaganda. Watching the sun's role in global warming. It is omnipotent and we are in its fancy, but as we destroy ourselves we lament and continue our diet of convienence truths and lies.

Where are you Orwell when we need you? What a prophet, wondrous genius labelled it fantasy so that those who could see may lead the blind...

Our youth dumber and more pandered and selfish than ever
The road to communism was never straight
Our identities once given now traded into the thin air of whimsy only to be handed them again.

As we destroy ourselves we lament and continue our diet of convienent truths and lies.

The Beast the bible foretold, is ourselves and what the elements we have created as the four horse men...

never a truer wiser book was there written than the humble of the humblessed... yeah I know you see what I did there... or do you? Best blessings SS **
Be who you want but don't destroy who you were and who loved you there in the beginning when you were helpless but no less devine.
S Smoothie Apr 20
Staring up at the universe

Looking for signs of you amongst the satellites

Sending thoughts, hoping you could read them

I flick a wish at a a falling star

Seems I missed again...

A sprawling wry smile marks the tone of disillusionment

Abandonment interlaced with hope

Choked with longing, and a fervent rage threatening to scrape through composure,

A quizzical furrow nudges the eyes up again

Watching intently as two satellites glide headlong into each other thier speed an exact mirror of the other and in a blink seamlessly cross over each other.

Oh what a soul wouldn't give to have that brief moment where we kiSs up high  amongst the stars in the sky.

Can you feel it?

What may I ask from the All Mighty?
What may I ask from Allah, Jesus, Ram?
The whole cosmos is given to me
In the eyes of my BELOVEDz

Should I ask for death?
Or should I ask for life?
Whatever is given to me
I've lived it with all soul-spirit

My thirst of many days is not quenched
If I die and bleed...
That time I will drink my blood
To quench my thirst...

I do not have a desire to die
Nor I know the ways of dying...
But surely I deZiRe to
Live under your protective shelter

I'll smile and live my life
Under your shadow
Let little sun bloom the life
Just lift your shade of coiffure a bit...

Once I have lived
A life, just for a moment
That moment - don't let it die
Like a shroud on a death bed...

If you had stayed with me
Smiling and talking...
Even though you could have fought
Or even hit / beaten me up
At least,
I could have embraced your *****
To breath my last...

How come All Mighty God too..
Like human beings
Has became so strict?
Oh... I hope - just like me
If Lord too fell in your LOVE..
Then, I won't be carrying
The burden of longing of LOVE

How will anyone keep a safe
Account of credit-Debit of our LOVE?
Looks like God/dess too
Has fallen in trap of debt
Of our LOVE and LOVING

Oh.. All Mighty God/dess
I won't trade a price from YOU
Nor I will let you rest in peace
Until the fragrance of our LOVE
Is spread in the allies of your world
Till then, I will surely
Charge a price for
Keeping our LOVE alive...!

My BELOVEDz is my Moon
Within the image of my heart
How and why did you cover
With the floating clouds
The illumination of
The one I LOVE?

What would have gone of yours
If you too were present in our LOVE
Oh Lord, I too would have shown YOU
My BELOVEDz-flower-blossomed
Eyes that illuminated LOVE...

What would have gone of yours
If you too drank a little bit
Of LOVE of our longing?
May be - like us
YOU too would have become immortal..!

The day I was separated from BELOVEDz
I saw first hand the days of calamity
The whole world then stood up
Complaining about our LOVE and LOVING

If in deZire of meeting you
If I lose my life then
You do accept my LOVE
Do not let that moment ever arrive
Come to me - before my last breathe

Oh the one who rules from Heaven
YOU too started loving...
The lost longings of my eyes
Are not you still happy yet
For making me cry so much in LOVE?

May be I would serve my cut head
Or let the sword blade break...
From where should I bring
So many heads of mine
To keep your LOVE alive
During my life-time..?

It is needed..
It was required..
I will be necessary...
The Trails of our LOVE
Will always WIN...!

Translated from URDU
S Smoothie Apr 13
Another meaningless title

Another stab in  the dark

Grabbing for whispers of love

Smoke in the dark

Slipping through my fingers

Easy to see


Hard to capture in Word

The usual description won't fit

Comfortable madness

I'm bareft at the thought of thoughts with out it

stranger to say I'm happy with even the least of

The best of it

Could I even hope to capture

Just one look

One millisecond of recognition

In the eyes I'm too afraid to look in

I swear I know you so well

If only vacant eyes could see the power

Of what could be, yet couldn't fathom

The despair if what was made, was not...
What ever you find, make the best of it xo
S Smoothie Apr 6
Kiss the sky,

Only don't

Touch the curves and edges,

Only don't

Share a breath on a heartbeat,

Only don't

Snuggle tight in the driving wind,

Only don't

Trace words of love on each others lips,

Only don't

Break my heart
S Smoothie Mar 15
She got them today

Sweet tiny collusion of love

Perfectly formed

Born and gone in a fleeting moment

Too young, too small

To be ripped from her mother's womb

The kinder cut they rationalized

But the of pain of kindness was too great to bear

Still, her wings outstretched with love

Wrapped & Consoled them

This wasn't her vessel,

This wasn't her time

And off she flew

Again to rise

Our Phoenix

Our precious

Tiny love

With her

For beautiful baby M xo
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