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S Smoothie Jun 15
Spit it out in a spray of characters,
Shuffle those thoughts onto coherent lines
Share your pain
The ****** purge
The biting bile rising
The filthy **** of
Legs spread wide
Slippery wet ploys
Manipulative cuntery
The rotting festering ire
******* on the page
The purge
The last word
Leave it here, the rage
The injustice the disrespect
The insolence All left here
On this ******* page.
Therapeutic rave
S Smoothie Jun 4
A ring of futility

The patience game is not for the faint heart

Watching them tear your confidence apart,

Pulling the flesh from your backbone

Creaks give way to breaking

Shattering of nerves

Plucking away the feathers of hope

Bare naked and goosepimpled

The carvery lays waiting

An unceremonious carving

Beligerant twisted barbs of lies

They think they have power

They think the can destroy me

I almost thought they could too,

But as they say reputation is king

And mine speaks flesh to my bones

I pick the scales off one by one

Their pious deception no match

for my holy inception

A twisted fork tongue lays deep in its own rotted flesh

How the snakehole swallows it's own creator

Writhing in contorted panic as it's own truth flashes in its eyes

I may well be torn down every shred of pride

Only to rise a new and free from their serpentry

While they taste the bitter poison in their own sad tales

They never had real faith

And mine was never afraid of being tested

They forgot the sage old saying

Death trampling on death

Arise Tabitha and sin is no more

And nor is the serpent whom devours its self.
S Smoothie Apr 18
The flicker of last nights midnight memory rushed through my head
the heart gave an obligatory thump while it tried to double summersault
it was the slightest touch bare skin on bare skin but I felt it so deep
magnatised by the heat in your stare, hips arching to its target
lips parted hanging in the air sending out invitations without care
it was a moment locked in eternity and you bent your head everso slightly
I swore swore you leaned in just before your phone rang
and love had brought you back to your senses and left me with
sweet nothings and a ache gouged deep across my pelvis
that tore me unexpectedly all the way through my heart

because you texted to say hey.
S Smoothie Apr 11
You’re a snake waiting in the grass to strike
fangs dripping with toxic anticipation
your false concern does not deceive me
you are exposed
your hightsned sense ominous
I watch your ears ***** as I enter the room
i anticipate your strike
again and again you will fall short of your target
underestimation is my calling card
the time has come to twist your neck into the mirror
before I rip it off
I am welded in truth, in Christendom
take your beedy eyes and small puppet mind out of the hive;
and what have you got?
The scales on your eyes
are firmly planted in
its time to scrape up all the grace
hold my head high

im giving your **** right back

return to sender is the email
and ******* is the reply.
Author's Notes/Comments:
so ****** you don’t deserve capitals
S Smoothie Apr 5
The missing seeps in through holes I never knew existed

The lack of warmth and the pinhole currents of icy wind
Winding its self like lashings inside an empty cavern

Why would you want to live here in this ribbed cage?

what good would your light do except expose the barren wastelands?

I tried love

it took everything I had

every new attempt draws blank.

and still you make me think I could try...
S Smoothie Mar 28
For healing,

For the scales of blind hate peeled off our eyes

We are all the sons and daughters of one humanity

One light that shines bright each day

And one light that shines cool by night

And as each one of us tries to claw through the obstacles

Of hate, fear and the unknown the truth is side by side

Without colour culture or religion

Our souls still speak and recognise eachother

And our eyes without the lens of corruption

See each others beauty and would long for company

And joy.

If only we could see...
S Smoothie Mar 15
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