she stood atop the high cliff
Scanning the oceans depths to the horizon
Soft amber glows lit her strong fine features
She had that far away look in her treacle eyes
he knew she was not present
she had gone to be with the spirit of her love
how his own spirit ached to chase after it,
to hold her steady so she would not lose sight of the shore
he almost drifted away with her
but sensed the need for her privacy
he did not want to find what she hoped she might find
he felt it would truly destroy him
he restrained himself from touching her
instead he looked out to he setting sun over her shoulder
letting the strands of lit golden hair flicker on to his cheek
as he blessed and thanked creation
for bestowing on him such simple glory
a wilderness of gratitude for each faint stroke
his whole being came alive
a grand mercy in a pinprick of revelation
divinely connected
as if her body knew that a love lost
was held steady across the arcs of time by another love
as she stood there motionless,
reverent Silence between them
the queen of his faith had restored in him,
what he had long hoped restore in her
He thought recklessly
‘We held time there,
locked in an expedition,
each of our own
words never spoke of any greater higher church,
than that of love
as our haloes mingled,
the sun left enraged with jealousy
slipping into the darkness
leaving the colours of our mismatched hearts to bleed’.
Who heralded the news!
Who put  cat amongst the pigeons?
the question?
Who of who is whose stooge?
The truth never rings true
even when truth is by adage ‘stranger than fiction’
What if fiction was a precursor of truth?
What if in every truth there was a % of lies
and in every lie a % of truth
What if every POV changes the percentage?
The magician uses the art of distraction
Slight mind and hand
What then does miracle worker use?
The hand of faith and soul
What does the dramatist use?
Staging and emotion illusion and suspensionQq of disbelief
What does the Pragmatist use?  
What ever is philosophically practical
What does the conspirator use?
Any means necessary to move the hand of fate to seed the lies in the Eyes of those they wish to hold.
what does the truth demand?
To see the light of day,
the cat without the feathers amongst the pigeons.
Questions don’t always have the answers you like
The clouds I aspire to walk on dissipate with my aspirations of love
fear is temporary pain insignificant
the free fall astoundingly liberating
I fall cloud after cloud
slipped through a rainbow
and landed hard on the thump of reality
and while I was there the sky had fallen with me
and in the darkness a beacon of light pointed to hope
and I sat there watching the light waver and come closer
I saw a million starS clustered together picking up
the shattered specks of light torn down from the hosts of halos
and as I did nothing mesmerized the wave of lights in the beam
washed itself over me and instantly I was caught up in a new day
it had occurred to me that I had become the sun
the light of day opened up and cast out broken dreams and deception
and I saw the relief of freedom wash over the whole
and songs of joy played in my mind
and I knew in that instant I was love
but there were no words that could prove meaning
it was something one knows deep within
that forces with many aeons practice in dampening with the revolution of false truths
but the wordss won’t wont suffice
the light speaks my every conceived an inconceivable thought
without a word.
If it’s one size fits all it’s lies
Her shoulder was bare
a bronze shimmer
uncovered by the slip
of her sleeve
he couldn’t help but to gently stoke the curves
the sea breeze played with rogue strands of hair
and her beauty was her sadness
as she gazed unpon the ruins
of her buried heart
she seemed inconsolable
yet defiant
and a calm peace
drew him in
and he loved her in that instant
like he’d never loved before
and knowing it was completely hopeless
reconciled himself
to her protector
and keeper
of her faith
in something greater.
she didn’t move
and he took this for her compliance
a small mercy
in the tragedy of their lives.
Author's Notes/Comments:
in the darkest times a small glint becomes a bright sun of hope.
The blood drips linger
afraid to leave the bastion of grace
that sustained them
fibres stretched and pulled
to the brink of profanity
sweat refused
clinging until raised as vapors to the sky
a piercing shriek of a quartz tip entered
somehow sliently
parting flesh from flesh
meat from bone and bitter liquid poured forth
searing a river of flesh devouring agony
a slight reprieve offered nothing but
the biting cold of sullied mead
poured mercilessly upon the lips of truth
to add irrevent pain upon excruciating reverence
the clouds gathered
the ground swelled up and shook
the cracks of the whip deafened
by the thunderous
thus it was done
and hope sat in stunned silence
the endless wait began
as the blood drips lingered afraid to touch the sand
Gay, Bi, pan, trans, weird or queer..
see you on the other side when you've learned to love the precious skin you're in.
You are the perfect you as you are with all that you have been given, every hair, every freckle. You are all you need just as you are. Dont fall for the hype.
How my soul longs to hold

such poetic pearls within its atmosphere

To be free at will,

to cast them on to the masses

as some psudo manna from heaven

Hung on some ethereal frequency

Where  the lost wander aimlessly

Waiting for the Glistening words

To breathe new life into a phoenix

Rising from the ashes

In a sea of coalesced stars

To enrich my own.
Blessings SS x
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