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S Smoothie Apr 2023
As the heat melts ice
The nature of your love told
Your eyes form ice storms

A seed under ice
Is still a seed of hope
Belief must not thaw

Spring brings with it love
lovers refresh sighs and longing
Still winter for us

Dry bones weep for flesh
Love compels sustenance
nourishments denied

Wanton nights pleasure
Lust clears by day breaks fading
Light shows my folly

Sweet bird sings of love
At night the song seems sweeter
By day the croak jeers
S Smoothie Apr 2023
Circles around circles

We never seem to touch in the right place
Where we'd meet at an intersection;
where thoughts can over lap and ideas spring to life!

And yet a life is what we've built

Circling like hawks picking eachothers bones
And anything else of use to feather our nest

Everything inevitably falls apart
Crashing down all around us

Except us

and we don't have much in common
Except our calamaties
And our never ending eddies

I guess we've managed to come full circle
More than few times
Dizzy as a spun dime

and yet here we are
at our throats as much as in our hearts
We seem to always over come

can't stay, can't go
say yes , say no
No doubt
I don't know

You figure it out.
S Smoothie Mar 2023
Every pattern is a cudgel to pain
Every equation rings out your reign

Its on the whispers and tirades of the wind
Its in the ripple of water and crashing waves of the sea

Each sinew tugged at and tortured
Frayed nerves screeching and screaming at me

Begging for the holy oil,
the balm of relief
The anointing of peace

Yet even that hope lies shattered
in the broken pieces of usefulness  

distorted harmonics resonating agony
where once was perfect and sound cohesion

Each moment now a taught tension
a pugnacious trap for excrutiation

Every device is a loaded trigger for wretched pangs all I want to to do is merely write
Of beauty and hope to soothe

What sabotage for a poet
Whose pain enscription was a grateful muse

I find nothing of comfort
Because, every idea breathes nothing but signals heralding yet more and more pain

Just like the photo of us dancing in the rain
I feel like it might never happen again

Memory is a Pain upon a pain
Mnemonics are the seat of my suffering again

And your mighty reign of anguish
An insanity that devours me

But I will not succumb
I will remain

I will come through this somewhat sane
And you'll be that forgotten memory
I refuse to let inside my brain

The rent will be sky high
CPRS will forget my Name!
S Smoothie Mar 2023
I may be crazy
But I'm kind
I may be aloof
but I have a great mind
I may be distant
But my thoughts are near you
I may be resistant
But I can soften too
I may be a whirlwind
But I'm the wind beneath your wings
I may be broken
But my pieces are  beautiful things
I may be lost
But I can always find you
I may be a nomad
But I'm home
when I'm with you
It hits different but
S Smoothie Feb 2023
The heat of your stare consumes me

My favourite satellite
An easy slide into your atmosphere

Locked in your forcefield of passion

Two supernovas swirling around eachother

Dancing around who makes the first touch

Afraid of what it might become  

Your sweet breath becomes my breath

A magnetising exchange of life force

An insistent and sincere promise of a holy union

Of man and of woman

A higher plane of conciousness

A closeness closer than close

Entwinement of desire

The first touch tracing waves of heady need

Ripples upon ripples,

taut and taunted

Calling for warm comfort

In the cold of unfulfilled union

A featherly trace laces budding tips

Vibrating its sweet song

in the easy parting of lips

Tenderness melds with clawing desperation

Hardness searching for delicate harbour  


A universe of pleasure has opened up

The sparks fly lighting up oblivion

Creation has spoken its truth

Love has had its way

showering sweet pulses over plums and rosebuds

Endless yet finite

A love that can never be serviced

merely by words spoken

A thrusting of passion so worthy

An acceptance of pleasure so obligatory

Natural and ethrial at the same time

No deep is too deep in discovery

lips upon tips

Hips upon hips

Gasp upon gasp


higher and higher

head long into nirvana

An exultant expression

All our love comes at once

Super nova after supernova

Dulling down to a deep seeded need

To be your everything even at the risk

Being nothing

Because even in that nothing

Is more than everything

in that universe of desire

that calls me by your name

And thrills me over and over again

An endless winding road to the deepest abyss

Safe in the knowledge of your desire placed

In the ***** of my ***

wrapped by the glory of your love
Happy loving day!
S Smoothie Jan 2023
Something stirring

A cautious hover
Over a breaking smile

gratitude spills
tumbling over the reverently held ether

life lives here,

moistened with
Blood, sweat, Tears and rain

Every fall a rise
Like the breath of providence

A dip left
A twist right

the rhythm of life inspires dance,
Poetry, art, music and song  

Like air slipping over chords

Sacred Verbiage


Your hands are never empty

There is no void,

There is only the appearance of nothing

Which by the mere thought is even something

So grab on tight!

Even when it seems there is no thing

it really is something, isn't it?

Oh what we see, be and do when nothing is impossible!
Yes, yes you can!
S Smoothie Dec 2022
Sorry! Pocket dial!
It's been a crazy Christmas season!
Never a dull moment
and never without a drama.
Strength doesn't come by on its own,
it requires training i suppose.

Have a beautiful day today
where you can really smell the crisp air,
look at the garden and the trees
doing their best everyday come what may,

see the wonderous sky and notice
the potential for peace and joy
the way your father appreciated
the very important things in life
that we often miss...

We can learn so much and appreciate so much
when we are given the time to reflect on the past
and dream into our future.

The answer is yes.

It will be more than okay,
It will be better and you will be stronger, wiser and more loving than you dreamed,
The answer is yes
I hear you
Yes, the answer is yes
Sing a song in your heart,
sometimes you pick,
other times life wants its soundtrack.

What ever the case,
sing your troubles away,
sing your joys out loud
A song is a prayer
And a prayer is a conscious action to begin moving to a better place
In connection with the kosmos
Everything is with us all the time,
we cannot separate ourselves from any of it;
not what we see or don't even know about,

We  just move through it in different ways together. Even when we feel alone we are still all moving in it together,


sometimes its as simple as  remembering to reach out with a prayer
and breathe in the answer

Losing a parent is no small thing no matter how you feel about it. Hugs and prayers
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