Her shoulder was bare
a bronze shimmer
uncovered by the slip
of her sleeve
he couldn’t help but to gently stoke the curves
the sea breeze played with rogue strands of hair
and her beauty was her sadness
as she gazed unpon the ruins
of her buried heart
she seemed inconsolable
yet defiant
and a calm peace
drew him in
and he loved her in that instant
like he’d never loved before
and knowing it was completely hopeless
reconciled himself
to her protector
and keeper
of her faith
in something greater.
she didn’t move
and he took this for her compliance
a small mercy
in the tragedy of their lives.
Author's Notes/Comments:
in the darkest times a small glint becomes a bright sun of hope.
The blood drips linger
afraid to leave the bastion of grace
that sustained them
fibres stretched and pulled
to the brink of profanity
sweat refused
clinging until raised as vapors to the sky
a piercing shriek of a quartz tip entered
somehow sliently
parting flesh from flesh
meat from bone and bitter liquid poured forth
searing a river of flesh devouring agony
a slight reprieve offered nothing but
the biting cold of sullied mead
poured mercilessly upon the lips of truth
to add irrevent pain upon excruciating reverence
the clouds gathered
the ground swelled up and shook
the cracks of the whip deafened
by the thunderous
thus it was done
and hope sat in stunned silence
the endless wait began
as the blood drips lingered afraid to touch the sand
Gay, Bi, pan, trans, weird or queer..
see you on the other side when you've learned to love the precious skin you're in.
You are the perfect you as you are with all that you have been given, every hair, every freckle. You are all you need just as you are. Dont fall for the hype.
How my soul longs to hold

such poetic pearls within its atmosphere

To be free at will,

to cast them on to the masses

as some psudo manna from heaven

Hung on some ethereal frequency

Where  the lost wander aimlessly

Waiting for the Glistening words

To breathe new life into a phoenix

Rising from the ashes

In a sea of coalesced stars

To enrich my own.
Blessings SS x
She waits for me at midnight
the stars aligned n such a way
as to reveal her sudden beauty
I trace the lines between the sparkles
as if they, like bubbles, would perhaps burst
spouting an array of lights!
alas they twinkle less brightly
she has not yet unveiled.
I sense her close
the air thickened
fuller with anticipation
I have no choice but to offer myself patience
And suddenly the gloriousness of her is revealed
and I am whole in her radiance
filled and alive
luminous, I dance a halo
like I’ve never danced before
the patterns anew
and the footsteps in the sand
spell hope
aligned in the order of a prayer
without even the thought of one
just the joy that hung upon the air.
I kiss my torment and troubles goodbye
if only for a moment,
i lift my gaze up high and wonder why?
the mystery it seems has become the mistress of my dreams
I lie awake and call her to my night
I sit at ease with her foreboding
I place my palm across her face
and touch the hand of absent grace
she touts me and flouts me
I wrestle with her uneasy smile
a fool’s paradise
if only her dust didn’t sparkle
she manufactures her own light
while smothering my own
sleepless with bated breath
she breathes for me
Cocooned in her rotten nest.
just remember I love you
no matter what you think I think
you don’t have to agree
you just have to accept
that I love you
you are perfect
and I love you
you were wonderfully and fearfully made
to be tested and be strengthened
in my love regardless
of your successes or failures
nothing will make me abandon you
please don’t abandon me.
love and blessings,
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