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S Smoothie Dec 2020
Hold up

Enough of this bird drip

Wipe your nose and look up

Pathetic blind mice play 2 wise sheep

The artificial heart beeps

While yours bleeds

Your blood is coin

A fools folly of *****

Your child sacrificed

Cut to pieces and torn

Yet for the afflictedbstrangers you mourn

For animals you weep

Some to **** some to keep

Scientific lies poison your mind

Call the message fear

Call the message hate

Call the message division

God does not exist

Re-call the message

Re-call the message

Re-call the message

Fall asleep zombie

Fall asleep sheep

The lion sleeps tonight

The red dragon stalks

Green eyed monster

Gives birth to the invisible beast

A burden

Gray matter feeding artificial martyrs

You can do it yourself only you can't

You can be free only youre not

Poked with incessant panic

Prodded with incessant fear

Switch off

Recall the message

Recall the message

Recall the message

We are not saved in this world but the next

For the wise
Not the intelligent.
S Smoothie Dec 2020
We float over solvent crystals of life

Glistening in the all glory of our stars might

The wind winding round us

Sweeping up minute glitter

flicking the crystaline particles of life

As sparkles of radiance on our skin

A complement to sparkles in our eyes

A temporal tunnel borrowing the depths of faith

A moment hung in eternity

A transpiring of unspoken gifts and promises

Asilent understanding

A pledge of love in every realm promised

Agreement in the slow blink of an eye

sealed with polite fervour as a

Kiss over the salt waters

Cleansed and anointed by

The salt of the earth and holiness of the

Eternal presence the one who spoke existence

Consecrated by the eternal agapi in the struggle

Of the mystical meanings and the free will of our love.

A living story.
Blessings and love ss
S Smoothie Dec 2020
Falling like stars

The pitterpattern of a melting heart

Warming and filling to bursting!

Unstoppable radiance

Unfathomable joy

Casting loving designs and new paths

On once dark velvet

The light show ends

But the embers

burn through the fabric of being

Tearing holes in the hopelessness

Pain of release

Fingers of light reach through


God is Love,

I told you!
You are more than what you were told you could be.
S Smoothie Oct 2020
They blinked

A film of Mystery

Drawn up

glassy shields

Deflecting truth

A dazzlement of lights

Leaving faded whispers

Trails of left stars

Burned up in some atmosphere

Signalling the phoenix dive

A refusal to meet fact

A skipped beat over reality

Dreams split into prophesy

Lips hung in the air

Pregnant with pauses

Lost in denial

They blink

As if they'd never known

Their love before

The truth was hovering

But neither one

Reached out to touch it

And none could figure out why?
S Smoothie Sep 2020
There aren't enough words to say

what would be drowned by senseless description

of words that will never reach.
the words weren't enough
S Smoothie Sep 2020
eyes flash heart beats in tandem

a waiting game

a predilection given over

the tempo aligns

the dance begins

an orbit around atmospheres

the tasting of ether

a blend of intoxication

and indoctrination

the scent of temptation lingers

the supple notion takes form

twisting and winding of a breath

interchanged with promise

a heavy countenance of anticipation

yet, touch was refused

and together they imagined

a different existence

beyond the plane of reality

to a place in the future

where two souls merge

into one magnificent phoenix

where love is always revived

in the tiny hope conceived

in each other's eyes.
a million dreams down millions to go
S Smoothie Sep 2020
The mechanics of your scheming
qualifies your genius.

A tool for destruction
an amalgam of evil prose.

A narrative of your choosing
A bastardisation of facts and excuses tantrums and lies

I see how you whimper and conive
your mark ****** into your hypnopsychosis,

control freak
Erasing my relativity

Desiring my spoils
gained despite your lifetime of torture

Careful analysis of my faults and corrections
My green grass,  the colour of your nightmares

Take your control,
I'll deposit my apathy as collaterol.

I'll tend my garden, you grow your pretty little weeds,
Line them all with cockle shells in a row

You may fool them,
But you dont fool  me.

How you conspire,
the same eyes, same lies

Keep Narcisis in your prayers,
you and your symbiotic succubus relationship.

Fein saints and martyrs
I'll climb higher while you climb into despair

What really counts is the truth that we bate
And the truth that we bare

And I saw you clearly,
I saw you both  

Smiting everything not of your own making
Your jealust consumes

What I create is your next toxic dream
You cant trample on who I am.

Masters of manipulation
Bar one

Your greatest fear;
My success,
My joy,
My hope,
My power in defeat;
Freedom from all your ****** up
Sicophantic dramas.

May you one day achieve the impossible
And be like me,

Enjoy the irony
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