There was a story of a shattered illusion
At least The colours sprawled out on the floor
Would resemble some vague monet you couldnt quite put your finger on
The travesty of broken comfort of trying to attaim ill fitting goals with compromised dreams. Grand delusions of something special of ornery
A great trick
A magnificent swindle
You had me fooled at hello
Half lit passion spooled
you almost had me at goodbye  
You worked the game
Amassed your goals on the arch of my back
And here i was, bendong over backwards to convince myself i was in love and it was something special
In the end, fuck dust settled and sunlight refecting off broken shards
Struck in the face with reality
The one where im just another failing priority. Where its easier and cheaper to stay like some sorry sympathy cunt
Where you get to say all the extra effort the days working three jobs was worth it because you chose to stay so i should be grateful.
It figures why youve never really stood up for me you were far too interested in what others thought of you and just happy i was the place they could lay your blame.
And somehow you still find a way to sleep at night
You scoff at my pain
You think i draw from an endless well of strength
While you only draw double standards
I guess this last revelation was the nail in the coffin i didnt want to make
It took so long to fashion its my greatest work of art
The pain of passion the torture of the artist
Formerly known as the love of your life
Titled my grandest mistake.

Picked up the shreds of my dignity
and pulled myself together one last time.
I scraped up the last slivers of hope and pinned them all on you.
Hoplessly Iost, I belived in you.
Only I traded them all in for this last betrayal.
Now there's nothing left
but my mind to drive me even deeper into crazy.
What's worse is,
there was no 'sorry' to prick up my wounded pride.
Only a desolate lanscape where answers should have been.
I strain to squeeze out the slightest hope.
Welcome to my devastation
its all I have left.
As you aptly said:
"If you're not first, you're last! "
Enjoy the show...

Lying on the bed,
tits up, box out.
Another tiny, dank room.
the Grimy walls, occasionally spell out the letters of your name.
Anticipation draws up over me like a thin veil.
Eyes transfixed on the door...
the simple clatter of the door knob makes me shudder!
Searching the crack of light
pouring through the narrow slit,
for a sign of the shadowed edges of your outline.
Pinpricks travel from standing buds
perched atop milky mounds
to the velveteen flanked crevice.
Sweetly swollen lips, moisten.
Moulten heat spears through the core of desire
Centrifugal forces conspire continually brining us closer
via these shabby shanties and dangerous hovels
that fade away the second I feel your presence

Crackling frequencies cross over,
the smell of you whispers forewarning!
Eyes wide open,
dripping core and
impertinent mounds shout their presence!
The door widens,
matching the gape of well primed thighs.
your manhood precedes you proudly.
Cocksure, your gait swaggers
counter to your member.
Toes curling over;
contact is imminent...

You're not right and im not wrong
I sold my heart for a song
Believing you'd look after it
Forgetting i had to sing the same tune
Life called desperate
I couldn't hang up
Her song was intense
I have to listen for the change in tempo
The words
The meaning
She captivates me
Always asking never demanding
So when she needed me i ran
But like i ran on the wind never touchibg the ground
Yet feelibg as grounded as ive ever been
I guess what im saying is i need a refund
Ive got to invest in a new future
Got to get out of a bankrupt past
Right or wrong hes calling you stop hanging up
Its time you did the same.

Kiss my ass i hope to fly
My speck aint nuthin to that plank in your eye
Hold me down i just get higher
Dead weight or spare tyre
You dont write my story
Youre just the obstacle that keeps em tuned in to my glory
The halo on my head is real
I earned that shit
i traded in my Achilles heel
Your words bounce off
Like water beads off a duck
Because i made my own luck
Lifted with the light of life
Left my fate to the skies above
I take my place
love you more as you love me less
In the good Lord my sins are confessed
I still make mistakes and yeah ive got the tact of a crate
God loves me anyway and that's just great
like i said truth is king
i do what i do in honour of Him
And for that glory my heart will sing
most important is one thing
i know you can
And those who dont can kiss your ass
I hope you fly
Where your dreams are way up High.
You can.

  Jul 16 Sylkie Smoothie
C Tyler

Ode to a Poet(writer)
I know you,
All alone
4am is when you feel most at home.
I feel you,
Blank page, full pen,
I see you,
Looking at a page waiting for a tale to unfold,
When it starts, it flows,
I am you,
Hiding away, writing my pain,
Escaping reality,
Day to day,
We are art,
In the way we move,
We are the dreamer's and believer's
Pad and pen in hand til our dreams come true.
C. Tyler

The body of who you are
cuts through the dimensional landscapes
easily shifting shapes,
pulling a glorious array of colours out of the ether.
Shedding skins and trying on thoughts for size and ideas for comfort.
There's no real perfect fit.
And that's the wonderful irony in the journey of self discovery.
You,  are a timeless beauty measured by the brilliant sparkle in your eyes!
A mind as a treasure trove to endless possibilities!
You float with the stars amongst angels,
as easily as you ground yourself in cool muddy river banks and worms.
Fireflies of whims draw you this way and that,
some sit still for a while and close enough to me so that i can drink you in
and sometimes when the wind whispers right,
follow you for an instant over the dimensional planes
untill I get scared and let go of your hand falling back to earth,
only to admire you like the ever shifting dancing aurora
buillding up the courage to chase you into the light again.

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