A White paper flower for your paper crane
one drawn from the ground the other raised to the sky
Brighter than the snow
Liighter than the air
Hope floats
As hope grows
Message from beyond
The crane and the flower still exist
In memory and thought
But most of all,
eternally in spirit.
Pictures in the windows
A nod from the stars
Paper flowers smile up
At paper cranes


The unrighteous seek the words to passify their guilt and find peace driving it away with their actions.

The righteous seek the word to acknowledge thier guilt and wash it away with repentence and find peace.

Uninterrupted peace makes for stagnant waters...

I kiss your toes one by one
and wipe your feet like the face of a new born babe,
in the hope that they may trample me lighter.

Joy blossoms where once hope daren't tread
what wonderful crossing overs of colours and light!
bursting with energy,
traveliing so light underfoot,
I can touch the stars at whim.
I never knew death could be so beautiful!

Grassy knolls crunch gently under foot
Winding wind sweeps around folding me in
Soft sunlight dips through the clouds
And through the lightly blustering playfulness i hear your name carried
Sea air slips open long shallow held lungs
Release on the bounty of home
Eyes devour the horizon longingly
News had come days ago
Life had begun to stir inside
But the sun sank in the same beat of a longing heart
The north star twinkled hope
A quiet prayer lept on the wind
Another faint trace of sound
Whats in a name when it has no form?
Another prayer slips out to search the sea
The sun pulls the sky as purple draws over,  
Dragging with it a blanket of velveteen,
glittered with stars
twinkling beacons of light dancing to the song of hope
Waiting for the moon to make her grand entrance
Maybe on the faintly illuminated horizon
Love may finally appear amongst the stars.

How deeply did those eyes reach into me,
What horrors and confession they drew from me!
In such an ease of way, that nothing mattered, but the warm bath
Lapping my sins into a paler, whiter colour
Compelled, I spoke of shame
They offerd no restoration
But I was becoming cleaner, lighter.
And staring back,
I felt as if I could only see so far
Cloudy swirls would not receed and I grew desperate for connection.
The more I confessed, the more I moved a little deeper
But with all I could possibly remember;
As light as a feather and white as the clouds,
I saw no further.
I began to despair!
Eyes closed,
I worship

Heed my message
do not follow me
for i am hypocrisy
I want no followers
i want you to learn
from MY mistakes.
Ask me questions
Dont make your own
for fear you will know what i know.
Who will be saved then?
And from what?

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