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G A Lopez Jun 12
I've been searching for the true meaning of life
Everytime I'm surrounded with people,
I feel alone and isolated
Feeling empty inside
My old life has withered away
All I did was meaningless
I'm lost,
Lots of regrets.
I'm always wrong
I can't seem to find my home
Altitude Apr 27
I sought silence in noise,
sought darkness in light.
Sought love in medication,
sought pleasure in frustration,
forged personalities that were fake,
hoped for miracles on birthday cakes.
Attempted to see without looking,
listen without hearing,
speak without talking,
bagging to explore,
but tied down by worry.
A poem I made on 25th April 2016 that was almost forgotten until this day.
Abstract Mar 30
I'm on an escalator

It's a long one

It's too slow

The voices are in my memory

Endless chatter, laughter and footsteps

Oh silence please don't disturb my reverie

The darkness of the floor I'm going to

Is perturbed by the light of the floor where I was

Time carrying me away without my consent

There's life outside the window

I wonder why those faces are gloomy

Are their thoughts the same as mine

This place is artless

Colors are liars

All I'm left with is a sad monotone

A sad joke robbed my laughter

It's all meaningless

I don't want to feel like this ever again

I'm on an escalator

It was a long one

It was too slow

-Chaitanya Mohan Sharma
Deep Mar 22
'Eternal Return'? Why?
If things will keep recurring why is so much exertion?
Would I share a gleeful laugh and cry a passionate cry
Knowing  the same happiness and sorrows will recur
again and again?
It took years to reach a summit, toiling and crawling,
A slight imbalance, and again we are hurled to the beginning.
Is, Sisyphus, only a mythical figure? If no,
Then, why I see him in me?

Take a handful of men of bygone days, and contrast with
Our time, drop the embellishments of each century,
And see the emerging pattern, ask them, what are the ways
That helps In curbing the pain, answer;
"Slowly the pain is eased but increased the suffering."
Are pain and suffering different?

When was the last time you loved someone?
Do you remember the days after they were gone? Yes?
Then, why are you in love again?
And most importantly, whom are you in love with?
The person or the suffering they bring?

If Everything recurs 'ad Infinitum',
Then can we avert the things already occurred
In past, from occurring again?
Or we have lost the aptitude for resemblances?
Invention demands an offering of natural ability.
Have we gained half of we lost?
What is the tipping point for this offering and trade?

It's good I do not have to worry much,
For me, the world ends the day I die.
Theory of ETERNAL RETURN promoted by Nietzsche that says things will keep recurring again and again.
Am I meant to do this? Will this
Be my
Career? I've wanted to
Do this my
Entire life. Writing has
Fulfilled me since I
Gave it a try. But it's
Isn't it? To
Justify yourself to the world, to
Kick down the doors, to say,
"Listen to
Me!" and to
Not give up
On the way.
Popularity and success won't come as
Quickly as I want it to. It's not a
Right, not
Something to expect because I
Tried my hardest. Though it seems
Unfair, it
Very well may never make its
Way towards me, especially not if I
'Xpect it to. Not
Yet. Maybe not ever. But I hope I will reach the
Zenith someday.
I dunno, I was just feeling it.
Kailey Jones Dec 2019
Where do I go when I die?
And where is a young pet
how will I know if I never
test out this question

Do I need to run until my
Heart gives out while I get chased
By a dog
If we go and stop at the same time
Will we both fall?, Together?
Will we go to the same place?
Then will I know?
Would I have any recollection
Of why I did it at first…
But after all this running, don’t know if it’d  suffice
I might fall from thirst
And give up the device
Of my mind?
If I die, if I’m to fall it’s such a waste
Just to solve a simple question
I’m not sure if it’s worth the risk
If I’m right or wrong
I wish I could float off in space in a bubble of energy and travel twice the speed of light,
and what if that’s better than heaven but definitely better than hell
oh, I wonder what I become when I die
Idk what notes is
Asominate Dec 2019
A cracked screen,
A face made of glass
I broadcast, to an audience, a laugh

Glee isn’t it?
Time matter no more, the days grow longer
Your potatoes may be boiled, baked, stewed or fried
But none compares to big Chungus
I forgot that I wrote this and forgot what it meant.
Meadow Nov 2019
I've been toiling with the concept of temperance, and these are my thoughts today.
Practicing the allowance of loosening my grasp, and exploring the wonderment of fear.
Acceptance that everything is fluid and a mess of interpretation.
Rhetorical verbiage cannot console me.
Words are just an interpretation that is perceived individually.
A philosophical debate in every meaning.
Everyone is right, and everyone is wrong.
Explore narratives. Explore experiences that differentiate us. Explore.

I'm juggling complex emotions while grappling with my needs for stability and freedom.
The limitation of mimetic expression, and the fear of uncertainty and loss of control.
The earth tries to explain this to us at a young age as seasons change.
We have no control, and change is inevitable but beautiful if you see the positive.
I'm overcome with fear and excitement for this world that I've only just discovered.
Before it lay hidden behind distortion, expectation, and self-regulation.
To experience and love is the only goal.
We are no one, just beings of the same symbiotic consciousness experiencing ourselves through one another.
I don't have control over this.
I can try my best by the people I love, but by the end of the day, nothing will go my way.

Deconstruct nurture, and explore nature.
Limitations through perceived expectations.
We are performing instead of living.
Constantly under fear of judgment for not acting well to the roles we have been given.
We forget that we are siblings and reinforce this idea of fault when trauma and perception are the true separators between us.
We don’t see one another anymore.
We see status and expectation.

We need to step back and wipe away who we should be and discover who we are.
Temporary beings born to love, inspire and share.
Radhika Lusted Sep 2019
Everything is nothing
And nothing’s what it seems
For every step we’re taking’s
In another hidden dream

Reality is fading
As our conscious remains blind
We cannot see how quickly
We’re running out of time

We catch up to the future
Just to find out it’s the past
And wake up into bodies
That were never made to last

Trapped in programmed minds
Defined by infinite conclusions
We’re eternal living mysteries
Of chaos and confusion

But tell me are you scared?
Or is it just because you’re blind?
You’re looking for the answers
Through eyes you cannot find

Your soul already knows the things
Your brains don’t want to hear
Because the truth of our reality
Can be a recipe for fear

And it’s incomprehensible
The details left to find
For we cannot begin to process
The depth of our design

So we sit here drowned in wonder
By a world that makes no sense  
If existence is eternal
What happens when this one ends?

I guess we’ll never know
What we weren’t made to understand
So we continue searching endlessly  
And do so as we’re planned

On this never ending roller coaster
That can never be rewound   
It’s hard to find the answers
If they weren’t made to be found
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