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Everything is nothing
And nothing’s what it seems
For every step we’re taking’s
In another hidden dream

Reality is fading
As our conscious remains blind
We cannot see how quickly
We’re running out of time

We catch up to the future
Just to find out it’s the past
And wake up into bodies
That were never made to last

Trapped in programmed minds
Defined by infinite conclusions
We’re eternal living mysteries
Of chaos and confusion

But tell me are you scared?
Or is it just because you’re blind?
You’re looking for the answers
Through eyes you cannot find

Your soul already knows the things
Your brains don’t want to hear
How awfully close it’s coming
To an end that’s always near

But it’s incomprehensible
The details left to find
Cause we cannot begin to process
The depth of our design

So we sit here drowned in wonder
By a world that makes no sense  
If existence is eternal
What happens when this one ends?

I guess we’ll never know
What we weren’t made to understand
So we continue searching endlessly  
And do so as we’re planned

On this never ending roller coaster
That can never be rewound
It’s hard to find the answers
If they weren’t made to be found
We grow and we grow
Till there’s no place to go
Living our life
To the eternal flow

But why did we come
If we don’t get to stay?
What is the point
If it’s taken away?

And what does it mean
If it’s all just for nothing?
What is, simply isn’t
If it’s not all for something

You gave me this life
Just to feel less alive
If the purpose i live for
Is only to die
Ritz Writes Jun 16
Behind all the angst and rant,
Behind all that frustration and days of solitude,
A child struggling to make amends.
Behind all that smoke and ashes,
Behind that sorrow hiding in mask,
A boy choking himself not to cry.
The Big Bad World will move on without your existence and soon you'll turned into dust and no legacy left to mourn over.
"Oh Mama! What do I do now?
The sleep alleviated the pain.
In dreams, I found my escape."

©RitzWrites ♕
Spiralling around.

I keep you safe,
But lose my sound

Judgements collide,
Reality becomes a lie

When would be the last time I die?
Ritz Writes Apr 12
Stoical heart yet the urge to cry
Unable to shead a tear,
'Cause the biggest fear to open up and try
Made me to drown myself in my own state of anxiety.
Did the broken soul find a hug?
Not a single person cared to bug.
I am not what has happened to me
Bounded by fate or dejection
Choices and rejection
Part and parcel of life.
I am what I chose to be.
I'll break and I'll fall
I'll rise and fly
Till I find my wings soared high.
" What happens when people open their hearts?  They get better.. " ~ Haruki Murakami ♥
Ritz Writes Apr 3
The world will never heal your pain
With all the comfort to conceal, yet clothed in stain.
When you go astray with each mundane days
Throwing the fist up in the air
The concept that ponder, "we will find salvation in His care"
Yet you still can't help but wonder,
"Does He ever heard our pray'r?"
Can I find the God in a man
Holding a grip over my own reality
May I not go insane.
Lurking around darkness
Trying so hard to clean up the mess.
Did my prayers go unanswered?
I, a skeptical human
Won't give up the question in vain.
Like the flower in the rain
Let the wounds open
Rescued from the Lion's Den.
Skeptic & cynical yet the little spark of faith still remains. ⚡
Ritz Writes Apr 2
Most of our childhood memories were not printed on photos but in certain biscuits, comic books, sight of the playground where the noises still echoes in our ears, the hugs of our friends, the touch of our mother's care and concern when sickness troubled.
And slowly, we drifted away from the state of innocence with a stoical heart to face the music.
Transition Period. ❤
Driah Mar 7
Sometimes I wonder: Do we even belong here?
And if we do why? For what purpose?
We destroy everything that is good
Full of life
So I wonder, do we?
Or are we just here by mistake?
I don't see how a world full of life
would require things full of destruction
A world of love
could have things full of hate
so really, Do we belong here?
Or should I just leave so it is one less thing to destroy everything?
Spiralling around.

You kept me safe,
I’ve lost my sound

Our worlds collide,
My existence becomes a lie

Inhale and exhale one last time,
You never know which one will be your last breath
(But mine never seem to have reached,
Existential crisis poem for breakfast, anyone?
PsycheSpeaks Aug 2018
There is a moment where in your life
you realize all of this-
all the possessions and "things"
have no real meaning

And that our existence is fluid
and that bodies are just shells-
and that pride and wealth
don't matter either

It is at this moment
we are left uncertain
of why we work hard
what are we working towards?

I think many of us
are still searching for happiness
among worldly acquisitions
rather than finding it inside ourselves

Looking for a key to meaning
but what if there is no such key
and what if there is no such meaning?
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