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Regine Santos Jan 2016
Place it between your lips.
Light that fire.
Take a hit.
Orange glow.
Now, blow!
See that smoke as it come and go.
Regine Santos Dec 2015
What is it?
Why do you stutter every time you meet?
People around you suffer
Because of those feelings you cannot utter

Set yourself free
Untangle the blindfolds so you can see
Don't be blinded by the dazzle
Please figure out your own puzzle
Regine Santos Jul 2015
Wake me from my slumber
Day by day I become number
I don't know what to feel
I am losing my will

I find it hard to carry on
My heart has turned into stone
I try my best to revive
I hope our love will survive

Wake me from my sleep
I don't wanna go deep
I must get out from this sadness
So we can get through the coldness
  Nov 2014 Regine Santos
partying got old in a hurry.
it aged like milk that was bought
a few days before expiration.
and I'm lactose intolerant anyway,
why the **** am I drinking this?

I'm looking for something more mature,
that becomes ripe
with the passage of time,
like 50 year old scotch.
and I'm an alcoholic anyway,
why isn't there a bottle in my hand?

overwhelmed with the thought of you
drinking anything
with anyone else
while I sit here alone
and sip another cup of coffee,
with only the wind to keep me company.
and even he doesn't stay for long.
Regine Santos Oct 2014
You washed your hands.
Left me hanging.

I thought you were gonna be my guide
The one to save me when I fall
But you left me hanging.

I have to save myself
You have saved yourself way too early
And you left me hanging.
Regine Santos Oct 2014
I've tried to put up with you
But you always seem to pursue
You have a different kind of thing
It has become annoying

I want to understand
It's your disrespect, I can't stand
Please just stay away
And don't push your way

Leave us alone now
Your intrusion is something I can't allow
Stop the desperate pleas
I'm asking you, please.
Regine Santos Oct 2014
I have a suggestion
I share my opinion
You give me an indifferent reaction
I thought it was an affirmation

I was beaming
For you got me believing
That my voice was worth hearing
But you were just lying

I wish you'll tell me outright
If I am wrong or right
So we would not get into this fight
That last 'til the morning light

I am sorry
I just could not see
Maybe we could agree to disagree
And I'll let you be
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