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You look like you could use a drink
Heavy pour of whiskey as you sit down and think
Seems your mind is on the brink
While all the other ships around you sink

High tides and heavy goodbyes
I can see the emptiness in your eyes
Stick around longer, we can all get high
Our minds are destined for the sky

Familiar faces now enter the space
You forget why you were in such a dark place
Add a splash from the tap just in case
Makes it all easier to chase

The window is open so don't sit around
The breeze will help push you when your ships run aground
The laughter in the air is an uplifting sound
Seems what you're searching for has finally been found

This takes place at a pub in Liverpool
I thought I knew you but I guess I was wrong
And all the kind words you had were just lies all along

I burned the bridge because I got carried away
I wish you didn't exist in my mind that way

Look in the mirror and see what I do
A beautiful woman, and that woman is you

Conquering the obstacles life puts in your way
You pick yourself up when the worlds in disarray

The first few days are the hardest days
I've learned this fact in a number of ways

But I see you walking with such great pride
So why are you worried, put those concerns aside

And one day, again, you'll be riding high
So ignore all the bad things that keep passing by

‪Just stay level headed, focus on your dream‬
Things will come around, they ain’t as crazy as they seem

And you will find in a moments time
That you will be stronger and that you will shine

A note to her
Every day I think of this
How we forget and find true bliss

Some may think this is all a joke
But I laugh and take another ****

Find yourself alone at last
Everything around us moves too fast

Stuck in a daze but its alright
Don't mind being the one out of sight

For so long I've been sheltered
Trapped behind this wall
How can I be anything
If you never let me fall
Do I like being here?
No, not at all
My spirits died within me
And all I can do is crawl

Everybody around me
I’m a fool
I give too much
They know
It’s easy for them
And my pain shows
I need to escape
Another realm
I’m in a prison
Disguised freedom
Amidst the chaos
One true hope
I’ll soon find out
Satan in disguise?
I laugh
Can’t be
I believe
That must be false
Am I still a fool?
Love blinds
Addictive drug
But the high wore off
I awoke and saw you
Still there
Night eyes lure me in
The fire burns
A home
Come back
Where are you?
Gone with the wind
It’s cold again
And I’m so sorry
I must hide away
And wait
But I miss you

Girl I wanna see you smile
I'll drive the rat rod several miles
Just pick up the phone and dial
Haven't seen you in a while

The Rat Rod is a metaphor
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