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I find soft asylum
When I lay beside you
And you give sanctuary
When my mind is askew

A place to go hide
From the evil that they do
And the peace I find here
Is our alone; just us two

I’ve written more about you
Than any subject I know
As though I am a scholar
In pursuit of a degree

But in fact I know nothing
I’m as clueless as before
And each day I wake in agony
From a burn of the third degree

This town ain’t doin it for me
As I weep beneath the willow tree
I thought how could this come to be
When you’re the only one I see

And now I sit here and ponder so
About the things that I don’t know
And wonder what our time would show
With the moments shared so long ago

It’s too noisy these days
I’m at the point where I don’t want to listen
Seems everybody’s got something to say
Leave me alone please
I don’t want to hear your chatter anymore
I wish I had a remote so I could mute you all

I’m sorry for the heartache
And I’m sorry for the lies
I know it’s just a word
But it hurts the more time flies

I spotted you alone across the crowded room
With the feelings I thought I would never consume
Who knew that I’d gamble and come out on top
That my mind would cease spinning, and that time would just stop

Grab a camera, we can make it a movie
And watch it in the evening with no sound on
See the way the light flares of Amber on your skin?
As radiant as your energy, captured on Kodachrome
Oh how I feel warmth as I delight in your image
And all time stands still as this memory projects
I don’t need sound to hear your laugh again
Because in my heart I feel it, it plucks my heartstrings so

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