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jimmy tee Apr 2014
jimmy tee Apr 2014
thank you hello poetry
you helped me find a way
to post and dream and fly
sharing thoughts at play
my work will now be found
at a blog called jimmy tee
with teeism by the pound
in our world menagerie

so long
jimmy tee Apr 2014
the attraction must be difficult to resist
the distance comforting
advertised as virtual but falls short

body language, nervous ticks or the lack of them
are a big part of collective contact
you know, two or more eternal souls in a room

that sense of nervousness, self doubt,
not because of the people involved
but meeting other sufferers of modern times

the emperor has new clothes
loneliness, few degrees of separation
nothing social about society
jimmy tee Apr 2014
overdosed on poetry
hearing, composing, reading
searching for meaning
in everything literal
what exactly does my breakfast indicate ?
how to contain the overwhelming exuberance
of the spring day before me ?
is there a consistent theme throughout
my handling of mundane chores ?
are my HP printer problems merely a suggestion of life’s turmoil ?
a long break is needed
my head is tired
jimmy tee Apr 2014
with their great drooping wings
the ospreys returned yesterday
to scan the raging snowmelt for churned up meals
to set up nest in order to begin the process
of egg to chick to selfish fledgling to conspicuous adult
it is tempting to apply human traits to the natural world
[especially for a poet]
but in this case we will work on an unnatural premise
reaching the small point of contentment
in the form of a fish hawk being
putting aside our never ending need for understanding
and stop measuring beauty and form
jimmy tee Apr 2014
the conversations are magnified by the bare walls of the room
what causes people to have so much to talk about ?
themselves, naturally

you would have to turn people inside out
to eliminate the constant first person narrative

this is going nowhere fast

while the Walls of Jericho did undoubtably tumble
they were built of inhuman stone
and fell much more easily
jimmy tee Apr 2014
the risks found in life are many
bargain with a dollar, settle for a penny

not a single rhyme was heard
a tight fit, first person stories feature one word

almost all wines are blended
sugar balanced acid, a grape comprehended

people actually perceive
they are unique models, thanks to mom, we believe
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