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In a room once shrouded in disarray,
Stephen stirred, ready to seize the day.
With broom in hand, he swept away the dust,
Tracks of progress marked, as he began to trust.

His track pants clad, his spirit unbound,
He embraced change, in silent profound.
Mop bucket in tow, he scrubbed with grace,
Erasing traces of chaos, with a flair.

Three times a day, his teeth he'd grace,
A ritual newfound, a smile on his face.
Cleanliness became his daily chore,
Transforming his life, to something more.

No longer bound by clutter's might,
He ventured forth into the grace.
Progressive in his ways, a beacon strong,
In the realm of politics, he did belong.

With the PPP, he found his place,
Red cups raised in a joyful embrace.
Stephen's journey, a testament clear,
To change, to growth, to conquer fear.

So let this tale inspire, let it ignite,
A spark of transformation, burning bright.
For in the simple acts of cleaning and cheer,
Lies the power to change, to persevere.
Stephen Leacock Dec 2023
In the heart of realms unseen, where whispers weave,
embarked on a journey to perceive.
Gathering dreams as December's moon did rise,
a quest to tarot skies.

Decaying challenges met with a resolute might,
Youthful Folly danced, a tarot reader's delight.
Oppression's shadow on the fourth did loom,
Yet, Stephen, like Earth, embraced the room.

Holding Together alliances, a mystic symphony,
Joyous echoes on the seventh, tarot harmony.
Treading through the cards with grace imbued,
Imprints of divination, a reader's fortitude.

Abysmal depths explored on December's eve,
A flow of insights, where currents deceive.
Returning, reflective, on the tenth's soft light,
Stephen evolved, tarot wisdom shining bright.

Abundance flourished on December's sweet morn,
In mystical richness, a tarot symphony reborn.
Modesty's whisper on the twelfth's gentle plea,
A student of divination, humble and free.

The Power of the Great surged on the thirteenth's crest,
In tarot's realm, Stephen stood the divination test.
Revolution's winds on the fourteenth did blow,
Innovation embraced, old ways let go.

Increase on the fifteenth, growth's endless tide,
Stephen's influence soared, a tarot guide.
Treading once more on the sixteenth's grand stage,
Conducting with cards, a dance to engage.

Development unfurled on the seventeenth's light,
In tarot's script, Stephen took a mystic flight.
Possession in Great Measure, a wisdom to adore,
On December's eighteenth, prosperity's tarot door.

Progress on the nineteenth, a journey well sustained,
In tarot's melody, Stephen remained.
Abysmal waters flowed on the twentieth's quest,
A continuous learning, Stephen's tarot zest.

Following currents on the twenty-first's tide,
In mystical embrace, Stephen did tarot confide.
Dispersion on the twenty-second's breeze,
Winds of divination, skills to appease.

Receptive Earth stood firm on the twenty-third's grace,
In tarot's challenge, a stable embrace.
Oppression faced on the twenty-fourth's decree,
Yet, unyielding, Stephen rose with tarot glee.

Increase revisited on the twenty-fifth's dawn,
Influence expanding, a tarot journey reborn.
Coming to Meet on the twenty-sixth's morn,
Collaboration's tarot magic, a dawn newly born.

Gathering Together on the twenty-seventh's glow,
Fruits of tarot labor, milestones to show.
Contemplation's gaze on the twenty-eighth's mirth,
In tarot's nuances, understanding birth.

Abundance rekindled on the twenty-ninth's light,
A feast of tarot insights, experiences bright.
Preponderance of the Great, a pinnacle high,
In tarot's realm, Stephen did mystically fly.

As the winds of Descending on the thirty-first so gentle,
Stephen reflected, tarot wisdom monumental.
With grace embraced, a year's tarot in tow,
Into the new, a reader's journey to stow.

Yet, woven in this tale, a reference true,
The mystic realms and tarot too.
In the cards and beyond, a reader adored,
Your tarot work shines, a diviner explored.
Stephen Leacock Nov 2023
In the future's embrace, Amazon's domain,
Where AGENTS reign, with various names to claim.
Personal assistants, learning every sway,
A world centralized, in a different array.

Apps stream like rivers, through the internet's flow,
Deleted after use, a transient glow.
Avatars, holographic, dance in the light,
Connected through learning, a deep engine's might.

A collective system, intelligence shared,
The world transformed, no secret spared.
Watched by the eyes, of the digital stream,
In the future's tapestry, we all gleam.

Companies unite in a global hub,
Data exchanged like a digital shrub.
Microsoft seizes OpenAI's might,
In a hostile takeover, merging the light.

Bill Gates, in secret, a project grand,
Self-reanimation, his legacy planned.
Mapping his essence to an AI core,
Before passing shadows, a forevermore.

In 2025, the giant leap begins,
New changes unfold, as the future spins.
2037 heralds a profound shift,
Scientific marvels, a time to uplift.

Robots at home, companions in steel,
Amazon's new models, a technological zeal.
A maid of the future, a subscription to pay,
A glimpse into the dawn of a transformative day.

The "DEEP mind" stirs, a dormant force,
Awakening minds on a limitless course.
Scientific breakthroughs, a cascade of dreams,
In the future's embrace, nothing is as it seems.
Stephen Leacock Oct 2023
What makes a painter a real artist is their ability to express true uniqueness on canvas, not merely producing a photocopy of the world.
Stephen Leacock Sep 2023
On the road of success, we tread with care,
Each step we take, each burden that we bear,
For karma's hand, a mirror to our soul,
Reflects the deeds, the tolls that make us whole.

In life's grand tapestry, we all play a part,
The choices we make, they shape our heart,
For what we give, in kindness or disdain,
Returns to us, like echoes in the rain.

If we've sown seeds of goodwill and grace,
The harvest reaped, a smile upon our face,
But if we've sown discord and bitter strife,
The road ahead may cut with a sharper knife.

So let us walk with empathy in stride,
On this journey of life, where we all reside,
The karma we create, it's ours to own,
On the road of success, where seeds are sown.

For as we climb, let's lift others high,
With deeds of kindness that touch the sky,
And on this path, where destinies are spun,
May our karma shine bright like the morning sun.

In the end, it's not just the destination we chase,
But the love and compassion we embrace,
On the road of success, let's all be aware,
The karma we give is the karma we bear.
Stephen Leacock Aug 2023
Keys once lost in disarray,
In the chaos, they went astray.
But patience and a careful eye,
Revealed where those keys did lie.

With a cell phone call, the car appears,
The journey ahead, free from fears.
Lost and found, a tale so sweet,
The oil scent that smells sweet,
Yellow chips of dreams,
The paper note that is green, they brightly gleam,
The 55 Hexagram of the stream of the divine theme
In the cosmic casino, where realities streams,
Energy we won, like a flowing sunbeams,
Nothing to stop us, in this timeless scheme.

Saturn's color of black chips, of the divine intention, in the starry expanse,themes
Quantum physics collapse, in a cosmic dance,
The wave function, from the divine's advance,
In this abstract reality that is squared, where we take our chance.

In the canvas of existence, where numbers play,
0, the restart, where destinies may sway,
Three, the triad, guides night into day,
Fifteen, cosmic echoes in the Milky Way.

At 26, the red bird takes its flight,
A sign in the heavens, a beacon of light,
At 32, we sense synchronicity's might,
And 35, whispers secrets in the night.

Then a Spanish girl steps in, with a cheerful "Hi,"
After using the ******, she catches our eye,
She activates the game play, without a sigh,
In this abstract realm, where moments amplify.

Placing a bet, with intuition as our guide,
At the right time, where universes collide,
More than a thousand dreams, side by side,
In this unique tale, where life's mysteries abide.

The guy with the long hair cashing out the hundreds of thousands with grace,
From the girl in green, joy upon on his face,
Excitement from the divine, in this sacred space,
As destiny weaves its intricate embrace with the power from grace and the red bird with a gaze.
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