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I'm the one who is behind you
The the one who has always been there
I'm the one who made you stronger
I'm order, I'm nothing, I'm something
I see you but you can't see me
The perception of labels defines me
I hold the keys to the one which you believe
You have to be worthy face it to unlock it
I'm gentle, I'm direct, I'm passive
I'm like the father
I generate, i destroy, i create
I purify
My lessons are difficult
My formation is limitless
I'm this
I'm that
I'm work
For I'm discipline
I'm the mystery I'm the winner & I'm the finisher
I cannot be defeated because I'm everything
Learn my lessons and you will understand my mysteries
For you're the student and I'm the teacher!
I'm the guide and I'm here!
Fire is normal to the phoenix but difficult for the one who is burning.
If mountains was smooth people will unable to climb them. Obstacles are like rocks to help you to climb every mountain.
Stephen Leacock Nov 2019
Entropy of life
Consciousness in the strive
Synchronicity of signs
Confirmation that shines
Permutation of its numbers
Multidimensional of the labels and its wonders
Belief that anchors
Stages of the answers
Factors of the prize
Caught with surprise
Intentions like arrows
The Q of 64  from the bee composer that drives
The white cat in a box
The choice of the paradox
The eyes of the perception
The cube of its selections
The Spider of the craft
The hand that crafts
The fly in the web, the one maya of hell
Addiction of the key
To set you free
The tear of the galaxy parts of the realities
Lessons learned
The masters of sacred geometry
Student of the magnus
The right pentacle of thunder
The twist to life
Tantra in five
The choice of the grand paradise.
Stephen Leacock Sep 2019
Saturn is the headmaster
The system that brings chaos and disasters
Teaching students to become masters
The cube  in a box
Hammer of the shock
Led like the rocks
Intentions of blocks
Intelligence is the key
Waiting for the turn to be free
Graduation of the course
To open new doors
The power of the force that brings no remorse
Tokens of the quest that is purified to the best
The angel of a hiss
The time of the deep abyss
Stephen Leacock Sep 2019
Overview 20
The eye of the sun that brings protection
The Hawk of affection
Sighting of spiral mazes and puzzles
Thoughts of detection followed by perception
Correction is followed by the projection
The Owl of its reflection
Selection of the sign into one connection
Thoughts that brings exceptions
The woman that corrects the mistake that follows by elections
The explosion from his direction in to her collection
The thread of the sliver lining
The application of perfection
Letting go that brings resurrection
Stephen Leacock Sep 2019
Darkmatter lay the plans before the pins
The intention of the one begins
The vacuum of ideas unpins
The Blackhole that creates spins
Courage of the one that wins
Birth of a star conquer grins
Unlimited worlds of templates with skins
The choice of the "can" made out of tins
The message from the "43 Gemini twins"
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