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RedD Sep 2018
Tinder boys
With your head up high
Your camera down low
Us girls
Don't always
Want that
You know?
More to men surely??
jonni inferno Apr 2018
i am
racing to catch a falling star
ablaze in golden splendor
entangled in glorious shimmers
caressed in her luminous waves
a glimmering gleam of suggestion
aglow in the glint of a ray
embracing her glittering virtue
in the light of a failing day

pic poem
I will have you know that you are in the mine-ority
If you don’t look at my pic and insta-click “like” on me
I thrive in this weblight, you subsist in ambig-you-ity
Mine is the looking glass of Aphrod-I-te
The un-My-ghty look on my aesthetic perfection and despair

I am the reason there is an earth
All was designed to usher in my triumphant birth
You are just hateful ab-you-sers and mis-you-sers

I am the oh-so-fleeting truth  
Present in a world obsessed with youth
I am only worth what others see in me

I embody the my-jority
My onscreen attention antics
Are the me-ssential components
Required to build a thriving Me-ocracy.
presented as part of a Dawkins’-meme based poetry collection at the 2019 “Trash Talkin’” literary Conference at the University of Regina, in Regina, SK, Canada
jonni inferno Feb 2017
mine guilt be carved
'pon this furrowed brow
plainly writ
for all to see

i pray thee now
speak softly
fair an' sweet
an' brook no lie
to pass thine ruby lips
those serpent fangs
venom filled
'twould pierce an'
wi' their poison still
this wounded heart
that lay bleeding
lost an' dreaming
far beneath...

where mid-night forest
darkly flows
this raging torrent
swiftly feeds
black rivers
writhing coldly
thru my soul

as faceless voices
darkly speak
urging chaos
mindless screams
nightshades tearing
rending eat
the broken pieces
of this wounded heart
that lay bleeding
lost an' dreaming
far beneath...

where the sun
is but a myth
deep within this
dark abyss
an' the moon
from memory

speak softly
fair an' sweet
release me from
this dark abyss
that lay bleeding
lost an' dreaming
at thy feet
Pic Poem
. to pic/poem
jonni inferno Mar 2017
for your calle todaye
when it did not come
i kurst'
this cold and
krewel daye

oft played
are the games
of love and lyfe
skillfullye laide
are the snares
and traps
we playe the hunter
we are the baite
be it known to alle
we are the prey

and i
knowinge the price
of painfulle lessons learned
forsooke that knowledge
which thru livinge
alle mustte earne
and thought
to safely
lure you in
mine open hearte

i kurse
this bryghte and sunnye daye
shoulde not the skye
be fulle of kloudse an' fey ?

'twoulde match my moode...

Pic Poem
added link to the pic/poem
jonni inferno Mar 2017
shhh -
in this sylence
i do listen
to the words
thou hast written

of the nyghte
there was spoken
true heartes' devotion
an 'dayes that followed
brought laughter
now sorrowe
an' in the darkness after
beats a hearte
that is hollowed

what one mustte bare
when the hearte be torn
be there a one that cares ?
'twas all for naught ?
'tis all love forlorn ?

shh -
in this sylence
i do listen
to the words
thou hast written
of true loves disaster
an' the mourning after

i send this note
that alle may read
an' it matters not
if none pay heede
as long as
She Does

Pic Poem
this piece was inspired by the poetess "She Does" -
from the now defunct - site
(it was bought out by another poetry site
and no longer has the same format...)
jonni inferno Apr 2018
'tis a sad sad
tale of woe
of which I sing
of gods and godesses
and their lessening

how forlorn
the goddess Ceres
once loved by all
and wooed by many

when unprovoked
and unforeseen
a war was wrought
'gainst fair queen

caught unawares
her throne assailed
her forces scattered
'twas all unfair

cast down she was
from lofty throne
no longer crowned
no more beloved

pierced thru
with many thorns
and besmirched
her reputation
and now her station
lost far beyond

she slips away
and near forgotten
and rarely seen
her sullen thoughts
of malice reign

shamed and bleeding
plotting her revenge
till time and chance
provide the proper

then all the thorns
that pierced her thru
she shook as many blades
and hurled
those bitter barbs as one
'gainst Hades' mighty gates

shaken he
from his dark slumber
his rallied forces
armed in numbers

their banners raised
on solar breezes
as trumpets blare
thru breathless reaches

voices shout
in protestation
slide rules locked
in astrometric

oh see how Ceres
scorned and mocked
has wrought
her rotting vengeance
on Pluto's frozen rocks

"Oh woe to thee
my Persephone
flee thee now
to thy father's house
for thy husband's hearth
hath been broken
and Hades' home
now just a token
My lofty edifice
a shattered wrack
an' all that's left
'tis a humble
wretched shack"

Pic Poem

just my spin on Ceres' and Pluto's planetary status - mixed in with a bit of Greco-Roman mythology - as Ceres and Pluto have been reduced to being merely "dwarf planets"...
Aaron Elswick Nov 2018
If you give me long enough
I could paint a vivid portrait of myself
with every blemish and pore behind a brush,
and hush the voices that would criticize
unsubscribe and dance it up over in wonderland with the sycophants

put on my bedazzled pants
let the local singles know I'm a dancer
just a beating heart away
From being another square upon a lattice
a writhing mass of hair gel
and cologne working up the ladder to fuckboi status

Imma walk the line between
a marble arch eclipsing the sun
over an angel statue kneeling in prayer

and a black leather boot clad
bad *** with bad habits
but he's so cool he doesn't care

Look at him go
all on his own
with only a thousand or so, little paintings  
that are equally as photo shopped or filtered
just floating around waiting to see the show
and letting other people know they liked it
or not

What a spectacle destined
to leave us senseless and restless
what a test of the patience to be a ***** to the masses
to see my juxtaposition against the rest of the best of us
and think "I should go with clever with glasses."

What a brutal twist of civilized life
to have an AI made for driving my car
so I can shimmy down and sneak another **** pic
THROUGH SPACE, to some guy who works at taco bell's wife
Laura something or something

I'm so social
What a medium,
Exchanging ideas,
and hunting body heat from out of the ether,
to have the pleasing distortion
of the speakers
drowning out all the wearisome noise
of our contortions

"You gotta learn to love yourself"
She says, and posts another photo
buried somewhere under 60 layers
of dog noses and rainbows, and angel wings

Oh **** this isn't boyfriend material let me change some things

You don't ever need to change girl,
there ain't anything, in this world
That I wouldn't do, to be with you.

And the Brief exchanges we had,
didn't reveal any red flags,
that I am willing to skip on *** over.

So somewhere down the line,
when the filters start to fade,
we'll just kick that can down the road,
and neither of us will change.

And the picture's that we painted of our Love
will degrade.
I can be anything you want me to be, as long as it isn't honest.
jonni inferno Feb 2018
sailing down
a sunless sea
downward to
no stars above
to give me hope
or guide me to
an island shore
with every change of course i make
my destin--y
remai-ns unchang---ed

no escape
from this wilderness
no running from this

duh da-da da da dahhh

my ha-nd
and come
and come with me
so far be-yond
this storm
this stormy sea
rest your weary heart within
leave the wor-ld
behind my friend
you've heard me calling
for a long long time
just take my hand
and you will find...

duh da-da da da dahhh

so i turn my ship
into the wind
and fa-ce the tru-th
that i have seen
softly singing
she calls my name
with open arms
i release my pain
and as the sea closes over me
my hea-rt at last finds

... oblivio--n
a broken heart's best frie-nd

my ha-nd
and come
and come with me
so far be-yond
this storm
this stormy sea
rest your weary heart within
leave the wor-ld
behind my friend
you've heard me calling
for a long long ti-me
just take my hand
and you will find...

... oblivio--n
a broken heart's best fri-end

so i turn my ship
into the wind
embrace the heart of

"hello friend"
she welcomes me within...

so ta-ke
my ha-nd
and come
and come with me
so far bey-ond
this storm
this stormy sea
rest your weary heart within
leave the wor-ld
behind my friend
you've heard me calling
for a long long time
just take my hand
and you will find...


" i'll be your bro-ken hea-rt's
be-st frien--d... "

Pic Poem
no matter what the song says
- oblivion -
is not your friend...

added link to the pic/poem
mjad Nov 2018
Put your head on my shoulder
Whisper in my ear
Words I want to hear
Tell me
Tell me that you love me too

Put your hand on my thigh now
Get my Snapchat
Send a pic like that
Show me
Show me you wanna **** too
Inspired by Paul Anka's "put your head on my shoulder" how young couples communicate "love." Then the first stanza vs. now the second stanza
DireSleep Dec 2018
My chest has a zipper
And it scrapes across my bones
Like a pic against strings
But its hallow and alone

As the people pry to peer inside
As they lie to try and hide
That none are so brave
As to share completely bare
And with pride

My chest has a zipper
And all it's teeth have worn
With every movement it slips down
And insides start to pour

In public my private spills like a wash
Hangs like a ghost of a loved one long forgot
Painting a mural in the oddest of scenes
In showers or mirrors
On the lips of the girl I've never heard speak

My words are a poultice
I use to seal my chest up
So the zipper wont slip
And my heart 'scape it's knots

My words are a sieve
Catching a wraith
Stopping my heart
Admits it's escape

Preventing a girl
From an echo inside
Where a spirit speaks
And a silence lies
Jen Feb 24
I tried this
Dating site
And what
Did I discover
That love
Is now
Many times
A cover
People aren't
Much anymore
Maybe I'm
Made for
A deeper love
For sure
Experience #1
Met a younger
Man calls me
**** and says
He likes his
Women older
Talks in full
Detail about
How it will be
Then vanishes
Into thin air
Before we
Ever meet
Experience #2
Yes this one
Has a great
Sense of humor
Holds his own
Profile says
"Single" but
When we meet
For coffee for
The first time
He'll need to
Tell me his story
We sit there
In Starbucks
Music blaring
He tells me, his voice low
The truth
He is married
Has a daughter
In another country
And the baggage
Spilled into air
I looked at him
And said now
That's a burden
I can't bare
That fast
Experience #3
Another twenty seven
Year old man
We chat about
For half an hour
He has a warm
Smile and is
Standing in a
Field of flowers
(In his pic)
He asks seemingly
If I'd like to text
We exchange digits
Start to flirt
Before I know it
He says he finished
Before it started
He departed
Never met him
In real life
Never heard
From him again
The more I try online dating, the more I feel I'm becoming a feminist.

We are living in a world where people go on reality tv shows to find love...they think, and some eat it up like hot cakes. The Bachelor for instance...watched it for mindless entertainment. A Harem of women dating the same guy at the same time to see who he will pick and possibly become famous and noticed in the process. The Bachelor is a 25 year old ******...from watching it and seeing how scripted it is, I don't think he is really one.  I know real love exists...
Osamase Ekhator Dec 2018
I was waiting for God
to reply back

                                                           ­                                   to my prayers.
                                                        ­                                                      Until,
she sent a pic
of you.
More poems on Insta: @osamasetorbest
.(sniffing sound): you smell that? (sniffing sound) i'm starting to suspect that the mainstream feminist narrative, is against circumcised men... dunno... what would you ever do without a *****? beats me... thank you god for the two protruding veins that run right up into the skin that's fore-, pull it back during *******, and have a spare for lazy "***" of jerking off... perfectly understandable... if you cut if off, and make women subordinate... can't have without the other... but so little of, lost, to then don a niqab... ****... could be worse... i could have cut off the "unnecessary" cartilage of an ear... or a nose... (sniffing sound): you know what i suspect? that jesus had the same problem... two protruding veins... enclaving his *******... the caduceus mark... on the phallus... ****... maybe all the feminist arguments came from having to experience circumcised *****... just my guess... i'm stuck in a joke on a U-boat with some germans from world war two... you tell me... i no go to where you've already been; ha ha... it was never about sending a ****-pic, in all honesty... but the grand A.I. archive of humanity, probably has those... takes of Lucian Freud nudes... archived... why oh why i never managed to revel in a relationship and not, send, a ****-pic... too late... but i'm guessing: all these feminists... have probably, never been, in a relationship with an uncircumcised man.

watching a military parade...
   the soldiers with their
clean uniforms,
   having seen little of
the rough-and-tumble
of war
   and all that gym posturing...
and then...
looking at an *******
murk of white...
   on a tissue...
      while having just finished
taking a ****,
on the throne of thrones...
    for no worth of the god
in ego...
                the same...
            am i just looking
at... genocide?
              i can't compete...
attempting to sieve
while constantly provisioning
the waiting, eager,
vacuums of ova...
i've even eaten chicken abortions...
fried... poached
(oh ****, that's difficult)...
                  so i watched
military marches
and genocide having ******
off into toilet paper
while relieving myself from
sitting on the toilet...
and i've eaten
for breakfast...
albeit abortions that only
             peck & cluck...
             i'll settle for that...
and no...
          i do not feel ashamed
of doing the 1, 2 & 3...
     i would be, or should be...
if i was circumcised...
i'd understand that...
             pontius pilate
would have... simply waved
the jazz hands...
         but no easy armchair...
not scented candles...
no ***** vortex cradle
                returning to
the 1st "toy"...
       and some attuned to
the video medium...
                   maybe she's pregnant
and... i'm outdated...
  all the words though:
and never-to-be
video content...
     thank god...
                  came the *****
among the G.I. Joe
i could have forgotten
the fact that i started
to *******
   before i was able
to produce genocide
and the military parade...
of the muscular...
  (aged 8...
  a *****-mag found
in the catacombs of a church
about to be built,
where we ran and played tag)...
but i agree...
i'd be ashamed to *******
being circumcised...
     but then... where would
i find the subordinate
woman to compensate
my cut?
                 i am not owed
     and i do not feel to own
anyone, anything, in return...
i don't mind the fatality
of the dodo project...
            because it's just
handy to be made less
suspect regarding...
       "the nature of reality".
Ogoru Vidrine Jan 27
I'm sorry
I'm sorry that I have let myself remain hidden without a reason to.

I'm sorry
I'm sorry that I spend most days thinking of you but never told you how great the thought of you made me feel

I'm sorry
I'm sorry that everytime I pick my phone to call,I put it down Immediately for the fear of never being with you

I'm sorry
I'm sorry for being a coward,
I'm sorry for never telling you that I look at your pic and smile before going to bed at night.

I'm sorry
I'm sorry for never telling you that I wanna live through this year and beyond holding your hands,laughing with you and forgetting all the burden the world lay before me.

I'm sorry
I'm sorry cos I never told you  I love you.
To Jay my crush
A pang in my chest
says don't pursue
him he'll be just
like the others
patting you on the head
and telling you who you are
until its bored into you.
You'll leave looking
for strangers
to surprise
who doesn't know
your favorite wine
maybe he'll choose
something refreshing
that you don't like.
At least it will be
different, not the same
until he walks away
and it's over.
And you suddenly
miss having someone
who knew you that way -
so we'll.
oh well.
So you'll take some time
to stretch yourself
and then you'll be ok
and then you'll start looking
but find nothing and quickly
spiral into a depression
because no one wants
to know you like he did.
So you'll call him
and complain
about your lack of options,
feel guilty for oversharing
then send him
a ***** pic for listening.
And the you'll go on
a date with someone 'great'
and then they'll disappoint you
because they seemed spontaneous
but aren't really or are
but don't have their **** together.
And then you'll...
**** I can't do it anymore.
Qu33nofPrisms Aug 2018
Mere days till you return
And I do too
I saw where you watched my Instagram story
I said slay away
You said yes mama.

The days continue to carry on
I move through yoga poses
My eye a little bit swollen
Working through this Monday
I don't alter my state
Because I want a clear head.

I wonder if you think on me
And it doesn't really matter either way
But I'm sure you do.

Nice to hear from you
He said.

I let myself be separated with dunes and sticks
You smoke cigarettes and post a pic
I mentally prepare myself for all of it
All of my life.

I've at last
Slipped into a better head space with it
I think on the tenderness that we shared
The long deep moments of eye contact
Or how we would look at one another
Across the room
Sensing each other there.

I know it hasn't disappeared
I think of how I gobbled up mineral water
Stepped into the sunshine
Biked alongside mountains
And I simplify my look
And my life.

Mere days
Mere days
I know the love is still there.
King Tutankhamun Nov 2018
People gather around
To take a pic from sky to concrete
All astound and hopes of someone
To drown
Their "like" buttons
Make sure every angle is to
Scared to face rejection social media is
A design toxication
Minus education
Perfection over imperfection has
Become our
We want people to wooo us when we're down
Give a bunch of thoughts to people
Youve never met
I a poet a philosopher a healer SM a drug and the companies in charge
Are the dealers
Leeched into your brains
Electromagnetic waves that leave ya
Soul stained can't really wash away the pain
Only if you stand in the rain and let mother nature reign
Inhale the oxygen from the universes
With every step and hearts that beats as the chills crept
Your itching or jonin' trying to reach the phone
To check the "status" of a post that's long gone
Social media has made us normal
In an abnormal
Society it breeds jealousy hate and
Real turned into fake relationship and
Nowadays you can't even say hi without someone
Peepin' their eyes
In their cellular devices looking for the nicest
Puttin' up fake images and we're pillaged
By a village of
More soever we have more folks going to therapy Over the
internet than over common problems
Such as domestic
Violence I'm trying to form an anti-media alliance
With so much denial and the uprise of
So think go outside nature's real they society ain't
Unplug yourself from the matrix cuz
They stayin' playin' tricks
Johnny Noiπ Jul 2018
Eli was tapped for a Motherwell
bio-pic despite having no acting
experience beyond bullshitting
drunk girls at the bar; but his co
star who would play Helen was
a seasoned pro; the script had
Oscar written on the bottom of
a check to give the ill-fated mess
the green light to go into pre-
production; Milky Toes wanted
to see his farm; Eli didn't care
but the actress' mother pulled the
artist aside to explain that her
daughter was fragile,  meaning
not a ******;  fragile also didn't
mean frail - so Eli drove Mimi
as was sometimes called to his
spread in rural Pennsylvania; O
Eli! it's beautiful said the Coke
bottle-shaped platinum blonde w/
two black eyes & arm in a cast;  
ur mother said u're the fragile type,
he broached directly; 'my doctor
says I can break every bone in my
body & heal right up', she said
proudly as he led her up the hill's
trail to the spot where he turned
paint into money; the dark ground
flecked w/ every imaginable color;
Milky Toes wanted to make Eli a
star but Eli was already a star; his
last show making the cover of the
latest ARTFORUM; Milky never
read ARTFORUM, her technique
being to directly address her costar's
*****; he stepped over to where she
folded her legs beneath her & sat;
staring him directly in the *****; Eli
understood method acting; he'd
studied it himself but never once
thought himself an actor; Eli was
real & raw; traumatic even, paranoid;
strangely drawn to the earth w/ a yen
to rejoin it & become one w/ the
***** worms & succulent roots of every
plant that grows & every animal that
*****; w/ no warning,    turning &
dropping his trousers, Eli bent over
& flipped a flat **** onto the bridge
of her nose: when he turned to face her
she was smiling: 'is that all u've got?'
he smiled back at her & dropping to
the paint-devastated grassy hillside,
Eli kissed the **** off her face; Milky
Toes closed her eyes & lay back; the
air all around them filled w/ the strong
odor of every different kind of ****

— The End —