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Domino Black Apr 21
For so long I've locked my heart,
Inside my chest with lock and key,
A treasure kept sacred,
But, truth be told,
It's worthless.
Domino Black Jan 23
Two hearts,
Competing for love,
In sync with the chaos
Two hearts,
Torn apart,
And I at the center.
Domino Black Oct 2018
If I told you I loved you,
How would you feel?
If the secrets I've hidden,
Beneath my darkness,
For You, I raise flags,
Upon the ridge of my shore,
A quiet surrender,
Of my heart to yours,
A life not worth living,
A love, not for me,
Domino Black Sep 2018
I guess I'm stuck in my head,
A self-made chaos,
Partially of my own mess,
But partially yours.
I'm lost,
I'm broken,
I'm sad,
And its your ******* fault

I know this poem doesn't Rhyme,
But you don't deserve it.
I only love you
Domino Black Aug 2018
2 AM,
My phone lights up,
With a message from you,
"Lol What's up?"
Nothing. What's new?

"A pic for a pic?"
I guess conversations run hollow,
Makes sense,
These days, I photograph
Things I don't like,
To get followed
But, a picture of my ***,
Is that all you want from me?
My DM's get flooded
With **** like that constantly.
It makes me feel good,
At times I suppose,
My mediocre body,
Disguised by a pose.

Buzz Buzz

"Did you fall asleep?"
I did, but I lied,
I said I couldn't even sleep if I tried.
"So, a pic for a pic?"
Now I have to respond,
But, maybe, i'll send something
with all my clothes on
Or off-
It's all art to me honestly,
A mix of good lighting,
And self-portrait photography.
I get a notification,
"X0Katie" likes your photo.
She doesn't know me,
but cool.
Domino Black Jun 2018
I thought about killing myself,
And still I survived.
I thought about death,
And I thought about life,
My mind is a cycle
Left on repeat,

And in that moment,
I forgave
Domino Black Nov 2017
I'm sorry the burden
Of my emotion,
Became a wall between our hearts
Painted with the stone-shed tears,
Of our love in equal parts,
Half loss,
The other blame,
My guilt, a heavy cross.
Upon the past,
Of you and I,
And the love
that we have lost.
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