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Domino Black Jan 31
I tried to see things from your point of view,
And now my knees are black and blue,
I guess I learned my lesson,
Taking tips from girls like you
And boys like me,
Need time to see,
Not every flag
You wave is green,

But, for eyes like yours,
To shine like mine,
you must've also had
an awful time
Domino Black Jan 25
Sometimes chocolate covered pretzels make me sad,
Not because of any reason
Just the fact you liked them,
Then I think
Maybe most people do,
Those stupid pretzels
Remind me of you
Domino Black Dec 2022
Suddenly the days seem longer,
And the nights seem just as long,
I pass my time,
With stupid rhymes,
About what I've done wrong
If I only knew
It would lose me you
And like that my memories gone
Domino Black Apr 2022
There are reasons why
I think the sky
Reminds me of myself,
And reasons why,
At night I cry,
I feel too dark
For someone else
Though, stars shine,
Just mild lights,
The reasons why
I don't own knives
Has less to do
With novelty
And more to do
with clouded judgment
Domino Black May 2021
What did you say to make me fall in love?
And why'd you change your mind?
If we never heard,
Each other's words,
Would you heart still live in mine?

What do you say,
Inside your head,
When your voice gets lost
In silence?

Do you speak,
Or wish I would,
Or should my voice
Stay quiet?
Domino Black Dec 2020
The sun wont always shine,
And skies won't always clear,
But, shooting stars,
Are never far,
As long as you are near
So when you find,
That things seem dark,
And the days just fade away,
Use the shine,
That's in your heart,
And you'll never lose your way.
Domino Black Nov 2020
Some days i wish that i could be enough,
Or make you feel enough,
But still,
the moments
That I tend to rush,
Are the moments that move too slowly

And then there's you,
Your smile,
That i wish could last forever.
But, in the moments you tend to rush,
If I was worth your while
Would that  be enough?
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