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Loveless May 2020
"Once this fire of love used to keep me warm... Now it's dying embers set ablaze everything they touch.. Stay away, Violet. Or they will burn you too..."

"If that's true, Summer, then let me be embraced by the flames..."
Scribbles that never become a story. I write such things as a means of self-help now.
I name my characters on things close to me. Violet is my favourite colour. Summer is my last rhyme.
Loveless Jan 2019
Even the feel of summer failed to heat up my heart
Despair and sorrow waged war upon my innocence
Little by little, my abandoned soul tore itself apart
I guess all my heart wanted was to stay in your presence

Thoughts of yours which once used to make me smile
Memories of you became the cause of my sorrow
My heart broke every time I thought of you for a while
Because I knew you won't be there in my life tomorrow

I tried to lock up my tender feelings inside my heart
In a desperate attempt to stop endless stream of my tears
You say the vastness of oceans enough to keep us apart
But I guess, your love ceased to exist after all these years

It hurt, it pained like hell but with all my efforts, I tried
To cast away and relinquish the thoughts of you
Your voice echoed in my ears, my soul died, my heart cried
Because my dear lover, this time you didn't love me too...

It was September 2017 when I rhymed for one last time in my drafts.
I tried, I tried my hardest. But I just can't rhyme anymore...
Loveless Nov 2018
And over time,
My pen stopped bleeding
But my heart didn't
Loveless Aug 2017
They meant the world to me
You stole them from me
Loveless Aug 2017
'It's dark in here'
'Its sacred there'
'I ain't stopping'
'Turn back'
"I have no intention to'
'Don't come any closer'
'I'll come'
'Its a warning'
'I heard it'
'I'm dangerous'
'I know it'
'Aren't you scared?'
'My shaking won't stop'
'I'll ruin you'
'Ruin me then'
'I'll break you'
'Break me then'
'I'll tear you to shreds'
'I'm all ready'
'Leave me be'
'I can't, I won't'
'Why are you stubborn?'
'Let me come over'
'I don't wanna hurt you'
'Take my hand and pull me'
'I don't have a heart'
'Have mine'
"My soul's rotten too'
'Mine is here for you'
'Why are you doing this?'
'I have been there, long ago"
'Were you?'
'But not as deep as you'
When you fall, you don't need someone to give you a hand from outside. You don't need comforting words or idealistic thoughts. You don't need to be told to stay strong.
Loveless Aug 2017
The truth is
No one saves anyone
In the end
We all rot...
Today tomorrow and forever
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