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Toxic yeti Mar 10
Better listen to me
This dead woman
Is talking
You should’ve
Treated me right
And not cheat
You may have found
Shall this convo begin in ****


Better to listen to me
This dead woman is
You shouldn’t be
You should’ve
Been open minded
You may have found
Shall this convo begin in ****


Better to listen to me
This dead woman is
You should’ve
Not beat me
You should’ve worshipped me
A goddess
You may have found
Shall the convo begin in ****.

Hide run scream fight
You can’t fight devious

Not that is inspired by PIGs song salambo
Cassidy Brown Jan 31
You came back
With a vengeance

I must not have buried you
Deep enough
Zombies don’t make news anymore.
Hearing about them eating brains is such a bore.
Filming undead hordes for movies is such a chore.
Zombies don’t make the headlines anymore.

Zombies just eat blood and guts
That is delivered from Braindead food trucks.
Zombies now eat brains from cans
And no zombies movies ever show during the Cannes.

Zombies are just yesterday’s news,
Because everyone’s high on hearing vampires singing the blues.
When you see a zombie, you just shake its hand
Instead of running the other direction as fast as you can.

Zombies don’t get shown on the telly
As they are all perfumed so they are not smelly
So they can grab applications and jobs
Instead of plaguing the city in oversized mobs.

Zombies are now the dominant population
As there is no longer any fascination
About a group of corpses taking college courses.
Zombies just don’t get the six ‘o clock spotlight anymore.

Zombies are now the movie stars
Who now frequent malls, offices, and bars.
Zombies are now a fact of life
As I even know a friend who has zombie kids and a wife.

Zombies are now casually walking
So there is usually no point in talking
About a zombie who got elected city mayor
Who doesn’t promote stalking and terror.

So zombies are not stalking people
So even an op-ed piece is feeble
In getting the people excited about the walking dead.
There are no zombie hate crimes
Because the zombie onslaught times
Are over and done with as six month old bread.
So there’s no point anyway
And it’s illegal anyway
To make your friendly neighborhood zombie
Full of hot .45 lead.

All because zombies don’t make the news anymore.
B Sonia K Dec 2018
Moving in slow motion
Discrediting the old notion
Standing still
hands on the window sill
Feeling the vibrations
Within the walls
Watching opinions clashing
As Deafening as horns blaring
No decision can be made here

Dusk to Dawn to Dusk
The same noise
Over and over again
Oblivious of the wallflower
The self appointed refree
Now as invisible and the paint beneath the wallpaper.
Who is in the right, here?

Silence, I say quietly
Silence, I shout more loudly
We're in an insomnic haze
Arguing over what we know not
They've made us mindless,
Zombies living on lies.
Wake Up!
Stephanie Frank Oct 2018
Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud
He trudges forward feet soaked in mud
Eats your brains, lips glossed with your blood
Sorry, that's not how this poem goes

He no longer heard the chirping of birds
The smell of the sea meant nothing to him
The colors of the sunset were black and white
He stared dead in the eye if someone tried to fight

She no longer tasted the richness of chocolate
She couldn't care less for beliefs or fate
Emotions were foreign and love was alien
Suicidal thoughts were a daily companion

Motivational quotes and speeches made him scoff
Rosy smells and scented candles made him cough
Fancy razors replaced money in her purse
The stick and light now made her feel worse

One foot in front of the other, their subconscious said
Their organs were sentient and worked at will
Consciousness, however, was a different story
For though parts moved, their minds lay still

They spoke without zest, like programmed robots
They made love without passion, out of habit
There was nothing to live for, no raison d'etre
They were sleeper cells, zombies on a clock
We swallowed our tongues,
fleshy caskets for our feelings
buried in the cemetery
of our guts

Do you feel
turning in your stomach?

What we left unspoken
is rolling in its grave.

My love,
when it comes back to life as
rotting corpses without spirit
it will eat us alive
from the inside out.
K Balachandran Aug 2018
It’s unstoppable.
Rushing, water plays her flute;
All become zombies!
Right now verdant, beautiful state of Kerala, in South India is in the grip of swirling flood waters like never before (in recent times) Land slides,deaths and destructions  are rampant..This water rich state is flummoxed by this backlash
I confess I’m addicted to my phone
My observations tell me I’m not alone
For when you venture out it’s plain to see
The majority of us are glued to our screens

Whether on the tube or pushing a pram
We all have devices in our hands
Surfing the net or social networking
Everyone obsessed with being plugged in

It’s getting so bad even in company
We’re not fully there as we view our screens
And now there are warnings from TFL
Not to fall down escalators as a result of this swell

In checking our messages, writing posts
Face to face interaction up in smoke
We’d rather be alone in the cyber world
Than engaging in reality with other boys and girls

It is an epidemic that’s spreading extremely fast
Thus it seems that human contact
could become a thing of the past
No need to leave the house anymore
When everything can be ordered and delivered to your door

A society of zombies isolated could we become
If we don’t down devices and venture out into the scrum
And mingle with other beings physically there
Where we can look them in the eye
and maintain that stare

Connecting on a basic level without the aid of WiFi
And concentrating on each other
instead of being distracted by
Notifications and little beeps
Incoming communication that never sleeps

And keeps you up all night as your brain just can’t switch off
From all the incessant stimuli we’re inundated with
Time to give it a rest, take a break just for a while
Look up from your laptops and perhaps give someone a smile

Watch where you are going, don’t get yourself run over
Be present in the moment and you hopefully won’t fall over
Have a coffee with someone instead of instant messaging
Regard the world around you taking note of everything

Don’t zone out and go into a solitary trance
Assemble your tribe, spin some tunes, have a little dance
Limit your time on the World Wide Web
Grab yourself a hottie and get jiggy with them instead

I’m talking to myself
As well as anyone else
Your family and chums are precious
And deserve nothing less

Than your undivided attention
For one day there’ll come a time
When perhaps they’re no longer around
And you regret being online.
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