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Man Jan 2021
bury me living
for i am in a world of dead

where the zombified stumble around
looking for meaning

maybe it'll make more sense
six feet under
and down the river styx

tie me to a raft
and let me drift

far, from this meaningless charade
known as life
Aaron L Osgood Jul 2020
Bless the dead and the dead that’s undead.
Some people rather be that way instead.
Walking around like zombies just useless bodies.
Acting like it’s a trend just clueless copies.
The end feels near or it already is.
Well until then continue your life.
You have more to live and plenty more to give.
Life isn’t easy I understand your logic.
I exit reality and enter my fantasy Marvel Comics.
Yes!, I’m a bit of geek and I strive on week by week.
I listen to music on repeat until I’m in sync.
I’m not talking the 90’s boy band.
More like Eric B. & Rakim, when the music leak.
You can hear them say “Don’t Sweat The Technique”.
Some may not understand me like I’m speaking Greek.
Like everything I write seem too weak.
It’s not up to their standard like a sleek physique.
Don’t judge me because I seem fatigue.
I’m on my own level if you follow the league.
Yup, the words was spoken as I continue to speak.
Let it remain in your head until it’s concrete.
My words all in your head and may it the streets.
Like Diddy, “Proceed to Give You What You Need”.
Forget me not and Yes, I’m a different breed.
DNA from a plantation where my ancestors flee.
I wish I can say they were freed.
The truth is people are ruthless and till this day.
Anger in my soul but in reality I seem okay.
Aggression gets old so I put it away.
I’m more cool, calm, and collective.
I sometimes bend the rules it’s beyond effective.
Don’t analyze me now no need for a detective.
As you read I invaded your life instead.
I’m now attached to you, Zombie life, The Infected.
I know this script wasn’t expected.
So I’ll continue to search for a different method.

I’m just so hungry...I must feed..

More to Come
Chasing living nightmares,
suffering hell without a care,
baring my heart in the dark,
these days it's hard to tell anyone apart,
running through these fires
dark webs in my mind,
wondering if I've come too far
& if there's enough time
to just run where exisiting isn't so hard,
steadily beginning to believe
I'm where I'm meant to be,
roaming where the wild things are
Nina McNally Jun 2020
One day, we're gonna look back on this and say
Now why did we act like that? Why did we treat
Each other so poorly?

For now we see we acted like idiots
Only caring about ourselves and not each other...Forgetting our
Rights as Humans--- the most basic right---

And it's one we all share, we are all human,
Looking for kindness and peace. Be Kind and
Love one another! <3
Wrote June 2020
Title from Zombies 2-One For All
Another positive write. When in doubt be kind, love one another.
Nina McNally Jun 2020
Fear or hate.... Highs and
Lows..."The world has gone crazy and no one seems to listen"....
"Everything we built is coming down";
So..."No more
Hesitation, it's time we start to realize"
: We

Are in this together; "Are you standing with the crowd?"... "It's
Now or Never"
...."This is a
Declaration of a new generation"
...... "No, we won't

Break, we're more than flesh and bone"

One day, we're gotta realize than we are repeating history....
Now.... "History changes, but we lost the pages we wrote"...
Everyone right now, can stop repeating history as it starts with you.

       So will you just be part of the problem
        Will you be part of a solution?

"With all this separation, silence is still taking sides
So use your voice, make a choice
And tell me, are you standing with the crowd?"

"History changes, but we  lost the pages we wrote
When you lose direction, can't see the reflection you know
We came from the bottom then became the problem
Now everything's out of control
So hey, are you with me? Let's go!"
written June 2020
Title and lyrics from Zombies -Flesh & Bone
Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
(Verse 1:)
I like the way your mind works
Wanna see what's inside your brain
Way your light blue eyes act just like a windowpane
I am stuck here on the outside in the pouring rain
You are inside
Warm and dry
In a place so sane
You said I don't have the right
That I don't know your pain
Keep driving forward
Stay out of your lane
Like we were behind steering wheels
Fast-paced action movie reel
One where we steal an automobile
Run away to Jamaica or Brazil
But that would be too ideal
Silver screen **** is not real
Do you own a gun?
Cause you blow my mind
In a tight spot
A bind
Screaming at you some of the time
Other half I treat you kind
Resolution we cannot find
No cooperation
Or compromise
Two of us are misaligned
I cant leave the past behind
Our souls stay intertwined
This love ****'s got me blind

I have told people how I felt before
Begged them to hear but this is more
You want to know what's held in my heart
We're together but I'm torn apart

(Verse 2:)
The horizon longs for an endless sunset
Colors so violent
Flesh and blood painted
Shades vibrant
Not ready to face the end of the day yet
You are alive
Welcome each morning with two open eyes
Free as birds without wings to fly
That's just reality
I guess that's life
It's so crazy at times I think that's why
There is magnetism between you and I
You are yin to my yang
The dark to my light
Most beautiful thing on which I've laid sight
If I sat back
While this whole thing plays out
In my room
Headphones on
Listening to music loud
It would be you I write about


(Verse 3:)
If we kiss will it bring you back from the dead?
Resurrect your body and take mine instead?
Breath stolen from my lungs for just one second
Fogging up mirrors to hide from my reflection
Suppose you did not need me to love you and care
Woke up in my arms today but tomorrow might not be there
A bridge burnt
Am now rebuilding
But it goes nowhere
Putting faith in what's made out of thin air
When eyes are closed I truly can see
Make my heart pound
Make it hard to breathe
I believe you belong with me
I can never be sure if you agree

Be honest
Do you baby?
...Do you agree?
That we're meant to be...?
Not my best rap but tell me what you think

The title came from the name of the rap instrumental I attempted to write this along to
Somewhatdamaged May 2020
The perfect little life
Glowing Skin
Rad Car
Shiny Teeth
Forever Happy Life!
Is it real or just fantasy?
Is it true or you just showing off?

The flawless talents you claim to have
In your virtual reality
Rising from social media industry
You sure you're nothing but a slave?
Slave to self created lies and misery...

With all this artificial manufacturing
Even the modern music sounds so boring.
The love for auto-tuned vocals and beats
I find it full of ****!
Nothing comes natural
Nothing's raw anymore
Cause everyone seems to forget
Mistakes make the better tune
Not just in music but in life too.

Everything needs to be comfortable
Everything needs to be fast
All of us have become so impatient
This obscure routine seems reliable
Bound to the super computer in our palms
Rotating through 3 apps whole day
All we do is rage and moan.

My perfect little dream
Collapsing in front of my eyes
and refusing to do anything
but become a digital world zombie...
You Us Me-Zombies
Nigdaw Mar 2020
the time has come
when walking home
with two loaves of bread
and a pack of gammon rashers
makes you really feel
like you're bringing home
the bacon
I have seen sights
that are from the movies
I am Legend comes to mind
the whole world become
greedy grasping zombies
out for their own personal gain
we have turned our backs
on community compassion
left with a void
once filled with toilet roll
and pasta
queues outside supermarkets
marshalled by police
people stockpiling petrol
we're supposed to be on lock down
where the hell are you going
the old and vulnerable
pushed to the kerb of life
thrown from the safety of a pavement
now reserved for the big enough
to elbow everyone else
out of the way
but today I have bacon
and bread
today I can have a sandwich
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