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Özcan Sh Jul 2018
If I had 88 keys in my life
I could show you my world
Full of rain and sunshine

Let you feel my feelings
Flow with you through the river
And be together like black and white keys

But i can´t

My 55 keys wasnt enogh
To reach my song
Through your ear
To your heart

But I still love
To play with my keys.
Starchild88 Jun 2017
You are a walking symphony.

Feet, eagerly stepping on the strings of my heart to create the most beautiful arpeggio that I've ever heard. Arms, grazing the old red bricks that seem to structure this sad place. You screamed "I love you"  and these ragged walls shook as they carried the acoustics of your voice through this concert hall of a heart. I dare you to trust that this place wont collapse. Not with you in it. I refuse.

There have been way too many prior casualties for you to fall victim to the same disasters. I will guide you through. I will love you. Together we will reconstruct what is left and turn the debris into something beautiful.
Kewayne Wadley May 2018
And when I dream of you.
The pages turn.
Highlighting a million and one things.
All captivated by the sound we touched with our eyes.
Each played in beautiful melody.
I'd chase behind you.
Playing a symphony each time you'd smile.
Between the pause we were soft.
Forgetting which one of us was sleeping.
Revealing all of our secrets.
You taught me how to sing.
Forgetting to move my mouth.
Each emotion thrown from my stomach.
When I dream of you,
I see all the colors.
So vividly played in beautiful color
Hg Aug 2018
i can
her lips
and the way
they close

i can
her voice
and the way
it moans

i can
her pulse
on a

she can’t
do the same
with a heart
of stone
aj Oct 2018
the notes you gave us were so carefully written


you brought power to the quartet
calm inside calamity were you and your fine fine swaying

looser than your own spine you were swaying side to side
to the point of light
but your expression was still heavy

your expression was cooling

backed up behind everything
but you are here and you are genuine

haphazardly composed; playing

to me
you might as well be everything
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2018
If I had 88 keys my life, that’d be great.
I could let you feel my life in so many different ways.
You’d feel the rain, the sunshine,
the pain, feelings you can’t define.

If I had 88 keys in my life,
you’d feel what it's like to be stabbed with a knife.
You’d feel all the feelings;
ones that hurt, ones that have healings.

You’d know the feeling of true love
and you’d know the feeling of being able to fly like a dove.
You’d know the feeling of being scared,
And the feeling of remembering the moments with loved ones that you once shared.

If I had 88 keys in my life,
there would be no strife.
And there would be no problems, things would be bright.
And everything would be as simple as black and white.

If I had 88 keys in my life, no one would worry,
and no one would scurry.
No one would be scared,
And no one would be snared.

If I had 88 keys in my life,
you’d know what it feels like in the afterlife.
You’d know the feeling of being above,
you’d know the feeling of being loved.

If I had 88 keys in my life,
I know that even God can hear the sound rife.
And if my lost sisters are up there in their haven,
angels carry the delicate notes up to heaven.
Many verses in my poem start with the phrase, "If I had 88 keys in my life". I got that idea from a poem that I read and liked very much. I did not want to copy it, and I do not want anyone to think that I did. I hope you like this poem!
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2018
Some people just don’t understand,
how lucky they are to have a friend.
But I have more than just a friend,
because a broken heart she can mend.

I never knew I would get to know her so well,
I never knew that she’d be able to tell.
The brokenness I had inside me,
I thought no one would be able to see.

Piano was something that we had just between us,
something that was too great to discuss.
The gentle sound of the piano
healed us both; and we didn’t even know.

The music is soft as fur,
and she listens as if it's a special sonata just for her.
She closes her eyes and folds her hands,
her face surrounded by brown strands.

Mistakes never even touch her ears,
And as she listens, her eyes fill with tears.
I can tell that she feels Beethoven's first movement,
As she slowly nods her head in approvment.

It has been quite a while,
but everyday she makes me smile.
She’s way up there, safe in her haven,
and God’s angels carry the delicate notes up to heaven.

My best friend she was, my best friend she is,
and with a caring heart she made me hers.
And though she can’t be with us here today,
I know she looks out for me everyday.
I wrote this poem in honor of my piano teacher who is not able to be here with us. It still brings tears to my eyes and smiles to my lips when I think about her.
Elizz Aug 2018
A piano plays softly through my ears
My fingers waltz along the keys
Splaying my life out into a symphony
Every note
A captivated audience is a blind one
They can't see what's going on behind stage
The puppets that rise along their strings
Forever to be suspended in space
Controlled and motivated
As long as I'm behind this piano
Mesmerizing the audience
No one will ever see the pool of blood
Arcing along my high heeled clad feet
No one will notice my strained smile
Or the flashing glint
Knives of bone
Protruding from my finger tips
Pray tell
Might I play a song for you?
Chicken Jan 30
Nothin’ gets me out of my seat, more than You
and Your piano.

Your blackbird voice,
full with sorrow.
And yet again
I hear that familiar melody
running through
my ears.
it brings me tears.
I close
my eyes
and take a listen,
to the music
that brings me to a
whole new kingdom.
But it's
nothing special
playing that music.
It's just a piano
that sounds so fantastic.
How much I love the piano...
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2018
If I had 88 keys in my life,
I could show you something great.
A world of no judgement and cries
a world of no fear and hate.

If I had 88 keys in my life,
you’d never see anybody worry.
You’d never see anybody cry;
you’d see the world in all it's beauty.

If I had 88 keys in my life,
I’d let you feel all the greatest feelings.
I’d let you feel the rain, the sunshine,
the pain, and everything would be just fine.

but i  can’t

You don’t want to believe
that this dangerous world we can leave.  
We can use our imagination,
to make a whole, new great nation.

You don’t want to think that all this trouble can go away.
You think that we have to stay.
You think we don’t have to do anything,
you don’t want to do anything.

But anyone can make a difference,
and try to take away this bitterness.
But you just don’t want to try,
you’re just going to sit there and die.

Life isn’t really fair,
and you just really need to care.
to touch the heart of someone else,
You first need to change yourself.
It bothers me so much on how some people just don't care. All of these school shootings and other horrible tragedies just seem to worsen. I pray that they will get better and that everyday, this world will be more safe, kind, and caring.
He was beautiful at my piano,
he dripped onto the keys
and it pains me to say I was in love

yet I came full circle
facing the realization
he did not love me

his wild curls
pale skin
long musician’s hands

he was glorious at my piano,
later he took me to the apex

tears flowed in my warped bathroom,
and of this I am deeply ashamed

I kissed him goodbye,
because from that day on
I would never again act as a child
Bryan Lunsford Apr 2018
Our love had the essence of such a poetic start,
As it’s now quiet with nothing but slow songs playing in the dark,
I hear the rhythm of a piano fused elegantly with a lonely harp,
Where I lie here placed in my bed with a broken heart,
I write my emotions down and turn my pain into an art,
As I cry page by page and continue to fall apart,
I analyze our beginning, our ending, every moment and part,
With our love that had the essence of such a poetic start
King Panda Jan 2017
I’m the perm of a
I can choke
I can breathe
I can drink a cup of coffee
And you
Are a murmuration
A flock of afternoon
I will let your
Black mass love me
It can
I’m reaching for you
Little bird
Take me with your arrow
The streets of this
Pure piano
And I introduce the yowling
The dead skin on
my back
Flecks with the quiver
Of flying with you
By choice
Daniel T Aug 2018
All the nights of unpleasantries
will no longer keep me awake.
I will never again dream
of you by mistake.

I wish that you would die.
A freak accident leaves you paralyzed
maybe a piano from the window
That lives in the blue of my eyes.
Or maybe that "random" passing car
will clip you in the thigh
And you'd be left (like me)
alone; just to die.

You could paint the town red
with your angry tongue
but instead maybe if i cut it out
you'll finally listen instead.

In laymens terms, prepare to be hurt,
I'll smile as your body lies in the dirt.
And blood seeps into your shirt,
coloring the earth.
Your purpose has been confirmed.

Thanks for the trauma and mental illness, miss you lots.
kevin hamilton Aug 2018
heard a voice as i died
in the cold moonlight
forty phantoms
breathing through me
and this wasted life
goes on too long

these willow trees
court lesser demons
and condemn the rest
these weeping hosts
hold the shape of dusk
beneath the ground

piano from the dark
of a mystic chord
i froze and woke in tandem
with the underscore
I'm nobody!
Who are you?
Are you a nobody, too?
I feel
just like a shadow,
but what
gives me my true body
is the piano.
I feel like music, and piano in particular, gives my my true meaning and body.
Daisy Marrow Sep 2013
I am not superman.
I carry around guns for protection.
I have killed many
And never was sorry.
I have stolen from men
who have stolen from others.
Do not look at me as a savior,
Not even as a big brother,
because I am nothing of a role model.
My wings have broken
and I don't even have a place to call home.
Pain is written on my skin with the smirk of a devil
leaving cracks all over for sorrow to sneak its way in and bury itself deep into my bones.
So give me hope because I'm not man enough to create my own.
I keep putting other's lives before mine hoping that counts as love
but wind up realizing that doesn't count as anything
Trust me, I'm no superman.
I can't even save myself.
I've burned my cape in the fires of **** because I've been there enough
to know I can't wear it anymore.
I have flaws enough to fill the ocean and I'm sick of drowning
and I'm tired of counting dead bodies
and I’m tired of swimming through waves I'm not big enough for.
So hear the violin and piano play my symphony
of the fallen man.
I never said I could fly.
I never said I could save your life.
I never gave up though.
So hold me tight and let me finally break and fall into the arms of someone I can trust and someone I know that'll keep my heart safe buried next to theirs.
I've played wicked games and lost too many times and now I just want to sleep.
I'm tired of turning up black and blue
But I'll do anything to protect you.
If you were never here then I would have ended this a long time ago.
I would have welcomed the salt water into my lungs
Or fall asleep in a tree and meet death in the morning as I hang in silence.
But now I beg for hope because I'm torn apart.
But I know am seen as your superman so I’m going to hang on with all my might,
And live this life with you
as a hero
as your superman.
Dean Winchester
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