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Alya Adzkia Nov 2
you asked me to follow you

it's a tough road,
but we will get through this together,
you said.

i walk
i run

but baby,
running after you is like chasing the clouds.
Alya Adzkia Nov 2
i thought you were different
you love me, sure
i know
you adore me, sure
i know

but baby,
why do you have to run?

i'll chase you, sure
you know
i'll catch you, sure
you know

but, do you also know that i get exhausted?
do you also know that i need reassurance?
do you also know that i need a chest to rely on?

you don't.
Alya Adzkia Sep 10
when you choose to fall in love,
make sure you know that there will be

when you choose to have string attached,
make sure that your wasted time
will be precious.

when you choose someone to fall for,
make sure that person is
don't be too late to reconsider.
Aneesh H Jul 9
I desire a daily verse:
A dose of well-worded fun;
Be it verbose or terse
Wrap it in a witty pun!
michael Jun 21
Brothers blood on your arms
Coward’s salt on your cheeks
Heavy head in your hands

With such weapons of war
No Greek bones should litter
These flooded dunes of Mars

And still, rouge stained boys clog
That one final river
Gather on the bank. See
The line of Troys that burn
G A Lopez Jun 10
Bakit sa una'y halos sumakit na ang tiyan kakatawa
At maya't maya'y tumutulo na ang mga luha sa mukha?
Napapaiyak na lamang sa sulok
Unti-unting kinakain ng maitim na usok

Namamanhid na't halos di makilala ang sarili
Nais ko ulit bumalik sa panahong wala pa akong alam sa mga nangyayari
Ang mga ngiti ko noong kay tamis
Mga tawang walang halong lumbay at hapis.

Pilit kong kinakalimutan ang aking mapait na nakaraan
Ngunit bumabalik balik pa rin lahat ng ala-ala sa aking isipan.
Ang sabi nila'y tigilan ko na ang mamuhay sa nakaraan at iwasang magkaroon ng galit sa kapwa,
Paano maaalis ang galit sa aking puso
Kung ang dahilan nito ay ang taong nag-iwan ng masakit na marka sa aking pagkatao?

Sa tinagal tagal ng panahon, para bang naging bato ang aking puso
Bawat pintuan ay may kandado
Bawat bintana ay sarado
Ibang-iba na sa dating ako.
Years change people.
Adaa Sayed May 18
I don't know anymore .
Who to believe who to not .
I just don't feel like me anymore .
I don't .
- Adaa Sayed
Adaa Sayed May 16
Blood stained guilt .
I see him un shifted .
His eyes lie of love ;
Love that never existed .
- Adaa Sayed
instagram : @whatever.adaa
Adaa Sayed Dec 2019
Where the truth is doomed by lies ,
Hands are shook with malice.
And hope is forever haunted,
Jury is there to harass .
Deaths occur day and passing night;
Still the girl wore flamboyant,
Help is nowhere proceeded.
Wax is melted ,
Thoughts are already poisoned.
Still the girl was drunk in venom , while going to her friend's home .
Who says the substandard boy is to blame, who thought of her as a jester .
Nasty, humiliated, unpleasant is all they can say but ;
Still who helps her when she suffered.
Unlucky is the girl who had this fate , they bark !
And leave her to burn in this filthy fire which gives no life to the dead .
Wounding and funny .
One's just dessert is still not served ,
Hour and minute,
Second and jiffy,
All we do is to wait , when will he be put to death ?
- Adaa Sayed
enough is enough .

instagram - @adaaxsayed
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