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Madison 1d
I crave a new feeling.
That near death thrill,
The one that makes you feel so alive.
The falling,
But never landing.
The light,
Followed by darkness.
The knowing,
That you'll only be guessing.
I'm bored.
Madison 2d
When the time comes
For my grave, my stone.
Engrave what you want,
How you loved me.
How I was too young.
How we spent so much time together.
It doesn't matter how much of it is *******.
I'll never see it.
Madison 7d
Our love wilted and died.
I left you behind.
I said I'd never look back,
I lied.
Madison 7d
We may have kissed,
But not the lips.
We didn't mean to last,
Just distract.
One rule,
No lips.
Lips are for lasting.
Madison Mar 12
I fell before I loved.
A little too hard.
A little too soon.
Madison Mar 9
Who can hear a tree fall in the forest?
Whats another slice in a ****** mess?
Another pill to ease the pain?
Another tear in the rain?
The answer to all of these is the same.
A single step, a step closer to the ledge.
A cliff, a window, a roof, a noose...
These questions are deadly.
If you start asking what's the name in easing the pain one more time, you will never stop. It's always one more.
Madison Mar 8
I won't leave,
If you can give me a reason not to
Madison Mar 7
With each that falls,
I relive an old pain,
I feel a new sorrow.
The same suffering,
A different agony.
An endless loop,
A momentary relief.
Madison Mar 7
Every time you frown
I feel the need to make you smile.
All you seem to do is lift others up,
even when it pushes you down.
They love you.
But I want to care for you.
To all those people out there you put others before themselves. I want to make you smile! And if you don't believe me, I'll show you
Madison Mar 7
My demons are there for me
When you aren't.
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