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Alya Adzkia Oct 4
there is
no escape
what we had
wasn't real,
was it?
you broke me
Alya Adzkia Aug 12
sharp edges
and pointed parts
might shatter me

a single sentence
could hurt me for days
a single name
could tear me for a couple nights

— words are knives
i’m a glass
threat me to the edge
and i’ll crash
Alya Adzkia Aug 11
I go out every night hoping the moonlight guide me to you
but it’s too dark outside
for a dark soul
whose light was stolen

I tried to walk alone
but it’s too heavy
for an empty soul
whose blood was rinsed

no darling
you didn’t break me
you ****** the oxygen out of me
until like I didn’t even exist
Madison Jul 16
My family
The reason I stopped singing
My family
The reason I no longer get exited when the sky is pretty colours.
My family
The reason I bottle my anger
My family
The reason I stopped talking unless spoken to
My family
The reason I am graduating and moving as far away as I can.
Madison Jul 7
Show me you scars.
Show me you bruises.
I need to see all the times that I failed to be there for you.
Madison Jul 7
Chances are that at some point
in your life you have smiled
or brushed shoulders with a stranger...
A stranger who happened to be a ******, kidnapper, or *******.
This is why I'm antisocial.
Stranger danger
Madison Jun 24
Don't love me if you don't
expect to be let down and for
the love of god, don't trust
me with your heart.
Madison Jun 22
If love is a battlefield,
Doesn't that make life war?
And what's war without casualties?
Madison Jun 22
If you blame me for being
a monster,
You must first know what made me this way.
I wasn't born into it.
Madison Jun 15
You never needed me
Though you always used me.
I'm part to blame because,
I let you
You didn't even hesitate
when you left.
It was one sided love,
only more complicated.
To you,
I was expendable and replaceable.
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