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Srujani 25m
Sometimes all you need
is the same warmth in the hug you gave
the same care you shown on someone
same words you said to give strength
the same consolation you made

Sometimes all you need
is to get same thing you gave
to someone on someday
which could make heart a better thing to have
and earth a better place to leave....
Srujani Jul 14
Anything unlike normal
eventually feels sad and vulnerable
Perhaps ends up making people proud
You are doing it right
Just keep going
Srujani Jul 11
Found herself
when she found out that she lost herself while chasing
Srujani Jul 11
Srujani Jun 19
This feel of sad without any reason
This tiredness without any work
Burning eyes without any tear
Hurting heart without any incident
Why?why is it all happening??
Is it ok to be like this for this night?
Am sure I gonna wakeup with a charismatic smile tomorrow morning
Then why is this night seems like a long achy summer day??
Srujani Jun 15
Nothing got changed
sleeping on couch &
waking up on bed
from the scolds with spoon feed
to the endless calls of worried food cycle

Nothing got really changed
still the same smile knocking
the same warmth caressing
since from the return after school
to returning after weeks

How can something get changed
from happy calls
to anxiety rush dial asking out for that peace for soul
I only reach out you
who can really give the same even if they are the best

like even after their dreadful day
they are the one lying down and thinking
"he must be going through alot these days am so proud him"
How can really something get changed in this case?
well...I say! every heart knows the answer
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