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Srujani Jun 20
Life sometimes makes me feel pathetic
and the other times euphoric
there were days when I felt embarrassed
and again the days where I got embraced
it was not always the rainbows and umbrellas I've gone through
but I still love all the butterflies after the rain flew
sometimes, tho
it was always the same darkness with glittered eyes
then again saw the same glittered stars to my surprise
making me wonder,
maybe it is really true that
the darkest night brings the brightest stars
Srujani May 10
Said forever isn't my word
never knew you would turn it into a sword
digging deeper until it hurts
Though our fights were the worse
cause there were actually never the fights.
But now i see this empty space,
it feels like an ultimate sway just to chase
I told myself it's over, good and enough
but then again i wish it was none

and as you comes by
all my thoughts flys away
as if like they never exist
all my compliants seals away
as if like they were meant to be
all my hurt heals away
as if like it have to be
I'm telling it that was good and enough
and it denys as if it is all rough.
craving and hoping for renewal
Srujani Apr 29
i tried to grab you and found you huge
tried to hop and found you broke
tried to hug and found you died
how do i say?
how do i say again that
Even if all the way long back to start
i would still choose you
even when i know we would die
you were dead
and we never work
When it's lost
Srujani Feb 25
In this saga of finding answers for my unknown questions
I sometimes failed fallen and found myself lost
I sometimes felt mismatched out snatched and lonely
But ultimately, all I know is
no matter how many time it felt,
No mater how hard they hit,
I know how to deal with them.
I may be lonely some of the time, most of the time or all of the time
But after I realized that I can deal with it anyway, and then
The span did really felt secondary!
Srujani Jan 12
absurd how life's turning into Instagram
flashbacks achieved in heart
overriding from delete
excite to show smiles out
baring painful dms in quite
long-distance short
will for reels of impermanent
everyday searching to deal with a story
and expecting a life of no worry!
Srujani Dec 2021
This way from paths I love
to the parts I scare & hate
& to the plot which I'm excited to get in!
This way! It's so crazy! I hate it! I love it!
But again I'm scared
so many what ifs
so many butterflies...
yet again I choose to be in
cause it's a beautiful messy penchant!
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