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RedD Feb 21
You take away the pain
Of every hurt I feel
Consuming my mind
Looking to heal

The outlook is blind
Future dark
Present does not exist
Makes me tired

I try yes I do
To right the wrongs
But always reminded
That I can’t compete

You, you are elevated
I look up and see
Yet here below
I admit defeat
RedD Feb 2019
I'd rather give you
real ones
and real kisses
and real love

We could make it real
one day
RedD Feb 2019
So why bother wading through diluted water
to only half wet your feet
when all you want is to be
RedD Jan 2019




                        ­              still learning
RedD Jan 2019
the most dangerous
drug of them all
RedD Jan 2019
I don’t miss...
waiting for you
to tell me you love me
Just before sleep
When it wasn’t hard for me to say it to you at all

I don’t miss...
Being angry that you paid me no attention
That you never touched me like you used to
never smiled when I kissed you
let alone kissed me back

I don’t miss...
Running into the darkness
To find a light of my own
To find a space in the void that would welcome me more

I don’t miss..
Crying for the mistakes I made
When all I wanted was to feel what we had at the start

But our start has now become our end
And I’m learning to begin again
Even though the pain is greater than before
RedD Jan 2019
As this wind blows around me
I find myself standing cold
I wait for you
without a coat
because I know this storm
will pass
and you will bring the sun
to keep me warm.
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