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Sunlight crawls into the bedroom

Like an obtrusive sibling who bounces me awake, the ever brightening daylight demands the same.
But how we all love our kin, and like family’s unconditional tough love,  encompassing our moments - nudging us, imploring us to not miss out.
Life happens at varied paces, at a crawl like the morning, and once wide eyed we can’t forget to appreciate, for the fullness of daytime adventures await.
Out there where sunlight is smiling, the world outside the window.
Like dreams in the drain, sleep from the eyes, shadows fall away as the sunlight fills the room...
The Cook asks the Dishwasher, who wipes the kitchen clean, and clocks out at Ten; why bother doing such a good job when it will get ***** again, each and every day?

The Dishwasher smiles saying,”Ah, such is Life.
“We all have to go ***** to get clean, how else will we know the difference or appreciate what we have at all?”
“Because I love, I let Love rule. It’s not about me...”
Birdlike spirit beyond confinement
Emergence from within flesh, exuding
Lithesome dancing fire, alive and brilliant
In some elsewhere plane of existence
Even though a string that begins from here
Veils of human blindness diminishes that
Energy, souls die when shells lie, or drown in fear.

If there’s nothing more beyond this passing
Nights starless, sky without flight, love’s lacking...(Light)
A many folk say they come in three’s,
Wrong turns and bad luck or
Rain drenching your ballroom gown.
Yet not all of us can be Cinderella, come midnight.
That cellophane sheen
Warm breath on wet flesh, pink.
Sweet condensations.
Among the burlap landscapes of anguish
Muted expressions of starving babes
Need being the worst malady, yearning a wish...
Experiences so young, unhappy, should not be
Suffering war torn, fatherless ken deathly empty.
Tourists whilst in safari from far away lands
Yelp and twitter, unyielding to this giant travesty.

Ignorance is a selfie taken in the bush
Not a care to feel kin to human or witness, see
The child so thin with disease, is you, is me...
Two Southern gentlemen,
plantation and slave owners,
bought and trained men to be the best money can buy

Now as the gulf of Mexico burns in the setting sun's fire,
they sit on one or the other's porch,
drinking hard lemonade, the night's stars
darkening ire

talking business of live stock
and the business of men's flocks
the possessions taking hold of manifest
and the destiny of days
here, where the bayou houses the cold blooded

crocodile swamps
mangroves of varied prey

the two masters drawl over thus gifts
plentiful bounties
the run of the land his forefathers conquered
the import of luxuries
goods and good with their hands

such machinations lead to displeasure
when the threat stems from
ebony treasures,
the stallion studs and fillies
like objects owned

not within the eyes will a predator recognize
that the hunger for the prey
is the same game  that masters and slaves
have played...
(better recognize)

"When did mine Negroes begin to behave"


"No such word exists to define their confounded hate-filled hearts..."

"Something called 'slang'--a intermingling of words to make a new one, with its own trademark, the criminalized, incorporated !"

"What does one call someone with such irrational and erratic behavior?--such ****** in the eyes!"

"A ******...?”
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