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Black on white
These feelings I write
The art of inner peace
All about perspective

Can’t have one without the other
If we’re Life on Earth
The world our mother
That makes us brothers

It’s not all black and white
But what spills out
(I’m) A work of Art
Spilling ink.

One upon the other.
A world without women

Is a world without

Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives...

It’s a world that won’t survive

Unable to birth Life or ever know

Unconditional Love.
The pages of my heart’s journal

Aglow in this light

The sun as it sets vermillion

Time as with vivacious Life

Wears dueling faces

A lattice of stars supernovae

The other Sun-godly

All them days

In this kind light

My pages glow

A gloaming In between


& dog-walking my Mojo…

I understand how

We settle in

What was Has been’s

Infamously Made cubicle

An unfurnished home

I feel displaced

At least my pages glow

Alive in them nights

The face of the universe

A lattice of stars.

(On paper fluorescence white.)
Here I am
Exiting the smoke shop
Down the street
Observing ostriches
An old gray haired granny
Driving a new silver ‘vette
While a big gal drives by
In a little red fiat whip
Pass us by
Here I am
In Stranger-Land
Hyper aware
In the age of ride-share
Here I am
Where it is when
Among many plenty
Not questioning
The Zen they’re in
Not without a pip of grace
Know thy own name
Where I am
A light
A flame
A shelter from the rain
Here I am
A neighbor
A brother
A handshake
A pack of smokes
Called Time.
Pass us by
Where we are…
In a blink of the Eye.
Consequence & blame points with a finger of shame & self loathing.
Empathize sympathize

Takes no time at all

With great power comes even greater
No Masterplan
A gift given by hand
At first sight

Takes no time at all
How I love you

I am She
Who compliments and completes
The dream lover and the wish
Made when he is asleep.
I am she

Who suffers the most,
Giving birth, cradling the ghost
As the crone,
Once and always a
Sister mother daughter wife.

I am she
Who waits through the night
I am she
Who equals the strength
Of his light.

“See me with your loving eyes
See me more than the tears I've cried”

I am she
Who is willing
To go with him to war,
Not a man but as his equal,
(I’m both soft yet hard)
I am she
To whom he'll give his heart
I am the tunnel's bright end
I am where
The family starts,
The breast which nurse
Small men.

I am she
The twin,
The Juliet, the goddess divine
I am she
Who deserves the same,
In this life, for all time.
(Peace be…)
I am she
I am you
I am her
I am the one besides
And inside
She is I…
The romance in the dress
Patient Partner to the ends,
Tiny dancer on the floor
I am
The one that loves you
Forever &
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