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Butch Decatoria Oct 2021
Leviathan / by: butch decatoria

Linger, loiter longer
These Lovelorn Lanes Fast
with lustful highs …
Farther, furthest, way Far away
To Starlight
/sweet nothings,
Interstellar sighs
Of space/ time
Feel the Empty / pain / bleed

Except great expectations’ need
To accept, expecting none
(Yet most believe doing nothing)
It’s Not for reflecting / empathy
To tragedy then forgetfulness,
On purpose, disposable friends distract,
Life’s strange viscosity hopefulness
Motions forward….
Oh monstrosity!

Wishful obsessions, stiff upper lip...
The Silent servants’ musk, mask of milk
White cream silk whips
Aftermath of drunken trippin’
The rush of us who trust, slippin’
On the white,  on the hip
               snow man fall melts, drip dry
The poles and hell rains down from on high,
Hush now, The storm hither comes...

The colossus of silence beyond
Jupiter’s red eye, Ort cloud shroud—
The yearnings surpassing blood,
To feed
The human gargantuan greed
The need for love…
Soon On sale, flesh compliant
A Commerce for feelings to
The Giant
        Drowning in his Whale Songs
moonlighting the deep...

Amidst the pitch of dark sea
Tocold vastness
Go there
That other ocean
   infinite canvas interstellar interstate
             The Void of space,
Deep Emotions pace
Times asleep & awake
Swim my assuaged dreams,
   All of thee: ye
Makers bright,
                Meteorites brief
flash of freefalling lights
Like my hollow heart’s leap:
           But for a feeling,
The monster that I trust.
In the human ocean of emotions.

Butch Decatoria Oct 2021
Deaf is a mind that doesn’t
        mind being blind.
Mute: We heralds of the Light,
Need not speak or see
       nor listen in
They do what they do, they lie
     demons in the nights, howling
Beastly feircely maul all things alive
We have that glow with soul, so
Life alights —down below, in deep dark holes,
Hell in the mind can foul the soul.
They **** us in our glass house, fracked for gases
Gold to the bearded dumb-*****  
Stole from the masses, sold stone cold;
Their logic, reason, & common senses,
Intelligence without defenses,
      thoughts get twisted, relented…
Evil will pretend to be a friend,
And wins if none care to even defend (this).
Thusly overrun by roaches,
     Not the insects but human locusts…
Consumers’ consumption, it’s in the bank,
Fracking the garden blank…
Butch Decatoria Sep 2021
Once  (Of Substance) /by: b.decatoria

Excitedly I say once,
"if Love were a substance,
if only more than
some sort of word, more concrete”
“If only”

If rather than heard
in song made wispy or absurd,
instead made bold
in your face
A freak-show, cirque du taste
such theatrics (once)
those lips—film noir of your thrilling face.

Undeniable you
unabashed like a growth
to the left
a mole on your kind skin
red lipstick puckering miss Monroe
eyes that ooze dreamy

How I always noticed you, once
saying "Ooh look here, this is love"
pointing to that dot,
but i know love is more than
a tiny tiny blemish
(or Marilyn's coy mole).

Like how once, a beauty marked me
with what was quick-draw and newly raw,
touching with much whirling
such were we
openly exposed to...

So wretchedly loud
made so astute
where we partook,
briefly donning heaven in our looks.
hold on to my arms - keep a grip,
Hold on

i say to what was once
“Hey Love”
As heavy as when
you were letting go,
caustic as your doubts, when
i remember saying then

"look here -- once, this was love"
now just a gesture
where stood my shadow
as I regret
not informing you : "should of
kept your eyes open
during the fall
should of kept honest is all..."

If only love to you
was of some real substance,
beyond misty hours or
something like
the prose of rain to heartache
empty like open doorways of us before
once is now
no more.
Butch Decatoria Sep 2021
Some Cats are born free to roam,
Most Cats have pride
Other Cats find themselves a home
Where cool cats can hide
And make a bigger pride.
Big cats can’t abide their roar…

(King of beasts / Game for Rome—circa b.c.)
(Dire Lions hunted to extinction…)
Butch Decatoria Sep 2021
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7. Etc Etc
Butch Decatoria Sep 2021
Island. / by: b.decatoria

My Love is an island.

My love is an island I shall not want I shall not need,
My love is an island on the stream,
On the ocean of tearful dreams, lonesome yet free…
My love is an island,  deservingly finds peace
In the light of truth, embrace Belovedly.
My love is an island I shall not want I shall believe….
Butch Decatoria Sep 2021
Happy goes with Lucky,
Lucky gets angry, Happy goes home.
Sleeping dragon wakes.
War forsakes
Suffered make
A world unlucky.
Unhappy heaven alone.
Love without home.
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