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Are you happy yet?
The question escapes
As yellow as the ****
From ***** to toilet
Flushing it down,
To where it will be forgot
Have no need to be reminded
How unhappy loneliness gets
Are you not ...
(Just okay, alright, fine
Work sleep **** ****
Work **** sleep —die.)

Beach city by the cool sea
not so easy city
not too busy, too ******, or greasy city

to take off
your shirt
to feel the breezy city.
Where I am
curiously lost in,
excitably exploring eagerly
Asphalt-hard city  
different from my boyhood memory,

It’s not so scary-big a city,
Was a great place to grow-up
open roads for bike rides
on my schwinn, best buds

A safe suburban city
By the sea,
A successfully savvy
sophisticated city
evolved from understanding
Downtowns Pity
Homeless and such
O’er border walls, while
Chaps are diggy
In the Navy city,

A city of girls who can be
as manly and boys are as
pretty, gritty
city of individuality
like a quirky
cousin, *****,
A brotha's niece
with Cali.-valley speak! city.

There’s so much i want to see,
learn and believe in
this lush green city,
i am a long lost twin city
just a baby,
friendly city,
******* your full *****

care for me daily,
wish me luck a lotto city,
even in my muck and ****** ditties,
unconditionally cradling me
with love
this LEGO city
In crisp morning fog,
Tour sea world and the Zoo,
Old town wanderlust
While Carmen’s on the trolley.

San Diego by the sea,
I Heart you
in my blood,
this city by the beach
This city
that I love...
Mr. Alzheimers,
Old man on park bench, stares off
Into the distance.
Waif’s diluted dream submarine:

A sleeping dragon’s cloud, bleeding white, weeping blues,

Taming beasts with brush stroke of liquid hues;

Efferent pastels to demure flower with wet elation’s

Revered soft pining of colorful jubilation,

Canvas of new, on blind white fields

Of untouched imagination, whispers, bends.

Longingly the colors bleed, the heart ascends.

On painter’s opus--deeper seas, the vivid soul’s

Recollection - rain drop splashes of heaven.

Silken gossamer dreams of love, there & then.
Revised edit.
Moonshine full upon our seas

Evening breeze sweet beckoning

Reach below, within me deeply

Move me in movements deep tidal pools,

Acquiescing the air a kiss or two.

Inside where we’re wet with need,

Drown me in your love.
Revised, repost
Obedient wife
lowers her gaze and herself.
Her tears: rain on grass.
So, instead of words,
Lovebirds should try simple
Silent Adoration.
Don't speak
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