Ink bleeds these fresh tears
Jealous mind re-enacting
Each kiss, I have penned.

As hot as...
those eyes when he sees
almost predatory

always do they genuflect
upon their roughened knees  
a sordid kind of scene

obscene / unsanitary
craven cries to Loki
for pleasures
sleazy writhing /
feeding fists

sweat of the easy / a quickened fix
men with members stiff as petrified
sticks / jabbing in a hastened mix
teeming muscles / hungry hips

like electrified evenings of swollen eels
sustained by suckling Gomorra’s tits
Fiendishly always
for the slick and the harsh
(Left over bits)

From the crystalline he is undoubtedly marked
by the unquenchable blue fire
of his lust / afflicted addict

never will he tire - incessantly
defined by sex's maledictions.

I have grown hot like sun’s fiery light,
bright - even in the darkest mires
he's an unmatched lover in satin flight,
a dragon / a well-endowed sire
formidable in succulence / remiss of sight

i weep without regret when
once i followed him toward the night
forgot what i was and

accept what i am,
endure in all burning light
fueled by the sword of Pan

love keeps me warm
as he keeps me lit

i am reborn / magnificent
a forlorn phoenix
songs for his careful choir

i am one chosen - truth among liars,
i fly above / kite toward the sun

this is what I am / what i was
this is what i've become

then a willful puppet
without inhibiting wires

still my love will never tire
transformed by lost desire / hot as blue fire

this is who i've become
i am the light of the rising sun

The Lion of kingdom come...

White Cookie dough Cush
Vape and munchies, puff puff give.
Highs in blunted stunts.

One of few
words that has no other definition
but itself both
written and referenced

with many synonyms similar
a muse universal and familiar
adds shade for heated
hearts all quite red

like a rose
it is it's own unique beauty,
long stemmed
it is nothing but...

(everything is everything.)

not Lust or Covet, for they are too brazen
and carnal with their hunger
unlike Love, which fills the need
steadily--in time, relieving the craving,
leaving contentment
then feeding others without requirement
of payment...

not Adoration or Crush
because they are still children
without the understanding
or capacity for self-sacrifice
which Love is familiar to
like years unconditional
this trust is a marriage between
naïve, wise, and special.

not Passion or zealous Desire,
due to their one-sided tunnel vision
without compromise or sway,
almost indifferent to all else
but the prize at the end;
for Love has it's eyes in everyday
at all times
in your corner

not Like or Fondness, for they are weak
in emotional life,
half devoted and half way gone
waiting for the other
to finish a simple thought
indifference is not a line to cross;
because Love cares for both
itself and yours and all the other,
"love thy neighbor as thy brother"

love is willing to carry the weight
always keen to always wait
no matter how long
or how late...

It is so wonderfully loyal
Love is
that it often times is motivated
by a blindness for only it's devotion;

but true Love
does not worship
and sometimes must let go
to preserve it's integrity,

for if it is real
it will return with more fuel for the fire
to light the warmth of our hearth

Love commits fully
even unto death, whether star-crossed
or over time's deepening breath,
it is defined by each
and all
it's own victory and story...

one of the most difficult things is
to fall in Love
and never understand it

but you know it
like a lullaby from infancy

she whispers to you

do not fear

Love is always


Sweet green alchemy!
Let’s drink to forget the pain,
Life’s absence and strife.

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The aging blind man at the florist's
Recalls his vision, his statue'd youth

Here, the sensation of scent
Is a meadow of heartache
When days were alive as a bouquet
Nostalgic now to go / see her…

Alas when sight was fragrant...

He carries lilies out the door
Old and blind
A man holding memories
Of bright befores...

Alas when sight was fragrant.

onced titles ennui.

At times I need
to glance at this

When you go,
I'll think of
all our summers in your smile,

you are so beautiful ...

and as I look ahead
at the times I'll need this
to rout the insufficient days
without you

my eyes will fall on this
                       A glossy paper memory

So perfect still
                            Your smile, that's mine.
I keep  near & dear

     with me.

without you.

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