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Pregnant father sways.
Rocking chair to ocean’s gait
champions patient race.
Broken pieces make
the cathedral of your soul.
Stained Light still shines through.
“How Divine! Such Grace!”
The Word cannot embody,
Ballet when God speaks.
Blossom of Morning:
floral crown on tranquil pond;
She walks on water.
Revised. Final. Senryu.
I’m the old man, and the sea is the blank page before me, journeyless Journal, a so-called life to script, “Dear diary I’m the ****...”
    Oh how shall I drown in the words beloved, absolute the depth, the breadth of one’s soul. It’s Worth... While men die never to capture immortality, legends rise while spoken as freely upon the wind, the worthwhile songs some weep to feel how the greatest love feels ...
        Life .  Like an old man upon that sea, drowning to know love. (god)

Date night & starlight,
as we caress the hours
streaks across the sky.
Play the long game to have deeper meaning
To live fully being human being
This mortality of flesh & feelings
To truly see
Your life
Without Doubt
Love is what life is about...
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