The drab curtains and carpet

The ***** walls of this bedroom

The stillborn air itself

The hollowness of cold silences

The tendrils of smoke

From a cigarette

In a candy dish ashtray…

The Scent of Lonesome

“Blue” L’eau de Toilette

Blue Candy Dish - Ashtray.

Imposter Parfume’s

The Scent of Lonesome.
Inspired by a poem Traveler wrote with very similar titles. TY traveler.
Badger             (not dog)




Joe without his legs
Wheelchair, bedside G.I.
At a meeting
Ruminating and feeling
It’s like A.A.
Rehabilitation games
The system plays War
Craft with missing halves
PTSD R e s p e c t
That ain’t the half
Of the stink and the taint
Sniffing glue
Replacing chipped paint

Joe only worries
If there’s somewheres
To be
After rehab
Need a Lyft Uber quick
Downtown a ton to do
Joe worries arriving in 12 steps

Sponsor anonymously
Befriend responsibly
Joe worries
Like long time buds
His legs
That they won’t work
Like they did back when
He got laid
And was paid
By way of Vietnam
And ****** Uncle Sam.
Joe worries

Of wheelchair accesses
His favorite places without
Doors he’d like to
Fit in
And go on
To be loved like a brother
That no one knew
And no one cares to
Joe feels like
A third wheel
A phantom limb
Who’s bucket list is to
“Invest in the Google”
“Learn how to use
The cloud”
Retitled repost.
Wake to each morning
in awe, as the ocean drinks
The sky, bleeding gold...
Revised. Final edit.
Friday night starlight
As we caress the hours,
Streaks across the sky.
Revised repost Senryu
In the hush of your eyes

my heart speaks loudest

feeling our lips hover

our conversations

not a word

rhythmic drums

rapacious lungs /


the beatitude


after you



in all “caps”

Revised repost

Sleep sweet, lovelorn mind,
wishful pining for the truth,
hoping vividly.


To keep promises
Enthusiastic as Wars.
Men at last needless.


Cradled in silence,
A loud mind coalesces
With the Universe.
Three senryu repost
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