I've been fed with
& crocodile tears
Chicken soup

For the soul
His love inside me
All my human sweat
Greatest is Everest's
Pinnacle peak

Touching Zen
& Zanadu
Shangri La
At the foot of heaven,
A door to Shambala

The forbidden kingdoms
Spirit realm

In Between
The Abslute

Inside is light
A place named perfection
Forever new

I recall
Being fed upon
A sluice
Draining out the poetry
Of being
Before it is

Paints Music :
The emotions' rain
Coloring the pain
A window of thunder

Upon the heart reigns
Far more

The eye
Carrying the soul

To where the blue
oceans' breath

Tuscany temperate
Close to pristine
Go'ne Green

No pollution
& global warming.

And thru baby blue
Of the soul

Soft comes the clouds
To be made loud
With thunder

Lead to stairs

Yon pearly gates
& Nirvana's
Everlasting peace

A grace

The light at first sight
All perfect love
(Upon every face)

Like Smiles from glowing parents
"Welcome to the world"
I promise you, baby
The future of us

You'll not know that sort
Of suffering,
Or dying
Of hunger
Pangs the same as pain
Or hurt that won't go away
Lonely and loveless
More mean than meaning

Promise love child
We live to raise you / up

I've been fed with much

The poets'
Mystic soup

A beautiful joy
To learn to slurp it all up
Because Life is
& Vicious goes playing coy

I spell my mind
with a why
Without a doubt

Brighter visions
Telling threadbare eyes
Of needles
To Storms / twisters
Not licorice
Twizzler Cylindrical

But cyclone spiral
Of ennui tearful

The afterimage of life
Is heaven

And she said
"Love me as the earth
Or as the sky
With awakenings
A mind
No fear of nothing"

For nothing is impossible
Now Then everything
Is more probable

See for yourself
With light
of truth
Seeing you
newly / beginning

Sight farther seeing
With heart made
For believing

In you
Love / soul

ever illumine.

Death goes flesh
When the soul gots leave

The brilliant cries
The distant stars
beyond blind
Life & such beliefs

The Tree
The Ladder
The Sun
The Eye
The One

Feed me shine
Our Life
full of Love...
The kind
That shaped me
Into a poet

Spoken word
The poem flies

When the heart opens
Honest as the sun
The dark did not know it

The breath of evergreen poems
The kiss of liquid

Drinking wisdom
Au naturale

River like the soul
Soul River to have drank

Eternal love's
Je suis


Our alphabet
Awe Life,
Oh cup!
Drink up the hours
Rain for tears

Oh poem of love,
You've got the power!


Without a flicker of thought
No wick or candle flame
To not mind or see the difference
Between the dark and lightning
No mire of self coniditioned fears
Best to know how to believe
When waking up around here

Not knowing is a sieve
Our essense runs out
Best to know how to leave
As we live without doubt
There's nothing left to grieve

Knowing now who and how...

Knowing and not knowing is not the same.

Dolby Surround Sound
High Definition Wide-eyed...
How our lives should feel.

Pay to spend your time
As Life becomes expensive
Illusions are Free...

Man was "made" to understand. Seeks and learns
To "Know"...

Should tomorrow cease to rise
The whole of a life, looking back,
Through mind's eye and memory
The whole of your life a soundtrack

Each hour most loudly heard
The saddest times weigh heavy
But all the songs of your black bird
Should feel light and ready

Never linger down too long
And listen to each your living songs
The whole of your life infallible
Here where our souls are malleable

Never linger down too long
Here where every song becomes one...
Listen with all your being
Awe and look with feeling...

Here where Love is malleable.
We hearts of clay still beating.

Above and in-between

Within the clouds

Beyond the sight our young minds doubt

An undiscovered country

A realm of lumine peace

The kingdoms of hereafter

Men manifest their destiny to conquer

Nirvana without war

Serenity devoid of sufferings

The matter of men's flesh

The spirit realm, cities of gold

Chasing the futures bright beyond

Denying the real world made amess

Spitting at the eye of creation

Pilfering under man's manifest

Knowing how but doing less

We all travel time, every choice unlock doors

Beyond the curtain to see

What worth we devour,

Chasing the riches and the power,

Above the clouds and In between

The starlight hours

There's place as malleable as belief

Conquered by the greed that feeds

Babbling towers

Men unseeing / the beast of fear

Follows behind to enter there,

Now misty myth ashamble

Nowhere and estranged like most

Relationships go

Oh creation we've made

The flesh grows old,

Knowing father/mother waits

My heart is in a hurry to get home

I feel too late

Forced from paths of mine own

Above their invisibility  

Manifest themselves as Gods

Time travel safari for the lot

While ohm has lost its glow...

There is a place there I know

I rage to make right

Once and forever I swear

To reignite the light

Beyond and here thus

Trust what once will be


Free verse, spontaneous free write. Late night meandering thoughts, summer2017.
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