My love is like a river that flows up the mountain

And how my life rains on high, quenching the thirst

of death.

(A Verb):

Love is the gift you

Give to whom you care about,

Thinking of her before


Fearless ageless

No darkness barking nightmares

In your beauty


Do you follow what you believe,

A follower saves no one, praying for divine relief


"No body knows the trouble I've seen..."

Do your beliefs beg to follow steps toward

A heaven created by a collective fantasy

Human ministry

A reward for not doing

"Bad deeds"

The road to hell is paved...


The wilderness and kindness slowly fades...

With Good intentions


I meant to, never was good @ dat

Do wop shooby do the dew

The deeds need done

All good

Believe or follow

No one

But true to thy self is true to all else

Shadows follow

Believe you are the


Feed the needy everyday

With truth every way

Believing need not pray

And knowing

Builds our better days...

Life follows

The sun.

Some do with VR, others do Tandem Dives high.

What doesn't kill you EMOTIONALLY makes you stronger, so it's said.

Much more mature

White woman

Says Nubian girl talks too much,

Proof in the chocolate pudding

Being number one

White woman laughs by herself

To herself

Lost in dispositions.


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