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Jasmyn 'Ladi J' Jul 2013
"You've got a such magnetic power that jus keeps holdin me down"
"You've got a such magnetic power that jus keeps holdin me down"
"You've got a such magnetic power that jus keeps holdin me down"
I got in an altercation with a beautiful prince
Ever since I felt like he was missed
All of his chivalrous action gave me immense satisfaction
Grouped into intense emotional gratification
A fiend for simple life long commitment
Baby all I want is for us to sit down and eat
Have great conversation
Field-day or maybe a field trip
A quick quip coming back from a joke
Choked on my words
Cuz all I wanna tell you is I love you...
Yeah I say it when I'm not around you
Giggling with my girls about how you rock my world
Something about you draws me into you
Understanding things about you that are unexplainable
*** my mind constricting to a constructive perfect thought of you
As I move throughout each day all I wanna do is talk to you and be like "Hey how u doin..."
Yeah I seem like I'm on a mission for you to understand the weight of my love
Leading to many thoughts of the man above cuz he places ppl in our lives
Bees ******* on honey that they made in their beehive...this is a metaphor for your wanna be queen bee
Crown on my head as I lay in a bed filled with future thoughts with you
I could go all day with this poem tryna express how I feel on the inside
Tryna reiterate my emotional state
Eating off a plate made with love
Come on let's go above limits
Loving every minute
See untold vulnerabilities can bring us together
Surviving stormy weather
I can't say it enough
"You've got a such magnetic power that jus keeps holdin me down"
"You've got a such magnetic power that jus keeps holdin me down"
"You've got a such magnetic power that jus keeps holdin me down"
Baby, oh Baby,
I wanna be there!
I wish I was
The One
laying beside you-
The One
you'd be holdin'
and cuddlin'
in your arms...
I wanna be there!

Oh Baby, oh,
I wanna be there!
I know I'd love to be
the woman
beside you
sharin' our bed.
I wanna be there!

I wanna be there!
Instead; Baby,
I am here-
rockin' myself
to sleep,
with a lonesome
for the lonely
Baby, I wanna be there!

Baby, I wanna be there!
to have you
holdin' me close!
You and I
makin' love
And then,
us cuddlin' one another
in the after-glow
of our love makin'!
I wanna be there, Baby!

I wanna be there!
I wanna be...
Baby, I wanna be...
Oh Baby, I wanna be...

I wanna be there!
Instead; Baby,
I am here-
rockin' myself
to sleep
with a lonesome
for the lonely
Baby, I wanna be there!

Baby, baby,
I wanna be there!
But now...
I'm always at wonder;
'Is she in your
arms tonight?'
"Did you give her
the lovin'
I want to have
as mine?'
'Are you cuddlin' her
as I long to be
holdin' you?'
Baby, I wanna be there!

I wanna be there!
but I'm here-
I wanna be there
with you!
Oh Baby, I wanna be...

I wanna be there!
Instead, Baby,
I am here-
rockin' myself
to sleep,
with a lonesome
for the lonely
Baby, I wanna be there!

My Baby, oh
I wanna be there!
I've never had anyone
to really count on-
I'm tired of feelin'
so alone!
Of always bein' last...
I wanna be first!
I wanna be there!

I wanna be there!
I wanna be...
Oh, I wanna be...
Oh Baby, I wanna be...

I wanna be there!
Instead; Baby,
I'm here-
rockin' myself
to sleep,
with a lonesome
for the lonely
Baby, I wanna be there!

I wanna be there!
Holdin' you
as you'll be
a'holdin' me-
I wanna be there!
I wanna be there!
Baby, I wanna be...
Oh Baby, I just wanna be...
There! (whispered)


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Declan Mills Jul 2015
Be all my sins
And all my wishes
Wrapped in one.

Your cold hand
Warms itself on me.
My jaw falls
Into yours.

Nothing opens wide enough.
Hunger hates itself.
Eats away at itself unsatisfied.

And he’s holdin’ on,
O he’s holdin’on,
And his lies are ready to burn him.
Aliya Smith Mar 2014
My night, under opaque wraps, collects my candid questions —
unkept before the walls crept back up on me and
crammed my thorough thoughts
into sufficient suffocation and disallowed my dislocation
from total cerebral closure —
and covers cognative wonders with a dense fence-like stone cure.

The clean-cut cold sheets, tucked beneath the bed springs
spring my curiosity through layer after layer
of teeming tides of blockades and prohibition
but someone sits at the edge of the road, just before crack
drops to cliff and he catches my despair, tangled in the rye, and
before my in-experience allows me to cry,
he hurls my candid questions back my way and continues
my disallowance of detaching myself from purity.

But despite his baseball mitts, he can’t catch my verbal fits
so I scream, “My wants can’t be blocked forever and Holden,
I’m holding onto my life for the sake of avoiding strife with you but
celibacy of the mind can only lead to our true demise.”

He looks me in the eyes, scared he’d been outdone,
so he tries to run but the cliff leaves him hanging and
I reach for his undemanding hand that swats my offer
with a backwards hat.
But his fear subsides in his recollection of his misinterpretation of
a silly old poem that led him to believe he could catch our innocence.
So wear your hat straight, Holden, ‘cause in the rye,
you’re not the groundskeeper, but keep your ground and
catch yourself before you fall off the cliff and lose yourself
in your selfless tantrums and your disregard for your need for wondering.

Let me break through my caul, ‘cause it’s burning of decay and
I’ve overstayed my welcome in this amniotic gate, devoid of vitality,
and I like my life in my own hands, so I’ll tell you now:
I’m holdin’ on, Holden. Get a grip and hold on, yourself.
jake aller Mar 29
Corona Virus Poems

The virus from hell is amused
End of the World
Every Day I Turn on the New
Irony Meters Blow Gaskets
Corona Virus Fears Tanka
My Phobias Overwhelm Me
Fear Fills the Air
Is this the best we can get?
More Trouble Every Day
by pass the alarms spreading across the land
corona cinqku
Taking a Walk in the Corona Era
A lone man stands in an empty parking lot
hell of a world we live in ain’t it?
Pause for a moment amidst the media madness
I feel as if the whole world needs to be cancelled
The Virus King Cried
Bring out your dead
the Virus Came From Hell
The Delivery System of the Virus is Round
the corona virus is testing us all
the call goes out
the horsemen begin to ride
nature spirits revolts against humanity
Last Human on Island
Corona Virus Haiku
the virus came from hell
bring out your dead cries
Be Afraid  haiku
Death Comes Knocking
the virus from Hell haiku

the Virus from Hell is amused
the Virus from Hell is amused
laughing at the world’s panicked reaction
as it marches through the world unabated
infecting everyone in its wake
as the world awaits its fate
the virus smiles he ain’t no fake
he is the real deal
he is death itself
he is the end of the world
the grim reaper is smiling
god is silent as usual
the world’s leaders
dither and rather
as the economy craters
everyone hoping that God
will save them
the virus does not care
insults and orders do not work
the virus simply does its virus thing
infecting everyone it encounters
and thousands will die
equal opportunity offender
killing the rich and the poor alike
but more poor people
just so many more poor people
than the few billionaires
the virus smile
his work is done
and mankind is doomed
so be it the virus thinks

that is the way of the world
and the virus is the new king
of the world

End of the World
end of world
the fears world-wide
soon find us dead
bring out the dead
ll the dead die
death lies here there
there goes here
as death here comes
soon here death comes

Every Day I Turn on the News
debunking the bioweaapon conspiracy theories
every day I turn on the news
nothing but news about the virus
the virus from hell
the world is filled with fear
and my anxiety levels rise
every time I turn on the news
oh my god I say
we are all going to die
and I am so afraid
afraid of everyone
afraid of everything
dreading the latest news
and nothing relieves my fear
I watch the world
loosing its collective mind
wondering how much more of this
can  we all take
I scream out
Dear God save us all
god is silent as usual
and so I realized
we are doomed
perhaps it is the end times
perhaps not
I turn off the TV
try to stay calm
hoping the madness
will not overwhelm us all

Irony Meters Blow Gaskets
the Irony meter gasket
is blown again and again
with every statement
of our chaos president
and his endless surrogates
promoting the latest Presidential
on spot guidance by our great leader
that must be true
because our dear leader
says it is so
The President accuses his democratic rival
of being senile and needs to be in home
and will be run by his radical left allies
and the right wing media
echoes the presidential absurd comments
refusing to acknowledge
that the president himself
is rapidly fading into dementia
and his radical right cronies
are looting the government
driving out expertise
even in the midst of pandemic
Oh  yeah the irony meters
are blowing gaskets
every single day

the world descends into chaos
as our world leaders
led by the chaos president
are overwhelmed
by the smallest
enemy of all
a simple virus
straight out of hell
blows through the crumbling
third world public health infrastructure
living proof of the decline of America
and no one is prepared
and panic ensures
with every Presidential tweet
as people don’t believe
a word he says
conspiracy rumors spread
everyone believes their own reality
as the world spins out of control
the chaos king is in his element
convince that only he knows
the deal
and everyone else
is iust a bit player
in the reality show
that he presides over
and so the rest of us
hunker down
just hoping for the best
as the panic and
chaos spreads faster
than the virus
are we doomed
can we survive
will God save us?
he is silent as always

Corona Virus Fears Tanka
Corona virus
lurking fears all around me
we all will die
the TV screaming nonstop
Must be afraid be afraid

My Phobias Overwhelm Me
lately I have become scared
of everything
the news scares me, the corona virus scares me, the presidential race scares me, fears of gun men in the street, terrorism, fears of getting sick, fears of dogs, fears of other people, fear of loosing money, fears of becoming demented old man, lost in his nightmares on the street just another invisible homeless *** in the end of his life
all these phobias overwhelm me
time to walk away from my fears
and realize
it will be alright
everything will be alright
As long as I have you
by my side

Fear Fills the Air

watching the news
blather on and on
the world is ending
pandemic is coming
we are going to die
and the fear grows
and the restrictions grow
travel comes to stop
the economy comes to  a stop
everyone is so afraid
our leaders fret
say that everything is fine
as the world enters
the second great depression
and we are faced
with the reality
all over the world
idiots in high places
the masters of the universe
are in charge
the internet spreads
the wildest rumors
must be true
I read it on the internet
the truth is lost
in the shuffle
no one believes anyone
everything thinks
that they know
it is all a conspiracy
the thought comes to mind
we are all so ’S….
end of the world
is upon us

is this the best we can get?
watching the news
one wonders
how in this great country
of ours
335 million people
among the most educated
richest people in the world
we can end up
with such idiots in high places
running out country?
these idiots in charge
no disrespect intended
both political parties
all corporations
and our institutions
except maybe the military
has been infected
by this virus
of epic incompetence
greed and indifference
to the general good
who loudly constantly proclaim
that they are Christians
while violating
all of Christ's teachings
Jesus if he came back
would scream out
I am not Christian
it is all about me
and mine
and you can go
to hell
if you dare to disagree
and so we tweet and titter
and watch the news
reading the latest rumors
and I wonder
if there is a god
or if there is a devil
and are we overwhelmed
by the dismal news
why can’t we have better
better people
in our leaders
around the world
has god abandoned us
are we in hell
or did god ever exist
except in our fevered imagination
will god save us all
or will the world
just go around the sun
indifferent to our pleas?
no answer
must watch the news
consumed by the need
to see the latest news
and so it goes
and I wake up
the sun is up
and the nightmares
fade away
until I watch the news
and the madness consumes
us all again and again
as the corona virus
marches on and on
consuming us all
as the world falls apart
these must be the end times
I hope I will be raptured away
even if I am not a Christian

More Trouble Every Day
The Old Zappa song plays
on in my head
every time I turn on the news
and see more trouble every day
no one can delay
the trouble coming every day
Frank Zappa died too soon
before the horrors of the Trump era
and the corona end of the world plague
that he would have foreseen
if he had lived on
he was truly a prophet
crying in the wildness
while making money
as an over night sensation
as he saw the slime
oozing out of the TV sets
we will do what we are told
for the rights to us have been sold
And Jesus too
has been sold
to the highest bidder
nothing but a business deal
in America
the land of the constant deal
and so I turn off the TV
and realize that
the torture never ends
the torture never ends

Trouble Every Day
more trouble every day  Frank Zappa
Well I'm about to get sick
From watchin' my TV
Been checkin' out the news
Until my eyeballs fail to see
I mean to say that every day
Is just another rotten mess
And when it's gonna change, my friends
Is anybody's guess
So I'm watchin' and I'm waitin'
Hopin' for the best
Even think I'll go to prayin'
Every time I hear 'em sayin'
That there's no way to delay
That trouble comin' every day
No way to delay
That trouble comin' every day
Wednesday I watched the riot...
I seen the cops out on the street
Watched 'em throwin' rocks and stuff
And chokin' in the heat
Listened to reports
About the whisky passin' 'round
Seen the smoke & fire
And the market burnin' down
Watched while everybody
On his street would take a turn
To stomp and smash and bash and crash
And slash and bust…

The Torture Never Stops
Frank Zappa
torture never stops
Flies all green and buzzin'
In this dungeon of despair
Prisoners grumblin
**** they clothes
Scratch their matted hair
A tiny light from a window-hole
Hundred yards away
That all they ever get to know
'Bout the regular life in the day
'Bout the regular life in the day
Slime and rot and rats and snuck
***** on the floor
Fifty ugly soldier men
Holdin' spears by the iron door
Stinks so bad, stones are chokin'
Weepin' greenish drops
In the den where
The giant fire puffer works
And the torture never stops
The torture never stops, torture
The torture never stops
The torture never stops
Flies all green and buzzin'
In this dungeon of despair
An evil prince eats a steamin' pig
In a tumbers right near there
In the chambers right near there
He eats de snouts an trotters first!…

by pass the alarms spreading across the land
to bypass the alarms spreading across the land
the circuit breakers are breaking down
as the alarms go on and on
with the end of the world
the end days approaching
spreading the alarm far and wide

corona cinqku
it came from hell
we must be all prepared
meet God

Taking a Walk in the Corona Era
every day I go for a walk
in the spring time woods
near my house
braving the weather
and the dreaded corona virus
wearing masks and gloves
keeping a distance
from anyone we encounter
that is life it seems
in the era of the corona virus
when will it end
no one knows
until then
I will brave the viral threat
and confront my fears
and walk in the park
with the love of my life
my bride my wife
by my side
in these challenging times
that is all we can do

A lone man stands in an empty parking lot

contemplating the new normal
social distancing run amuck
as fears of the corona super plague
plague the land
driving everyone inside
sheltering in place
afraid to go out
afraid of the deadly c virus

It is a hell of a world we live in ain’t it?
It is a hell of a world we live in ain’t it?
said the old man to me
sitting on a bench
in the park in the woods
as we both sought shelter
from the spreading chaos
the pandemic swirling around us
Yes I said
standing up
to enforce the proper distance
between us
don’t want to give the virus a chance
to spread between us
he smiled and said
relax I already went through it
I am fine and you will too

Pause for a moment amidst the media madness
Pause for a moment amidst the media madness
All around us fears and chaos
Unlike the end of the world approaching us
Sadness overcomes us dooming us to our fate
Every we go nothing but death awaits

I feel as if the whole world needs to be cancelled
I feel as if the whole worldneeds to be canceled
due to rough times ahead
due to the corona madness
and the thread of pure craziness
that it inspires in us all

The Virus King Cried

the virus king smiled
as the politicians lied
saying that the end was near
the virus king infected thousands more
and killed hundreds of people
the virus king sneered
as people panicked
and partied on the beach
the virus king infected thousands more
and killed hundreds of people
the virus king laughed
as the markets crashed
millions became unemployed
the virus king infected thousands more
and killed hundreds of people
the virus king roared
as the world slid into chaos
people turning on one another
the virus king infected thousands more
and killed hundreds of people
the virus king smirked
knowing that there was nothing
that they could do to stop
his army from infecting millions
and killing thousands
the virus King begin to realize
that soon there would be no one left
no one for his army to infect
as everyone was dying
the virus King yelled
remaining defiant
as civilization collapsed
billions were infected
millions died
the Virus King at last cried
when he saw that he was defeated
as one by one
people began to recover
and his reign of terror came to an end

Bring out your dead
the call bring out your dead
spreads around the world
as millions die
all over the world
the virus has spread
mutated and killed
all over the world
bring out your dead
the mournful cries
echoing in the wind
of the dying cities
mass starvation
as no is working
in the fields
as more people die
and the world spins
around the sun
with the politicians lying
and the dead still dying
as civilization dies
and humanity flee
into the wilderness
chased by the killer virus
straight down to hell

the Virus Came From Hell
the virus came from hell
straight out of a mad lab
born and raised in China
the virus spread from Dinah
all over to carolina
it spread from the lab
the mad virus of Hell
was mad as hell at humans
who it blamed for everything
seeing itself as cleansing everything
killing the world and everything
revenge against humans
perhaps virus came from God
more likely came from Satan
part of natures’ revenge
all designed to avenge
the damage to Stonehenge
virus came from Satan

The Delivery System of the Virus is Round
the delivery system of the virus is round
very simple system
the virus spreads around
and all must pay the price
death and destruction

the corona virus is testing us all

the corona virus
is testing us all
is it a plague
sent by God

if we have faith
will we recover

or it is beyond our control
the end of the world

does god hear our prayers
does god even exist

the virus from hell
spreads around the world

and test our faith
will god save us all

I have no answer
but perhaps if god exists

we will recover
from this plague
from hell

The call goes out

the call goes out
stay at home
to beat the dreaded c virus

will we live
or all die?

the four horse men ready to ride

the end of the world is upon us
as god unleashes the corona virus
which is spreading across the land

the four horse men are ready
to begin their grim journal
announcing the end of the world

the white horse comes first
offering peace and hope
in the midst of death
and despair

the red horse rides second
ushering in war
throughout the world
as nations turn on each other
and civil war looms

the Black Horse is ready
unleashing famine
on a starving world
as people stay at home
and food rots in the field

no one is able
to work any more
as the virus kills more
and more

the pale horse rides last
bringing death
in his wake

death all around us
as the virus kills us all
and civilization ends

the four horse men
have done their job
the virus finishes its reign of terror
and the few survivors
beging to recover

end of the world
came and went
and they are still alive
thanks to God

who remains silent
as always

nature spirits revolt against humanity

all around the world
nature's spirits
are on the move

the world is changing
as the nature's spirits
rise up
in revolt against humanity

is this the end time
is nature on revolt
against humanity

is this the end for us all
will the virus **** us all
will nature rise up
and **** us all?

Last Human on Island

Last human on an island
in the deep blue sea
nothing there
but death and destruction

virus all around
pandemic plague
Apocalyptic views
end of times
death of civilization

corona virus

corona virus
staying home waiting for death
Afraid everything  
the virus came from hell

the virus came from hell
staying home waiting for death
Afraid everything  
Bring Out Your Dead

bring out your dead cries
break out all over the world
we are waiting death

death comes knocking

death comes knocking
on our doorsteps tonight
will God hear prayers

be afraid afraid

be afraid afraid
Must be afraid every one
Death is at our door

The Virus Came From Hell

the virus came from Hell
ravaging the entire world
all waiting for death
my take on the corona virus pandemic  for more check out my blog,
Lakota Apr 2015
Even though they say things happen  for a reason
no wise words gunna  stop the bleedin  
had to go toe-to-toe, face-to-face  with my demons
my loved ones  moved  on while I'm  still grievin  
I'm  here holdin on for all the little ones
life ain't easy but I can wait till  my  time  comes . .
Can't give up now, I've  gotten  so far from where I used to be .. I'M  PROUD  of that
You and I...
or am I just dreamin'-
I'm not sure-
is far too good,
too real,
to ever
Oh no...
don't wake me
if I'm dreamin'-
Come back here with me...
Come back to bed...
Lay right here beside me...
Come Back Into My

You and I...
we're outdoors in the country-
surrounded by trees-
green grass all around us-
star-filled sky-
night sounds
fill the quietness;
frogs croakin',
crickets chirpin',
babblin' brook
cascadin' into a waterfall
splashin' into a pond-
Come back here with me...
Come back to bed...
Lay right here beside me...
Come Back Into My

You and I...
makin' plans
for our tomorrow's
talkin' of our
holdin' hands-
sharin' passionate
Lovin' this night...
this moment-
right here-
right now-
locked forever
in my heart-
Come back here with me...
Come back to bed...
Lay right here beside me...
Come Back Into My

You and I...
cocooned in a blanket
after our love makin'-
a fire blazin' in the pit-
illuminatin' us with it's
each of us
as satisfied
as the other,
feelin' fully spent-
snugglin' together,
as we close
our eyes-
the dawn just peakin'-
greetin' us
with a new day-
Come back here with me...
Come back to bed...
Lay right here beside me...
Come Back Into My

You and I...
or am I just dreamin'?
I'm alone-
you've already
had an earlier start
to the day-
sun is shinin' through
our open window-
illuminatin' me with it's
night sounds?
Oh no...
it's my alarm clock-
I'm runnin' late again!
Come back here with me...
Come back to bed...
Lay right here beside me...
Come Back Into My

You and I...
or am I just dreamin'-
Come Back Into My


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
King Tutankhamun Aug 2015
Im the hardest to Hit
Since Tupac *******
On Killuminati
Somebody pass me the 12 guage shotti
Now feel these slugs hit yo body
Enemies bleed indeed love for greed
Feeds a ***** soul
Since theres no rest for the wickedness
Evilness is an imperative of mankind
Pack a chromed .45 and a black .9
As thoughts began to unravel from my mind
lookin' for adversaries to put
on flat lines
******* to one time
I pull down my pants
so them ******* can **** my ****
im reachin' through souls
Of young boys n girls
They hate me cuz the way i swirl
Money with my two middle fingers to the world
Have no fear cuz the Lord is here
In flesh he puttin' me through a test
For my heart
Battlin' tactics im growin' frantic
Never see me panic
Now you punk *** critics show me yo heart
Puttin' rounds in yo chest
Now ya dearly depart
No sorrow from me on a mission
Hittin' yo number one charts
With this **** ****
my ****** feel this from East to West Coast
Though I'm  From the South  i still
Love to boast
Makin' a ghetto toast
To the real
Got every heart in the burbs to slums
Packin' steel
No time to back downs soon ill be holdin' the crown
Mild scars from breakin' the slaveryyy
Wither its reason or rhyme to crime and strife
We embracin' that **** life!!!

Leonard Akwo Aug 2013
My dear, do you want to know
why this stream shall never cease to flow
why this countenance shall know no smile
why in vain you realease torent of bile
for eternity shall my face tarry behind the sun
and ever shall be till this ugly scenario run
cut off from every string joint to my mind
to recall no more that gruesome day
Limbeh turned a cadavar awaiting decay
how my heart tremble while my tongue relates
the incident that turned an early widow late
the night before, cried a owl across at nightfall
grandpa beheld and discerned the mysterious call
tapped he my shoulder and opened his phangs
look beyond the pregnant night in labour pangs
waiting to birth a child as mysterious as the cry
Ekumbo! May i live not to witness that melancholic night(he sighed)
a thing unheard of in Aweh beyond countless centuries
worth plunging a kingdom into an endless misery
frightened, departed me with my ribs to my cradle to fall
holdin his words to await he upon whom the lot shall fall
so as the pregnant night did flipped
departed then this poor widow to her field
to gather bread for her fatherless kids
then in agony their lips they bit
as their eyes rained in torrent
and their sobs grew even fervent
when the fatal tiding was unleashed
a thing which feared hearts and andrenaline released
how she bent beneath a dry iroko gathering yam
in her distant and lonely farm
a branch uphigh cracked
turned she to see the source of the crack
behold a log fell on her skull
pouring out what was left of her brain- all
keeling rightward, she fell as her spirit transcended a plane beyond
a place so gray, so blund
now poor orphans, as poppies to be shared
departed they to various kins to be rared
and daily this dirge about her goes
as villagers their drum beat and lyre blow
forget not the story of the unfortunate widow
who for the door, took the window
and drank not from the spring of old age
nor for her maternal labour achieved a wage
A true life story a widow who died in such a pathetic way. The story of that incident shall ever be told through countless generations.
One stop ****** pit stop
i aint no 2 bit drama
i'll pull out your back bone
i'll rip out your karma

I'll be your trouble of troubles
your weariest of woes
no **** queen head ****
or how the story goes

I won't make no sense to you
all but one word is all to confuse
i'll be a minefield of enigma
from a heart bore of abuse

Don't keep going
there's no righteous stop from here
i am fed up of you taking it all
i no longer am your fear

I rip out all the *******
its a speciality of mine
to worry too much about you -
*******, i'd rather let me shine

No longer holdin on to a memory
of deeds failed to uphold
and now where is your heart
where is your broken soul

Don't try to win me
with your sorry words and confusion
its all just ****** words
you knocked me down with an illusion

I don't **** around for apologies
i aint no drama seekin *****
i lost you long before you began
so walk out my back door

I yearn for more, i am the hunger
that you cannot thirst
don't **** with me *****
come on do your worse

I am fed up of your loneliness
your attention seeking ways
i am not the light you seek
i am not your lonely days

Flit away dear little moth
my light does not burn for you
and when you are lost, you are lost
i am not what you are due

That **** thinks they are the King and Queen of neighbourhood
well **** me, have i got a story for you.....
Bunhead17 Nov 2013
[Hook: Rihanna]
I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head
You're trying to save me, stop holdin' your breath
And you think I'm crazy, yeah you think I'm crazy

[Verse 1: Eminem]
I wanted the fame, but not the cover of Newsweek
Oh well, guess beggars can't be choosey
Wanted to receive attention for my music
Wanted to be left alone in public excuse me
For wanting my cake, and eat it too, and wanting it both ways
Fame made me a balloon cause my ego inflated
When I blew see, but it was confusing
Cause all I wanted to do is be the Bruce Lee of loose leaf
Abused ink, used it as a tool when I blew steam
Hit the lottery, oh wee
But with what I gave up to get was bittersweet
It was like winning a used mink
Ironic cause I think I'm getting so huge I need a shrink
I'm beginning to lose sleep: one sheep, two sheep
Going cuckoo and cooky as Kool Keith
But I'm actually weirder than you think cause I'm...


[Bridge: Rihanna]
Well, that's nothing

[Verse 2: Eminem]
Now, I ain't much of a poet but I know somebody
Once told me to seize the moment and don't squander it
Cause you never know when it all could be over tomorrow
So I keep conjuring, sometimes I wonder
Where these thoughts spawn from
(Yeah, pondering'll do you wonders
No wonder you're losing your mind, the way it wanders)
I think you've been wandering off down yonder
And stumbled onto Jeff VanVonderen
Cause I need an interventionist to intervene between me and this monster
And save me from myself and all this conflict
Cause the very thing that I love's killing me and I can't conquer it
My OCD is conking me in the head
Keep knocking, nobody's home, I'm sleepwalking
I'm just relaying what the voice in my head is saying
Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just friends with the...

[Hook + Bridge]

[Verse 3: Eminem]
Call me crazy, but I have this vision
One day that I walk amongst you a regular civilian
But until then drums get killed
And I'm coming straight at MCs, blood get spilled
And I take it back to the days that I get on a Dre track
Give every kid who got played at, pumped up feeling
And **** to say back to the kids who play 'em
I ain't here to save the ******* children
But if one kid out of a hundred million
Who are going through a struggle feels and then relates, that's great
It's payback, Russell Wilson falling way back in the draft
Turn nothing into something, still can make that, straw into gold chump
I will spin Rumpelstiltskin in a haystack
Maybe I need a straight jacket face facts, I am nuts for real
But I'm okay with that, it's nothing, I'm still friends with the...
i like this song! "The Monsters by Eminem Ft Rihanna ****. Frequency
sayona May 2015
your happiness should NEVER be based solely on one person.
your home shouldn't ever be nestled inside of someone's chest
or tucked into the creases of their arms.
your happiness shouldn't be measured by the amount of times they say i love you
or by how many times their fingers intertwine with yours
because if you want to get brutally honest here,
happiness that's based on a person will forever and always lead to disappointment.
because the second that they even as much as threaten to step out of the door,
you're back to the way you were
or even worse.
you're left with a shadow of your former self.
you can't make a person your home no matter how sturdy you think the foundation is because their arms will always crumble around you and leave you cold.
not because they meant to,
but because they weren't built to.
they could have had every intention of holdin' you up steady,
but no matter how hard they try,
their arms will never compare because
they weren't made to be your brick walls.
you have got to understand that.
you can't put that much weight on one person.
one human being.
one soul.
they can love you.
they surely can love you.
they can love you with all of their heart.
and as you to them,
but your home should not be composed of
veins that do not belong to you,
and arms that aren't attached to your own body.
your happiness shouldn't be solely based on the way
that your body seems to perfectly coincide with theirs.
they can surely be a factor,
a part of your happiness.
but babe,
you're in some trouble if they're your whole.
this is really raw and unedited, but i felt like it needed to be said.
Dam I need a blunt,
can't put up with this ****,
I'm fealin a new person
My heart just feals like cursin...

I've bin hear,
in this new home,
sober a new rome,
If i had my shear ****
you'd sure  would hear a cheer song.
I'd feal you out so happy,
have my words churned out to sappy?.
I'm way out,
    I'm not burned,
I get it I sure learned
far out mars rover,
spot me out like your'e lucky clover,
out in a big croud
I'm rare like a drout  cloud,
like I said,
I miss my bed,
eatin all day,
    freakin all may,
Give it a doobie a precious ****** ruby
Not lit Not fit

How bout a bubble and a bowl,?
no trouble nore parol,
you know i'm slick won't get in no ****,
just help a ***** out and ******* a hit.
  I love my jane we plan to mary
when she's gone my world gets scary..
So be it if i'm sketchy,
I'm posted monalisa ,
see me on the wall,
touch me and I'll fall,
  trust I see it all,
you walk right out the door and leave me on this floor,
I've seen it as it's low thats why I tend to flow,
Best of what I know is what minds like to show..
don't come back that lock is latched,
   holdin steady bit attatched,
I need a hook to hold me steady.
some one strong that will be ready,
King Tutankhamun Oct 2016
Kickin' all the way the Live Coolio
deep in ya Culo/
it's that Boy Yosef comin' with major Flavas/
with so Many Styles more than a Hair Doo Voodoo/
got ya eyes on ya know Who?/
so many ****** wanna Smoke me
Cuz im the New Joint/
puttin' sparks to ya Head ****** Red/
if u thinkin' about Frontin'' Me/
ill make u Crossover like EPMD/
Rap Fanatic since i was Swimmin' in the ******* the Mack Attack/
hittin' all your perspectives
im takin' out all the Primitives/
in the Rap Game Shoot ya Stick
try again my- Flows erected as a ****/
in between ***** *****
so take Chance it ya Want/
Watch the gun taunt
in ya Face  a sad Disgrace/
Slappin' a new taste
in ya Mouth i Dropped it
my Style can't be Competed
you Obsoleted
i'm Makin Profits the Funk Baby!!!!

Many Emcees sweet as a KitKats
so cut the Chit Chat/
cuz im bout to Splatter their careers into pieces
Gotthem Envisionin' Doubles
like Noah i Told ya
the Tru Soldier Rollin' Dogia/
marchin' to the Beat with my Vocal
a Tru Loco/
when i'm sippin E & J **** an Airplay pinin' Indo/
playin' suckas close like who's holdin' the most/
weight? Pushin' rhymes like weights
Loots stay Connected like freight Train Crates/i Dominate from all states
that's why they Call Me All-State/
but ya Ain't in Good Hands
-tryna Step to the Big Man
keep u heated galore like Afghanistan gettin' in that *** like Sand/
so take Stand and a Bow cuz im the Prowl/
for that Number One Slot
ya rhymes loose as Jar Jelly
**** what the critics tell me
"Mr Big Stuff" girls call me "Heavy D"
From then shaft that lays between me
the Funk Baby!!!
70s funk soul poetry real hip hop southern *****
Ma Cherie Aug 2016
Let me tell you who I am
I'm an American Born girl
Proud to be here
I wouldn't want to live anywhere else
I've enjoyed my freedom...still do, and you?

Used to love running through the Barns and playing in the hay
I wear a dog-eared well worn baseball cap
most days
Some kind of faded ol' denim jeans and a fun
and if it isn't ***** I might even wear it to bed...
I use homemade oatmeal and lavender soap, a little pink shiny lipgloss, maybe espresso mascara...dark red chipped painted toenails in flip-flops or work boots
hair in hat...keys in hand
all kinds of weather, I'm prepared

Yes I've hunted for deer!
Skinned and gutted one for a high school paper...
quite a caper..

I can change my own oil  
or a dang flat tire
break into my Volvo with a piece of wire?
Did I say that?!
And...I can drive just about anything true,  backing up a trailer into a boat launch

Oh redneck side?
Come on let's go for a ride...
I've ridden on four-wheelers and snowmobiles
out in the glorious midnight
freezing breath is close to heaven on those mountains

Spent summers at the camp
on the lake
swingin'  and singin'
off from the the bank
crystal clear blue waters run deep
flyin' from a rope
holdin' on to serious hope
not to be pushin' daises
we were a bunch of crazies !

Raisin' kids...
Some people think I'm a hippie chick
and that's true too
I eat mostly organic food
I love to cook my hopes and wishes
in amazing dishes...
and sharing that with good people

I like interior design
I drink a bit of wine
And I LOVE dessert...
We are just like a
Strawberry & Blueberry Shortcake
Fresh fluffy white whipped cream
and berries
Homemade biscuits...
like a flag waving

I love road trips...
    getting high
... watching the world go by....
it's so wonderful I could cry
and I went so fast on that crotch-rocket
of a motorcycle
I thought I could even fly!

Why I love every kind of music
hard to stop me from dancing
and prancing through life
singing...poetic songs.

I am probably one of the most genuine
and honest people you'll ever know
come along I'll show you...
I hope to be like the Salt of the Earth
like my Father...
He valued this place
and I have some of his face

It's not that I can't avert the truth...
I can
I'm just not capable of lying...
not being truly dishonest
I mean if you ask me something
straight out ...
look me right in my eyes
I would have to tell you honestly
that I feel this overwhelming love for everyone and everything...

You know that it troubles me
going to a landfill and seeing all the waste
left in carless choices and hurried haste
hello, the Ice Caps people!!!
Those poor Polar Bears...

I swear...
I've resorted to trash collecting
in my town
All that is going to be buried in the Earth!!!
What the heck was it even worth?
I recycle or compost almost

Well it makes me sick...
time is ticking....
now is definitely the time

People are dying....
why am I crying?
...over my broken heart?
No, I can't
because the more horrible events
and floods of  information I see
word *****
on the internet or the news
different views
as NPR is bleeding through the radio
about how bad this world has become ....

And so many people with it so much worse...
So...I have this curse anyway,
wanting change...
trying to create it,
just makes me wish
I could go somewhere else...
run away?
no.... I stay

I fight
do what is right
this is my land, your land...OUR land
take a frickin' stand
to fix this country!

We need real effort...
a movement
and I would like to do anything
to make it spread...
before I'm dead...
what can I do? And you?

Some people say you can move please?
The people like see
they always say I'm a beautiful mess
those Sensitive Souls
we get wounded really easy
and I get kind of queasy
though I've learned to have a thick skin,
every time they take me down
I come back around again
it is still harder for me to come back up
time is always short...

My face is bearing more freckles
these days
and the suns rays see my hands
a bit more weathered
though I'm still tethered to you
I still feel young...
have to tap into that,
Put on my baseball cap
carryin' a big stick walking softly

So my body does not feel old...
even when it is...very cold
I fight for my kids, and your family too
I look to the blue
the sky
tenderly asking why?
I can see the heavens
They are consoling my heart
I've been to the very...
very bottom
And I always got a new start
don't give up...
we still have work to do...
yes me ...
and you too

Hey, I still believe in fairy tales
and miracles
In shooting stars
healing scars
The butterflies in your stomach
on that very first kiss...
sent out on a wish

I still believe in love
and angels from above....
I have Faith
This world...the Earth can heal
I feel my heart,
well it will heal right too
I can feel
it can't you?
Tell me then ...what I can do?

Don't know how many times
a heart can break
 but I will help you heal we got a deal?
cause this thing,  well it's for real

...just take my hand..
maybe if we plan
to take a stand
say our demands?
as one...they'll listen?

 We can do it together
regardless of the weather
jump in your truck
and my beliefs might be
different than yours
I might be much farther to the left
than you are
we all want the same things
to be happy and free
To be
Whoever we are
I'm still waiting for all these answers
and I hope I will still find my soul's mate too...tell me? What else can I do?
Try listening to country music while you read this I think this is for someone who is failing to see the bigger picture in my life and others maybe? We are more then our perceived failures... and we are loved.
every time I breath Its like I'm taking a puff,
different day same danm stuff,
got my kush to keep it tuff.
need that push when **** gets ruff,
In my vein I crave her name takes my sorrow takes my shame,
Miss my girl ms.Mary Jane got me ******* on her chain.
Kinda holdin barley sain How I do it through this rain,
used to kikit all day long all thass  left this gay *** song.

Arrywillbeloved2013© copy right protected
Bunhead17 Nov 2013
2 Pac:
"...and I feel like if you walk by a street and you was walkin' on concrete and you saw a rose, growing outta concrete
Even if it had messed up petals and it was a little to the side you would marvel at just seeing a rose grow through concrete.."

As a yougin' all I had was a dream
Rappin' to myself as my mama used to scream
Papa getting violent and he beatin' her again
They just feeling stressed cause they tryna pay the rent

Papa, you a G though you did wrong
Mama, you an angel cause you stayed strong
Papa, it's alright, we have weak moments
Mama, you a soldier cause you keep holdin'

But some days, we ain't have ****
And some nights, I was askin'
"Why we so poor, but my friends not?"
Just jealous of what my friends got

I was hungry and you fed me love
****, you gave me yours, it wasn't enough
Yet, I took it all and without a praise
You made it feel like home and without a place
Workin' like slaves, and I'm so sorry
Ungrateful for the things you done did for me
Comin' home from school, disrespecting
Acting like I ain't have blessings
Dear, Mama the council won't get you
If you try to go, I won't let you
A careless *** kid, but I'm tryna change it
I just need to tell you I appreciate it

"...and I feel like if you walk by a street and you was walkin' on concrete and you saw a rose, growing outta concrete
Even if it had messed up petals and it was a little.. you know, to the side you would marvel at just seeing a rose grow through concrete.."

As a youngin' all I had was a dream
You was my brother, my hero, my team
I was down for you, all you did was sell
I was growin' up while you was in and out of jail
Waitin' at the court room, all of us silent
You was never home, you was always so violent
How you think I felt when I visited the prison
Of where my brother at while my partner gone missin'
I was gone dissin', but I was just hurt
From all those nights, those fights, those words
****, we used to argue all the time, I hated you
And witnessing your drug dealin' and I hated, too
It was my birthday and then some next ****
All them times, you just got your *** arrested
Family stressin', I'm surprised you ain't dead
From a life of a crime, and that war with the FEDS
Have you thought 'bout what you put me through? HUH?
And all the things I had to do for you
Like deal with the people who spoke your name
Like this ***** who disrespected you, I broke her frame
But it's okay, I'm your baby sis
And some day I just may be rich
And I got you, I ain't gotta say it
I just wanted you to tell me you appreciate it

"...and I feel like if you walk by a street and you was walkin' on concrete and you saw a rose, growing outta concrete
Even if it had messed up petals and it was a little.. you know, to the side you would marvel at just seeing a rose grow through concrete.."
the parts that has quotation marks and 2Pac's name are words that he once said and i added them in. This is more so a rap.
Dougie Simps Aug 2013
I love the way, I love the way you work drop it slow, the vibe is so perfect,
Her body proves to be worth butter cream...she enhances every fantasy, a real life *** dream…she's arches her back, then pushes back, slow it down girl, just like that...**** Im gettin weak...toes curling on my feet, she moves to the rhythm, thrusting to the bass of the beat.
Kisses to my chest, all the way up onto my neck...her nails diggin in, I'm holdin the back of her neck...(tap,tap,tap) she screaming "oh god!" Her pleasures she might "your love is the best" "babe! Hold on...I can't catch my breath"
Swimming all in her ocean,
The scenery turns wet,
I just realized I can't remember her name...guess for now ill call her regret, or maybe first date ***? Or maybe one night stand?
9months later ill call her karma, when I hold a child in my hand...
Stories of ****** encounters
Keep the mind, blind and not let it think it through...I was infatuated with her she was lusting for me too, things can get so crazy out body temps rising got me confused...was this all a mistake? Or something I was supposed to do?
I snap outta my daydream, I got caught into a stare...
She's still on top of me, should I tell her that I'm almost there?
My body feel like novacane, her pink matter offered a exchange...for my solider to cross the which this new land he will nightmare is formulating from this sensation she's creating
I only wanted just one night...she treated it like we were mating..
Decisions are weighing, all on my brain
I know 15 minutes of pleasure, just made a lifetime change
We finished, she put her arms around me and then slowly whispered, "my name is the one to blame" she closed my eyes and made me kiss her.
-Dougie simps
RnB is my real love, seductive writing is my passion.
PaulSta SA Sep 2015
This is no Lament,but an
Ode.I'm on my last hook of
The tune,as I hear voices hollers
On my back.this positivity keeps me
Locked on my de javus.

I'm livin' life like a video,
Onto press forward to my
Ambitions.I'm too proud of

I'm on my utmost,every dream
Ends a picture perfect,as I imagine
Myself holdin' a throne at my

I'm no Pinocchio but I iPaulistic 'til live to the birth of
Next century,'cause I'm the
Third World War Soldier.

I'm a wanderer in disguise,searchin'
Triumph at night.
Guess my dreams ain't real,
Just livin' greatness of my fantasies.
Oh!!this is an omen.

I'm no Osama,but still a Pisces
I vandalize world of neysayers,
Forfeit negativities.

I separate dark and light
'Cause these street lights
Still shows me life on
My grind.

I'm down floor to my knees,
Bow down to all loved,losted
Zulu warriors,for Shaka to
Flourish my greatness.

Dear God,may you please sprinkle
Blessings upon my life,my path
Is grey a winter season.

'Till death takes me,but my
Dreams will forever last.
And if i die today tell me
I will make it through hell,'cause
Heaven is where the heart is.
Amaru Jun 2011
I slipped
fell backwards.
Stood up on my own two feet
so as not to look awkward
but I staggered with an Obama like swagger.
I beg of you,
****, please, can we go a lil faster?
For my life expectancy
I am not the master.
I got kids and bills
legacy of a broke *******.
If I was Cancer
it'd be a disaster
cause Medicare don't take kindly to me
I owe badly.
Sadly, it's the truth
and I'ma King
and yet still get treated like
I don't have a dream!
Beams of light hit this planet
so beautiful and amazing
and yet we still take it for granted
having all these babies
without no savings.
Gotta steal and not ****
to get by lately.
Call my creditors maybe
hopin' to get a better rate
on my **** cravings.
Feel like I'm from K-Pax
stuck like Kevin Spacey.
Hate me if you want.
I don't give a ****!
You can live my life
I'll take yours and run a muck!
Dear Abby,
please don't confuse this
I really don't wanna do this
suicidal thoughts are useless.
Proved foolish
clueless is what I am
to sucka's actin' dufus!
Radio Raheim,
I know he rocked two fist.
My Mama could really give two *****.
I'm too ******!
Abused by a ****
she ain't
taken no ****!
She too ruthless.
You can call her Brutus.
If I'm taken too long
then go to another booth den (then)!
Two pens,
write with both hands.
Call me Ambidex-trian. (Ambidexterity)
If you Mexican
maybe you can request again.
Send me back from Iran
holdin' two cans.
Livin' on the streets
beggin' like po man.
Served this country
and can't get a helping hand.
Take a stand!
Remember when we used to believe in
Unite We Stand?
Yeah right!
What a joke we plan!
When words spoken to those just a slogan.
Big ups to Joe Rogan!
Knockin' *****'s out
wit' one blow man.
These words I deliver
like the local post man.
I mean So-com
That's my sons favorite game...
This is part of a free style I put together. I like it so much I (aka Mista Woosaa) am making a music video for it.
Ben OHara Dec 2010
******* Dog,

You do not

think about the future

Only what's directly in your view

******* Dog,

I really envy your free spirit

And I wish I could

think that way too

Cause lately I've had so much ****

holdin' me down

And though I sometimes hear you whine

You never frown

I've got so many worries now

they're all around

Livin' in this wicked devil town


******* dog,

you don't worry at all

******* dog,

you'd rather chase a ball

******* dog,

you make me smile

Big friendly dog,

you aren't hostile

******* dog,

You don't condescend

******* dog,

You're my best friend

******* dog,

You run so fast

******* dog,

You never feel harassed

******* dog,

You never fail

******* dog,

You always wag your tail

******* dog,

So happy and free

******* dog,

******' on a tree

******* dog,

Don't run away

******* dog,

let's have a field day

******* dog,

I'll throw a stick

You can bring it back

It's how you get your kicks

The ******* dog

My ******* dog
Santiago Oct 2014
Time will tell if we come back together again
Time will tell if we reunite too excel
Time will tell if I strive & make it out alive
Time will tell when I freeze a moment in time
Time will tell if I sellout to a life of crime
Time will tell when I lose balance & fall off my feet
Time will tell if I prosper victorious or meet my defeat
Time will tell holdin weight servin late in aburnin lake
Time will tell when all my enemies turn too ashes
Time will tell the day they are doom crippled to hell
Time will tell when I rise to the sky like a phoenix
Time will tell the worlds terror soon comes to an end
Time will tell when angels & demons come into battle
Time will tell trangressors condemned for impartials
Time will tell true colors reveal fake lovers appeal
Time will tell the day everyone face judgements day
Time will tell when my Lord finally begins inducting
Time will tell instructing where all ships set sail
Time will tell products sold to the mark of the beast
Time will tell demons on fire casted straight to hell
Time will tell when we prevail gathering to depart
Time will tell the trumpets sound off the final call
Time will tell witness sufferings by insects & locust
Time will tell when the plagues come in effect
Time will tell when the earth begins to quake
Time will tell if I ever see your pretty face again
Only time will tell, Only time can tell, pick heaven or hell?
A few thoughts floating in my mind
Logan M Glover Dec 2012
She and He
sittin' in a tree

Her and He
under'n' altar

He and She
here n' there

Her and She
over He

Her and He
holdin' She

She and He
sittin' in a tree
Ma Cherie Sep 2016
Sing me back home
to where I need to be
sing me a tune of my
tell me a story
of saddened goodbyes
a melody of tears
that we've cried

belt out the words
with no holdin' back
I need reminders
to get me on track
takin' the old worn
railroad bed
hummin' along
with the ones in my head

Oh.. how I long to hear
that lonesome whistle blow
as a haunting old sounds will recall
remind me of how
it all faded away
as each passin' moment
remind me of gladness
sung just yesterday
where I left my heart....

kindly paint me a picture
of each Broken Heart
torn down the middle
in a red Jagged line
color the shades
in a envious green
crooning blue ink
my heart
to remind

Oh... remind me...,

yesterday's dreams
and promises broken
open my ears to
the sounds of Goodbye
force me to listen
to people I'm hurtin'
watch every tear
as it drops when they cry

Oh... how I long ...
to listen
as Sweet Singin' Tunes
will recall
lovely ol' footsteps
of children
dancin' in summer
down vacant Halls
remind me of how
it all faded a-way
of how I got here
with each passing day
hangin' on evr'y word
that you say
in words
with smilin'  faces
as my mind returns
as it's slowly

and I .....
remember.... when.

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Lyrics...I think in folk/gospel style....again about Home with Love from Vermont
Ashley Rodden Nov 2013
Doin' a little drinkin' tonight
Doin' a little thinkin' tonight
Smokin' a cig as I sit here and dig inside my head for thoughts of positivity.
Doin' a little soul searchin' tonight
Doin' a little liein' to myself tonight
Tippin' a bottle up and feelin' it burn all the way down to my core.
Doin' a little hurtin' tonight
Doin' a little cryin' tonight
Enhaling smoke and ingesting nicotine with each drag I take.
Fightin' a little battle tonight
Screamin' inside my head tonight
My body is weary my soul distressed and tore.
Doin' a little forgettin' tonight
Doin' a little rememberin' tonight
With each sip I take it feels like such a contradiction of my feelings.
Feelin' a little lost tonight
Feelin' a little tipsy tonight
With each enhale and exhale the more confused I get.
Feelin' a little uncertain tonight
Feelin' a little bitter tonight
How much more of this can I take?
Holdin' on tonight for dear life
Lettin' go tonight for heaven's sake
Every beat of my heart proves I still must endure this life and these feelings.
Wantin' to talk to you tonight
Wantin' to hold you tight tonight
When I feel the cool night breeze on my cheek I snap out of thoughts and back to reality.
Wantin' to run away tonight
Wantin' to stand still tonight
Every star I count is just a wish that won't come true.
Bein' alone tonight
Bein' sad tonight
So I'm gonna try and drink all these thoughts, feelings, and frustrations away tonight.

Author Notes
this is a typical night for me lately....
© Ashley Rodden. All rights reserved
RW Dennen Sep 2014
Around the eighties the Mumers New Year Parade in Philly
lost a bit of its tradition. It originally was made for
the average working family. But around this period
people were charged to watch them do their famous strut
and extra displays of course only at City Hall.
And so let us begin my poetic story...

Standin' among the crowd,
watchin' blue police-van-bleeders
being escorted; wearin' city-steel-wrist-braclets

And now struttin' my way,
psychopathic eclipsers
of physical freedom
seekin' potential comatose heads
to tap

And squads of finger thrusters
of back pockets for targets,
dart in and out of crowds,
quickly countin' their *****
in dark unseen places

Feet freeze
as sounds travel,
" Oh dem golden slippers"
soundin' like cheap tin toy Kazoos
and toy glockenspiels

The wind kisses
my **** end blue
as a flyin' Budweiser
kisses my right foot wet

Man made pop art
reflects the times
at the times
at Broad and Spruce
of cigarette butts,
chocolate wrappers,
and crushed beer cans
climaxin' montage
of the mountain- ****** eighties

Boozers and blue
sweet puffers
wearin' smiles
and within most inner thoughts
puff-buffed away from some reality
step in cadence to their
own music within themselves

And wailin' children
more sense
than adults
become early sacrifices
to the fruit of Bacchus

The marching high strutters of "Big Bird",
they strain and struggle under the weight
of heavy hernia suits;
with feathers and sparklers,
their instruments wrestle as steamy air puffs shoot forward
from their nostrils
like  red-devil-painted-dragon faces
in the bitter cold air
warmly protected by their attire and *****,
they stop seemingly for eternity,
in the suspended purgatorial
one after another,
only waitin'
for the grandstand reserved section
around City Hall
Yet we wait and pray together
that perhaps like in the older days
we will get a sneak of
a nostalgic, spontaneous,
free dance-strut
that never comes

Attached, yet unattached
and cryin' inside;
always on guard
for flyin' and drunkin' fists
or flyin' articles
of all sizes
Seein'  through
the facades of we must act
like ha! ha! ha!
I cry inwardly
with anger
doin' the rat-tat-tat
of no more nonsense
of my inner-self
Strivin' and movin' to flee Freddie Kruger's bladed fingers
I sting all over,
my teeth clinch with anger,
darkness intensified
The crowd becomes uglier,
black souls
Vehement, crazy,
hordes and hordes of frustration bellows
The call of Nietzche,
The ouch under my skin

This damnable real parade
not shown in Liberace-livin'-Color

No commercial breaks of luxury cars
that drive livin' manikins
Livin' manikins that wear dial under their arms
while smilin' the brand of Crest toothpaste
but instead,
a street drunk with
broken ugly teeth
as he begs for quarters
and blows his odorous breath
beyond description

And City Hall payin'-grandstanders
with tv cameras
bein' in the spirit of "Disneyland"
the overly organized narcissistic prostituted
elegance of forever, floatin', bouncy,
dancy, prancy,
skippin' to the tune
of  mom's Apple pie,
a small slice of my reality

And the applaudin' money makin'
TV grandstanders
of goody goody
look mom I can do the swan dance
while holdin' multiple
colored sparklers
wrapped in feathers
But why must I
see through the eyes of a Godless Nietzsche,
**** it!!
ekaj revae Jun 2013
in the trees lies a dream
in the breeze
of a melody.

i wait in the chair
stare off the balcony

rhythm of a
different kin

****** to the floor
a boat. with blues
my toes float,
not to listen,
this is a joke.

sideways death throne
cousins eats scones
floats in methadone --

I can dream in a mumble,
I’m holy in the jungle
but won't jump off

the angry totem scheme,
til the sound goes soft.
i can’t
hear her

im runnin away
im holdin this canyon
in my hand,

one more tonight

hop over the

Omar Abo Shama Mar 2013
I was sittin in a car ..
Holdin a tissue , my hand was out of the window ..
The tissue wanted to leave cause of wind ..
Suddenly i remembered you  ..
You were like a tissue , The air was like a power wanted to make me without you ..
I tried to hold on tight..
In my heart i remembered every night..
But seein you want to leave broke me ..
So i left it , i left you ..
May life will take you to another place will be safer than a hand in the air ..
Takin a spliff
after me ****
me got ta go runnin

for LoL is loadin
but me *** couldn't holdin
made while waiting for league to fackin load
Vivian Ienello Feb 2015
Coming up from the ground
You see that light
The light that makes you perpetual
Like a feather flowing through the breeze
Deft as an emotion, clear as water
Im open to the world, i'm open to nature

We all have that empty pit in our stomache
When we cant see the sun for what it is
Blocked by the bleakness of winter

But you can get through, you can get through, just keep holdin on

See the forest through the trees
See the trees in the forest

And advice I can give ya, is to not give up
Stuck with  fleeting feeling
Of uncontrable variables

And that balance is virture,

We cant renovate the old, so lets change the new
We cant renovate the old, so lets change the new
lets start a revelotuion
New, new, lets make this world.
Dougie Simps Feb 2017
It's been a while but figured I need to write you some
27 now and hope you're proud of who I've become
I've fallen a lot but felt your grace pick me up
My guardian angel with me pushing any kinda luck
I've been asked a few times who I wanna be as I get older
Said you just in case I never told ya
Grandpa told me what you did when I was a kid in need of guidance
Protecting my eyes from my father's influence and violence
I heard that and couldn't help but I shed a tear
Not a min goes by that I don't wish you were here
My drive is strong but everyday I know you
help me steer
My moment is big with the critics talking but you're the only voice that I hear
You taught me to always **** em off with kindness
When you show who you truly are when no ones watching - that's when you're at ya finest...
Taught me to handle it when I get set backs
Been through the worst times to get the best back
At times I feel I ain't work hard enough to get where I wanna go
And feel i can't move forward cause I ain't let the past go
Still holdin in some anger from things that don't think about me
I'm blinded by my emotions in which truly I can't see
I'm trying to become everything and more that you'd be proud of
I'm trying give back more and show more love
It's hard when naturally this doesn't go through you
People won't understand all this unless they knew you
I promise to get better and be the example
And showcase who I am instead of giving out samples
You're the reason I get up everyday and gain motivation
Because you can't get what you want if you remain complacent
Need your help to guide my broken heart to pure places
Give me the strength to become a lil more patient
So I say a prayer for you, cross my heart and continue to strive
And hope that you remain with me on my journey and never leave my side.
You was right but I had to see for myself
I guess it took time for me to earn for myself
I hope this is somewhat a thank you for all ya help
I hope the angels take care of you until I see you myself.

Rest in peace Opa
Miss you
Just write to you to catch up - sorry it's been so long.
Dougie Simps Sep 2019
At times I wake up
Thinking why the hell did god let me see another day?
I barely pray
Barely say “dear lord thank you, for blessing me”
Guess I have a purpose
28 years layin down feeling so worthless
Nobody’s perfect
I lashed out at everyone because inside I was hurtin
Feelin so deserted - needing a story
Wondering every **** day
When I die...what was my story?
Was I gift? Sent here to help spread change?
Was I a monster? Sent here to help spread pain.
Maybe I was a non factor and just fell back
Maybe I touched a few hearts...while sadly remaining detached
I don’t kno what it is nor can I ****** give anymore effort
This world is tough and everyday we all tryna to gain new leverage
I stop to see
What it was that was always in front of me
The open sea.
With endless possibilities
I see my siblings and watch them go out and fulfill their dreams
I see my friends - growing up and accomplishing all they were meant to be
I see my mother - who pushes on when life gets heavy
I see my soul - who is uncertain yet, claims to remain ready.
But that’s life - it’ll always remain unsteady
It’ll gas you up - lie to you and even act semi petty
80 percent is how you react while 20 percent is what you let in
I’ve let it all come into me - some would call me reactivate
Not many people enjoy you - this trait is not attractive
Yet I’m combative - for I am, the way I am and that’s that kid.
I’ve changed so much that I could’ve gotten into fashion
I feel I need a cause for the reason that I am who I am and I’m so tired of askin
God and I just don’t see eye to eye and he no longer understand why I need to cry
When I work out with my demons- thinking that I got stronger
Is it excuse that I wanna die young? Or can I not take it any longer?
Idk, don’t ask such personal questions until you walk a mile in they shoes
Don’t count your wins before your blessing or your destined to lose
Don’t say a rich man means having green in the money holdin machine...
To me success comes from the genuine love within a human being
Or does it.
I’m just tryna stay balanced on this uneven scale
Will I prevail or will I fail?
The clique so you chose the path you’d like to trail
You make the decisions that benefit
Even if they barely fit
Some sweat writing this ****
I’m nervous I’m losing hold and can’t get a grip
While sayin metaphors out these lips
Imma end this small poem here
Just tryna say don’t waste time on what don’t matter
You never know if you’ll see another year
Text someone you love - thank a stranger for holdin the door - tell the broken winged child they can fly and allow your heart to finally soar
Make peace with your demons - try your best to chase your dreams - to make change isn’t always visible - but the act of kindness & love will never remain unseen.
Coming back with some new flows and words - please show love nd let me know
Dougie Simps Dec 2013
As the steps of the world start to march towards they destiny...
I stand and watch. Hoping each one of em make it.

Lets go

I've been in a slumber for a while now, without speaking too loud, saying a whole lot of nothing while trying to convince an ignorant crowd.

I'm one person, but always attempt to give more
feed the hungry minds, give knowledge to the morally poor
change a woman's heart from broken to completely full
she'd probably block me out.
"All men are full of bull"*
I can't convince a person who has constantly remained hurtin
The deep thrones of life
keep slowly insertin
as I pulled mine out and kept on pushing on
my mother's optimistic views kept me and my dreams holdin on

Don't let em change ya
manipulate and try to derange ya
takes chances on a risk
stay distant from familiar strangers
put ya soul in a box
I put mines next to my rhymes
you can have all my pride
I keep what's most valuable deep inside
the gutters where I reside
it's cool cause I like being alone
I let my demons out
while my angels write all my songs
talk bout my rights, but they all remember ya wrongs
will god do society a favor?
when i'm deceased and finally gone?
King's respect the throne
a prince barely can see it
growth should be inevitable
but to some they barely reach it
hard is only a word, struggle only a moment
goals don't come cheap, the unmotivated undersold it

Family don't mean friends
and friends don't mean forever
focus on your design
only you can make it better
slaying all the giants
killin all the evil
watch out for snakes in the grass
never give food to a weasel
follow what is your faith
don't let these suckers stop you to believe
they love it when you fail
they hate it when you achieve
Just promise you'll keep marching on
and allow your heart to guide ya lead.

Lorenzo Creaghe Jan 2015
debased heads crooked in the grey city winter
sidewalk shufflinlimpinstarindodginhidin
holdin the eyescloudedpaincloudedlifecloudednothing

swayin on a thruway divider in rags and solitude
wearin nevernewshoes and holding a pushcartcane
filled with onemanstrashisthiswomanslife

my bornagainsinglemama sees thepooroldwoman
we pass in a gotbetterthingstodothanpityyou engine
she doin the teetertottersendmetumblinintotrafficpleasehappydance
in our eyes she no more than a label, no more than her vice

Livin' my nights...
Layin' in my empty bed,
All alone-
I could reach over
And pull you close to me-
Rememberin' the nights
When you were, once mine.

Those nights of bein'
With you~
As close as we could be!
Wantin' you, needin' you,
Kissin' you, holdin' you,
Lovin' you, feelin' you,
Touchin' you, tastin' you,
Desirin' you, achin' for you~

Now I'm dreamin'
My nights' away-
Wishin' for times again
When I wasn't so lonely!
When I had you,
For once, as mine~
The way I'd long
For your kisses, to see you,
To be with you, to touch you again!

I wanted to be
Your everythin'!
Now I'm
Wishin' I was
Your somethin';
Your someone!

Your someone~
To dream with, share with,
To hold for always.
To chase away
Those empty lonely nights'.
Fillin' my dreams
With everythin'
I've dreamed of wantin' in you!

You're my tears!
Tears I wouldn't shed
If you were finally mine!

Don't you wanna
Hold me, feel me,
Touch me, kiss me-
Once again?

Reachin' for you-
Wantin' you in my arms
As we'd lie together!

Searchin' to feel for you,
Needin' to feel
Your heart beatin',
Feelin' your breath
Against my bare skin-

Yearnin' for your arms to be
Drawin' me beside you.
Hearin' you sigh-
Lettin' a moan escape
From my dreams,
(day and night)
As I remember the times
We shared!

Lovin' the way
You felt beside me-
The way I felt
Beside you~

Achin' for the ways
You'd be touchin' me, teasin' me,
Pleasin' me, kissin' me,
Wantin' me, needin' me-
As I do you!

Makin' me feel
Whole and complete!
Will I ever
Feel you this way

Or is it all now
Just a recent
Livin' my nights away
Dreamin' of you-
Til you are, once again


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Feel Me,an emotion deep inside your heart,

a meadow's  wild white  simple  daisy,

reincarnated in a soft crimson rose,

a scarlet heart of velvet petals,

birthed in embroided silk of mystique passion.

A bacchus of wine filled with perfumed aroma,

in  a vineyard of  fragrant thoughts of you.

Feel Me,as i come in your night,a soft gentle wind ,

whisperin through your window,caressin your face,

kissin your cheeks,breathin you in sweetest dreams,

takin you in a garden,to a  lake, where swans pirhouette,

as we lie  down  on  a mattress of golden threaded  leaves.

Feel Me,as we ride,on the open wings of love and fantasies,

Hold me ,as i get lost in you and you get lost in me,

as you drink the nectar of my cherry red lips,

as we kiss,a moist and warm  wet  kiss.

Feel Me,in the fresh liquid raindrops,patterin,

cleansing your worries away,as i pat your back,

as we walk in the park,as we talk,as I listen and understand,

as  we giggle,holdin hands ,sittin on our favourite  wooden bench,

under yesterday's lanternes of hundred dancing fire-flies.

Feel me,as we lay on the sand,gazing in each other's eyes,

cheered by tamed silver waves,watching the stars

Hugging below a universe of  black ebony skies.

Feel me,as i dip my brush in finest oils,and paint a path

of coloured rainbows,where we can find each other once again,

a path where we can dream,where we can live and love,

where we will never be apart or scent the absence once again.

Feel me,in  the candle burning never ending flames of passion,

a young lady,so deeply in love with you,Can you feel me?

My Beloved,Mon amour,Can you feel the touch of me?
Jenay Breden Jun 2013
I didn't feel so conflicted
till I got in the moment
holdin' strong egos,
like chessin' opponents
who could hold out and show they're the strongest
of love
tryin' to hide they ever felt any
but how could they
when everyone's the enemy
why would I trust you, when I'd do to you,
what you might do to me?
So cat n' mouse chase
won't look ya right in the face
lying to myself that I don't miss the ****** embrace
why even care when its just a race
for that feel good first hit
when it aint found
claimin rights to quit
quit ******* what
ya man I'd be the first to tell ya
I've written a verse
on sacrificing myself for the own good
of the ******* earth
but hands on the shoulders
stopping the ******
from the right to shed skin
they're own contraband

n' now its tough
everyone thinks they're the diamond on the ruff
but told true to dwelling in the soul hard n gruff
keepin to the sunrise, lookin to the set
under nights hand guard
everyone's a threat
guns in the temple
consider em mental
for resenting the present social norm
of talking to everything and everyone
just to mold n conform

light n dark is a misconception
cuz there's lots of beautiful **** to be let in
by your own definition thas what matters
can't be bothered by other mad hatters perception
give what you need n always be freed
from the chains set in place by societies greedy ****** need

its all to ******* beautiful
to the human hating anti social
to admit they'd slice the life to their own sacrificial right
not abandoning light but the body gifted to the sight of others
that's what brings the sadness
cuz from the dirt, leaves and trees
is this made up ruling tyranny
madness to take flight n life
is just plain beautiful sadness
I had been at a wedding where my friends were getting married, an old lover was there, which is chill but both of us were awkward with each other, which is ok too.  It was actually kinda funny.  We have a habit of sending art or free flows to each other, I was sitting outside the venue drinking a beer and smoking when he left on his skateboard, and I vomited this free flow all over some paper.
Jimbo rode the tri-county circuit
Holdin' on to the seat of his pants
(They gotta lotta nice gullza)
Ax slung way down low so he could feel it
Bumpin' the ******* grind
Feels so good when the wood rubs against the 501 metal buttons
Scratchin' up the back o' dat Fender P Bass
High on the stage
In front of crowds or in a cage
There's a kinda woman who'll dance all night
Same kinda woman lookin' good in the spotlight
That kind of woman show her ******* if the price is right
For Jimbo and the band it's free
Three sets in and she's just now ready to party
What most will call a party
Somebody yells "Play 'Free bird'" 10 times
Jimbo can't let that go on
He takes his **** *** bass from his sexier shoulders and he walks all the way to a dead end drunk soldier
"Listen man, like you listen to the band, we don't much like playing 'Free Bird'.
It's too **** long and
It's a Skynyrd song and if we was gonna play we'd wait until the encore
When everybody's drunk and shoutin' for more, too wasted to care how bad we ***** it up"
Well that drunk got the gist and he might have been ****** but there weren't no denying the logic
"Free Bird"'alright for the end of the night
Third sets just too **** early
Jimbo kept his promise, he played that song and it ****** sure sounded like ****
But he'd been right cuz all the night they drank whiskey and rye and nobody recognized it
They put it to rest, packed their gear up as best they could
They went lookin for marijuana and women
Jim couldn't tell you what the other boys found but he bought some Zig Zags and he lay right down with a
Heifer who had her eyes for the guitar player
Who wasn't interested in heifers
She was gonna show Jimbo what this heifer could do
Then ask him to tell Mel the Guitar Man what was in store for him if only he'd change that red light to green
This is what the tri county circuits all about
Yours for the asking if you've got a
Shred of talent
Jimbo thought that heifer was fine
Thanked the little lady for a mighty good times
She said, baby tell that *** picker I got a surprise
Jim told her, sorry sweetcheekers, Mel only likes guys
At which point she seemed defeated
Maybe she'd been a little too conceited
Jimbo turned and stormed right out of the place
He went lookin' for that girl who'd flashed her ******* in his face
But he didn't find her
11 Jun 2010
floatin in the air of innoncence
holdin on to kisses
that surpasses these shaded lips
oh in this daydream
in my corner of despair
she stands
loud as reasons
which I cannot remand
impossible to let go
the rushed night and shy goodbye
creepin home before the mornin light
esthetic eyes that devour
these invariable melancholic smiles
of mine
amorously disposed desire for
deceivin bedshaped moves
again, to put this body on fire  
charmed in shame
this au naturel attire
suitably awaitin ur tardly arrival
nice and slow
utterin words
for ur ears alone
"take me down, kiss me below"

DET Jan 2016

Goin' back from memory
I remember that I started to feel empty
When I saw a poster
Post D.E.T is a monster
All I did was blurt
A laugh although it hurt
Me, people tellin' me I'm a disaster
All I did was smile

Although that wasn't my style
But yeah, I smile

When everyone was gone
I sob the tears that I was holdin' on
From that day I knew that everyday
I had to pretend that I was okay
Even if it meant feelin' lonely deep inside
So, no one can see the pain
That I hide

Had to go through this everyday
But as I grew up I knew that was goin' to be the way
Cuz I'm used to being called a monster

Now that times passed by
My emotions are dry
So, go on call me a monster
Cuz I'm stronger
Although they made me suffer

Come on put me on a cage
Where I find myself on the stage
Where I get call a monster
Now so, monster I have become
Onstage but I'mma gonna uncage
Put me on the cage
Write me a page
Tell the page that I am a monster

Now that time has fly by
Y'all stand aside
But y'all collide
Cuz I know karma
Is gonna come back and make pay for the drama
That caused people call me a monster

Yeah, moster I am my heart
Is now dark
Monster I am cuz y'all ******
My soul
Cuz y'all just wanted to ruin
My soul
But that only made you look cruel
Cuz y'all were nothing but

Don't need you to understand
So, you can stand
Where I land
Cuz I'm a monster like you said
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T All Rights Reserved
Smoke a blunt, pack a bowl send me on my way.

Feeling better but feeling worse every single day.

Dont know what to do about this vicious circle im stuck in.

All I can do is give it to God and let the healing begin.

But I still miss it everyday and Im not sure why.

Why do I love it so much and always wanna get high.

No where else to turn so Im on my knees prayin.

Let God take it over cuz dood he aint playin.

I got the Jesus man holdin it down fightin temptation.

And I cant stop pushin now cuz Im building up Christs nation.

I know that Christ will use me for the greater good.

Just gotta get my story across and be understood.

Cuz I been thru the tradjedies and tried to escape it.

But I had to face reality and Im proud that I made it.

And I couldnt do it without Him yeah my savior till the end.

Only following Jesus not just following some trend.

And nobody can stop me even though satan will try.

But Ima prove him wrong its just a matter of time.

Cuz Ima find the best of me and use it to serve the Lord.

Even if its just my rhymes I wont be ignored.

— The End —