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Baby, oh Baby,
I wanna be there!
I wish I was
The One
laying beside you-
The One
you'd be holdin'
and cuddlin'
in your arms...
I wanna be there!

Oh Baby, oh,
I wanna be there!
I know I'd love to be
the woman
beside you
sharin' our bed.
I wanna be there!

I wanna be there!
Instead; Baby,
I am here-
rockin' myself
to sleep,
with a lonesome
for the lonely
Baby, I wanna be there!

Baby, I wanna be there!
to have you
holdin' me close!
You and I
makin' love
And then,
us cuddlin' one another
in the after-glow
of our love makin'!
I wanna be there, Baby!

I wanna be there!
I wanna be...
Baby, I wanna be...
Oh Baby, I wanna be...

I wanna be there!
Instead; Baby,
I am here-
rockin' myself
to sleep
with a lonesome
for the lonely
Baby, I wanna be there!

Baby, baby,
I wanna be there!
But now...
I'm always at wonder;
'Is she in your
arms tonight?'
"Did you give her
the lovin'
I want to have
as mine?'
'Are you cuddlin' her
as I long to be
holdin' you?'
Baby, I wanna be there!

I wanna be there!
but I'm here-
I wanna be there
with you!
Oh Baby, I wanna be...

I wanna be there!
Instead, Baby,
I am here-
rockin' myself
to sleep,
with a lonesome
for the lonely
Baby, I wanna be there!

My Baby, oh
I wanna be there!
I've never had anyone
to really count on-
I'm tired of feelin'
so alone!
Of always bein' last...
I wanna be first!
I wanna be there!

I wanna be there!
I wanna be...
Oh, I wanna be...
Oh Baby, I wanna be...

I wanna be there!
Instead; Baby,
I'm here-
rockin' myself
to sleep,
with a lonesome
for the lonely
Baby, I wanna be there!

I wanna be there!
Holdin' you
as you'll be
a'holdin' me-
I wanna be there!
I wanna be there!
Baby, I wanna be...
Oh Baby, I just wanna be...
There! (whispered)


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Why Can't I Just
stop lovin' you...
I've fallen too hard!
Why Can't I Just
let you go...
I'm holdin' on too tight!
Why Can't I Just
set you free...
I'm hidin' the magical key!
Why Can't I Just
tell my heart no...
It's not listenin' to me!
Why Can't I Just
turn it all off...
I wasn't made with a switch!
Why Can't I Just
stop all these dreams...
I'm still awake!
Why Can't I Just
come to my senses...
I'm not ready to!
Why Can't I Just
see the truth...
Sometimes, love is blind!
Why Can't I Just
close my eyes and walk away...
I can't give up yet!


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
You and I...
or am I just dreamin'-
I'm not sure-
is far too good,
too real,
to ever
Oh no...
don't wake me
if I'm dreamin'-
Come back here with me...
Come back to bed...
Lay right here beside me...
Come Back Into My

You and I...
we're outdoors in the country-
surrounded by trees-
green grass all around us-
star-filled sky-
night sounds
fill the quietness;
frogs croakin',
crickets chirpin',
babblin' brook
cascadin' into a waterfall
splashin' into a pond-
Come back here with me...
Come back to bed...
Lay right here beside me...
Come Back Into My

You and I...
makin' plans
for our tomorrow's
talkin' of our
holdin' hands-
sharin' passionate
Lovin' this night...
this moment-
right here-
right now-
locked forever
in my heart-
Come back here with me...
Come back to bed...
Lay right here beside me...
Come Back Into My

You and I...
cocooned in a blanket
after our love makin'-
a fire blazin' in the pit-
illuminatin' us with it's
each of us
as satisfied
as the other,
feelin' fully spent-
snugglin' together,
as we close
our eyes-
the dawn just peakin'-
greetin' us
with a new day-
Come back here with me...
Come back to bed...
Lay right here beside me...
Come Back Into My

You and I...
or am I just dreamin'?
I'm alone-
you've already
had an earlier start
to the day-
sun is shinin' through
our open window-
illuminatin' me with it's
night sounds?
Oh no...
it's my alarm clock-
I'm runnin' late again!
Come back here with me...
Come back to bed...
Lay right here beside me...
Come Back Into My

You and I...
or am I just dreamin'-
Come Back Into My


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Livin' my nights...
Layin' in my empty bed,
All alone-
I could reach over
And pull you close to me-
Rememberin' the nights
When you were, once mine.

Those nights of bein'
With you~
As close as we could be!
Wantin' you, needin' you,
Kissin' you, holdin' you,
Lovin' you, feelin' you,
Touchin' you, tastin' you,
Desirin' you, achin' for you~

Now I'm dreamin'
My nights' away-
Wishin' for times again
When I wasn't so lonely!
When I had you,
For once, as mine~
The way I'd long
For your kisses, to see you,
To be with you, to touch you again!

I wanted to be
Your everythin'!
Now I'm
Wishin' I was
Your somethin';
Your someone!

Your someone~
To dream with, share with,
To hold for always.
To chase away
Those empty lonely nights'.
Fillin' my dreams
With everythin'
I've dreamed of wantin' in you!

You're my tears!
Tears I wouldn't shed
If you were finally mine!

Don't you wanna
Hold me, feel me,
Touch me, kiss me-
Once again?

Reachin' for you-
Wantin' you in my arms
As we'd lie together!

Searchin' to feel for you,
Needin' to feel
Your heart beatin',
Feelin' your breath
Against my bare skin-

Yearnin' for your arms to be
Drawin' me beside you.
Hearin' you sigh-
Lettin' a moan escape
From my dreams,
(day and night)
As I remember the times
We shared!

Lovin' the way
You felt beside me-
The way I felt
Beside you~

Achin' for the ways
You'd be touchin' me, teasin' me,
Pleasin' me, kissin' me,
Wantin' me, needin' me-
As I do you!

Makin' me feel
Whole and complete!
Will I ever
Feel you this way

Or is it all now
Just a recent
Livin' my nights away
Dreamin' of you-
Til you are, once again


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
You walk beside the street wonderin' where to go.
This fiercely knotted rope, holdin' onto lettin' go.
What was once truth is now a brainwashed someone else.
Destination nowhere with a stranger inside, a stranger beside.
You don't want it; you Need it,
you don't want it; you've got to Have it.  
The fear that takes you is the fear that breaks you and the fear that breaks you is the fear that makes you and takes you and breaks you
Kenny Whiting Nov 2017
I've got a thing or two to say,
   oh sure, I'm shedding tears;
This life is harder than it was before,
   without you with me here.

Now when the nightfall closes round,
    without you by my side;
The peace I had just holdin you,
   has turned to pain each night.

I know you didn't walk away,
   when Heaven took you Home;
Yet being here without my friend,
   has left me all alone.

So now I'll  let you guide my way,
   with you I'll make it through;
Cause every thought of you I have's...
   one moment spent with you.
Anne Oct 2018
Holdin your arms tonight
Giving me all of you tonight
Giving me strength of you and me
Thinking bout us behind the trees
I never thought of us before
Now that I knew you I loved you more
As the time goes by
You're the one that left me behind
Humming and I started saying this words
Dougie Simps Sep 12
At times I wake up
Thinking why the hell did god let see another day?
I barely pray
Barely say “dear lord thank for blessing me”
Guess I have a purpose
28 years layin down feeling so worthless
Nobody’s perfect
I lashed out at everyone because inside I was hurtin
Feelin so deserted - needing a story
Wondering every **** day
When I die...what was my story?
Was I gift? Sent here to help spread change?
Was I a monster? Sent here to help spread pain.
Maybe I was a non factor and just fell back
Maybe I touched a few hearts...while sadly remaining detached
I don’t kno what it is nor can I ****** give anymore effort
This world is tough and everyday we all tryna to gain new leverage
I stop to see
What it was that was always in front of me
The open sea.
With endless possibilities
I see my siblings and watch them go out and fulfill their dreams
I see my friends - growing up and accomplishing all they were meant to be
I see my mother - who pushes on when life gets heavy
I see my soul - who is uncertain yet, claims to remain ready.
But that’s life - it’ll always remain unsteady
It’ll gas you up - lie to you and even act semi petty
80 percent is how you react while 20 percent is what you let in
I’ve let it all come into me - some would call me reactivate
Not many people enjoy you - this trait is not attractive
Yet I’m combative - for I am, the way I am and that’s that kid.
I’ve changed so much that I could’ve gotten into fashion
I feel I need a cause for the reason that I am who I am and I’m so tired of askin
God and I just don’t see eye to eye and he no longer understand why I need to cry
When I work out with my demons- thinking that I got stronger
Is it excuse that I wanna die young? Or can I not take it any longer?
Idk, don’t ask such personal questions until you walk a mile in they shoes
Don’t count your wins before your blessing or your destined to lose
Don’t say a rich man means having green in the money holdin machine...
To me success comes from the genuine love within a human being
Or does it.
I’m just tryna stay balanced on this uneven scale
Will I prevail or will I fail?
The clique so you chose the path you’d like to trail
You make the decisions that benefit
Even if they barely fit
Some sweat writing this ****
I’m nervous I’m losing hold and can’t get a grip
While sayin metaphors out these lips
Imma end this small poem here
Just tryna say don’t waste time on what don’t matter
You never know if you’ll see another year
Text someone you love - thank a stranger for holdin the door - tell the broken winged child they can fly and allow your heart to finally soar
Make peace with your demons - try your best to chase your dreams - to make change isn’t always visible - but the act of kindness & love will never remain unseen.
Coming back with some new flows and words - please show love nd let me know
Jeremy Betts Feb 2018
You already know I could twist your mind like sprite did with a lemon and lime
And all it would take is the right line and the wickedest rhyme to pull you from the time you thought you were doing just fine
But nope, now you're lost in a reality as dark as mine, no shine, just grime
A slime you can't rinse off, you'll wince as you feel it intertwine and become part of your spine
An evil design, your whole being now redefined
By then it's to late to hit stop and you can't rewind, the seeds already been planted down  deep inside
Any bit of good has died, drowned out by a vicious, unnatural high tide
That there, that's the evil carnival ride
I've spied on those deepest fears that you've tried to hide
Oh how you've tried and tried to hide proof of their existence but you've lied
And you can't do that to me I'm afraid, no reason thought that you should be afraid
However, I already know that you are, I've followed the trail that you've laid
Small fears leading to large fears, some riddled with the tears you've made
The years that have strayed, the thoughts that stayed, leaving you to feel betrayed and to your dismay, here I am holdin' 'em in your face, like a winning *****
Ooooh how fear can cut deeper then the sharpest blade and aid in the all out raid
A massacre masquerade brought by a frayed being formally thought to be slayed
No blockade can keep me out when I've already seen inside, peeked through the blinds
I've seen the outlines, seen what you keep in the deepest confines, in the darkest corners it hides
A little whisper here, a short memory there is all it takes, so quickly it reminds
And draws clear lines in the sand, come to the dark side and find that it's nice over here, you may even enjoy the ride
But it looks like your little ***** have shriveled up and dried like cow hide
Left with only a plan that life denied...and your pride
But that will only provide a cockeyed stride derived from never seeing an upside
So learn to say **** it and avoid that toxified landslide
Stand here alongside me and get your mind clarified
Create your own chaos, inject a little  genocide
Post up curbside or on a hillside to watch the world burn
I know you've yearned for this your whole life, well now, it's your turn
Your life has been a pattern so let's break the mold and never return
Let me be your lantern to guide you away from the molten hot iron
Don't concern yourself with this trend, a path that's so modern
Society needs the savage people to return, don't be so ******' stubborn
Let's relearn these trates and earn your spot in history before you reach the urn
Just a little shift in alliance, embrace defiance and use it as guidance
You've taken the licks now break the silence, it's your turn for violence
What do you mean it doesn't make sense? Don't show your ignorance
Frozen in a defeated stance shooting me a confused, wide eyed glance
**** yo, now's your chance to stand in the inzone doing your own victory dance
Stumbling upon me this very moment I can gerentee wasn't by chance
No coincidence, something this life altering isn't happenstance
I'm here to shake you out of your trance and show you a new entrance
Here, I'll even hold the door open, all you have to do is walk through and advance
Come oooon, you want it back, I can see it, cut the act, I don't believe it
Grow a sack, you're gonna need it, but since you lack you won't achieve it
Look, I can't force you to do ****, that I'll admit
But only a nit wit would look at what I've laid out and not grab hold of it
Just try it out a bit and if you don't feel it we can turn it back lickidy-split
I'm gonna be honest, I can promise that until you try it I'm not fittin' to quit
People that know me woud say that I'm a stubborn ****

But I don't walk through.
I ignore the swift, slick little voice. It's not new.
There has been a few times I did, one or two....
Right, one or two dozen maybe and if I only knew.
If I only knew in the long run what those decisions would do...
I guess I would have nothing to write, nothing to say to you
Ken Pepiton Oct 5
BTW vir means man in the old Latin
from which
the nomenclature
of Catholic Christianity rose up,
curia and cives and synoikia by Roman ****,
and cries of grace

a ****** seems a gin, ala engine, ie, ei
genius engenederer a man maker version

We got hope.

it very well could be, that we
know more than we imagined
we knew
as we,

the people, who hold certain
to be

You see? You hold these certain truths
you're an icecream cone.

And as Arthur assures me still:
will be time
to start

If you can artifice enough integrity of mind,
to think of a way, each

mankind mind made unthingable, find that Greek word

ah dian oi toasted, nah, but near, this word means
the thing done, the deed not non-doable in being real.

the line
in the sand, crossed,
this away and thataway

we that take the refractured way through the wall,
inalienable right holding we,
the unalienable native
born bhering heir
holdin' woven coffin nails as puffs of smoke signaling

carry good news on beautiful feet.
conciliate, liberty sans munera calls remunera to the game.

play fair, or be square.
Living Shakespearean tropes in Euclidean dramas
enacted by liars used to entertain fools

for the power of suggestion
gestating in the waiting
from now on.
What now, m'love? We dance...Arthur Lee Love Forever Changes, your words still bring me here, to enjoy the reboot.
I was takin' a trip out to LA
Toolin' along in my Chevrolet
Tokin' on a number and diggin' on the radio
Jes' as I cross the Mississippi line
I heard that highway start to whine
And I knew that left rear tire was about to go
Well the spare was flat and I got uptight
'Cause there wasn't a fillin' station in sight
So I jes' limped down the shoulder on the rim
I went as far as I could and when I stopped the car
It was right in front of this little bar
A kind of a redneck lookin' joint called the Dew Drop Inn
Well I stuffed my hair up under my hat
And told the bartender that I had a flat
And would he be kind enough to give me change for a one
There was one thing I was sure proud to see
There wasn't a soul in the place 'cept for him an' me
And he just looked disgusted an' pointed toward the telephone
I called up the station down the road a ways
And he said he wasn't very busy t'day
And he could have somebody there in jest 'bout ten minutes or so
He said now you jes' stay right where yer at and I didn't bother
Tellin' the durn fool
I sure as hell didn't have anyplace else to go
I just ordered up a beer and sat down at the bar
When some guy walked in an' said who owns this car
With the peace sign the mag wheels and four on the floor
Well he looked at me and I **** near died
And I decided that I'd jus wait outside
So I layed a dollar on the bar and headed for the door
Jes' when I thought I'd get outta there with my skin
These five big dude come strollin' in
With this one old drunk chick and some fella with green teeth
An' I was almost to the door when the biggest one
Said you tip your hat to this lady son
An' when I did all that hair fell out from underneath
Now the last thing I wanted was to get into a fight
In Jackson Mississippi on a Saturday night
'Specially when there was three of them and only one of me
Well they all started laughin' and I felt kinda sick
And I knew I'd better think of somethin' pretty quick
So I jes' reached out an' kicked ol' green-teeth right in the knee
He let out a yell that'd curl your hair
But before he could move I grabbed me a chair
And said watch him folks 'cause he's a thouroughly dangerous man
Well you may not know it but this man's a spy
He's an undercover agent for the FBI
And he's been sent down here to infiltrate the Ku Klux ****
He was still bent over holdin' on to his knee
But everyone else was lookin' and listenin' to me
And I layed it on thicker and heavier as I went
I said would you beleive this man has gone as far
As tearin' Wallace stickers off the bumpers of cars
And he voted for George McGoveren for president
Well he's a friend of them long-haired hippie type ***** ****
I betcha he's even got a ****** flag
Tacked up on the wall inside of his garage
He's a snake in the grass I tell ya guys
He may look dumb but that's jus a disguise
He's a mastermind in the ways of espionage
They all started lookin' real suspicious at him
And he jumped up an' said jes' wait a minute Jim
You know he's lyin' I've been livin' here all of my life
I'm a faithfull follower of Brother John Burch
And I belong to the Antioch Baptist Church
And I ain't even got a garage you can call home and ask my wife
Then he started sayin' somethin' 'bout the way I was dressed
But I didn't wait around to hear the rest
I was too busy movin' and hopin' I didn't run outta luck
And when I hit the ground I was makin' tracks
And they were jes' takin' my car down off the jacks
So I threw the man a twenty an' jumped in an' fired that mother up
Mario Andretti woulda sure been proud
Of the way I was movin' when I passed that crowd
Comin' out the door and headin' toward me in a trot
An' I guess I shoulda gone ahead an' run
But somehow I couldn't resist the fun
Of chasin' them jes' once around the parkin' lot
Well they're headin' for their car but I hit the gas
And spun around and headed them off at the pass
Well I was slingin' gravel and puttin' a ton of dust in the air
Well I had them all out there steppin' an' a fetchin'
Like their heads were on fire and their ***** was catchin'
But I figured I oughta go ahead an split before the cops got there
When I hit the road I was really wheelin'
Had gravel flyin' and rubber squeelin'
An' I didn't slow down 'til I was almost to Arkansas
I think I'm gonna re-route my trip
I wonder if anybody'd think I'd flipped
If I went to LA via Omaha!

— The End —