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Spicy Digits Dec 2020
Harken unto thee all ye cubicled rats
Furrowed brows
And mortgage rows
A cocktail of sneezes, wheezes and white lights

Leave me the soil under my fingernails
The monsoon and snakes,
Just spare me from the circle-backs
And obituary emails

Hallowed be the slow mornings
Birdsong breaking the dawn
A soul full of tea
Softly resting chin on knee

Save us from the flood of empty words
Of formality and plastic smiles
The glorification of busy
Crumble the ancient hierarchy

Let us wander home.
I often have a dream,
About this feeling
It is an escape,
This love.

I don't know where I am
So I thought of holding her hand
And taking her along
On a journey with no sure destination.

Sometimes I'm stuck
listening to the background noise,
I'm fading out into the unknown.
This seemingly perpetual dip in time
Makes me come back to life.

Realising a purpose
Now that I have her,
It is time to make our journey
Conflate and intertwine
Like Adam and Eve
Exiled from the garden of Eden
Seeking salvation together for eternity.

It is time to put an end to this pretend
Even if this union is treason,
For the summers are always slipping away
But the show must go on
We can escape together now,
Without having to give any reason.
Love is an escape, even when considered unholy or sin, is still pure. Escaping together, breaking the shackles of society and acceptance, towards another reality to fulfil the potential of the union.
I met a drifter once with soulless eyes
Who told a tale of red demented skies
A madness rides when darkness rules the earth
And howling wolfen echoes now are heard

A whitened moon is shining brightly there
Upon the paths of men, of fools that dare
To cross, to enter forests bound to rule
Of Baron ****** cruel and nightly cool

The men still travel headless down the road
To Baron's castle dark, their new abode
A silence fills the ears as gurgling dies
A silent static warning - travel wise

I ventured forth the paths of blackened woods
And heard I there the noises barely good
In terror, fear and horrid dreams I stepped
To crawling blackness there and gates *****

The fear was there, astounding gravely fold
The swaying bodies, clouds of grey so bold
In windy gates, in hollow ground and more
Will walk the hanged, the blooded ones in yore

I turn and run as far as legs would take
I run until I reach a crystal lake
And there nearby a village stood aghast
I stumbled forward, homely inn atlast

To catch a breath, to feel relief at heart
Relief that came gave way to thoughts so stark
'Twas then I heard a horse and neighs and screams
Commotion there, a song and creaks and dreams

There stood a rider, crimson ****** death
Ungody terror stealing every breath
The Crimson Baron, headless, stood there proud
And looming over us, the stormy cloud

A rider red atop a horse and dead
The bloodied sword that bit and bit the heads
And dyed the plates, a colour crimson gore
To chop, to chop us all and more and more

A hand that fell atop the singing moon
A hand that brought me low to pits of gloom
Of people hardy stole the god and mocked
The changing seasons, life, the earthly walk

The wight alive in slaughter lost the sight
I climbed a tree in fright in hasty flight
To watch the limbs of bodies broken fly
The men and women, children hanged to die

As slowly moves the timely guiding hand
And ripple skies above, a plane so grand
A ******, slaughter waning down below
A promise, fateful image, bane and woe

And then I turn my eyes to bright of light
To ember stars, to moon aglow in night
To ride atop the mountains, hold a vault
In hands, above the heavens, hold a court

Awake I, ground so damp with dew and tears
A steady breath for painful lonely years
To hear a neigh, a horse to dream, to haunt
A rider ****** waltzing, hear his taunt
Victor D López Dec 2018
Flowers bloom next to rusting Pepsi cans,
Watered by the spit of ******* dealers,
And the ***** and vaginal fluid,
Of hot lovers groping under blankets,
Under stars dimly blinking through thick smog.

Nightly haven for muggers, rapists, fiends,
Whose every breath profanes the species they,
So poorly represent, turning Plato’s,
Featherless bipeds, to dead plucked chickens,
Soul-less, pointless wastes of protoplasm.

Abomination-- not in itself but,
For the use it’s put to: a bone for dogs,
Who’ve never tasted steak, and are gleeful,
To feast upon the scraps of fetid meat,
Clinging to well-gnawed bones that they are fed.

Central Park, the bone we are to chew while,
Smiling complacently at skyscrapers,
Daily rising where wild flowers might have grown,
Our humanity proportionally,
Shrinking inversely to their daily rise.

If I seem narrow minded and unkind,
Or blind to the beauty of Central Park,
It is because I’ve stood on ****** ground,
In summer, fall, winter and early spring,
And cannot bring myself to love a *****.
From: Of Pain and Ecstasy: Collected Poems (C) 2011
We Live In A Dog Eat Dog World
The principal rule of life
As beaten in every door
Is to get your fill
Of the the great big pie
That the world offers
But pieces don't have names attached to them
And there are only a limited amount of slices
So when in line
Standing one behind
Disregard its structure and the numbers that form it
And find the front
Quicker than your eyes can see it
As to not go hungry
Such is the way a human lives amongst humans
We are only food
To fill each others stomachs
And I've seen every type of meal
I've seen everyone devoured
Strange enough though
I've never seen a dog eat another dog
Rone Selim Feb 2018
We get so lost in this another world,
that is becoming our reality,
actually it has already started.
And it's scaring me.
Humankind has lost a sense of self, nothing is real anymore
and when nothing's real,
everything feels worthless.
Everything we constantly keep aiming for... but for what?

Did you ever stop and ask yourself;
what are you doing?
Why are you doing this and what for?
What is real?
Is it your smile or your words?

Im frightened that this other world may be the end of us.
We will reach the bottom line aiming for the top, perfection.
There will be very little left of authenticity, if none..
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