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Amaru Feb 2012
I'm tired.
I don't sleep anymore.
I live a real bad dream.
Leave the light on when you close the door.
If I close my eyes
I might miss out on what I really need
and that's the opportunity
to really
My girl is on me
wants me secretly to give up my dreams
My kids look up to me
and expect all of these great things.
Tell me why I do it?
Cause I got skillz,
or am I being foolish
thinking that my thoughts can make mills?
I see the world changing.
I don't wanna be left behind.
So I don't sleep
even when I do
finally close my eyes.
Call it what you want
sleep deprived...
but if I get the rest I need
my employers
will pass me by.
So I gotta stay up.
To stay ahead of the pain.
The moment I close my eyes
I'll get a tech
and foul out the game.
Stay tuned for the next verse.
It'll be uplifting.
It wasn't all that bad.
I'll show you.
I need no sympathy!
Amaru Jul 2011
From the moment of birth - a shedding of tears, and an instant connection is made coupled with the fear of the unknown. How will we manage? Will we be up to par? Will we be able to handle what lies beneath the wind or from a far? That is something we need not worry about. From the moment of birth we need to open our eyes to what dreams may come, and the honor it becomes when your first child calls you Mommy or acknowledges you as Daddy, their caregiver and provider, not just a nanny. From the moment of birth it is a feeling that you cannot describe. Something that only a real parent will experience. A joy you will cherish deep within your heart. When a child needs you to tie their shoes or show them how to bake cookies. Reading a book to them while they have no idea you are grinning from ear to ear simply because they are here. From the moment of birth you look forward to the loss of their first tooth, and they tell you about it with a lisp of enthusiasm, wanting and waiting for the tooth fairy to hook them up with a few bucks. As a proud parent you are honored to oblige. From the moment of birth you selfishly await for the secrets that they will tell you, and scars they will receive. Now you're waiting in the wings, standing by like an emotional thief, a proverbial nurse, ready to heal their wounds. From the moment of birth the memories you will share or just spontaneous laughter that not even you could have prepared. What an honor it will be when they themselves achieve! This experience will seem like a lifetime, but will go by in a blink of an eye. From the moment of birth it becomes a race against time to lead them to their bliss, while we as parents prepare ourselves to let go and watch them soar - From the moment of birth.
This is from my upcoming book LOVE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT Enjoy!
Amaru Jun 2011
I slipped
fell backwards.
Stood up on my own two feet
so as not to look awkward
but I staggered with an Obama like swagger.
I beg of you,
****, please, can we go a lil faster?
For my life expectancy
I am not the master.
I got kids and bills
legacy of a broke *******.
If I was Cancer
it'd be a disaster
cause Medicare don't take kindly to me
I owe badly.
Sadly, it's the truth
and I'ma King
and yet still get treated like
I don't have a dream!
Beams of light hit this planet
so beautiful and amazing
and yet we still take it for granted
having all these babies
without no savings.
Gotta steal and not ****
to get by lately.
Call my creditors maybe
hopin' to get a better rate
on my **** cravings.
Feel like I'm from K-Pax
stuck like Kevin Spacey.
Hate me if you want.
I don't give a ****!
You can live my life
I'll take yours and run a muck!
Dear Abby,
please don't confuse this
I really don't wanna do this
suicidal thoughts are useless.
Proved foolish
clueless is what I am
to sucka's actin' dufus!
Radio Raheim,
I know he rocked two fist.
My Mama could really give two *****.
I'm too ******!
Abused by a ****
she ain't
taken no ****!
She too ruthless.
You can call her Brutus.
If I'm taken too long
then go to another booth den (then)!
Two pens,
write with both hands.
Call me Ambidex-trian. (Ambidexterity)
If you Mexican
maybe you can request again.
Send me back from Iran
holdin' two cans.
Livin' on the streets
beggin' like po man.
Served this country
and can't get a helping hand.
Take a stand!
Remember when we used to believe in
Unite We Stand?
Yeah right!
What a joke we plan!
When words spoken to those just a slogan.
Big ups to Joe Rogan!
Knockin' *****'s out
wit' one blow man.
These words I deliver
like the local post man.
I mean So-com
That's my sons favorite game...
This is part of a free style I put together. I like it so much I (aka Mista Woosaa) am making a music video for it.
Amaru Jul 2010
This is how it's goin' be!
drama unfolds
only when *****'s
ain't where they posed to be!
mindin' they own!
doin' they thang!
whisperin' like
bout anotha *****'s intentions.
how they goin' get rich
off anotha *****'s inventions.
anotha *****'s invention... what?


of a cousin named distant
or a father named, missin'
I'ma *******
that's determined
to bring this
to your attention.


and maybe you will know
how to play yo position!


yo' self from the negative
just be


I should love me
for what I'm worth?
or maybe
the television
or the news
has to show
a ***** first!


I hate livin
because the struggles to great
what I choose
affects the little ones
I help create... I help create!

I ventured out on my own
too young
as a kid.
****** up
and landed on my ***!



couldn't stand my mama!
she tried to
box me in.
not realizin'
was tryin' to raise

two... black... men!
Based on my life. Spoken in its truest form. Parental discretion is advised!
Amaru Apr 2010
Relaxin' is a mental state
I like to be in.
Doin this entertainment business
makes you feel
more like
not a free man.

Sustenance is what I needed!
It's a must we get
back to the basics.
Let's forget self hatred.
It's too blatant...
The things we say and do
to make
Feel blue...
                   so blue...
                                    so blue...
                                                     so blue...
Take it easy
God please make me see
That I'm speakin in vein
about the pain I can't contain
without the doctor tellin me
*****, you ****** crazy!
Unless you take a drug or 3
or some Dramamine... some Dramamine... some drama, I mean...

My mind state is buggin me
Why is no one lovin me
like my favorite soap opera star On tv?
I thought it was real and not a fallacy... and not a fallacy.
Why has my surroundings taught me
That I need a pill
to heal?
When all I need is some spiritual feed.
Take my time...
Set a course...
Breathe in...
Thoughts of success and not divorce!
Breathe out...
Stress and pain feeling no remorse!
It's insane
that a mere mortal
could be on the border
when everything doesn't have to be
so stressed out (F'ed up!)
and outta order!

Please forgive errors. Wrote out on my Droid phone. Enjoy and RELAX! Pun intended!
Amaru Jan 2010
(This poem was written during the first year of the war.)

Lay me down to sleep
Before they push the button.

This ***** ain't tryin to wait for his own self destruction!

People really want peace
but you gotta have war,
because it pays the invoices
made by the White House imposed choices.

We need to be United
but politics and hypocrites
always remind us
that history repeats itself.

As it turns out
itself repeats history.
Repeats history
Repeats HIS - STORY!

It ain't a mystery!
You know what goes on in Capital hill!

What country pays its government more then the people who's supposed to be runnin it?
We do! America!

**** politics!

We down right greedy!
We got plenty to feed the needy!

But we'd rather spend tax payers money
to bomb a country
that at peace
I would like to be.

****-it, if I'm wrong!
Bush, please send my Mom and Dad home.

Realize that judgment day is comin'
and the truth untellers on the hill
are the first ones hit
when God's wrath comes down rumblin.

I got somethin' on my mind
so I speak to you.

God help us
when it comes time to be with you.

You can only tell a lie for so long
before the truth sees the light.

That's when karma
puts it on ya'
and explains your persona
so that people see through your tainted ora.

Life is like a Pandora -
boxed with centuries of pandemonium and disorder.

Blessed are those who are weak
God, to you I speak.


Thank you for reading!


— The End —