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DET Jan 2017
"It's easy to die but it's not easy to live."
DET Nov 2016

Faith belongs to those who are not blind
To sight the light and darkness
When the light's fade
All you are left is with darkness
Because 'tween the light there was always the darkness
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T All Rights Reserved.
DET Jul 2016
Written in July 14, 2016

Spring the leaf is born
And summer the leaf has grown
Then when autumn has arrived

The golden leaves
Will whisper
Good bye
To the branches
That once form
Part of the tree

Silently the leaf will collapse
On the ground
With no sound

Kneeling down
It will lay down till
They become dust

Meanwhile the wild
The sentimental memories
The shadows of the wind

Will make the leaves that lay down in the ground
Speak to the shadows
Of the remains
Of the presence

Till it slowly
And lonely fade away........
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T All Rights Reserved
DET Jun 2016
Burning  fever
Its signify
As the ''Sea of flames''
From the other side
Lies the pale of glory
It's the fever
Of the old times

Old but cold
Among the top
The pure
Of innocence
Lies on the side of depravity

Among the battles
Among anathema
Of difference
Lies the voice of the horror
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T  All Rights Reserved
DET Jun 2016
Crystal haze, painted in grey
Smooth shadows embrace me

Deep blue
Roaring and crashing wave
Calmness over comes you
Obsessed with the sounds of swaggering water

Reflect the sun gently kissing
The secret lover
Of the sea
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T  All Rights Reserved
DET Jun 2016
Mind to eyes time to live
Sleepless nights lay
On my restless

Lost into your jewels eyes
Marveling if the birth of fire in the darkness
Will blasting through the darkness

Into your eyes I see
A lion starving
For desire
For a touch of my lips

Hard to speak when you are close
Inside your eyes are full of lust
I pull back in disappear with the dust
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T  All Rights Reserved
DET Jun 2016
Final love letter
Retains the last breathe

Silver moon shines
Twinkling brilliant glitter

Discolor blossom
Adorning till the last sunset
Till the skylight cracks
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T  All Rights Reserved
DET Apr 2016

Moment of bittersweet
I can still inhaled your burning essence

Without your presences
Hits the moment of bittersweet

I replay the moment when you embrace
Your hands on leaving a trace

Leaving me a half broken
Yet, it made me realize that your essence is frozen

My sense combust
And clutch
In this microcos melt

Putting me in a state of grieving
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T  All Rights Reserved
DET Apr 2016

Left in the mist
Without a kiss
Yet, told to act like love didn't exist

Can't resist
That I still miss
Your kiss

Leaves fall to the ground
Here standing without a sound
Twirling, twisting, round and round

Throwing a gaze on the leaves collapse on the floor
Just like my poor

Memory of autumn
Has been forgotten
Except me I still remember the smell
And the sound of the bell

Can't tell the cold breeze
Shakes the leaves from the trees
Autumn takes away the green
Like you did, haven't seen
You, you're nowhere to be found

You must've nail down
Every sketch on the edge

All the leaves are decomposing
In the lints keep floating
Like the ashes of my core

Our love was first gold
But now it turn into mold

Watching this day leaving no trace
On the same place
Where all I remember is the air getting colder
My universe is getting now darker
Now the warmth is gone
The sunshine is dissolved
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T All Rights Reserved
DET Mar 2016
By: D.E.T

Tik- tok
Have nobody to talk to
Getting boring maybe you  took a walk
Pondering around
No, sound

Not till you saw the white rabbit
Jump into a hole yeah, it got you attracted
Yeah, made the way to sneak what was in it

Fell on the hole
Where it was new whole

Heard you were missing so, there goes a same rabbit
Got the same habit
I jumped in the hole
Had no time pull
The rabbit is the one to who in charge

Now we gotta march
If we don't want to stay forever in this place
Yeah, we gotta face
All this empty case

Yeah, we found wonderland
Yet, got lost in it
Because we both fell in it
Where flowers will always pop up

Eh, this seems puzzling
While the wind keeps whistling
Fallen between the cracks
Can't relax
Knowing that you are missing in this wonderland

Dark clouds
Forming crowns
Yet, wrapping me around towels
It's s been hours
Since you have been dissolved
Maybe I should go back to the top
In see of you are there to be found

I reached for you but you were gone
I knew I had to go back home
We found another world
Again we fell in the hole
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T All Rights Reserved
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