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Omar Abo Shama Nov 2019
When was the last time things went really better but left you drained with much irreversible ******* to deal with?
It's when things are good
but you may never be.
Because what really matters isn't the surroundings,
it's what you've become after all.
Omar Abo Shama Jan 2017
And then there's no good way to end things
Cause it's ending. Y'know?
Omar Abo Shama May 2016
It feels like there's no earth to stand on.
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2016
Im gonna tell god everything.
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2016
I can start and i can't finish.
Omar Abo Shama Apr 2016
And the most special thing about being great is that you're not just good.
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