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DET Dec 2019
Rather thee are composed or not
I shall script all the odes....
Because this poet is tie by the tides of hourglass...
And thee under no circumstances wither
For thee carry on my legacy
In that is thee, the ode thee are
So, as a poet I must script....
So, instead of flowers being thrown in my coffin
It shall be odes stumbling down towards my coffin....
December 1, 2019
Copyright © 2019 D.E.T.
All Rights Reserved
DET Oct 2018
A joyless tale
Turn into appearance
To this vitality...
That lipped to mouth the letters
"Wait.... we'll come across once more"
The era's peel of the skin...
Till it turn into a ossein
By season to season...
Therefrom... nevermore reunited
Hence, one relinquish life...
Not allowing us to embrace once more...
That joyless tale
This poet mouth's that letter's.... one by one....
Is mine.... joyless tale
That came into vitality....
Sometimes being a poet allows you to mourn for someone. I personally would like to share this poem to all of those whom have gone through the same.

Copyright © 2018 D.E.T All Rights Reserved
DET Dec 2017
Another solitary eventide
     Another glace in sky
        I descry desolated moonbeam
   From afar away
Lonely with the thoughts
That never departure
From my own mind

       For I dote thou
     On my silence
Oh, I admire thy existance
       Watching you from a long distance
   My heart flutters

        Again another solitary eventide
            Gaze upon the empyrean
        Softly my heart  whistles
Oh, what a bonehead am I?
       Thy dote sighs for another .....
Who elicits thou crack a smile...
Something myself cannot do for thou...

   For I muzzle my melody
Cause I shall dote thou on the treble
Hope when thy gaze lies upon the empyrean
You see the solitary moonbeam
Blazing oh, just know my dote for thou
Will keep blazing
Till the final star befalls..
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T All Rights Reserved
DET Apr 2017
We must die
Yet, for our words won't dry
On the blank sheet's of papers

Endlessly the poesy
Shall remain
Even in the aftermath

From all those poems
Who were given birth from a poet writer
They shall remain

When the poets breathe no more
The poems will breathe
For Eternally ....

Yet, the words will stay and remain the same
But the thoughts
Will speak to those whom read the poet's  poems

So, we shall write till the end
Even if we are reborn
And don't remember who we were in the aftermaths

Therefore our words live on
So, let us the poet's writers give a gift
To the poems
Copyright © 2017 D.E.T All Rights Reserved
DET Jan 2017
"It's easy to die but it's not easy to live."
DET Nov 2016

Faith belongs to those who are not blind
To sight the light and darkness
When the light's fade
All you are left is with darkness
Because 'tween the light there was always the darkness
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T All Rights Reserved.
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