sayona Aug 2016
you know,
my heart dropped when they were in the middle of their sentence,
because i knew where they were going,
but my heart couldn't bare to hear the rest
sayona Jul 2016
do you remember what you said?
or do the words taste so bitter in your mouth,
that you don't even like to remember?
sayona Jul 2016
are just a robot.
you have a lightbulb for a brain
and an ice box for a heart.
piercing cold shackles wrap around your ankles
and rusty, heavy chains entangle and stain your wrists.
are a prisoner.
society easily conforming you to its will.
doing with you as it pleases.
tell me,
will you ever make it out?
can you,
or will you,
escape from the now scrapped metal in which you dare to call your body?
or will you forever be enslaved?
like everyone else,
who's too scared to evolve.
prisoner society robot chains shackles trapped evolve different pressure deep
sayona Jul 2016
a rose?
well that is something that i am not.
i am not admired by many
and adored by even more.
people do not gravitate towards me
because of my cliche aspect of beauty.
one does not view me as one of the most
d i v e r s e
signs of
or even grace.
both striking and beautiful,
she has many thorns and ******
that can cut you
and make you bleed.

instead of all that,
i am a leaf.
ordinary, that i am.
and very much overlooked.
often ignored and underestimated.
your eyes do not adhere to my exclusive version
of beauty.
i can't hurt you,
or at least not as much.
i am not made up of thorns
that could easily nip you
and your fragile skin.
and even tho she,
has many ****** and thorns
that has ample enough chances to cut you,
you still choose it over me.
sayona Jun 2016
love lies
and so did you.
i believed your lies
all the way through.
naive and gullible,
that i was.
all because of a ****** thing called love.
*sometimes i like to write about situations that i'm not necessarily going through at the moment*
sayona Jun 2016
why oh why,
does my ability only reveal itself when i'm choking on the truth(?) of the inability for someone to love me
does the wall that constantly hinders me from expressing how i feel only tear down when i do the same to myself
is forming and keeping words together only easy when i can't manage to keep my own self together?
sayona Jun 2016
there is an ocean inside of me
one that's waves manifested from disappointment and heartache
and i'm choking on saltwater
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