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CallMeVenus Oct 2018
I see youth in a haze
Sunny afternoons from Mars
Been chasing stars

World still turns
Joints burn
I go back to sunny afternoons
Still in a haze
Now I chase the Moon
raphæl Sep 2018
drawn against the flame
she lends me her broken limbs
an earthly musk breaks
the stars brought before my eyes
a fleeting insanity
Andy Felix May 2018
We've grown together, no doubt
We hang out in the clouds and clouds roll out
I hold her close as she ignites my passions and dreams
She takes me from all the drama it seems
Some may criticise but don't realize
We're made for each other
you can see it in the eyes
I burn ***** and write poetry
Some call those addictions
Tony Luna Aug 2016
I've been off round one for a while now.
Since then my anxiety has grown ten times its size.

My grip on life has gotten loose somehow.
Now I'm scared when people look into my eyes,

They'll catch a glimpse of something they don't need to see.
A boy lost out at sea.

My chest has caved in, I need air.
I'm staring at the sky because I know it's there.

So why do I struggle to breathe it in.
Or feel it against my skin.
In this poem "Round One" is an actual place located in Socal. Everytime I've told my mum I was going to this place, I was actually smoking.
LeV3e Jul 2016
You medicate my mind, but inside I know I'm dying by your hand alone; yet, my body cries out for more. The high is unlike anything the world could otherwise have shown me, lifting the world off my shoulders. Alas, Atlas, at least you got to breathe the breathe of a Goddess. Green dress, and red hair, so ******* gorgeous, her essence seeping into my stream of Being. My hearts racing, my thoughts, tracing the outline of space and time, encasing Your face in form, accepting my fate and yearning for more... As you gently lay me down, back to dirt, my mind is clouded and my eyes are purple, and I recall a journey, but my memory is hazy, and I'm so tired... To sleep now, and dream of your touch, is all I desire, for tomorrow comes with no mercy, and I must continue on my own... until you call my name, again.
Tony Luna Jun 2016
When the sun gets low,
The city starts to glow.
Walk to the tallest point,
And roll up a joint.

Inhale exhale
Watch the stars sail.
Vivid images above the atmosphere
Only then do things seem clear.

Good vibes no stress,
Don't worry about the progress of your success.
Put on a good tune,
And sing as if your howling at the moon.

Dance as if your feet are on fire
Then rest and watch the sky turn sapphire.
Don't contemplate on what you haven't done.
Just live your life, time waits for no one.
Takin a spliff
after me ****
me got ta go runnin

for LoL is loadin
but me *** couldn't holdin
made while waiting for league to fackin load
Loading the bowl and packing it tight
Take a rip off this chronic delight
Let your mind soar, weave and wander
Relax, hold it in just a bit longer
Let the spirit of the bud fill your lungs
Ghost it, ballpark, have a little fun
Feel your eyes droop low, streaked with red
When suddenly your stuck, you can't get out of bed
Your tummy starts to grumble, your mouth grows dry
You stumble towards the kitchen and eat an entire pie
You move towards cabinets laden with sweets
You eat the saltines, canned corn and canned beets
You devour all the candy, you inhale all the fruits
You head towards the fridge and receive some bad news
The milks gone sour, and there's nothing to drink
Your mouth is so dry and you can't even think
Water is flavorless and wine is too strong
Getting so desperate, take a swig off the ****?
Ew, that's too gross, I'm sure you'll survive
But next time this happens, keep a soda near by
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