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All of the time i spent locked up, I wanted more.
but i couldnt handle the leash i was given.
I understood how every one was effected besides my self.
I wanted my drug. over and over.
just to get over the loss of you dying.
and the last memory kills me every day. but all i can say is thank you..
thank you for my twisted mind and the abuse that get's me to give and give and give so no one feels the same,
but i cant fix the world, world peace is impossible all at once,
every one has had ****  thrown in there face, but only those who got through it have the power to dig out of there hole they have dug.
along the way i want to take the rotten decaying part of your heart.
and throw it away, but part of my addiction takes it in the soul and reminds me of depression of my own,. and gets me caught up...
in mind and site we are all clearly blood and bones.
and a brain that is one tenth of our bodie's, but we feel 100% in reality
out on the streets thrown to the gutter rats, came back with potential.
came back wanted, legally. in the safe way. Jesse applegate
I am twisted.
I am scattered and sketched.
I’m a trip
I don’t need a drink or a sip.
I am the color of the energy.
The strong that gives vaccines
To the ones who reach out to prayers and lost dreams.
I am a survivor of bruises cuts and an old punching bag in between fights.
I’m a mess a mess by the guess.
A rebel formed from a hell hold called home.
Stand tall out of this
On my level out of this dome,
You’d get confused and thrown off cause I roam far
All Alone.
I am open
And I care
Wide awake is why I share.
I bring wisdom, facts, and not opinions
It’s been me since the beginning.
I believe in no false image
But what I’ve seen kindness is a treasure.
And I’ve forgotten the mean.
Your past does not define you.
Because it is left behind you.
I leave you mind blown
But you’ll be completed on my app.
It’s Christmas time on dads lap.
It’s a button
Easy start.
Just gotta try to heal that heart
Jesse applegate
The world is a trip,
One road leads to diamonds and gold,
The other can lead to sadness controlled.
In math theres a solution to 2+2 =4
But me and you comes to a war,
I have a bed you may sleep on the floor.
Some have a family of love and trust.
Some hit the road with nothing with the knowledge there not worth it.
And others head in the sky with millions cause there getting into college.
There is no winner.
We of all are the same as equal so thanks for the dinner.
Come call it lucky to live in a shed,
Others like told as a saying no path but hope and praying,
A dream would be equal a premiere id make millions,
Youd all see the premiere,
But leave the house that beats yo mamma,
In your head relief the trauma,
Keep pushin for reality not the drama.
Give And Give And Give And Give
A smile can push a broken heart to live,
Give your heart to the abused kid,
More recycling more loving more peace.  Jessica applegate
I’ve taken a criminal in my heart
and threw her into a cell.
No one could hear how hard she fell.
She got all cut up, and bled told to shut up,
twisted in the head too berserk
will get you caught up
she is understood and couldn’t be read,
The punk was me
never tired or dead
I was the retired monster living under your bed.

A trick in your mind I was sick to the blind
I was heartless and kind.
Keep in the day all your treasures hidden
cause the old me is gone by forbidden.
Life was a joke
and I ain’t kidding
l lived to impress my actions
you couldn’t guess.
Pushin the limits was my favorite test.
I’d mess you over and steal your things
but Karmas a ***** and that **** stings,
but I hit rock bottom and fell on attack
if I look back my movement will crack
here and there I’ll still take a snack,
But that me is gone and is not coming back.
I took a stress of a beauty put to work for days on duty
fixed a soul that always stole,
now a cutie off parole
and my mind is in control.
Marijuanna is great makes it good,
eats your brain tords the end insane.
you dont grow even though you know.
Its hard to spit and, Its hard to quit.
gets you hungry,
eat, puff, chew,
          lets get high and off we flew.
I can do this i Dont care,
I'll be different want to stare?
lets be bold,
when were cold,
we'll just light up
             bought and sold,
who has my back,
        who the **** needs the crack?.
I lack my money thats ***** funny,
                    bought a sack sold yur sisters bunny,
ahhh now I'm out ,
  **** I'll give you a try,
snort, smoke, shoot,

never toot ya the boot...
your hand just took me oh hard so shook me,
so Im hear depended my gear,
I need that lift,
  ya satins gift,
rock and roll,
I'm a beaty troll,
           your things i stole,
                  lost out control
                       You'd have my back?
I really need you,
                I left them all,
family friends put up a wall,
           I am bound now all around I just ask no more a hit.
         Hey you there you got the "$hit"

Hey its true tell me about it!

Jesse   Mckush
I've seen this ****,
I've felt a hit,
    growin up most have split,
just fifteen  oh so close.
trust he past on an over dose,
all those kids that he knew
are suffurin still, no school no clue,
I'm still hear and standin true
my child HOOD school,
was at howard,
be tuff survive or be a coward,
15 too,
best friends ex had time to flex
did a drive by and hit the high way,
where's he at?
        **** reward be fat....
All those girl that would never say nope, who made me ****?.
put me to trauma with the lies of there drama,
now there just hoes ****** for dope,.
hangin in high school on a tender rope,
how they do it how they cope....

My first love was gone in cuffs,
would never lisson,
cause his parents were always in prision,
poppin pills?
       what great learning skills.
I used to get high to feal em in the sky as if he was on mars,
instead locked behind bars,
I miss him in tears, I feal for his fears.
when he gets out  for runnin and bookin,
hope he's still stunnin as sure as good lookin,

**** sure has faded
I'm sure glad I made it.   </3

Jesse   Mckush
As I think what it bin ,
as I smoke upon this gin,
Keep on tryoin never win.
this game is lame this move is sick,
what way no where?
Oh-             what to pick.
Inhale the false fale ,
    so good gowin my luck...
          with *** give not a ****.
this road is so bumpy , unstable I'm stuck.
  on my own finally out of the shelter   dearly jesse mckush, <3
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