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Vivian Ienello Nov 2018
your scarf traces your cold skin, a warm smell of rain

wrapped up in favours, not your particular flavour,
       x Wrapped up in webs, in the attic of my head x
          it’s bad now//it’s bad now// it’s bad now

                Do you just let things
Fly with it on a
            I could never be so thin,
      Holding up a barrier caging what’s

   x How do you just let it in, let it in? x

It’s numb now// it’s numb now// it’s numb

   Let them flow, oh let them flow
           right through
               your tainted soul
             Show them what’s real

  x Please can you just show, how to let it in now x

      It’s real now//It’s real now//It’s real now
Vivian Ienello May 2016
Conflicts, conflicts, contradictions
   Do you know what it's like to live with all of these presets
   A destiny? Some type of fate? Being told to not be something
     at such a young age, words of doubts clouding my brain
   decisions made for me, because my mother was always in need
        but I don't need, need, need ******* help, I just want to
                                           save me be me
Vivian Ienello May 2016
Ever since than, my life has been sideways, the comfort ripped from
                                           my heart
     My soul so fragile than before, I learned how short life can be,
I learned how short life can be, even though you feel as if you have
                                       lived for eternity
Death is inevitable, you can never escape, your guardian angel
                                     one day will not awake
Vivian Ienello May 2016
wearing sunglasses is the perfect disguise, you get to see all of the people,
  with their tired eyes, tired lives breaking them down inside life is;
healing, and so on, on, and on
keeping strong is hard, like tearing apart asphalt,
but you can revive, just a tip for the mind, remember you will
Vivian Ienello May 2016
Feelings of despair, why couldn't I see what's there?
                       Right in front of, standing on me
       Rip it out, slowly, slowly, rip it out I wasn't your one an only
              Never put expectations in something so artificial
                          So superficial, artificial sweetners
Vivian Ienello May 2016
Be a happy girl, be a nice girl, echoes in your head
                               Making you never rest
          Be a modern girl, a hungry girl, want, want, want
                        Feed yourself, and you'll be set
                          Be happy girl, be a nice girl
                             Screaming in your head
             You're dead, you're dead, you're dead
                         All I needed was to be fed
               fed the love, nurture, that every sociopath
Vivian Ienello Feb 2016
Intense energy, emitting from your prisms

             Light reflecting, multi-dimensional beauty
                                    you see, you see, right through me

Hold it close, oh so close, study it, like constellations
                                           in a musky, starry sky

                        Slightly opened, pour your soul into mine
                                   fingerprints trace, my horizon

Your eyes are wide, engulfing mine
          caging my heart,
                   Taming the wild, beast within

tracing bones, like the branches of a tree,
               but oh do they brush against me

                      inhale//exhale, inhale//exhale

rise, shallow, heavy breaths, put me to rest

                            with your heavenliness
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