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14.9k · Apr 2016
One Cup of Infinity (Lyrics)
Cathyy Apr 2016
One cup of tea is not enough...
Two cups of coffee is what usually wakes me up and
two sugars in the morning is,
perfectly sweet.

One day you'll be mine,
if not Today then, some other time
Well that's what I'm hoping,
Please tell me you'll have hope too
and two songs are not enough,
to say "I Love You"

Well just one of me,
can't do much for you but
two hearts beating like ours sounds pretty beautiful
and sometimes one word,
can make a difference
well for me that one word is you...

So come into my life now
and don't you dare leave without me...
'Cause one plus one can make an infinity

One photograph is not enough,
I'd want a couple more of you of me and both of us
two pair of eyes...
occupied with thoughts that can't be sung

Well if you want to play dinosaur mini golf,
in the summer...
You can just call me up any time that you wanna
and we can grab a takeaway coffee
and take the long way back home.. (woah oh)
One cup of infinity please, to go...

One plus one can make an infinity if you want it to,
and that one plus one could be me and you.
13.4k · Feb 2016
Cathyy Feb 2016
To that time we played blackjack
I was impressed by your ability to shuffle all the cards just like that,
&then; you showed me a magic trick with pistachio shells
Oh what a friendship it is when someone buys you peanuts and opens all the shells

Yeah confession;
You're in my sci fi screenplay
I think I wrote about you in the most innocent way
And theres a song that,
I currently have on replay...
And a smile that can't help but shine when I see your face
What a moment it is when you're sitting there on the bus and you just want to photograph it

Life's a chess game, and now its your move..
I'm standing on the front line,
I'm giving my horsey to you (haha)
Oh this life's a chess game,
One wrong move and I'll lose....
But here right now we're at a stalemate
All my pieces were going but the piece that remains, patiently waits
For you..
Oh with you I never want the game to end so soon

And I know that we can't fall in love
Cause we've got different ones for us
But what a friendship it is when none of that matters no more..
You're the chess opponent I've been waiting for,
You are.
Really like this one, its one of my best from this year in my opinion! Really personal references..
11.9k · Oct 2015
The Optimist
Cathyy Oct 2015
I hope I live to see Ed Sheeran, and Taylor swift live, and spend new years in New York
I hope I make the perfect coffee for my future love and maybe even raise a puppy.
I hope my writing actually gets somewhere,
Than just spilled on a random page,
Of a giant internet database
I hope my little quotes and lyrics
Are sketched into teenage journals
I hope I meet my biggest supporter someday, and hang out with them in Disneyland.
I hope everything stops being crazy,
And everything starts becoming clearer
I hope everyday I am alive, I make positive impact.

I hope, I hope
That the Universe notices,
All the times I nearly broke..
Were all the times,
I began to grow.
So i wrote three really deep poems during the age of 17,

The child
The dreamer
The giver

... I feel this isn't really a poem, but a monologue. However, i hope* ;)
... It touches someone.

Please check me out on Youtube,
Just type in "JournalofMusic" and i'm there with like 14/15 videos now... If you help me out with views and stuff i'll always have a reason to keep on writing. :) x

Love ,
9.4k · Feb 2015
"A Wonderland of Stars"
Cathyy Feb 2015
It all started with..
"Watch your step when it comes, to finding true love.."
Oh girls like me may slip and fall,
If we don't dream so carefully i thought..
Well I'm a mermaid on the rocks with no feet at all..
Yet I'm running scared and I don't know, where to go..

But it's kind of exciting
I love the rhythm that flows,
in my writing
And you've got a hold,
On my rhyming,
I don't wanna let this, break..

See I love you,
how your 4 lettered name rolls off my tongue too,
I wanna dance to this song too,
I wanna be your day break now

There's a film in class which I think you'd like..
Well I'm just saying that because,
It's a rom com gangsta black&white;
Oh we're a silent film ourselves with lines of poetry as our speech..
And you're the heartbeat behind every piece I write and breathe

So can I stay for longer?,
I've been through heartbreaks before, & I've come out stronger
But you're not a heartbreak,
You're a Wonder..
A Scorpio Wonderland of stars..
Oh I love 'ya'
And I've got secrets to whisper at midnight,
I wanna see London light up only through your eyes
I'll be your special friend if you think that's alright..

It all started with;
A dreamer falling in and out of love..

But I'll be on the edge of the world with you if you ever wanted time to ever stop..
Hope you like this one, quite uplifting I believe..
9.4k · Jan 2015
Trials & Constellations
Cathyy Jan 2015
If you're the moon with your phases
Then I'm a star gazer, mesmerised by the view..
And if your 'ring of Saturn' falls out I'd go up there myself and find one more suited for you

And how does it feel to have a face that so many call home?..
Cause for three sleepless nights, this 'homeless girl' gave up everything just to write you a poem..

Oh I've been struggling,

I've been staring at the page for ages,
Trying to find the most honest way to say this..
See every time you touch my heart I feel it breaking
So I will never let you know..
But you are so beautiful, I can't take it

And no I won't stop believing
That everyone comes into your life for some kind of reason..
But I'm not using you to write, I'm using you as a source for breathing
though every time I see you I fall to pieces..
..But every piece is in awe with you
So would you collect them and adore me too?

Oh I just can't describe this..
If there was a metaphor you know I'd write it..
You make me lost for words but I won't stop trying,
In hope of finding new parts of you,
Oh you are so beautiful, I don't like it

Cause it ties knots in my stomach.
And then my heart beat drains out the city but I can't stop it..
Is this a horrible poem cause I'm just being honest..
And though adrenaline is supposed to keep me going,
Oh you are so beautiful I can't focus

So don't get too close for comfort
Cause I love you so much my heart hurts,
And it's a pain my heart could take
If you just stay and take the pain away

And your little smile could go to the end of the world,
And I'd whisper your name if it was the end of the world,
..And I have writers block so I don't know what rhymes with 'end of the world',
But don't let me go even when you're someone else's girl
Cause you'll still always be this loser's world :')

.. And if I'm a stargazer mesmerised by the view,
Then I hope every constellation will add up to you.
I had three days of writers block so I really don't think this is a good piece but it's still a poem isn't it.
7.9k · Oct 2014
'City Lovers'
Cathyy Oct 2014
Please don't break my heart..
Break a part of yours instead..
And then give it to me,
So i can treasure it forever

Cause you are strong and brave
I've seen your story scratched on your arms..
And every day's my favourite day,
Every day that we're together..

Oh this city's vibrant, we're in the heart of something brand new,
And my phone's on silent, cause my mind's plugged into you
And we're on top of a smaller world below,
Well you and I dear.. We both know.
We're a friendship that won't sink,
..But a love that can't float

Fate don't wake me up,
Cause i don't wanna wake up to someone better
And i know I'm not the one,
But right now I'm the only one,
Writing you poems and letters

The clouds are fading,
I'm under a different sky with you
And it's amazing..
Cause you're a star that's drifting too,
And I'm not breaking, i swear,
Oh that's impossible to do,
When you and I, dear..
We're a friendship that won't sink,
But a love that might lose..

So promise me you will keep,
Coming back into my life..
Cause one day i might be,
Alone in the city, walking at night thinking..

The city's no longer vibrant, oh it's quieter without you
And my phone's on silent,
Though I'm awaiting a call from you
And when i see that star shine, from a different sky I'll know,
That you and i dear..
We're a friendship that never sunk,
We just learned to float
May be the last poem i write as a 16 year old, definitely my best though! :)
6.8k · Mar 2016
Things in my bedroom.
Cathyy Mar 2016
There's a letter that I'll never
Deliver to you girl you left a mess in my world,
And now things in my bedroom
Remind me of you..

See there are old cd's I burned
And paper planes crashed by the door
And song lyrics spilled on the floor
I should probably clean it all up but
A part of me just won't forget us
You must have been pretty special
Cause these days, I try not to be so sentimental..
Did you get the memo?
I've been recording demos
And someday in December,
I'll record a single'
Just you wait.
I'm not going anywhere but up,
Though things in my bedroom remind me of you, I actually don't give a ****
I'm just bringing all of this up
Because, I thought it'd be nice
To spare you a thought, and a poem
Every now and then...
Oh **** we used to be the best of friends
And in my journals there's evidence
Man its been a while and you're still relevant..
So for the hell of it
Let's raise a glass....
Oh in my room theres a few birthday cards
But as the years go on, i get less and less of those
And theres a lava lamp, thats pretty small.. But thats okay
Cause its next to my cd player thats still playing my first mixtape..
So oh yeah, let's raise a glass..
To the person I am today,
Darling you said we all have to change
Well if i did, it came from a place of pain..
Thanks for the positive response on the last two poems! But this is typical Cathy now! A new little freestyle :)
5.4k · Feb 2015
(This) love is love.
Cathyy Feb 2015
Long nights, dreaming
He's beside you gently sleeping, away..
And when you wake up,
as the Sun comes,
You whisper 'I love you' to your one love, everyday

But just because you're also a man, doesn't mean you can't love another
And though you're safe and sound someone else has been disowned by their mother and it's not a nice town when you're getting beat up by one another, for loving who you love

But this life is good,
And his eyes are kind..
And your heart is big enough
To forgive those who had the nerve to leave you behind
And your words are so pure
You've never meant anything more..
And even when you're getting called a bunch of names,
It doesn't make you any less beautiful

And just like how the sky is blue,
This bond is strong..

And this love is love.
:) my movement for gay rights woo!
5.3k · Sep 2014
Who I'll Be
Cathyy Sep 2014
I'm writing you this poem to..
Tell you how I really feel,
You see the words right now just seem to, flow much better since
Our connection's real..

See i would never wanna lose you,
Cause that would mean I'd lose my everything..
And i know i mean just as much to you too,
Cause you and I, we've gone through many things..

So I'll be your wizard if you'll be my angel
I'll be your star in the sky
I'll be the one you send your fears to
When Superman's not online
I'll be the writer if you keep me writing,
I'll be a fighter if you keep me fighting
Just be the one i fall back on,
Cause I'm looking in your eyes..
And suddenly everything i wanna be,
I've become.
Proud of the outcome of thiss little Diddie :')
Cathyy Nov 2014
Your heart's on fire,
your attributes I admire
I used to be 'factionless' 'til you became my home
and you're beautiful, I wish you knew it..
Fight even when you're wounded,
Do what it takes to push you through this

And when we hug don't let go,
Not until I can hear your thoughts
I wish I could make things better,
but all I know is how to string some words together
.. Don't let hope go, not during this war,
No, fight even when you're wounded,
Use your Courage as your sword.
Written for a very good friend..

(Yes there are Divergent and Hunger Games vibes)
5.1k · Mar 2016
Dinosaur Mini Golf
Cathyy Mar 2016
Would you let me walk you back to school?
And maybe later, teach me how to play pool?..
Oh maybe Friday if you're free,
Play dinosaur mini golf with me?
I know I'm uncool..
But I like who I am when i'm with you

Wont you tell your bro to add me back
Tell him I play guitar too but mostly when I'm sad..
Rock and roll is pretty cool,
And Hip Hop was better when it was old school..
But I write acoustic tunes...
Oh you know I do.

Did you ever get the message that I never sent?
You always said you could read me,
Well did you figure I was upset
When you didn't answer the phone
All these days I've felt alone
Just a little hollow and not okay..
But i'd still be here tomorrow,
Despite yesterday.

Oh I'd still love you tomorrow,
Even if my heart breaks apart today.
4.9k · Jun 2014
Cathyy Jun 2014
Your eyes are killer to me.
'Sharp as the blade that cuts
Emotions out of me
&You;; stare is cold as can be
But it was never really like this
Could've sworn your arms
Used to be more inviting

But oh, i built a fence around my heart to keep you out
But you've found a way in, to my head somehow..
(And that's a dangerous entrance)

So how, how can i move on
When you're everywhere i go?
Oh but if theres one more thing you need to know, before you exit..

It's this;

I'm in a maze but please don't find me..
I'm in a dream but don't you wake me..
I'm in a world where there is no one else quite like me..
And i'm in love, but please don't save me.

Cause i'm afraid you can't save me,
You made me love love and now it hates me,
And now i don't know if i should be heartless..
'Cause maybe things would hurt less
If i used my heart less..

And if all is fair in love and war..
Won't you tell me how this self loathing war ends?
Wanted to write something different, some really deep references in here actually. Inspired by conversations i had with my friends x
Cathyy Jan 2016
Will you dance with me forever,
Around in circles?
We'll stay young together..
Forget growing older
You'll still make my heart race
Whenever you walk by

Let's paint this city over
With colours of Autumn
Red orange yellow and gold
Leaves.. you feeling colder
I'll still hug you tighter,
Whenever you walk by

...As time moved on, so did you
There hasn't been a day where I don't miss you,
And now everything has changed
But darling I could kiss you,
I'll never let you go..
I just want you to know...

Would you dance with me forever?
If I could turn back time,
Would you want to stay young together
I'll paint you a brand new infinite sky,
Anything just to have you,
Happy, here in my life...
I'll write you the most romantic poem in the world,
Even if it can't change how I appear now, in your eyes..
4.8k · Feb 2015
'My Go-To Road'
Cathyy Feb 2015
When I'm at the end of my rope,
You're my only hope, you're my go to- road.
And if I leave you on a cliffhanger, a slippery *****,
Would you still give me hope? Oh darling please, don't go

Oh make a soundtrack for my life,
Make a playlist so good it'll keep me alive,
You're all I've got, all I want, and I'd let go of my alternative world, if I could keep you in this real one here..

Cause when I'm at the end of my rope,
You're my only hope,
You're my go to road.

And sometimes life is a lonely road,
But I'll hold you close, In my heart
You're my favourite poem.
Shed a few tears.
I really love someone, as well as myself and life of course ;3
4.7k · Aug 2014
Cathyy Aug 2014
Maybe we could still be soulmates..
Maybe we could still have a connection
I know that you're taken, baby..
I should just accept it..
But somewhere along the lines,
Of you and i..
I know you loved me too..
(I hope somehow you still do)
So maybe we could still be soulmates..
Maybe God made me for you.
:) just a sneak peak of a new song i wrote,

Speaking of music, check out my latest youtube cover;;
4.3k · Oct 2014
Fallen In Love.
Cathyy Oct 2014
I'm thinking about us,
Oh what a friendship..
But I'm not the only one..
Who seems to treasure it

We took the pictures from the wall,
And we became them..
A series of movie moments brought to life..
And 'Photograph''s my favourite

So have you fallen in love yet?
Have you fallen in love yet?
Have you fallen in love yet,
with the idea of us?
Cause I'm falling in love,
And sorry if it's a bit too much,
And dont worry if you don't love me enough,
But I'm falling in love..

And i remember being off my head
On my 17th,
Crying 'I'm in my black dress
With no one to impress!'
'Wondering if you'd choose me,
Over your cigarette
And wondering if i deserved more
Than your ignorance
See i was breaking down,
Tryna get to you..
'About to climb up that roof,
But not jump of it til i told you the truth..

That for some reason, i think i love you..
... And I'd love you sober, too..
Though its been a while and I'm not sure im over you or what im 'supposed to do..

But all i can really say is..

I'm thinking about us..
Oh what a migraine.. (Haha)
Cause you took the letters that my heart poured out,
.. And made them spell out my name

But all of these poems and letters,
Were actually for,
4.0k · Nov 2016
Camila ♥
Cathyy Nov 2016
She's a book of poetry
easy to read if you're willing to read
She's so bittersweet to me
always excited,
yet tired at the same time
Will she ever find time?
To breathe..
And get away from the lights

She's so beautiful to me,
the way that Art fills her mind...

Oh Camila, if you're listening to this song
I hope you see that
you have purpose
you're so gorgeous
you're so strong
And I'm just a fangirl,
in a paper world
full of paper towns and hearts...
But your song makes me dance and-
Love Only's my anthem
and we're on our way to the stars... ♥
3.6k · Jan 2014
Cathyy Jan 2014
So what?
If I'm not 'so hot'

Why do you care
If I never change my hair?

Okay maybe my videos won't go viral
But the aim is to make at least one person smile

Honestly, I shouldn't worry
About being ignored
Or being 'totally!' unpopular..
It's gonna make a great story someday.

.. The day I become a somebody.

                    SO, before you trade your                              glasses in for a pair of contacts,
Before you chop your mop, and throw on the make up, before you chug down that *****
Which makes you talk crazy when you snooze,
Ask yourself; 'What do I have to lose?'

.... The rep you don't have,
Or the pride that you do.

Popularity is down to you.
Cathyy May 2014
You just turned 14,
when you tried to get your life together,
'had a dream but no motivation..
I was your best friend,
well that was all I wanted to be,
but then I saw your name in every constellation..

Well do you remember all the things we did last summer?
You said you'd never forget, all the good times..
You taught me guitar in that 5 seconds left of summer,
you are the best thing, that should have been mine..

Let's skip to Autumn when you made a Birthday CD for me,
yeah every now and then I listen when I can't sleep
you fought the monsters in my nightmares like a real dream chaser
and said you'd always be there,
well back then i swore you were a promise breaker

But I just fell out of love,
so how could I fall back in again?..
'thought **** sure that i weren't good enough
for you or him or her.. 'not good for anything but

Do you remember all the songs I wrote that summer?
You told me you were impressed,
by my 'cute lines'
You played guitar in that 5 seconds left of summer,
and just like a fangirl,
I danced to that all night!

And I remember all the things we did last summer,
from random trips to the park,
to late night heart to hearts
i bet you regret it every night giving me your number
'cause i called you all the time,
and for you i prayed hard

But I also remember that time,
when I called you that night,
and told you everything,
'said it was 'love at first sight'
and i waited so anxiously
as you were searching for the right reply..

.. I broke down right in front of you
'cause that's what i do best..
but i remember what you said,
I still play it back again in my head..

You said;
'I remember all the songs you wrote last summer,
And from then I guess I was overwhelmed,
but I know we'll be fine..
So don't feel awkward 'cause I'm willing to move forward with you,
And don't beat yourself up,
Oh please stay strong this time!'

Hold on, and never let go,
play back the songs,
and let the good times roll!

You're now 16,
putting all the pieces back together,
but there's one piece missing,
and that piece is still mine ;] <3
So this is about the person I've always loved to write about here on hellopoetry, this was actually an old cover i wrote from last year but i re editted it as i am so happy to be on speaking terms with my first ever real love <3 i'm gonna treasure the memories and the hugs and the advice and the songs and the everything! Haha, I wrote a 4 page poem about everyone in my class yesterday and read it out in assembly and I think that's given me more confidence to start openly writing about how i feel FOR MYSELF this time :) x
2.8k · Dec 2015
Admit It, You'll Be Okay
Cathyy Dec 2015
Don't press pause on real life..
Cause in just a blink of an eye..
Everything changes,
In front of you.
It's so wonderful.

And don't spend your days angry
Just spend a moment sulking :')
Cause every-thing right now is temporary..
..I'll too, just be a memory.

So won't you live a little,
And remember me?
Bump into me 5 years later,
With a different hair colour;
Oh go out there, and live your dream
Send me messages now and then,
And i'll get a pen and some paper
Oh won't you live life, cause there will never be another..
At least not one like this,
Oh you are beautiful I must,

Clocks are turning,
Earth spins..
My mind wakes up to the thought
Of "are you okay?"
.. Almost everyday.

But next year I'll care for me too
I'm 18, hey, lets get a tattoo-
Of an Ed Sheeran song..
That'll be a memorable one,
For sure.

Oh won't you promise,
To stay so strong?
I know that sounds patronising
But in the poems i've been writing,
I've found strength in this place here between my lungs;
Yeah these words from the heart;
I hope they light up the dark,
For you
I promise I'll never fade.
I'll still be annoying as hell
And maybe sappy as well
And will I ever move on?
Only time can tell.
But for now darling just live
Oh everyday is beautiful,
I must admit.
Proudest achievement of my year is possibly this poem actually.

Hope you like it.
Keep your eyes out on Sunday for new stuff.. X
2.7k · Jul 2014
Hey There Christina
Cathyy Jul 2014
Hey there Christina,
What's it like to roam the city
When there's boys and girls who look at you, thinking;
'Isn't she so pretty?'
Well yes you are..
You're the prettiest soul in the world by far, but why are you so far?

Hey there Christina
What's it like being on stage?
I'm at home tonight writing this for you,
But i know you'll be just great
Give it all you've got..
Sing as if the microphones are off :')
Like i'm there to watch

But oh, what happened to us?
Cause oh how i've been missing you so much
And oh my love was never enough
But it's stronger now than it ever was

And Christina i can promise you
That by the time you read this through
I would have tried to live my life and get somewhere without you,
But i'd rather go back to square one with youu..

.. Hey there Christina,
I hope you always find a reason to smile,
Even if that smile is no longer because of me, I'm glad I meant something to you for a while,
And i'm still writing to you,
Every single day.
~ inspired by the classic 'hey there delilah' song aha!!
2.2k · Apr 2014
With You, I'm 'Dauntless'
Cathyy Apr 2014
Sitting on the Ferris Wheel with,
you telling me how you feel..
There's no looking down or going back,
'cause I'm safest in your eyes

And everyone's afraid of something
but by your side I'm afraid of nothing
you're the one who makes me wanna never give up the fight,
I'll watch you like how the moon keeps his stars up right

Sleep tight, 'cause it's another fight in the morn'..
but you were born for this..

When I'm with you, I'm dauntless,
And when..
When I kiss you it's flawless,
You're a tattoo in the back of my mind..
And we're like statues through everyone else's eyes

yeah when I'm with you it's dauntless,
so, don't you ever feel haunted
we've got forever yet, til we leave it all behind
and i won't leave you behind..

'cause you and I are riding the Chicago skyline tonight
Ahh so I'm in the middle of writing a song for 'DIVERGENT' as i surprisingly really enjoyed it.. this is to be editted soon.. and i can't wait for some of you to hear it :) x
2.2k · Jun 2014
'The Fault In Our Stars'
Cathyy Jun 2014
I've got a hot date in Heaven..
Don't keep me up 'cause he'll be waiting,
He was my first love,
And maybe my last love,
.. Sometimes my worst love,
But we won't talk about that ;)

And i'm lying here while he sets us a table,
I've been to Amsterdam but never to the city of angels
All i know is i'm in love,
With my only best friend..
And it's a holiday i'll tell them,
I'll be back more 'heaven sent'..

But til then i'll just talk to the stars..

Oh would it be okay if i chose not to move on?
'Cause i believe in holding on,
And i believe you're holding on too
&All; the stars that alligned us,
Will hopefully find us..
And again..
And againnn..

I've got a hot date in Heaven..
Don't keep me here 'cause Augustus is waiting..
He was my first love
And maybe my last love
But always my favourite love
... Yeah i'll talk about that.

Someday i'll write about that.
Heyhey it's Cathyy,
So today is the 12th of June here in the UK, the first screening of tfios is showing !! I'm missing it though haha but i'm watching it next week! I know already so many of you american fans have watched it this week! I hope you like my new song lyrics! Would love to record this properly.. Someday ;)
1.9k · Apr 2014
Maybe I Love You Too
Cathyy Apr 2014
I remember that first poem you wrote me,
and every last bit of your last poem broke me
maybe you are unaware,
that this is hard for me too..

because yes i have dreams and stars I'm chasing
but yours is not the heart I wanted to start breaking
and right now i just need you,
to be the best friend i'm trying to be to you too..

So don't get upset or hurt when i say this
But give up on me so we can both make it,
make it to the finish line,
your friendship is the first cup prize to me..

And don't fall apart if i fall for someone,
who will hurt me again and again
oh just be there,
to help me be strong,
to help me be strong as i can be..

And maybe you'll tell me i'm worth it though I'm flawed and can't see the truth,
but maybe i need you in a different way
maybe i love you too
but its not enough for both our worlds to collide..

But I know you'll be tough, 'cause you're still singing on the other side..
... So I haven't written a poem about a guy in a while aha! But I really like this.. it's.. interesting and thoughtful I'd say.
1.9k · Jan 2016
Cathyy Jan 2016
There's just so much to say
but no time to say it
I think it's time I fall out of love
Yeah I finally said it
Big bright city both old and new
I'm gonna get lost on that subway
for an hour or two

There's just so much to learn
and so much to give
I think this year once college is over
I might learn how to live
Wake up early round half past 5
Find a quote to live by for the rest of my life

And she ain't perfect,
gotta let it go
I think moving on is possible
just don't forget the happiness you once felt you know?
It ain't all bad oh baby it's okay
I'm gonna play you my whole album
if I make it someday

And all this homework,
Man I really don't care
It's just something to pass the time
but it won't get me anywhere..
That's just the truth
Don't hate my words

Oh finally,
before it's time to get up
(yes I wrote this poem whilst lying in bed half awake half in love)
in love with life
or well at least my idea of it
Sometimes the world ain't pleasant
but I try my best to deal with it

There's probably more to say,
but right now I can't think
I'm just lying in bed waiting for that sun to rise again..

New years new years resolutions
don't just say you'll work out or stay slim
Dig deep, find more
create, explore
New years new years
that's what they're for..

^^ hope you like this poem! I'm really proud of it.
1.8k · Jul 2014
No one compares to you
Cathyy Jul 2014
Tell me was it perfect, your date..
Or were you nervous on that day,
It's just that you don't seem so nervous anymore these days..

And i just wrote a new poem saying
'I don't need you to grow'
But those words came out from another's mouth
How can a flower stand tall
When her roots have been ripped out?

Oh please could you give me everything or just maybe one thing
Just a piece of your heart that might
Not fit in his

Cause you and i will fall in love
With other people who think that
They're for us,
But deep down inside,
I just can't deny,
What is true..
That no one here compares to you

Cause you're my anchor of hope,
i'm your sinking boat
And you're my moral compass
Pointing me back home
So please don't deny
That our silent goodbyes
Meant any truth..
No not even my metaphors
Can truly capture you
Because you're so beautiful
That no one else could compare to you

.. Well summer flings
Happen here and there
And i've been caught up in a love affair
But all these guys they don't buy me coffee or compliment my hair

But with you,
I bet things are going greater than fine
I hope you're always on the greener side
&I; just wish my eyes would be less greener eyes

And tell me in a year or two,
You'll still think of me
Cause you know that,
I'd never stop thinking of you

And now i'm pushing away all these scary thoughts,
Though it's hard to just smile when i see you knowing i can't be yours
But i will fall in love,
Yeah at least one more time, if not two
But no one will compare to you

And i'm coming across as desperate
Though i'm tryna keep us separate
It's been 7 days and 42 minutes
Since i deleted you and its made no difference
And my best friends are cheering me on and calling my phone
And i would rush to it to see if it's you but it's not
Cause you're now someone else's drug
And when i'm out and all alone
I'll wander how i should get home
Cause no one else is a better compass
On those nights i came home from church, your voice gave me comfort
And on your first date i hope you weren't nervous,
I said that under the church roof is where you're most perfect
But everywhere you go, you make life worth it so i want you to always know
That i'll hug you back when it hurts less.. Cause i'm hurting.. Still hurting..

But i swear you are worth this.
Well that last poem was a BUMP but this one was more real and emotional to write :'(
1.7k · Feb 2016
Crosswords & Board Games
Cathyy Feb 2016
Take my hand and free fall,
You look at me as if no one else exists at all..
And suddenly everything that seemed so heavy back then,
Doesn't weigh anything,
I've let go..

Lets solve crosswords and play board games
Thats what Sundays are for aren't they?
I look at you as if you are the missing piece..
From this puzzle of a sky above me

And all I have to give,
Is just a song that rhymes a little bit
And quite a meaningful hug
That goes on longer than a couple mins'
Would you take care of me?
And share with me,
Your hopes and your dreams..

I wanna write songs and drink coffee with you
Take it as easy as I can
I know my love often gets out of hand
But I'd like to get out the shower and model for you,
Tell you every evening how I am,
I know some days I'm quite sad
But I am easy to cheer up you see..
And if How I met your mother came on
Would you lie here with me for days on repeat? :')
A new favourite this year hehe
Includes personal references.
Cathyy Nov 2014
'Under the sky with you..
I wrote a line for you
and as your eyes found the Moon's,
those stars were fixed on you..
'Everything is beautiful, your broken smile too..'

And back at the tree house, I
wrote a poem for you well, tried*
but it was way too simplified..
I needed bigger words like;
The juxtaposition of this composition is too excruciating to be euphemism now..

... So darling let's be real,
You and I, we both know how we feel..
'craving love from others but rejecting it from ourselves..
If only my hugs could heal,
maybe then I could love myself..

'Lying on the field, eyes closed..
I thought of my bow and arrow,
'how I've tried to set the target on your heart,
but the thought of hurting you made it hard to let go..

Do I take your breath away?..
Or am I just a breath away from doing so?..

Oh I just want you. So. Bad.
'So bad that if you hurt me,
I'd hurt you back..
'Write a song, a traumatic chapter for dramatic impact..
If only feelings could change..
but maybe your feelings will..

Maybe one day you'll see everything is beautiful,

.. and I can be too.
.. book spoilers ;)
Cathyy Dec 2015
Everything is art.
The ground you walk on, your cloud of thoughts in the sky
And the sunset's a splash of orange paint, spilled on your canvas waiting to dry
See everything just wants you to stop and notice it..
Go get your paint brush and show me, what you're currently in awe with

Everything is great
Honest words that come easily,
And the way a person looks when they dance freely
Everything is great....
but I'm not fine?
And everything is art...
but all i see are random lines.

Every day is filled with something new.
Only difference is I'm feeling more restless
I tried taking half a pill and woke up
With the same migraine i slept with
Oh everything's a blur.
Traffic lights and busy nights,
Thoughts pounding; thoughts pleading
Everything's a mess
Even the structure of this poem
Thoughts crying, thoughts screaming
Oh everything i say
Just comes across as so awkward
I tried to write a poem about art
About love
About stars
And pretty words
I tried to rhyme my love for you
With some random **** like dove shampoo
Oh everything's coming out unfiltered and sorry its unloaded all onto you..

Maybe everything's just in our minds..
Our fears, our delusions..
I'm sure the universe is too busy existing as art; to be plotting against all us humans..
And you are wonderfulll, so beautiful
It wouldn't be a typical poem, if i didn't mention that at all

Not everything is black and white
Sometimes there's drops of pink and grey
But when they told me to paint them a picture of what love meant to me,
I took a pen and some paper, and just spelled out your name.
Very raw first take of a poem.
Cathyy Feb 2014
You look at me..
Like I'm Medusa
But you're the one who knew her
Until your beauty threw her
Over the edge,
&Now; theres snakes on her head ;)

But what we have,
Is so forbidden
Cause you and I are so different
But i dont care cause
You keep me living

And we could be talking bout nothing
For hours on end
You've got a face of an angel,
You must be heaven sent
I just don't know if I'm able
To adore you any less
And how do you talk about 'nothing'
With a Greek Goddess?..

...Don't look at me like I'm Medusa
I'll meet you here when the moons up maybe..
I'll prove to you that its true love
I've got a heart that can't be changed
I've got a love that will not fade
And i don't say much but for you i'd be okay

So can we just talk about nothing
For hours on end
How great would that be for us dear
To get away from them
Cause i know that i am not worthy
to even be your friend
But I'm falling for a Greek Goddess..
All over again.
Absolutely love this and will be releasing a demo version on my youtube channel; JournalOfMusic

I also wrote a one page short story for this which can be found on my wattpad; CathyWantsToWrite

:) xo
1.5k · Dec 2015
Cathyy Dec 2015
I said I liked that song you played
Cause it matched your heartbeat
And I would have danced with you on the 17th, if I didn't have two left feet

Oh you've got everyone falling for you, and you don't even realise..
I was just one half of an
Unrequited love poem
Until you came along
And took me by surprise

..Like a heartwarming sunrise.

You're fire,
I'm fire
Together we can never tire..
You're the truth
I'm a liar
I said it's just a crush
But it must be more, to inspire..
My songs,
My poems
Together we can always find a
Way back home
You're the spark
Awakening my nerves...
Oh together we make

The last of the trilogy.

Also new youtube video to end the year here;
1.5k · Jan 2014
You're Oh So Disney to Me.
Cathyy Jan 2014
Free falling into the pits of Wonderland,
I wanna fly to
                            nowhere with Peter Pan

We're slowly fitting into place
So let your hand slip into mine
And let my fingers trace your disney character face

We're gently stirring up trouble in
These coffee cups of limited love
So can i get a refill?
Maybe if i rub this teapot like a lamp
I could make your wishes come true
If the world allowed me this chance

I may not have much to offer
I'm a writer, not a doctor
I might look like a furry beast
Even on my good days
But you'd be my beauty, my Belle,
And this I mean, always.

I don't believe in fairy tale endings,
Not anymore
I'm that loser who dreams of disney beginnings
And if i had you even as a rose, something i could walk past and just adore
I know i'd go through life winning,
I wouldn't want to fall through the crust
Of this 'Wonderland' anymore.
1.4k · Feb 2014
Meet.. Invisi-Girl!
Cathyy Feb 2014
Have you ever noticed all the superheroes in your school?
That kid who's strong enough to lift things and throw them
at the other kid who's strong enough to actually take it.

Those popular girls, the cheerleaders
who always find the positive in everything
and have super cool elastic flexibility!

And those super cool independent chicks with their headphones in,
hoods up, shutting out the rest of the world.

Oh and of course those 'Clark Kent's who are so intellectual
leaving you puzzled and curious every time.
Those are the best kind of heroes because they're the underdogs.
You wouldn't think any of these guys would ever
be capable of being your Superman at Prom.
But you take away the glasses and then you'll really feel dumb.

There's all those cool superheroes hanging in the canteen,
spreading around like a bad cough in the playground
and then.. and then there's me.

Hi there.
I have the tendency to fade into the shadows of the ground,
My weakness is focal point.
The spotlight would burn against my sensitive skin like how
a sunrise would burn the skin of a vampire.
The attention of a million little lights
would be the cause of my own fire.

And if you look into my eyes..
If I let you,
You'll see my life flash right before yours,
you'll suddenly feel scared to know me..
but you'll care enough to try.

I guess you could call me Invisi-Girl!
'Cause I don't even wear a cloak,
I don't even need a cloak,
to be seen as the most invisible girl
in the world.
Cathyy Jul 2014
I thought of you when i woke up
And how you stopped my heart beating last night..
All of the butterflies in my stomach are choking now,
They're falling hard like burnt fireflies..

And i'm out of town for a whole month,
I've got a new city to wander in
But every day when i wake up
I'll wonder why you're so fond of him

Cause its been years and years now
And i'm still saving for a half sleeve tattoo,
So i can wake up smiling to an art based on you
And all the good times we have yet to go through

And it's been years and years now
And every summer i've got my black pen on the go,
I'll pen your name up on the billboards so all the busy streets all know,
And i'll pen a heart on my sleeve that keeps on beating for you

I'm writing poems with mixed intentions
I'm trying hard to narrow it down..
So i'll write a song,
Throw away the acoustic sound..
Cause all i feel is electric now..

And nothing's supposed to hurt for this long, no not this long
And theres blood from my heart not inkpen, spilled on our favourite song

But its been years and years now
And you said that change was good for us all
And that pain was something you had to let go,
But your song is all i hear on the radio..

And it's been years and years now
And every summer i feel like the sun's raining down on me
Cause i'm about to drown in other people's positivity,
I just need a way to absorb that from just me..

So i'll ink your name on a band aid
And find some new band mates
And then i'll trade in your favourite records,
For some new cd's since i wrecked yours
And i'll pen out a watch, pouring out endless amounts of time
So on my wrist it'll never say
That its 'holding on' time
Cause i can't live without you
Not even for a day
But i'm gonna have to learn how to
Wash the inkstains from my veins
Really fun to write :)
Hope you enjoy
1.3k · Jan 2014
Cathyy Jan 2014
I'm lifeless, on the floor
Bring me back to life
with those eyes I adore

I'm hopeless, like a ship losing direction
Save me for I am drowning in the sky's reflection.

I'm breathless, you're careless
to all that I care for,
a friendship, so ship wrecked ,
Oh we should've been a little careful

I'm dreaming, of breathing
in the same air that you love
But I'm lifeless, life's timeless
when you love with all you haven't got
1.3k · Mar 2014
'Safe Haven'
Cathyy Mar 2014
Falling, like Autumn
and landing swiftly
on top of a pile of freshly baked dreams,
Crunch goes my heart
crumbling like leaves

Jumping into fantasies,
like fishing for rubber ducks
What's my point you ask,
I don't know where to start

I'm spinning around like a hurricane
Watch Out
I'm a runaway

... But it's okay

You see I've been walking around like the ground
is my skateboard
and I'm so chilled and satisfied with the life that I'm riding on'
so perhaps I don't need to hold on to anything or anyone anymore,
and maybe it's time to chuck the helmet away,
'cause I've already made it this far somehow

Heck, I don't need looking after
'cause I'm my safe haven now
believe it or not but this was completely improvised
1.3k · Jun 2014
Insightful, i should hope
Cathyy Jun 2014
Nature is the sun light
Heaven is the night sky
And we're standing in between..
Passion's in the music
When it should be in the bedroom
We love such beautiful things

And power's in the money
When it should be in the poetry
They're losing sight of the truth..
And religions in a big book
When there's no faith in their small hearts,
Oh what a ridiculous thing..

But love and life
Is black and white
In a world that is mostly blue
They think that i'm crazy
'Cause i've fallen for you
But i'm in love with beautiful things
Like, paintings and pretty places too..
And breaking my heart is the most beautiful sinful thing you could do.

Bike riding in Paris,
Shopping for a new dress
Oh what a vintage way of life
Pictures with your boyfriend
Pictures with your girl friends
Oh what a beautiful smile

There's courage in the war
But its still wrong to hold a gun
So what do we **** for?..
Something like material
How about i raise a flag up for all the heroes
Who fight for all the beautiful things..

Oh life's a beautiful thing,
**It is.
Hope you like it x
1.3k · Oct 2014
Kiss Me Anyway..
Cathyy Oct 2014
I wrote a book..
But it's half a page,
I wrote a poem
But all it really says is;
'I'm in love'

But i won't say a word..
I'll just write words down,
I'm close to keeping you
In my life for a little longer now

And its gonna be the last day I'm 16,
Its gonna be the best night of my life
Cause if its gonna be the last day I'm 16,
I want your taste of what true lust is, so just close your eyes

And i will.. I'll make it hot,
As the bass drops,
I'll play a song that makes your heart stop, as i lean in..

Cause theres something about you..
Theres just something about you
And i know i can't lose you,
If you're someone else's to lose..
But there's something about us
That leaves me breathless and confused
Theres something about the way i know you want me too

I'll make it hot,
cause this could be love..
I wanna kiss you bad but you make my heart stop..
And now i give in

Cause there's so much to lose,
You're so beautiful..
And theres so much to lose
When you're the one I'm pouring my heart to
So don't spill my heart's ink,
Cause theres still one more last thing
Left to say,
Won't you tell me that I'm pretty..
Or tell me you can't love me
But you'll kiss me anyway..
Thank you so much for all the responses on that last poem i wrote, here's a bit more of a passionate one ;)
1.2k · Jan 2014
I've Found Alaska!
Cathyy Jan 2014
All this time,
I've been using the fault in our stars as a compass,
looking for Alaska and ending up in all the wrong paper towns

.. trying to write poems to impress people,
who don't even give a ****.

Well now, I've found a friend,
a few to say the least.
And Alaska may just as well be the 8th wonder in the world,
for her words and poetry never fail to amaze me.

Alas, I've found Alaska!
We're somewhat distant but under the same sky
Two different stories, two difference souls,
but hey, great minds, all think alike ;]
The words in bold are John Green book titles! ;]
1.2k · May 2014
From A-Z
Cathyy May 2014
Amazed and
Crazier in love,
Every time i open my eyes
Fading stars become you and i
Grateful for your existence
Hopefully wishing,
I've just started living thanks to you
'Just remember to breathe
Keep it cool count to three
Learn to control how my heart races
Madly for thee'
^ notes to myself, when i picture you in front of me
Only you can make me feel
Perfectly safe even in the darkest of dreams
Question my love, i dare you to
Rant about how its not
Sparks fly with every second i get you free, you're a foot away from where i stand
Time has nothing on us, for darling i am
Utterly and completely in awe with the
Very beautifully drawn detail of your face and your silhouette, i
Wake up feeling like i can do anything, every single day with your voice in my head So do an
Xray on my heart and
You will see, and A to
Z, isn't enough,  i'd need 26 new and different letters to tell you i'm in love, without having it sound cliche..

(But i guess this was still cheesey)
:) if you like this please check out my older stuff! X
1.1k · May 2014
More Than What You See..
Cathyy May 2014
Well this is how it usually goes
We talk after 3 months,
And i tell you things that no one knows, just to crash into tree stumps

Cause we'd disagree on whats right for me and you'd lecture me on crap,
But i laugh cause you're so into it
And i'm a big kid counting on that

But what can i say to you?..
Without it being much?
I could break your heart in two..
But would that make me tough?..

Our love goes round a roundabout and i'm chasing you down the street,
With a cupcake in one hand
And in the other, a poem you said you'd read
But you just won't take me seriously
Cause you think i'm soft, naive
But i just wanna be more than what you see
Yeah i'm a traveller (not lost for sure..)
An anchor in the sea

I'm waiting by the phone and
I'm threatening to leave
And i see you're trying your best
To cover your emotions up from me

So i guess this could be it for us
But i'll bug you every other night
So its best to turn your phone off
Just until i find mr right

Though you will always be my dear
To love so hard would be, my fear..

Yeah thats the thing that hurts you see.. i wanna love you perfectly,
but you always bring the worst in me!!
so how can you be so perfect for me?..

..Just send me out a signal
When you're stressed, Text SOS
And i'll be there at your rescue
Cause to me you were my life-vest
And in another 3 months
When we catch up
I'll tell you my brand new crazy dreams
I just wanna be more than what you see..
Yeah so cut the rope and set, this anchor free :')
Ahhhhh i hope you like it guise! Spent a good 30minutes on it! Thanks for trending my previous poem, this is possibly new lyrics i'm leaking out hehe.. Go check out my other poems for youtube and e.p links X
1.1k · Jun 2015
The Giver
Cathyy Jun 2015
If it were up to me,
I'd be more than a composer..
I'd be a musical conductor,
The night stars would be an orchestra
To us all.

If it were up to me,
I'd be less of a coward,
I'd be someone you'd be proud of,
I'd write a poem so beautiful that the world might just change...

But it's hard to feel this hope all alone..
It's hard to turn the waves from our home
its hard to turn my thoughts, into poems
And it's hard to be in love, on my own
Would you let me give you all the flowers I have grown?

Could I show you all the magic I've been shown?

If it were up to me,
I'd be on my way now
I'd be a busker by the bay now
I'd be a writer, still falling hard

If it were up to me,
I'd be less of a student, and more a teacher..
I'd be a doer, not a dreamer
I'd be iconic without needing a broken heart...

Oh it's hard to hear stories, from those around
It's hard to hear that everyone's, been knocked down..
It's hard to promise that things, could still look up..

See it's hard to give up,
When all I want is to be a Giver...

A giver of hope, songs and love.
Hopefully you like this guys x
1.1k · Apr 2014
Drops of Jupiter [Rewrite]
Cathyy Apr 2014
Now that you're here, in my Wonderland
I hope you will stay for as long as you can,
please stay..

You walk like a star and you shine like one too
it amazes me how you're just so wonderful
so please stay, please stay..

You see since my heart broke,
I lost all hope in love
but you wandered into my mind
and now you're all I think of
so please stay..

Come and find me,
I'll be waiting 'til the break of dawn
and I'll be painting you a picture of love
and all it's innocence..
in the sky with my fingertips

How can I move on?
When I just want to go back to the start,
and how can I love myself with a broken heart?
I guess you were busy,
whilst I was busy
writing out the words to this song..

So can you tell me!
Tell me are you happy with your new found life?
I hear you finally found the chance to learn how to love again
I hope your someones someone heaven sent..
Oh babyy it's like I've fallen for a shooting star..
and i'd fall through wonderland again for your heart
but i doubt its worth it,
'cause we're too imperfect to sort this out..

But can you imagine no life quotes, voicenotes?
Singing God knows,
always.. ringing up your phone..
(even when I'm in the wrong)

Can you imagine no heartbreak, heartfelt lyrics?
My heart aches while you finish,
the best peppermint tea you've ever had and,
what you have with me..
Heyhey it's Cathyy!

So I'm not gonna promote my blog or my youtube here I just want to share this as around this time last year was the first time those words up there touched crumbled paper in my lovely old songbook.

This is a very sentimental song, the original is 'Drops of Jupiter' from Train and I changed the whole concept of the song and really personalised it. I hope you enjoy, this is my way of saying thank you for all the support on the E.P and the single. X
1.1k · Oct 2015
Cathyy Oct 2015
Night kisses on the roof,
We're drinking up the view
Please fill my glass with a million more stars..
So I can find the courage to spill out the truth..

Long ago I was in love,
Well that's what I thought it was..
5 years is a long time to know a person,
And 5 words was all it took to break that off

So, "how did it all fall apart?" You ask.. And, "Was the fall worth the hurt?"
I'd give 3/4 of my heart for, just a quarter of hers..

But that was a very long time ago,
So let's move this along..

My first year at college ******,
I never thought I'd amount to much
11 months is a long time to care for someone,
Even when those last few months,
We fell out of touch..
But with this girl I felt so safe..
Brown hair green eyes cute face
I said goodbye 2 nights after my 18th birthday,
.. I thought this time my heart deserved a different kind of break

"... So how did it all fall apart?" You ask, "do you still care/ love her?"
I'd give 3/4 of my heart for, just 1/4 of hers..

But i'm not on the rooftop with her, right now..
Oh i'm with you,
And this is where we are..
Singing the blues..

When that sun rises over you
Won't you tell me your stories too?
I'll give both halves of my heart if..
You give me all yours too.
So this is my favourite thing I've written... Ever.

Hope it makes you guys feel something too. It is very personal though, and quite hopelessly romantic somewhat hahaha.
1.1k · Apr 2014
I Hope You'll Ask About Me
Cathyy Apr 2014
Well we were okay once,
So we'll be okay separately..
But when you see them next,
I hope you'll ask about me

And when I'm missing for days
Gone with the night
I'll be missing your face
I'll be far from alright

But when you read these words
I hope you'll ask about me.

'Cause I've got all these plans,
All these 'I Will's' and 'I Can's'
But I'm not as strong as they make me out to be
No, only determined.

So when you stumble across my lyrical pain
I hope you'll find it in you to spare me a thought
Every now and again

See I don't want to love another Greek Goddess,
But rather a Blue Moon, bluer than blue
So I hope you'll ask about me
When you hear that I still ask about you

I hope it's nice where you are,
I hope your beauty stays truer than true
1.1k · Mar 2014
Unbreak Your OWN Heart
Cathyy Mar 2014
If we don't fix ourselves,
We'll have to deal with all these broken smiles
As well as broken hearts

And if we don't teach ourselves
We'll fall behind someone who's fixed themself
With a hammering heart beat
Yeah no more broken parts..

Don't try to be perfect
'Cause you're not it
You are beautiful
And believe me that's more worth it

But don't deny a love that'll fix you
'Cause one day it'll hit you
Like a house of cards
Oh its a broken heart
Not a broken life
Or soul.
Its been a while since i wrote a new poem!
I hope this kinda makes up for it? ;3
Haha. Stay beautifulll fellow poets and poetess' xo
1.0k · Feb 2015
In between Lungs&Pages
Cathyy Feb 2015
Friendships take time.
I gave you my time, and then some..
And during my hardest nights, I would give you my piece of the sky..

But I didn't mind.
No I'd do it again, and then some..
I'd gift wrap those stars for you and present them in a candle jar
just for your eyes

And I loved you in three part poetry..
And you loved the way that allowed you to see most of me,
Oh there was my opinion on your ring of Saturn,
And you were my beautiful constellation,
And every other fascination showed on New Year's Eve..

Oh in the space of five months,
I found myself humming along, to your heart beat as you inspired, my songs,
Cause every time that we hugged I felt butterflies dance between my lungs,
And that just never scared you off..
'Tell me your stories, I love your voice notes'

And in the space of 2 school terms,
Your existence in itself taught me that some you'll win, and some you'll learn..
And how life can't imitate art if it was life that came first
And when it comes to us, there'll always be a page, a chapter, a poem
But loving you was a story of it's own..

Friendships take trust.
And I'll trust you for all my life
But maybe that's far too long, as
I don't feel too good these days, to keep up the fight..

But you loved me enough to compile the perfect playlist,
And I loved you enough to stay alive for this 3 part gift
Oh and I have screen shots from when we first spoke, When you told me how my words broke,
Through the walls, that you so greatly built..

But in the next few weeks,
I wonder what it'll take for me to hear you speak,
Like how you used to before cause we'd speak more, usually..
I wonder if everything will get resolved,
Cause I'll be there for you,
That's probably all I could do,
But this I swear to you..
That there'll be no one else who can love you at 17, in the same way i do..
But I know there will always be someone, who you love too

So maybe it's time to give up
Or maybe we'll call it 'moving on'..
Well maybe we've done nothing wrong,
but my heart's too weak to hold a love that's this strong.. Oh my love..

There's a drawing of you, an anime drawing tucked away in my room
And there's emergency cigarettes in a box I hid for you..
Just give me a shout and there'll be yours..
And right now I deeply need, a piece of your sky, a piece of your heart, oh something to anchor me.
Oh when I'm writing you letters I'll need you to answer me?!
I can't believe I'm missing you like this..

Well let's try again..
Meet me outside the gate near your bus stop at around 5pm
And I'll push away my terrible thoughts of never breathing this air again,
Oh let's just walk down all roads,
til one leads us home..

Loving you was the greatest novel I've known.
This was very emotional to write,
Actually took 2 hours.
1.0k · Mar 2014
Cathyy Mar 2014
When i was 6, i wanted to be something i completely made up in my head.. A 'space ninja pirate undercover superhero with wizardry powers' of some sort, and so i became just that.

&When; i was 10, i grew out of that and grew into the idea of being just an 'ordinary girl' with ordinary clothes and ordinary hair, no extraordinary powers of any sort, and so i became just ordinary.

But when I was 12, i grew tired of being like everyone else. I wanted to create something original for myself. And so i took a pen and an old Disney notepad and wrote all my random daydreams down, and so i became a dreamer and that was that.

However, at 14. I started to care a little too much. Gave my heart away freely and brought myself cheap love. My hair was far too ordinary and my imagination was far too weird,
' if i don't start shaving now, by 16 i'll have a beard ' and so self conscious i became, and that was that for that year.

Now i'm at 16, and i'm starting NOT to care, my daydreams have got me this far and i embrace my messy hobo like hair.. It's tricky though.
'Cause if i were to be honest, i'd say this;;
At 16, i want to touch people with my words but not become a 'poet'
I want people to relate to my music but i don't want to be a musician
I want to get over my depression
But i dont want to feel perfect
I kinda want to run away
But at the same time i want to always have a reason to stay.
Personal, needed to emotionally vent#
Cathyy Oct 2016
1) Wake up one day, make myself a steaming hot cup of coffee, go to the balcony and say good morning to New York City

2) Have pancakes and coffee at a cool diner and tell someone my life story

3) Write a song just for myself and not release it / share it

4) Dedicate a day to just spending time with my mum, no phone distractions or anything!

5) Stand up for myself.

6) Stand up for myself again (I reckon I'm gonna have to keep doing this as I get older, and as I interact with more strangers who think they know me)

7) Help out a charity - either a Cancer charity or a mental illness foundation

8) learn how to drive and blast out Taylor swift through the speakers

9) grow up and occasionally look back

10) become more confident

11) dye my hair at least one other colour before going back to basic black

12) dream big but not too big, don't want to lose sight of reality...
This was really personal, I don't know why I shared it here but yeah. Hope you smiled at one or two points hehe.

- Cathyy
1.0k · Feb 2015
A Simple Poem ~
Cathyy Feb 2015
I've sang every song..
I've written all my poems,
I painted with every colour,
And loved with every bone..

But just like that song..
I overplayed all our memories
And over-analysed the way
You'd look in my eyes,
You didn't mean nothing by it..

Oh but you now, won't answer my calls
And now you, don't follow my thoughts
Yet somehow you are still there,
And darling I, will still be here
If you fall..
Yeah honey I'd still be here
Even if the spark's no longer there,
I loved with every bone..
Loved with every poem,
I still love you
With my all.

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