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Cathyy Nov 2018
I noticed the butterflies tangled in her hair,
I looked for reassurance in her eyes  and in that moment she didn't blink.
I asked her if I look pretty and she didn't even have to think.
"Yes you're beautiful" I noticed the tone of her voice was always so genuine so sweet
I asked her if I was her best friend
And she just looked at me.
I noticed the sound of her heart beat was always in time with mine
As if we were friend soulmates
Brought together to impact lives
I noticed her perfection even when she didn't see it in herself;
The girl who I facetime,
Has the face of an angel,
But her mind's somewhere else
She feels lost and confused
Worried and sad;
Anxious to the point where her own friends she will refuse..ave things really gotten so bad?
I noticed the way she moves,
So graceful and charming
Babe you're gonna be okay,
Even the bluest skies sometimes darken
For my best friend amber
Cathyy Nov 2018
What’s your favourite city in the world?
Mine is the City of you,
Though your physical features are the city’s main attraction
I’m far more interested in your back roads, your sentimental buildings and what your national anthem sounds like.
Everyone’s a city, I’m a city for the dreamers, hopeless romantics and musical poets.. And my love for you is no secret.
In fact I plaster it all over billboards,
I play it on the radio.
I paint it in the stars.
I don’t want a city map to figure you out;
I’d rather do what I’ve been doing the past two years,
Just getting in lost in your eyes and following my heart, over and over...

I love you,
for all that you stand for
Your city is loud, it’s brave. It has a voice.
You speak up for what is right.
Never soften your voice...
never harden your heart.
I promise you I love you
As much as a 21 year old can love.
As much as I can love.
Late at night I sit and write about you
And it’s never difficult
I sometimes wish the hours were longer so I can simply just enjoy your company more

Everyone’s always busy, always rushing
People... such fools.
Claiming they have so much emotion but never really showing it.
I wanna be a different kind of city to you.
A city that’s been knocked down but has had to pick itself back up again.
A city that’s not afraid to fall in love,
Over and over... again
Maybe we both have different morals, different hearts
But If we can inspire each other to be better and better,
The world would be a pretty **** beautiful place.

One more thing;
I’m dying to see you again
For you light up my life,
One day at a time.
You light it,
Over and
And I’m falling
Over and over
.. Again.

..What’s your favourite poem in the world?
I hope it’s me.
Hope you guys like it, check out my other stuff too!
Cathyy Jan 2018
Pardon me you've got moondust
In your eyes love..
Did you know that?
And darling your smile's my weak spot
You make me feel so much..
When you do that

I think I'm hooked on this feeling that I call love
You got me out on the ceiling praying to God, for your love

I wanna tell you that I love you
Let me shout it from the rooftops now
I laugh my hardest when i'm with you
You take me higher than the clouds oh girl I
I think I'm going insane now
For your love
You got me going insane now for your touch

Babe you look like an angel
I see your halo, its so bright
And I wanna make you feel happy
From the moment you wake up
Feel alive

'Cause you got me hooked on this feeling that I call love
You got me out on the ceiling praying to God for your love

I lose all control for your love
But I don't deserve all your love.

^ guys these are lyrics to my new song I put out a music video for it last week and would really love it if anyone who liked my words, wanted to listen to the actual song: just copy and paste this link here:

Cathyy Nov 2016
She's a book of poetry
easy to read if you're willing to read
She's so bittersweet to me
always excited,
yet tired at the same time
Will she ever find time?
To breathe..
And get away from the lights

She's so beautiful to me,
the way that Art fills her mind...

Oh Camila, if you're listening to this song
I hope you see that
you have purpose
you're so gorgeous
you're so strong
And I'm just a fangirl,
in a paper world
full of paper towns and hearts...
But your song makes me dance and-
Love Only's my anthem
and we're on our way to the stars... ♥
Cathyy Oct 2016
1) Wake up one day, make myself a steaming hot cup of coffee, go to the balcony and say good morning to New York City

2) Have pancakes and coffee at a cool diner and tell someone my life story

3) Write a song just for myself and not release it / share it

4) Dedicate a day to just spending time with my mum, no phone distractions or anything!

5) Stand up for myself.

6) Stand up for myself again (I reckon I'm gonna have to keep doing this as I get older, and as I interact with more strangers who think they know me)

7) Help out a charity - either a Cancer charity or a mental illness foundation

8) learn how to drive and blast out Taylor swift through the speakers

9) grow up and occasionally look back

10) become more confident

11) dye my hair at least one other colour before going back to basic black

12) dream big but not too big, don't want to lose sight of reality...
This was really personal, I don't know why I shared it here but yeah. Hope you smiled at one or two points hehe.

- Cathyy
Cathyy Sep 2016
Tell me what its like..
On the other side of the moon?
I hear its great at night
When the Earth's in view

And can we grab a bite,
From the Milky Way, Bar..
There's still so many things,
Left unsaid from the heart..

See I hit the jackpot,
Once upon a very long, time ago..
I'm like a new found star sign
Next to that ring of saturn you stole

And I've been moving on,
Yet still looking back..
If its still space you want,
I'd like my telescope returned
Once you're back

Cause I know that change is hard,
And we've been through infinite stars,
Only to find, a million scars
None of which are physical,
But still, cut so hard
I know that life is full of paths,
And the choices you make,
Are all yours alone
But I'll be right here,
You decide to come home

Wahey another new poem haha
Cathyy Sep 2016
You said I'd make a great writer,
So I became a writer.
Replacing simple phrases such as "I love you" and "You're so pretty" with metaphors such as;
"She was Love, and therefore without her, life was meaningless" and
"If the Moon ever needed a reason to stay, it was to admire a beauty like hers all day"

You said Winter was your favourite season,
So I saved you a spot at my favourite coffee shop and memorised your order.
See these drinks don't taste the same during summer,
These leaves, don't fall as hard as I do..
But these hugs, during this time, are more fulfilling and warm
These eyes, adore you even more so when you are completely covered in layers and layers of clothing
These words, becoming more poetic than lustful.

All was going well, until you said
"I'd make a great friend"
So I remained your friend, because anything else would have been absurd.
See I'll tell you my favourite poem, favourite season, favourite type of bird
But if you ask me what inspires me..
I won't say a word.
Wow it's been a long time since I've written a poem!

Hope you guys like my comeback poem..

And have a lovely day/ evening x
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