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Feb 2016
Take my hand and free fall,
You look at me as if no one else exists at all..
And suddenly everything that seemed so heavy back then,
Doesn't weigh anything,
I've let go..

Lets solve crosswords and play board games
Thats what Sundays are for aren't they?
I look at you as if you are the missing piece..
From this puzzle of a sky above me

And all I have to give,
Is just a song that rhymes a little bit
And quite a meaningful hug
That goes on longer than a couple mins'
Would you take care of me?
And share with me,
Your hopes and your dreams..

I wanna write songs and drink coffee with you
Take it as easy as I can
I know my love often gets out of hand
But I'd like to get out the shower and model for you,
Tell you every evening how I am,
I know some days I'm quite sad
But I am easy to cheer up you see..
And if How I met your mother came on
Would you lie here with me for days on repeat? :')
A new favourite this year hehe
Includes personal references.
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