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mjad Jan 11
Hop up in your Jeep
All too familiar to me

"Wanna go in the backseat?
S H Violet Jan 2
As the decade began, 
I felt a rush go through 
my entire body, 
like how it felt
when we were kids.

You stayed by my side
just so you could be 
the first thing on my mind.
Heather Jan 1
Starting this New Years
off with a poem
a flourish of my 'pen'
I have no idea if it will be my last
or a continuation
of a single lifestream
hoping all will go well – at least
better than it's been
lose a few pounds
so I'll be light on my feet,
get my mind straight,
strong and sweet
grounding my emotions
with a focus on the goal
do some meditation that
will make me whole
This Mother of Intentions
is not paved to hell
it's a promise I make to God
so in truth time will tell
Praying for world peace
sending charity to some poor
shaking my fist along
just social movements
helping lift burdens
adding my light to a great light
of angels chorus in heaven
hoping this chance, a beginning
will not be an end,
but a reason to renew again.
A New Year's resolution.
Lydeen Jan 1
New year,
New me.
At least that's the idea,

I haven't really told anyone...
I've been counting calories,
Working out.
It needs to stop,
I guess.

I'll figure it out.

New year New me.

Sounds nice.
Only an hour left! I'm hoping next year is much better than this one. We'll see, when I go through all my poems next December. I wish all my lovely followers well. Make it the best one yet <3 muito amour ~Lydeén~
Empire Dec 2019
Two years ago today
I was a slave of compulsion
A victim of disorder
This was when it all went wrong

A year ago today
I was high
Finally I could see beyond the pain
I was hopeful
I was happy
I was healing
Or maybe it was just the drugs

I’m still breathing
Allowing myself to survive another night
My thoughts are entangled with darkness
Hope is nearly gone
The sun hasn’t even set
But I’ve already wanted to cut
Already contacted suicide prevention

Maybe in a year
Things will be better
Of course
I’ve stuck around
Alek Mielnikow Dec 2019
I’ve never felt so tranquil
while so numb.

It’s like leaving while
staying still, a calm
pulse in nothing,
music without a sound,
*** without a body.

It’s an erasure of strides
in snow and slush,
a dissolving act,
the cackle of a
wholesome child.

Pure and imperfect.

I am drifting downstream,
riding the cherry blossoms.

And I’m not stopping this time,
I’m not checking out,
waking up or falling asleep.

The stars will kiss me and I
will drink their light.

I am no longer afraid.

by Aleksander Mielnikow | Alek the Poet
For those celebrating today, rock on! But you may not be in the same spirit. New Year’s Eve might leave you wanting and feeling empty. You’ll enjoy the party and lift the toast, but someone close may notice how sad your eyes are when you let your guard down. Something about this transitional holiday hurts deep in your gut, similar to your birthday. All I will say is that you’re not alone; I am just like you. And I’m lifting my toast to you, hoping you find a lesson in your struggle, maybe something about understanding yourself better. And I hope that by tomorrow you’re looking neither ahead nor behind but being right now.

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Grey Dec 2019
All I want for Hanukkah is
for you to be happy.

All I want for Christmas is
for you to be loved.

All I want for Kwanzaa is
for you to be safe.

All I want for New Years is
for you to promise me
that you won't give up this year.
Happy Holidays :)
Amarys Dejai Feb 2019
Daydreams that exist only inside of my head have been laid to rest in the corners of my mind.
Lately, I’ve been looking at the raindrops sliding down my car window and wondering what that feels like to be water. I watched the approaching headlights light up the raindrops like twinkle lights, and my body began to ache for my childhood innocence, for the ability to believe in Santa Claus and his reindeer, in the tooth fairy, in the Easter bunny, and in the idea that I was always going to feel that happy.
Lately, I’ve been watching everyone around me live, and I’ve been wondering what that feels like. My heart feels like a retired opera singer performing to the empty auditorium of my chest that she once conquered. I see my purpose as a single, insignificant star in the sky that I can never seem to find. My bed sheets have become a second layer of skin, and turning the **** of my bedroom door has become one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.
Lately, I’ve been reading back on my old journals, comparing entries that are a year apart side by side. “This time last year,” I say to myself.
This time last year, I told myself that things will change. The only thing that changed is that I have made a jail cell out of a dorm instead of my home. I am a year older, but I still feel as anxious, exhausted, and defeated as I used to.
Lately, I’ve been daydreaming that I love myself, about being happy, about not feeling out of place, about being where I want to be.
“This time next year,” I tell myself, “This time next year.”
This is the one mistake that I can never seem to learn from.
Last year blessed me like no other,
Though past sins need absolution,
In my hoping for another,
I offer these resolutions:
Continue to write to inspire.
Keep after curiosity.
Win Powerball and then retire.
Adore those who inspire me.
Take pride in watching my sons grow.
Love them through the mistakes they’ll make.
My books featured on a talk show.
Act with intent for Heaven’s sake.
Achieve integrity in love.
Try to see more without my eyes.
Get weight down instead of above.
Tell my faithful heart fewer lies.
Resolve traumas at years ago.
Listen more closely to God’s voice.
More west coast to avoid the snow.
Don’t waste a moment to rejoice.
So thank you for the things I’ve seen,
Keep in touch in Twenty Nineteen.
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