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Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2021
Another year down
Promise of more progression
My only hope still
Happy new year
Erik T Blaze Jan 2021
I am
Casting down imaginations
To the pulling down of., strong-holds
Gearing up for the., long term
But from the outside looking in?
May seem bold
or  quite
( Well )
Just referring to the thoughts
that I have
that are really not that far- off
while dreaming of.,  REVELATION
No fabrication on my part
As I try to separate the Light
from the Dark
with high hopes and
Which is.. a sen-sational sensation of flying high
as I'm being
High on
Or something like a planned
Evo-lu-tion that is so
Staying true to my elevation in 2020
leading into 2020 one
Now seeing  Dou-ble
( Although )
Some might try to fix it?
But I would beg to differ
Cause it would take.. Twice.. the listen
Care to listen?
Just to see things
And at the same time?
Shuning the carnal mind's version
of seeing  Dou-ble
May call it.. Twinning
Which is the true definition
of being  Dou-ble
So to combat this?
I would just never
Mind it ( meaning )
There's no rules or
bars of
For no 20 or Eye is missing
from my
Raised suspicions?
Well., Just hoping that you will
tread.. carefully
And stay
As you enter my center of words
and.. penning
As I write the vision
I'll make it plain and simple
No Subliminals
Or either I'll keep it at minimal
While maintaining the
As usual
As I keep on gaining in
Do not follow your heart follow God
Steven Dec 2020
let me not dwell on things i lost, forgot.
who gains from memories of memories fought?
mjad Jan 2020
Hop up in your Jeep
All too familiar to me

"Wanna go in the backseat?
S H Violet Jan 2020
As the decade began, 
I felt a rush go through 
my entire body, 
like how it felt
when we were kids.

You stayed by my side
just so you could be 
the first thing on my mind.
Heather Jan 2020
Starting this New Years
off with a poem
a flourish of my 'pen'
I have no idea if it will be my last
or a continuation
of a single lifestream
hoping all will go well – at least
better than it's been
lose a few pounds
so I'll be light on my feet,
get my mind straight,
strong and sweet
grounding my emotions
with a focus on the goal
do some meditation that
will make me whole
This Mother of Intentions
is not paved to hell
it's a promise I make to God
so in truth time will tell
Praying for world peace
sending charity to some poor
shaking my fist along
just social movements
helping lift burdens
adding my light to a great light
of angels chorus in heaven
hoping this chance, a beginning
will not be an end,
but a reason to renew again.
A New Year's resolution.
Lydeen Jan 2020
New year,
New me.
At least that's the idea,

I haven't really told anyone...
I've been counting calories,
Working out.
It needs to stop,
I guess.

I'll figure it out.

New year New me.

Sounds nice.
Only an hour left! I'm hoping next year is much better than this one. We'll see, when I go through all my poems next December. I wish all my lovely followers well. Make it the best one yet <3 muito amour ~Lydeén~
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