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Mary Christopher Jun 2014
The Queen of Hearts
Lives in a castle of broken hopes and dreams
And as she lies on her bed of memories
She has one of her own

She remembers back to the day
Her own heart ran away
It was stolen and never returned

The King of Thieves they say
Was the one to take her heart away

That is why, to this day
The Queen of Hearts
Takes others’
The hearts of others who still have them

If it wasn’t for the King of Thieves
That one summer-turned-fall
With falling leaves
The Queen of Hearts might give her heart away
Instead of taking others’ for prey

But the King of Thieves had his own story to tell
It is one of mystery and dark streets
One of sorrow and relief

He stole the Queen’s heart
To give to his thieves
So that they might one day believe
That this is not how it’s supposed to be.

Mary Christopher Jun 2014
I wish I could say
That poetry comes easily to me

But I don’t live in a place where poetry is born
Where there is a small café
Down the street
And all you think about
Is how to make ends meet

No I don’t live in a beautiful town
With chattering people all around
I live in a place of soccer and school
Of long-lost dreams and neighborhood pools

I live in a place that many dream of
Where one’s only worry
Is if their house is clean enough

But I want to live
not play soccer and go to school
I don’t want to worry about how I’ll be cool
I only want to leave
And never return
To this city where my dreams
Have crashed and burned

I want to live in a place where poetry is born
Where people dance on the streets
Not for fun, but to feed their children
And with a man on the road who stands on his feet
With a cardboard sign
saying he has nothing to eat

I want to live in a place where I can help
I guess I just want to live in the real world
Not a protected neighborhood
With security and safety
But rather a place where life is tasty

And the next day is never the same
As the one that just passed
And you’re caught wishing these days would last

Mary Christopher Jun 2014
I love you.
Were you not aware??
Every time I think of you, I smile everywhere.
Every time I think of you I smile,
And every time I smile I think of you.
So basically, I’m always smiling
And I’m always thinking of you.

Quite a life isn’t it??
If only you knew.
Maybe you feel the same way I do.
I’ll never know because I’ll never tell

The way you make me feel whenever you’re around,
When you’re beside me
When I can feel you breathe
When I see you smile
When I look into your beautiful eyes
When I hear your laugh from across the room.
I don’t know if I can stand not to tell you soon.

But there is no way,
No way I’ll ever
Because of the things they’ll say.
Maybe you’ll disagree,
But I know you’d laugh anyway
Because they’re your friends and you must.

If you don’t laugh they might soon know,
And if they knew
I don’t know what I’d do.
I’d have to suffer through whatever
They’d do or say to me,

And I know that if they knew I’d never
Be able to be with you the way I want to
Because you listen too well
And you trust them too much,
Which is why I fell in love with your trust and your touch.

Mary Christopher Jun 2014
It's Friday the 13th
And I don't know what to do.

The only place I want to be
Is right there next to you.

Mary Christopher Jun 2014
I wanted to be the one who saved him
And maybe that’s the saddest part,
That I wanted to save him
But failed.
I kept trying, but I never could

And I know that’s kind of horrible,
That I didn’t want him to be himself.
I wanted him to be someone else

Someone he wasn’t
And never would be
And never could be
Even if he tried

I wanted him
But I also wanted someone else
So I tried to make him be both

But of course I failed
Because each of us
Has only one life to live

So if someday
He becomes someone he’s not
I will know

And I will hate it
Because now I realize how beautiful
His own self really is

And I would never wish him to be someone else
Not now
Not anymore

Because I am me
And he is he
And that’s all we’ll ever be

And knowing that is a strange sort of beautiful
That not even the best writer could put into words.

about a friend of sorts...
Mary Christopher Jun 2014
I want to go
And keep going

To never look back
And always keep moving

Forward and forward
Feet on the ground
And never ever have to turn around

But I simply can’t
I must stay here
Filled with hope and filled with fear

But someday I might leave
Go far away and never return

Thats the only hope
That gives my fire a burn

Mary Christopher Jun 2014
Her hair smelled of salt and fruity shampoo,
A strangely pleasant mix of the two.
Actually everything about her seemed pleasant,

Her silky black hair
And her freckles all over her newly sunburnt skin
That pink glow came from her skin just as it came from her lips
Her feet digging in the sand
As someone grasps her hand

But no one notices him
For she is a beauty beyond compare.
She loosens her hand to run it through her hair.
She begins to get up, the hesitates.

There is a look, undefined, I just couldn’t place.
I know what that face could be
Because now I see that same face on me.
It is hard to explain, hard to define
That face that appeared on both hers and mine.

But again as I sit, seeing this girl
She has gotten up and is beginning to leave.
She sees me looking and smiles at me.
It’s one of those empty, meaningless smiles one gives a stranger.

That’s what we were then, don’t you remember??
When your hair still smelled of salt and shampoo
And your smile still faded when I looked away from you.

Things got better.
That boy is gone.
It took you a while, but you moved on,
Moved on to life and moved on to love
And moved on to that smile you give out of love.

Your smile has changed from that first day.
It is no longer empty and strange in that way.
Now it means much more than words.
And now sitting with you, hand in hand,
You smile down at your newfound best friend.

Mary Christopher May 2014
The most beautiful thing in the world
Is how someone can go from being your heaven
To being your hell
Without a second thought.

You don’t give me a second thought,
But I give you millions.

Mary Christopher May 2014
There once was a man and a girl
Alone in the world,
Both almost forgotten.

But one lonely night,
He only did sight
The girl alone at the bar.

Her eyes matched the stars
As he came from afar.
He joined that girl,
And they twisted and twirled
Both without a thought.

The forgotten man almost forgot to say
The one reason he never looked away.

It could have been her eyes
That shined as if they were stars.
It could have been
The way she looked at his scars.
It could have been the way they danced and didn’t think,

But the one true reason he couldn’t look away was
She was quite a vision in pink.

Mary Christopher May 2014
Her name was Summer
And she had a fire burning inside of her
That no one could make flicker.

Her name was Autumn
And her hair glistened red and orange
As it fell across her face in the most beautiful way.

Her name was Winter
And when she turned her ice blue eyes to you,
A chill ran down your spine and you felt those feelings
You’ve longed for for oh so long.

Her name was Spring
And after the tears streamed down her face
Flowers began to bloom in her soul and she found herself in their petals.

My name is Mary
And I am none of these things.

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