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Mary Christopher Jun 2014
The Queen of Hearts
Lives in a castle of broken hopes and dreams
And as she lies on her bed of memories
She has one of her own

She remembers back to the day
Her own heart ran away
It was stolen and never returned

The King of Thieves they say
Was the one to take her heart away

That is why, to this day
The Queen of Hearts
Takes others’
The hearts of others who still have them

If it wasn’t for the King of Thieves
That one summer-turned-fall
With falling leaves
The Queen of Hearts might give her heart away
Instead of taking others’ for prey

But the King of Thieves had his own story to tell
It is one of mystery and dark streets
One of sorrow and relief

He stole the Queen’s heart
To give to his thieves
So that they might one day believe
That this is not how it’s supposed to be.


— The End —