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Jack Ghaven Jul 2016
I no longer wish the waters would calm
Those days of dreaming are long gone
After all smooth seas don't make good sailors
I stumble but refuse to be a failure
I'm still writing my story
Pleading never did anything for me
So let the storm rage
And I'll continue to turn the page
I decide when it's the end
I don't break I bend
Over backwards if necessary
Though I'm tired and wary
I'll find my place
Not settle for saving face
So come find me here
And we'll know love dear
I often use my writing to cope with my own demons and depression.  A lot of times it can take a very graphic and violent form.  I wrote this sitting on the shore of a lake that I longboard down to quite often.  For some reason this place brings me peace.  This poem is most definitely about dealing with my own depression and trying to learn that the only person that can solve my issues is me.  Learning to not give up is a daily challenge for me and I'm sure many others.
Mary Christopher Jun 2014
I want to go
And keep going

To never look back
And always keep moving

Forward and forward
Feet on the ground
And never ever have to turn around

But I simply can’t
I must stay here
Filled with hope and filled with fear

But someday I might leave
Go far away and never return

Thats the only hope
That gives my fire a burn


— The End —