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Aaron LaLux Apr 2018
So windy outside,
it feels like this house is a boat,
sea sick feeling queazy a bit,
dizzy from the commotion of being afloat,

she loves me,
she loves me not,
if you even have to ask you already know the answer,
it’s exactly what you thought,

what’s it going to be,
choose your own adventure,
use get used win lose,
game over add another quarter,

see it feels like Time stopped,
went to sleep a young child woke up an old man,
it’s got me saying things like “When I was a kid,
we’d go down to the arcade and play video games.”,

who’s world is this anyways,
and why do I feel like this is all a dream,
I suppose I loved her because she made me feel this dream was real,
but I guess this as in us wasn’t as real as it first seemed,

I’m bursting,
at the seams,
taking the glory of this torment,
and displaying it on the screen,

so I’m back writing again,
it was either that or emotional suicide,
swear to God it’s easier to not feel at all,
than to have all these emotions bottled up inside,

see if ignorance is bliss,
and genius it torture,
than being Emotionless,
is better than being a Hopeless Lover,

still searching for something that doesn’t exist,
like a Conspiracist searching for the Loch Ness Monster,
swear it’s a curse to not live every moment as a blessing,
because there is still only now there is no happily ever after,

there is only now,
that’s how it’s always been and will be,
and right now I’m alone in this vessel that feels like a sailboat,
caught in a windstorm lost out at sea,

so windy outside,
it feels like this house is a boat,
sea sick feeling queazy a bit,
dizzy from the commotion of being afloat…

∆ LaLux ∆

Friday The 13th, April 2018

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J Apr 2018
Michael Myers
please don’t get me!
I know it’s your special day
But please let me be!
I haven’t broken any horror rules
Please focus on the usual fools!

Why are you looking at me like that?

Oh ****.
My bad.
I knew something wasn’t right.
But to be fair -
Silent dudes in masks
look way similar in this light.

Well shoot this is so embarrassing.

I guess you can get back to chasing...
And I apologize for the error - JASON!

(can I at least get a head start?)
A little horror humor for Friday the 13th.  It is actually a true story that when I was much younger I couldn’t ever remember which was which!
Mary Christopher Jun 2014
It's Friday the 13th
And I don't know what to do.

The only place I want to be
Is right there next to you.


— The End —