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Tash Mckay Dec 2020
I see things differently
That's OK
I can offened with my words
This I don't like
So I started again
Rewind freeze frame
Looked at myself
God that was hard
Sometimes my words breake down
They decay .
My mouth walks before my brain
This is why I write
This is where I can explain
I see things differently.
I'm OK.  
Every human never stops learning
Good or bad
Good for me.
I'm still growing learning everyday
Now I can play with my thoughts
Daydream all day
Fly away with the fairy's
That flood my brain.
Not quite like that
You no what i mean
I can try
I'm feeling good today
To be honest it's nearly good  
I see some things differently
That's OK.

I'm growing into a person whose handles her
I'm not displaying
Every ****** day
I'm growing
I'm learning
I'm listening
I'm interested it what you have to say
Be nice
Be kind
Help someone today.
As tomorrow you could be the person
Who just sees  decay.
Change in me growth. Thank you xxxxx  depression.  Appreciates.
Tash Mckay Apr 2020
I feel poisoned bye my own thoughts
I've ****** all the light all the soul out of the me, excused myself, set free
I don't care to see
I've been dried out and used and abused some I liked, some I fight
No fight left no light to see
I'm just left empty
I don't want to see
To talk small talk
To talk at all
So bored of people
So bored of me.
I'm just empty
Abother version of me.
Being depressed low sad .
Tash Mckay Dec 2019
I have a name is that me
I have brown hair is that me
I Excist in a space
Is that me
I talk I walk I work
I pretend
I act like I no me
Is that me
I show people a certain me
Is that me
Do I hide
Am I here
What is you what am I
What's my favorite colour
Do I matter
Dose anything matter
We all need to see

Whats me?
Understanding life .
Tash Mckay Dec 2018
It don't matter what I do
It don't matter what u say
Who I am
Where I've been
It means nothing
We all come to a end

I see clearly now
I am just a beat
Just a name
A number
I feel free
Don't expect anything from me

I am no one
I am nothingness
I'm not lost
The world is
It all comes to the end

My name
I'm Natasha mckay
we all energy
That will rejoin

The end
I'm not scared
I'm not dead
I'm just seeing
Like a new born child
I mean nothing

I am nothing.

But energy.

I see everything.
I will have an affect on my kids but not be on that I will end up  nobody just a energy to the universe that's it star dust.looking how when my life matters it don't.  I'm just here existing.  It want matter. 2018.
Tash Mckay Sep 2018
I wish I was the light that shines through the trees
I wish I was the cool winter breeze
I wish I was the strength of the thundering seas
I wish I could see me
I wish I  was the butterfly
flying free
I wish I was as strong as the big oak Tree
I wish I was my mum
But I'm not
I'm ****** me

Rip my chains off
set me free
Let me be the big strong tree
Or be this tiny seed
So weak

Let me be the light through the dark trees
The latern to help me see
To help other see
How to be free.

Free of thoughts
Chained up in my head I can not be free of **** thoughts I just want too sleep free xxxxx stop thinking x 2018.  Switch off. ***
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