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Jim Marchel Oct 2018
I waited in line at a gas station today
Behind a rowdy crowd of people shouting numbers, throwing hands in the air
And causing a scene
Like an auction gone awry
Just so I could put $30 on pump twelve.
When it was finally my turn at the counter
I heard my phone ring.
I looked at the screen
And saw your name.
I answered
And heard your voice.

I drove away from the pump
With a gallon of milk
And a full tank of gas
And went home to collect my jackpot.
I would have forgotten the milk if she didn't call me, but I love her more than there are dollars in the Mega Millions.
Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
When the light was hot, your words made them ache so, cry more
sacred how you know the hours that suit you, call for matching gleam
not that far, we could sit in the cold window’s sunshine late
when you have God’s trance like hold of my prayers in your voice
I wonder what it is you have in your eyes

leather older than my mind, sulking up
in the summer beside your soul is like a novel,
beautifully torn into pages with sweet expressions
Way it has to be, just the way it has to be
when cool is your gun on my heart
that’s your affection, it can have
it’s take on me, that’s all
but stone doesn’t get much of a hit, so do what you want
I’ll wait like summer winds in winters go, that millions of days, more

When you put up the volume of what was playing all along
burning through dreams, the cigarettes of talking,
this smoke could really get me there
fortune has always been mine, night belongs to me too
tonight that’s what I’ll give you, laughter of stars,
dense midnight sulked mind, just what you like
don’t deprive your own dose of silver goodness,
that walk too, whatever you say is my needed blindness
Jesus Christ reminiscent

now there’s high skies, on the same side as music - yes here it’s heaven,
soul’s dwelling is what I’ve found in you, that’s all I know, all I need to know
alone, when I was telling you it, I was alone as the lightening you got at the heart,
now don’t make me wait in the garden, each of our meetings the rains of flourishing,
here denying all but that haven of your ways, now be my way
Kora Sani Aug 2018
hold me back

tether me away from the outside world

i can't go out there

don't make me go

my mind is eerie
but i know what to expect

these demons are my friends
they know me best

why did you decide
to make my body home

stop pounding on my chest
i know you're not alone

there are millions of you

only one of me

i'm outnumbered

just set me free
Regan Jul 2018
This big world is pretty scary,
Being a young girl.
I’m pretty defenseless compared to
The monsters in this big world.
There’s disease, pain, and suffering,
In this big world.
My existence feels small,
And my problems feel microscopic.
Such a big world,
Will millions of other things.
But this big world is apart
Of an even bigger world,
Is it even that big, anyways?
Helena Abondano Jul 2018
On the way  home
I saw a giant billboard
and it said
"being a millionaire is just a few
clicks away"
And through tainted windows
I saw millions
clicking away
and the drivers
angry at the traffic

and i wondered
if maybe we should
teach our kids
to count to one million
reasons to be alive
Brent Kincaid Mar 2018
We raised ours hand with others
And shared the grand hurrah.
We marched with them if we could
Amazed at what we saw.
Sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers
Half a million in the demonstration
A solemn gathering of protest
In the capitol of a grieving nation.

We came together, raised our voice
In major cities, and small towns.
This time we would not allow
The corporations to shout us down.
We carried signs that told the truth
In a fewest words we could write
That enough was enough and this was
A battle we had just begun to fight.

We shouted our children deserved
Not to die in their childhood school
And demanded that the government
Changed their wrongheaded rules.
We let them know across the land
The many of us were voting soon
And we would throw them out if they
Didn’t dance to a different tune.

We told them it was time they knew
That we saw through their faults
And that this country needed to
Outlaw weapons of mass assault.
We let them know we were through
With what they called leadership
That we would gladly send them home,
A much needed one-way trip.
I submitted this to our local newspaper (The Garden Island) and they published it. So did The Blue Route.
mint Jan 2018
We lay on our beds facing each other
Millions of miles apart

“It hurts.” She says, a tear slipping down the bridge of her nose and trailing against the seams of her other eye before finally landing on her pillow.


“I know.” I reply.

And I turn away from her.
Bryce Jan 2018
Let’s discuss the things that do not change
Assign an essay to compare/contrast
Take a look at what you know:
The world does not live in iconoclasts

The endless rivers run with dead blood
The timeless mountains reek of blistered soles
To you,
There is no time or place worth holding.

Please tell me how steel will last longer than stone
That man’s words will disappear
Evaporative steam on a bathroom mirror
When it hits your hot-head with the morning glow

One hundred and sixty million years ago
A rock was nudged off its course
Plummeted assiduously through the outer Sol
And struck home with astronomic force.

The firestorm slaughtered the dinosaurs
And let tiny little pitiful things
Pick up the carcasses and make human beings
Out of the ash and amino acid.

I tried to throw a pebble into a pond
Aiming for a single Oxygen atom
And imagined that I killed those fallen beasts
when the ripples broke that watery peace

Flames are eternal,
They hide in our stars and shine bright in our eyes
The heat of life is louder than the pound of the hammer
And burns away the chaff quicker than the sickle

Someone drew a ******* below the overpass,
Crossed it out in a sanguine circle
I thought to myself,
“It is no more!”
Then realized it was already home

draw light, speak in darkness
seek peace, make war.
seek to starve that which you fear,
And only feed it more

Come now, let’s take our thoughts to the battleground
Trample god’s land under our earthen boots
**** each other with chemical bombs
To prove we they are the chosen group

Expedite that famous entropy
Nudging souls out of bodies
Subvert the Earth’s hegemony
So that man may taste that godly fruit
Mike Virgl Jul 2017
Thunder rolling over head
Hunching over the deary man said
"Everything is a lie"

Delirious from a modern revelation
Effecting his push to move on
Among the many weary from thought
The thought of the millions of piles
He is allowed to stand upon

"Oh god what are their names, dear
    god please tell"
For the foundation is built, upon the
    blood we till

All while the cycle repeats

Hundreds of millions of individuals
    we pile high
Uttering senseless words in a unifying
"May I always be alone in this mass"
"Belonging to a useless lower class"
"Love me always for I endured"
"Every hardships to try to keep

"My god how many are there" the
    dreary man asked
Anonymous characters looked at him
    from the past
Never tainted by the words of history
It has been freaking me out recently how little we will accomplish in our lives or can. Our lives are so short and fragile, so we really have to jump at every opportunity we get to do something. Billions of people have been forgotten, and the numbers grows everyday. Sailors, priests, bakers, farmers, soldiers even kings have been completely forgotten. I will too someday and thats scary but also humbling and we should respect them, the millions lost to time...
Jamie Jan 2017
As my eyes drift to sleep I remember

the hollows and the soft curves of your skin

fire in your eyes a burning ember

a glow that reflects radiance within

As my eyes drift to sleep I do recall

your soft words whispered in the dead of night

that saved me when perchance I looked to fall

and turned my eyes instead into your light

As my eyes drift to sleep I see your face

and yet I know you are not really there

instead untouchable another place

far in the realm of nothing and nowhere

Through this my heart and mind still yearns for you

a million words my love that I withdrew
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