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Zack Ripley Mar 2019
Whether i had a million dollars or not even a dime to my name,
as long as im with you its all the same.
It doesn't matter if we lived in a mansion or a cardboard box.
As long as im with you its all the same.
On our wedding day, I cant promise I wont cry
as your father walks you down the aisle
and you leave his arm for mine.
If, down the road, you decide i cant make you happy anymore,
i will let you leave even though it will break me at the core.
Don't worry. I won't try to win you back.
You gave me a lifetime of happiness
and that's all I can ask.
I got through the days before I met you
so i know i can do it again
but if you ask me to rate my happiness it wont be a 10.
Life is the name of the game.
And once you find the one you love, it will never be the same
Ken Pepiton Mar 29
The fans say, talk about tomorrow, we got time

Tell us, tell ye us, old bald head, in all yer teleosity,

what's next? -

A growl, from the old man being ingnored.

old man, can these bone live? lieve?

Were there structions, in form of datadatading ****

calls to arms, not carnal,

weapons of a meeker sort, peace at any price sorta

hand to hand hand grenades, in the spirit.

There was war, in heaven, yeh,
I remember that trip.

We lived the dream, this is the future.
We won. I keep saying that, like a robot.
Part of my epic 2020 multidimensional novel take on tech beyond our ken, its a million years from now trope, I'm caught in
Zack Ripley Dec 2019
It's funny how stars are so hot
But only come out when it's cold.
They're millions of miles away
But shine as bright as gold.
They look like they're so close together but they're actually worlds apart.
it's funny how we always aspire to reach for the stars
When the way they live their life
Is so similar to ours.
Nigdaw Jan 13
there are millions of us
like leaves on a branch
in a forest full of trees
what makes me so special
any more than these
trying to catch some sunlight
waiting for an autumn breeze
Tizzop Dec 2019
speaking for millions of
people who were and who have been suffering from addiction:

i do have to thank the two of you.
the tradition of the twelve steps had not existed before you created and established them.

you have a shelter in my
mind and in my soul.

God bless you.
R.I.P. Bill and Bob
In the first time in human history, addicted people benefit from a method that helps them to stay clean and sober. Effectively. Find out more below:

Simply meet them.
In person, online or via phone.

Anonymously and for free.
They are unprejudiced.

Masha Yurkevich Apr 2019
sees this poem,
whether it be

I just wanted to say


love those around you.
And if we can do that, then this world just got so much better.
Tony Tweedy Mar 2019
Do you see your purpose as accumulation of wealth?
Do you make such things your social standings health?
Is it what drives you and gives you all your worth?
Is it what you were told gave purpose so shortly after birth?
Do you live each moment trying to add another buck?
Were you taught when very young you cant rely on luck?
Do you seek more property to add comfort to your plight?
Do you check the market for profits won throughout the night?
Do you count and tally all the notes that you can hold?
Do you calculate all you've traded, paid for, bought or sold?
Do you know the faces on every type of bill?
Is the pile getting ever higher and climbing higher still?
Do you make money from the lowly when they are forced to fight?
Do you really call this purpose and see it as your right?
Is your life for paper with a slogan proclaiming "In God We Trust"
I'm not alone in praying, one day God will send you bust.
Money makes the world go round.... and square.... or triangle.... if you pile it high enough you can make any shape you want.
Jim Marchel Oct 2018
I waited in line at a gas station today
Behind a rowdy crowd of people shouting numbers, throwing hands in the air
And causing a scene
Like an auction gone awry
Just so I could put $30 on pump twelve.
When it was finally my turn at the counter
I heard my phone ring.
I looked at the screen
And saw your name.
I answered
And heard your voice.

I drove away from the pump
With a gallon of milk
And a full tank of gas
And went home to collect my jackpot.
I would have forgotten the milk if she didn't call me, but I love her more than there are dollars in the Mega Millions.
Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
When the light was hot, your words made them ache so, cry more
sacred how you know the hours that suit you, call for matching gleam
not that far, we could sit in the cold window’s sunshine late
when you have God’s trance like hold of my prayers in your voice
I wonder what it is you have in your eyes

leather older than my mind, sulking up
in the summer beside your soul is like a novel,
beautifully torn into pages with sweet expressions
Way it has to be, just the way it has to be
when cool is your gun on my heart
that’s your affection, it can have
it’s take on me, that’s all
but stone doesn’t get much of a hit, so do what you want
I’ll wait like summer winds in winters go, that millions of days, more

When you put up the volume of what was playing all along
burning through dreams, the cigarettes of talking,
this smoke could really get me there
fortune has always been mine, night belongs to me too
tonight that’s what I’ll give you, laughter of stars,
dense midnight sulked mind, just what you like
don’t deprive your own dose of silver goodness,
that walk too, whatever you say is my needed blindness
Jesus Christ reminiscent

now there’s high skies, on the same side as music - yes here it’s heaven,
soul’s dwelling is what I’ve found in you, that’s all I know, all I need to know
alone, when I was telling you it, I was alone as the lightening you got at the heart,
now don’t make me wait in the garden, each of our meetings the rains of flourishing,
here denying all but that haven of your ways, now be my way
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