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Delyla Nunez Dec 2020
I picked up a beer to numb it out.
Not to enjoy it this time.
Everything is built up and if I have enough to drink I know I can say the words I think.
Even then..

Alcohol makes my mind weaker than it already is and then I’m forced,
Forced to say what’s on my mind..
Because that’s what happens when I start off.

Then it spirals.

The worst of the worst thoughts.
Anxiety is at the max and all I can do is

Llora por el hecho de que nunca podría tenerte aunque lo dejara a un lado.
Porque está hecho..
Pyre Dec 2020
My brain rumbles inside my skull
Lust becomes the fleeting requirement
Of this empty, yet overflowing hull
My left eye has begun to implement

As whole body shudders with the risk
Torn at the seams by indecision
My head splits open like a broken disk
Unleashing a horrid flurry of emotion

I release the muscles of my face
They have a mind of their own today
I want to rip myself from this place
But this cable, it tightens with dismay

A simple release might be a solution
Easier than really trying my assumption
Cowardice requires no permission
As I fall into the madness of addiction

As I drive the blood away from my brain
I focus on what my madness wants to do with you
Surkhab kaur Nov 2020
She was running here and there
as if lost in a maze...couldn't find home
She was crying brutally...eyes red and swollen lips.
As if a child...who got separated
from his mother, on a crowded street.
Her inabilities were pulling her down
in a dark well...
falling deep in a dark well...where her failiures echoed.
There were wounds that she had not filled
and now they had bleeded on others.
She was trembling and crumbling inside
as she looked here and there...
for some light...
finding her lost pieces.
It hurts when you can't be yourself.
Zack Ripley Jun 2019
What do you do when you don't know what to say?
What do you do when your head tells you to stay but your heart says to walk away?
Who do you go to when things don't go your way?
Is it getting harder to get through the days?
Once you figure out the answers, there is only one question left to ask
What will you do differently today?
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Why are you so very far?
The brightest one in the sky,
Don't leave me and say goodbye!
The people here are oh so fake,
they make my insides hurt and ache.

Twinkle, twinkle little star
my lungs are filling up with tar
I always feel as though I'll cry,
This mask can really help me lie
when can I get a break,
they all just seem to take and take.

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
this mask is just one big scar.
Why must I hide what I am for the sake of people.
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
How I hate the waiting game!
It is just such a pain,
Being forced to be tame
for these people who are plain.

These seeds I've planted better bloom
but a winter freeze seems to loom,
right over my head.
Am I better off dead?
Hell no, I am not weak,
and nor am I meek.
So, for now, here I will stay,
Till my turn is at play.
Bird With No Cage, I can only wait so long.
Delta Swingline Mar 2017
Setting: My Hometown, The School Ground, The 3rd Space, The Front Seat Of The Car, The Church, 2014-17 and beyond
Main Cast: The Musician, The Punk, The Tie-Wearer
Other Important Roles: The Prince, The Parental Units, The Body Guard, The Boy With The Glasses, The 5 Personalities, The Logical Thinker, The Multiple Third Parties, etc. There are too many to count.

Edit: Do not cast the 5 personalities... I mean, you can, just be careful. They might quit their jobs halfway through the film.


Deciding to make this movie is a challenge that nobody is prepared to execute, so don't be surprised if you cannot handle the emotional scarring and strain on every single character in the film. This is not your average story.

And these are not your average characters.

So we start our story off in 2014.
2 of our main characters meet...
And our story begins...
So let's go get an academy award.
Vikram sikki Jan 2017
When we don't do
what we want to;
See how we do
What we have to ;

So should we do
What we have to?
Like we can do
What we want to ;

Or just do
And get over with it
And wait
To do that same rut

Or fight within
And end up
Doing none of what
You should have done
Cry aloud
For sooner or later
You ll have to do
What you had to
But not what you want to

O god
What to do?

We often do
A lot of things
To undo
Things we did

That's so messed up
Do it
undo that
And sometimes undo all
that -You did
to undo that -you did earlier

Sounds a horrible vicious cycle
Ain't it
But trust me it's worse
When you do it
And even more terrifying
When you know
You did it

So what I ll do
Is something new
And not think about it
Will do and just do.

Will that do?
Nylee Sep 2016
What to do when heart has started singing a new song ?
What to do when many sleeping desires have woken up ?
What to do when moon has started beaming on me ?
What to do when new dreams appear in front of me ?
What to do when suddenly worlds starts spinning around me ?
What to do when rain starts soft drizzling on just me ?
What to do , I have no clue !

What to do when fireflies brighten the path for me ?
What to do when butterflies starts fluttering around me ?
What to do when slowly slowly my hearts starts beating fast ?
What to do when a newborn hope jumps inside me ?
What to do when the whole world smiles at you ?
What to do when all your wishes are fulfilled by shooting star?
What to do , this feeling is quite new .
It just gets even worse
When you don’t know what to do
So you just keep watch
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