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She mustered up the mahogany
clouds and the salmon skies.
A raving reflection on the limpid lake
highlighting the hue in her hazy eyes.

Her tiny toes tickled the tide
brushing back bursts of the bay.
Whirring winds welcomed her hair
to the amplified air it stayed.

Deep daylight drowns dully
into the surrender of the sunset sea.
She steps up as she struts on the span,
her flat feet, and hovering hair are free.
Written march 2019
May 2020 · 426
Do what's possible
Crystal Freda May 2020
Say what you need to say.
Write what you need to write.
Pray what you need to pray.
Fight even when you can't fight.

Live when you're scared of living.
Love where you need to love.
Give when you need to be giving.
Hope when it's not enough.

Sing every beautiful song.
Dance with every beat.
Let your body move along,
Do all you can, and repeat.
May 2020 · 385
A wood's words
Crystal Freda May 2020
Her hand brushed the rough edges

of the tips of taupe timber wood.

Burgeoning into barren branches

billowing briskly as the stump stood.

Brunswick green buds

engraved mini mints of mixtures.

Painting pages of profound poetry

reproducing rings of pretty pictures.

Recovering from her inventive imagination,

she released her hand and rotated around.

Shamrock slips of silvery shades

glimmered on the lime lagoon and gentle ground.
May 2020 · 323
Enliven in me
Crystal Freda May 2020
Take my ocean's tears.
Mend my broken mountains.
Start my body's gears.
Water my spirit's fountain.

Answer my echo's cries.
Call my heart's ambition.
Color my faded skies.
Lead me to my next mission.

Enliven my brightest light.
Guide me to a clear navigation.
Discover a star in the darkest night
unraveling love to a damaged nation.
May 2020 · 443
Just a dream
Crystal Freda May 2020
I saw you in a hotel room
on vacation with your family.
You saw me with painful eyes
and walked away angry.

My heart sagged like a bag of flour
as you desperately flew by.
I guess you didn't have the audacity
to come and at least say hi.

Later on, you run into me again
in your blue striped polo.
Your hazel eyes breezed into mine
and they did not let go.

His eyes scarred with hurt as he said
"I have really missed you."
We embraced firmly as I inhaled
the soft smells of his polo so blue.

I woke up to my empty and purple room
knowing you are gone from me.
Having to remember every day
that was just a dream, not reality.
May 2020 · 399
Crystal Freda May 2020
A tepid tear thronged tidily
down her crimson colored cheek.
A promising past plunged down
to a future profoundly bleak.

Heated hands held together
sweating stressful strain of its own.
Whipping words withered from her mouth
to her marvelous Master,"I'm tired of being alone."

Calmly cupping her clinched chin,
He swept back the stinging sobs off her flushed face.
He smiled suavely with tender truth
as she entered into a reassuring place.

He sat her beside on His tall throne
telling her what was willingly written.
He held her hurting head and said
"Everything you've ever done is forgiven."
May 2020 · 153
Springtime Ride
Crystal Freda May 2020
Pedal, pedal
down the carnation rose petals.
Little, pink flowing florets blossom

brightly as the cherry tree settles.

Cinnabar curls wrestled
against her dress's white, linen lace.
A gradient of green grasses glistened
as she pursued on her spring's race.

Lavender and lilac fragrance tingled
her firm senses and her freckled nose.
Easter emblems enlightened her ride
as inhaled the Gardena of a spring rose.
Dec 2019 · 345
I hope you read this
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
You are beautiful.
You are lovely.
You are special.
You're above anything.

You are important.
You are smart.
You can do anything.
You have a good heart.

You are empowered.
You are kind.
You will make it okay.
You will shine.

If you read any of this,
please receive it.
I hope you will now or later
believe it.
Dec 2019 · 204
I am here
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
I am here
are some powerful words.
They help you through every bump,
dent, obstacle, and curve.

In this life,
we just survive to live.
We are so obsessed with yourselves,
we have no love to give.

No one encourages one another
to live out their potential.
We have to remember everyone
is important and everyone is special.

I am here
could help someone's fate.
Those words may inspire
before it's too late.
Dec 2019 · 269
There is only you
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
Let loose
and be you.
You may be
the only person
with hair that's blue,
but that is what
m a t t e r s
is to be
u n i q u e.
Don't care what others
t h I n k.
Be fresh.
Be new
because there is only
Y O U!
Dec 2019 · 241
Ever drop
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
E v e r y d r o p
o f r a I n
matches along
with m y p a I n.

F l o o d I n g p u d d l e s
overflows the g r o u n d.
E v e r y t e a r I m a k e
into the puddle I d r o w n.

M u d p I l e s
overcome my l a s h e s.
E v e r y drop
I feel soon s u r p a s s e s.
Dec 2019 · 179
sleepless nights
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
I can't sleep

  most nights.



   breathless fights

Laying in an

  anxious cocoon.



    darkening moon.


  my eyes beg.



    longing legs.

​​​​​​Missing the







      sleepless fights.
Dec 2019 · 135
Overflows the minds
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
May her mind grow
branches of burly,beckoning thoughts.
May they lengthen out
with roots migrating their pots.

Let her words speak vigorously
with crisp, colorful essence.
May she unfold fields of flowers
inhaling the strongest fluorescence.

Let her mind and her kindness
takeoff with bold, strenuous wings.
May her voice awaken the songs
the world needs to sing.
Dec 2019 · 124
Have a wonderful day
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
May you be the loveliest
of all flowers.
May you receive blessings
upon every hour.

You deserve it all
for the heart you convey.
Your smile and presence
brightens every day.

Continue on being on you
for you are special to everyone.
I hope you have a wonderful day
full of happiness and fun.
Dec 2019 · 203
cumulus cries
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
doses of droplets

dampened the dark dusk of sky.

a cumulus cloud of coldness

captivated the courses so high.

a wicked, wild wind

whipped as the weather took it's cry.
Dec 2019 · 168
Sunlit smile
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
a dose

  of sunshine


my eyes


your smile


   with mine.
Dec 2019 · 427
A cat's love
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
I always got your back
no matter what.
I will kiss your bruises
and your cuts.

We will stay together
through thick and thin.
You will always be
my little, soft kitten.

You are my baby
ball of fur.
My favorite sound is
when you purr.

I love you,
my pretty kitty cat.
Nothing in this world
can change that.
Dec 2019 · 188
One snip broke the vine
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
Voluminous v I n e s
producing the sweetest f r u I t s.
Growing with positivity and l o v e
all the way down to the r o o t s.

One snip was all it t o o k
to break the vines a p a r t.
Dead and extremely d a m a g e d
spraying black ink around the h e a r t.

Strangled in b r o k e n e s s
as lonely scissors cut the l i n e.
Growing the sweetest f r u I t s
and one snip just broke the v I n e.
Dec 2019 · 107
Look down
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
There are some days
you feel kinda down.
When you are staring below,
you should look around.
There are a million petals
glistening violet hues.
There is vibrant green grasses
shimmering with the morning dew.
Butterflies are spreading
their wide, flashing wings.
Blue birds are chirping
along as the spring sings.
So admire the beauty.
Let it open your heart.
Once you are refreshed,
then that is a start.
Dec 2019 · 168
She left...
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
She left...

without saying goodbye.

She left...

and the time has flown by.

She left...

and I don't know how to feel.

She left...

and some days it doesn't feel real.

She left...

what do I do now?

She left...

will I cope somehow?

She's gone...

so many tears I've wept,

and I still don't know why

she left...
Dec 2019 · 130
Lifetime game
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
Every moment of our lives
will all just turn into a memory.
As you walk, breathe, eat, and sleep,
this was all meant to be.

Cherish the hands you have
and embrace your feet to walk
Encourage your thoughts and
your mouth to kindly talk.

Life is a short game
that not all get to play.
You are an uniquely created player
who gets to experience it every day.
Dec 2019 · 109
What I did wrong
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
When I wake up in the morning
I remember you are gone.
I keep regretting what I did.
I did too many things wrong.

Every night I lay in bed
thinking about you for too long.
Again regretting what I did
and what I did wrong.

During the day I try not to remember,
but the process goes on and on.
How I regret what I did
yet again what I did wrong.
Dec 2019 · 155
No longer mine
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
I remember when my heart

was no longer yours.

Agony and pain would fester

as little bits of misery poured.

Another day of holding back

a fountain of bottled up tears.

Having this hurt inside of me

for days, months, and I hope not years.

Today I'll remember

you are not my valentine...

Because your heart

is no longer with mine..
Dec 2019 · 227
rancid ruby
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
burgundy braids braced
the back of her brass bed.
Raving ruby ringlets
ravaged royalty on her head.

autumn's aquired art
ablazed ambers of auburn.
crimison curls caressed
as carmine chromes churn.

vivifying vistas vibrate
vibrance with verbalized twirls.
Remembering rumbles of rage
rouged in her rancid curls.
Dec 2019 · 143
Winter's waterfall
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
Uranian splashes of effulgence
painting the granite off the rocks.
Emitting the jewels of ivory pearls
proceeding from the aqueous curls.

Gardens of genus glaciers
gushing down rapidly.
Fountains of heartbeats toters
and misty sounds confront the waters.

Chilly chips of frost
awakens the window of winter.
Flakes of frozen trounces
pouring pitchers of priunious pounces.
Dec 2019 · 136
Letting go into the snow
Crystal Freda Dec 2019
Autumn leaves tell us to let go

and in winter our cares freeze in the snow.

Let seasons teach us in this life

its okay to let go, not to hide inside

As the cold blistering winds blow

let the confidence in us grow.

So let go of what is weighing you down.

It turns into snow and melts on the ground.
Oct 2019 · 75
Broken radio
Crystal Freda Oct 2019
I'm a broken radio.
No static, no noise
can be found.

No station can be reached
No melodies, no buzzing,
no sound.

Empty echo waves
cannot connect
to any towers.

I'm left in silence
trying to connect
for hours...

Time passes
left channeling
for a connection.

I'm a broken radio
who can't even find
their own station...
Oct 2019 · 88
Crystal Freda Oct 2019
tepid tides
tickled on the tips of her toes.

azure aqueducts
abated arenose agates as it blows

rippling rapids
recessed on her rimmed  ruffle

marine meanders
mellowed her masses as it muffled.

salving sands
stimulates her senses as solitude flows...
Oct 2019 · 160
My Lifeguard
Crystal Freda Oct 2019
Grab my hand.

I won't let you drown.

I am the lifeguard

relieving you back to dry ground.

Don't be afraid.

These waves won't last for long.

They'll splash and crash

and soon be gone.

Hold on tight.

You can swim.

You will always be safe

when you are with Him.
Oct 2019 · 122
Crystal Freda Oct 2019
W h y
did I let you g o?
W h y
does this hurt so b a d?

W h y
didn't I k n o w
W h a t
I really h a d?

W h y
was there nothing I could d o?
W h y
do I so terribly miss y o u?

W h y
won't these feelings e n d?
W h y
did I have to lose a best f r I e n d?

W h y
can't I let g o?
W h y
can't the healing b e g I n?

W h y
do l still k n o w
t h a t
I still love h I m...
Oct 2019 · 91
breaking branches
Crystal Freda Oct 2019
can I hold on
just a little bit longer?
I feel I'm getting weaker
instead of stronger...

the branches of my heart break
without your support.
winds crashing and beating
back and forth...

I can't live this way anymore,
either have to let it go and break...
or wait for it to grow
no matter how long that may take..
Jun 2019 · 204
Smiling snow
Crystal Freda Jun 2019
Glimmered warmth
congealed on the wintry rice.
A sumptous surprise
melting apart the frosty ice.

Twilit timbers
radiated rays of sunny soils.
Rooftop thunders
swirling and softening snowy oils.

Phthalo pastures
engendered the energy of dawn.
Spring's riant arrival
among winter's mix forgone
Jun 2019 · 187
basking the bay
Crystal Freda Jun 2019
d r i p p l e, d r I p p l e,
her toes echoing the ripples..

s o o t h I n g s o l I t u d e,
her tensions slowly spawns to elude...

w h I r l I n g w I n d s,
swift saplings of the crisp crimson...

l I m e l i l y p a d s,
citron circles luring the lags...

s w a y, s w a y,
her leafless legs basking the bay.
Jun 2019 · 191
Subalpine Symphony
Crystal Freda Jun 2019
God is my lifesong, my lovesong,
every song I have sung.
He is the oppressive orchestra
strumming life through my lungs.

He broadened my voice
to praise Him across the biosphere
up to the uppermost obstacles,
but a whisper beckons Him near.

He'll elevate my voice
caroling to His sweet symphony.
I'll proceed,overcome, and overflow
in the puissant Psalms He put in me
Jun 2019 · 168
soul's sorrow
Crystal Freda Jun 2019
every wandering day left in agony
searching for spots to go,
decifering how to feel
thoughts like powdered snow,
everything is too real.
oceans misting down my eyes
and psyche plundering ice
quickly melting down my skin,
nobody encounters the misty  lice
anchoring from the emptiness within...
Jun 2019 · 254
A million
Crystal Freda Jun 2019
I could have wallowed up a million
reasons for us to stay.
I could have given up a million
things, but it wasn't this way.

Instead my heart took a million
whips and cracked apart.
One lash of beating bruises
crinkled down to a million shards.

I could have said a million
I love you's, it wouldn't have changed.
I could give have kissed you a million
times, but my soul  still estranged.

Action could not be restored,
my brokenness has no pace.
Beaten bruises remain a million times
nothing bounces in place.
Jun 2019 · 116
Self help
Crystal Freda Jun 2019
Some choices have to be made
even if it's pain is so severe.
You can't go living with something
that leaves you everyday in tears.

Take a deep breath and
clear your cluttered mind.
If you relax, think a while,
you will soon feel fine.

The problems may not go away yet,
but starting the process will help.
Just take your time, breath,
and learn to love yourself.
Jun 2019 · 217
Let it flow
Crystal Freda Jun 2019
Every place you go
has destiny.
That's why it's
called a destination.

Everything you think
is a dream.
All you have to do is
use your imagination.

Everything you create
is a part of you.
You just have to let go
to see what your hands can do...
Jun 2019 · 287
sastrugi sky
Crystal Freda Jun 2019
cold confetti
fused flakes of  f r o s t
onto her silk splashed skin
and her lucidity  longfully l o s t...

a ****** braided bun
mantled the misty move of  m a g i c
under the navy novels  of the night
flowing on the fiber of her floral  f a b r i c....

a seamless, sastrugi sky
crested colors of celeste and cobalt  b l u e
warming a wild wave of magnetism
melting the magnolia mist of the daisy  d e w...
Jun 2019 · 201
dust is gold
Crystal Freda Jun 2019
if we are

  created from dust,

     dust is gold,

        why should we

             think of yourselves

                     any less?
Jun 2019 · 127
Day after day
Crystal Freda Jun 2019
Every day I always
pray for more.
I ask myself
what I am getting up for?

Every day it's the same,
no excitement, no fun.
Most days are cloudy.
Just wish something could be done.

I do have hope for the future,
but it never seems to come.
Every day makes me feel
so idiotic and so dumb.

Wishing is my only chance
for this to not be this way.
Although this is my current life
every single day...
Apr 2019 · 164
One stormy night
Crystal Freda Apr 2019
A rainy, charcoal sky
emptying teaspoon tufts
on the palms of maple orchids
as sleeves of liquid flowed kinda rough.

She ran from this in her leather jacket
and her umbrella covered the  basin.
She reached her car dampered in rain
and drove to a gas station.

Her fringed scarf absorbed with water
anchored on her neck like a hard stone.
The storm grew heavier then lightened
as she sought to drive calmly  home.
Apr 2019 · 262
Beyond the bridge
Crystal Freda Apr 2019
Every step you take
takes you to your next destination.
Some roads may be straight or curved
or some sort of alternation.

You will come across many bridges.
Some up high and some on the ground.
Some will navigate you to beautiful sights
and some will have scary, creaky sounds.

Bridges enlighten you on a new paths.
You don't know where that will be.
Each bridge will tell you something.
You just have to step forth and see...
Apr 2019 · 229
Night at the Theatre
Crystal Freda Apr 2019
Twisted, golden curls
bounced on her red, silk dress.
A theatre full of surprise and tension.
Everyone dressed in their best.

Iced sequins glistened
as she strutted her way in.
Dark, leather seats cushioned her body
and the show was ready to begin.

She imagined her life so grand
like the gorgeous actress on stage.
Living a tale of majeed ventures
unraveling after each page.

Gracile finger tips tapped with wit
on the charred arm rests.
Music so melodic and mighty
mulling of the plot's earnest quests.

Her eyes blinked and a tiny droplet
streamed when the play was done.
Another one to be portrayed,
who knew what was to come?..
Apr 2019 · 170
Baby girl
Crystal Freda Apr 2019
tiny, troublesome fingers
touched the tips of my tears.

your blue, radiant eyes
oversee the brews of my fears.

I look to my little baby,
my precious baby girl.

I never want to see you cry because
you have no father in this world.

never want to see a droplet
surpass your eye.

never hear your father
say his last good-bye.

that he would welcome you
with warm arms.

or to never lay a hand on you
causing you harm..

may his blue, radiant eyes
be forever yours.

that this man can give
you so much more...
Apr 2019 · 114
Novel mind
Crystal Freda Apr 2019
Under the deep depth
of the black undertone of her eyes
is a world of extreme imagination
expanding to a great size.

A mind so enchanting
full of wonder and bright ideas.
Exploring wondrous thought trials
sacred and sweetly at ease.

A luminous light
blossomed a bulb in her mind.
Thirsting for adventurous words
only she could pine.
Apr 2019 · 164
You are broken
Crystal Freda Apr 2019
You are broken,
but there is a reason.
Beautiful shards of you
are changing in this season.

You may feel empty,
but your brim is filling up.
Crystal clear waters
are brewing in your cup.

Don't let these damaged
pieces bring you down.
These pieces are jewels
attached to your crown.
Apr 2019 · 211
Strength arising
Crystal Freda Apr 2019
Hold on just a little bit longer.
The pain will be over.
You will grow stronger.

Life may have beaten you down,
but you are strong enough
to lift yourself off the ground.

Don't be afraid through this trying time.
Your help is coming this way,
everything will be fine.

Just try to smile and live on.
You can do this.
You are strong.
Apr 2019 · 180
Sunny skies
Crystal Freda Apr 2019
Blossomed gold skies
awakened her brown eyes.
Her thick lashes batted away
as she saw the sun start the day.

Glimmering sunlight peeked below
in the white curtains of her window.
She glanced down on her light sheets
slumbering her chest to her pale feet.

The sunlight brightened her heart
and she got out of bed for a new start.
Enjoying the juice in her favorite cup.
She was so glad that she woke up.
Apr 2019 · 96
Love in unusual ways
Crystal Freda Apr 2019
Over 2000 years ago,
one baby arrived to save.
Show kindness to sinners,
and rise from the grave.

Born to show us
love isn't always beautiful.
Smelly stables and beating blood
would be suitable.

To show us love
in unusual ways.
To be kind, reach out,
and to love always.

Sometimes in life we may be
surrounded in smelly barns.
Beaten and bruised in blood,
but that's love conquering our storms.
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