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7d · 59
sunshine's soil
waves tickled
her pale, cracked feet.
the salt filled air
felt so largely sweet.

the wind breezed against
the skin of her burning back.
as the sun took a closing toll,
the winds slowly slacked.

the pumpkin glow rayed
on her ***** blonde hair.
it lightly glazed
on her soft skin so fair.

the porcelain moon
glistened on the waves so brisk.
onto her warm, ivory skin
lay the soft, moist mist.
7d · 87
There is more
to this world
than money
You can make
someone laugh
by just being funny.
You can
show love
when it is needed.
Care for someone
when their heart
is beaten.
what needs
to be given.
was not
our reason
for living...
7d · 212
Every time I think
Every night
you come to my mind.
I think of us together,
but that makes me sigh.

I think of our memories.
Every one is special to me.
I don't want to let go,
but I might have to set you free.

We had our good moments,
but those have come to an end.
We fight more like enemies
than lovers and friends.

I really do love you,
but you don't feel the same.
Now here I am
thinking of your name.
7d · 104
streams of dreams
ivory gown
dripped into the stagnant m e r e...

her barren feet
inhaled the moisture so c l e a r...

russet strands
brushed at her amiable f a c e...

umber foils
dust the ground with golden g r a c e...

her musings
swimming in a soaring s t r e a m...

arcane visions
lost in a seraphic d a y d r e a m...
Scarred and broken
with words left unspoken.

Wishing things were clear,
but sadly we are still here.

Time doesn't seem to heal,
it just seems tougher to feel.

All the moments we had
now hurt so bad.

I just want us to be okay,
but instead everything is gray.

If only I knew what to do.
I know I still do love you.

I just hate what we've become,
it just seems all is done.

Hopefully one day I'll understand,
but for now we have to do what we can.
7d · 44
Eternity Place
Soaked in
clemency and grace,
into this place
I search for Your face.

Blood stained
on your nailed wrists,
into this place
showers endless bliss.

Darkened nights
grow colder and colder,
but into this place
I lay warm on Your shoulder.

Serene security
resides deep inside us,
and into this place
we are right beside Jesus.
7d · 35
country girl
country girl
toddled back home.
sepia leaves traced behind her
tumbling on the flaccid, dusty loam.

country girl
in her licorice colored boots
daydreamed at the piebald trees
rotting from their roots.

country girl
dancing in auburn checkered dress
sprinted home mirthfully
looking like a mess.
Feb 11 · 55
Whimisical Winter
Crystal Freda Feb 11
A winter breeze
brushed against the tassels
of her velvet scarf.

She breathed in
the misty, wet smells
that melt her heart.

Her mittens tickled
the warm, scarlet wool
padded in her pockets.

Winds back and forth
against the snowy trees
rocking large  snow deposits.

She smiled at the
mushy, muddy tracks
her boots evenly made.

She bunched up
a big ball of powdery snow
and in that she played.
Crystal Freda Feb 11
She looked around the table
at every smiling face.
She also was smiling
to be happy in the place.

Turkey and mashed potatoes
piled on every flowered plate.
Everything tasted so good
and the company was great.

As she opened her eyes
her dream was not so.
She looked around the table,
everyone eating slowly in silent woe.

Her heart sagged a little
for this is what family has become.
They should be happy to be together
united as one.
A thanksgiving poem.
Feb 11 · 37
A little light
Crystal Freda Feb 11
Her little toothless grin
giggled as the bubbles blew.
From weeks to months to years,
beyond my eyes she grew.

I would braid her thick curly hair
as she danced in her own way.
She would run to me
from the school bus everyday.

I would tell her my life stories
before she would go to bed.
As I said goodbye and good night
I would kiss her light tan head.

With her bear in her arms
we would do her homework together.
She said we were best friends
with glue that lasted forever.

I had this precious gift
for one time in my life.
Just a little bit of love
shined her little, bright light.
Feb 11 · 40
Vibrant colors
Crystal Freda Feb 11
Blue, vibrant skies
over colors so divine.
Making them so bright
that they shine.

Paved bridges
take you to this escape.
Making you feel warm inside
that make you feel safe.

Every color
bleeding on your eyes.
Making everything beautiful
with those blue, vibrant skies.
Feb 11 · 81
Poet's paradise
Crystal Freda Feb 11
Bundled in a blanket
with a fire next to me.
Working on a poem.
Everything is cozy.

Crackling of wood
awakens my mind.
Orange flames
slowly shined.

A fire burning
is so nice.
For a poet,
this is paradise.
Feb 11 · 60
Crystal Freda Feb 11
Trees of many colors
from burnt orange to gold.
So many words to be written,
so many stories to be told.

She drove past all these,
mind already writing poems.
Gazing at the hues
with the winds just a blowing.

She lives in a world of words
rather than in reality.
The world may be a bad place,
but she sees the beauty.
Feb 11 · 237
Strong enough
Crystal Freda Feb 11
I'm strong
but not strong enough
they tell me.

Some battles
in my life
are not worth fighting.

I try to not be angry,
but try not to
keep it inside.

I'm not scared
and I'm not
trying to hide.

I may be broken,
but I'm not shattering
my pieces on you.

I'm strong enough
to live my life
and that's what I'll do.
Feb 11 · 143
a deep hole
Crystal Freda Feb 11
she embraced the ground
shoveling and shoveling.
a deeper hole it grew
tunneling and tunneling...

she dug a hole for years
for what she thought was right,
but it left her confused
in a cold, shivering fright...

alone in her thoughts
she has no one to talk to,
trapped in a giant hole
not knowing what to do.

she could try to keep shoveling
until she found the light
or she could turn around
to what she left behind...
Jan 27 · 86
It is Finished
Crystal Freda Jan 27
His love will never stray away.
He planned it that way.
As beating ended, pain was diminished
With his last breath,He said It is Finished.

Those three days must felt an eternity
but from this act of love we are free.
He rose to show us love never fails.
His power will rain and hail.

Chills tickle our spines
when the story intertwines.
How we got what we didn't deserve.
His love showered in His final words...
Jan 27 · 92
deep blue
Crystal Freda Jan 27
aqua waves beckon
back and forth
at her azure eyes.

wondering how far
they go
and where it lies.

deep and mystical
this water runs
and the blue never dies...
Jan 27 · 118
Life goes by too fast
Crystal Freda Jan 27
If you were never born,
there would be no tomorrow.
So you think that's great.
No more sorrow,
but you would never see the sun
or live to be happy.
Never embrace life to the fullest.
Nothing to wonder, nothing to be.
You were given a life for a reason.
Live it, don't live in the past.
All will be gone in a sweep.
Life goes by too fast.
Jan 27 · 82
A beautiful image
Crystal Freda Jan 27
Every color so beautiful
like a painting to your soul.
A sweet and stunning image
shaping your heart as whole.

Colors so fresh to your eyes
absorbing the tones it breathes.
Dyes take over the green
to soft yellow and red leaves.

A time for old things to go
and embrace new things to arrive.
A beautiful image this is.
Such a time to be alive.
Jan 27 · 361
Crystal Freda Jan 27
she gazed
out of the window
what was there.
this stuffy house
bored her wild mind.
this she could not bear.
she implored to explore
adventure to find...
Jan 14 · 88
Coniferious dreaming
Crystal Freda Jan 14
her curiosity had her
daydreaming in the forest.
Avocado leaves tremble briskly
singing its season's chorus.

she listened to the sounds
of squirrels swarming
jumping from tree to tree
like they were performing.

chirp, chirp goes the birds
growing its iridescent feathers.
Animals assembling together food
for the crisp, chilly weather.

she daydreamed
as she studied the mantis green
stems tickling against her sweater
fostering a picturesque scene.
Jan 14 · 146
Crystal Freda Jan 14
All the trials she has faced,
every obstacle in her way
can never compare to the grace
God has flowered in her day.

She lived many days frowning
but now she can rejoice.
No more crying or drowning.
Just a sweet song in her voice.

She gave Him her everything
which strengthened her to grow.
She found her everlasting King
and she will never let go.
Jan 14 · 78
Experiencing life
Crystal Freda Jan 14
What a wonderful world
we all get to see.
Traveling and living
all so free.

Breathing fresh air
and the sun shining down.
Pearly white clouds in the sky
and bright green grass on the ground.

Experiencing life, love, laughter,
and all of this gift has to give.
We should all be grateful
we have had a chance to live.
Jan 14 · 77
Litle pink dress
Crystal Freda Jan 14
Her pink dress matched
with her pink, satin shoes.
She was so excited.
All was brand new.

She twirled around
in her little, pink dress.
She loved to twirl.
It was always the best.

She wore it to school and church
and even for a few birthdays.
She dressed it up and down
in all different ways.

She one day outgrew that dress
which made her sad,
but that dress lasted
and she was glad.

Later on in her life
she was truly blessed
with a precious, little girl
who she put in a little, pink dress.
Jan 14 · 45
Hope for Someday
Crystal Freda Jan 14
She has hope
even when seemed lost.
She wanted to be happy
no matter the cost.

Her thoughts were dark
even in the brightest of times.
She tried to look and feel okay,
but her heart just couldn't shine.

She still has hope
but she will find it in her own way.
She doesn't have to find just anything
to brighten up her day.
Jan 14 · 1.8k
A dying art
Crystal Freda Jan 14
Why is poetry dying
when we still have the gift?
If we still have water
then we still have a ship.
We can sail to the places
these words take us.
We are still shaken
by the words that make us.
Why should we let poetry die
when there is so much to explore?
If only people read it
and discovered more.
Jan 14 · 63
Bump in the Night
Crystal Freda Jan 14
Darkness triggered the moonlight
with no wolves howling
causing a deep fright
for a walk in the night.

Clouds cover the stars
with cold winds against the trees
with things as spooky as they are
you better not go too far.

As the owls shout who
and you hear a loud noise.
You don't know what to do
when you turn around and hear boo!
Jan 14 · 64
Corner Cries
Crystal Freda Jan 14
She lay in the corner
hungry,*****,and cold.
She was all alone
and she was only 7 years old.

With her parents dead,
she was left on the streets.
Her body covered in scars
and blisters plastered her feet.

No one noticed her abandonment
all too busy with their own lives.
She will rot in her grimy skin
because no one hears her cries.
Jan 14 · 50
autumn's dream
Crystal Freda Jan 14
she grabbed a soft stone

and eyed  the skipping it does.

she inhaled the misty, fall air

and twirled her auburn hair.

she glared up to the canary leaves

dangling thinly on their limbs.

her flats tapping to the music making

of the trees strumming and shaking.

she beckons down

at the candy corn fronds

wading in the morning stream

like an autumn's dream.
Jan 14 · 80
Crystal Freda Jan 14
Sometimes God puts a comma
because your story is not over.
Sometimes He puts a period,
but He will give you closure.
Jan 12 · 137
Water front view
Crystal Freda Jan 12
The beautiful flow
of rushing droplets
racing to the stream.

The sun glimmers so bright
onto the this lovely thing
with it's radiant beam.

Water so fresh
and so fine
that of its grayish blue.

A sight so breathtaking
as it shimmers on every eye
taking in the water front view.
Jan 12 · 49
In her tears
Crystal Freda Jan 12
All her body covered in tears
like a salt filled bath.
A river of water
flowing in her path.

She tries to swim in her tears
one drop after the last.
Every memory haunts her,
she can't escape her past.

She envies the happy
standing on the sun.
Being able to stand in peace
not having to run.

Though we all have problems
we try to run from,
and if we escape too many
it won't be just some.

It's hard to stand
when you're drowning in tears.
Do all you can do
in order to conquer your fears.

Life gives us a chance
to capture more than one.
Maybe one day you will be happy
and standing on the sun.
Jan 12 · 36
In a while
Crystal Freda Jan 12
She lost her touch.
She lost her smile.
She hasn't been herself
in quite a long while.

Every day she'd look,
but all seemed gone.
She lay in bed
for all was wrong.

Her thoughts and actions
were not her at all.
She'd crumble at every step,
every mile, every fall.

She stayed this way
for a couple of years.
Waking up to sadness
and lying in tears.

After all this time
she wants to change things.
Let hope take a hold
and let happiness sting.

She will find her touch.
She will smile.
She will find herself,
but this time in a short while.
Jan 12 · 76
Paving streams
Crystal Freda Jan 12
She lays on a canoe
whirling gently on the stream.
Her red dress shimmers
as the sun gives a great beam.

She smiles at the sky
with its radiant blue,
and porcelain clouds
and air fresh and new.

She enjoys the sounds
of the bustling, rippling waves.
Towards to a land
and the path it paves.
Jan 12 · 114
In every season
Crystal Freda Jan 12
She picks flowers in the spring
and eats popsicles in the summer heat.
She jumps in piles of leaves in the fall
and in winter fuzzy socks snuggle her feet.

She wears her spring dresses
and swims in the deep.
She shivers in the autumn breeze
and shovels snow filling up quite steep.

She views new plants growing
and tans in the sun so bright.
She glares at the glowing  colors
and plays in a snowball fight.

She looks to the butterflies fluttering
and jumps in a pool.
She picks golden, juicy apples
and is bundled in blankets of wool.

No matter the season
she is giddy  and free.
In every season
she is who she is destined to be.
Jan 12 · 123
autumn winds
Crystal Freda Jan 12
dreary, overcast skies
she enjoys.
winds rustling by
she takes right in.

the wet, damp branches
drip swiftly on her skin.
the tree twirls and dances
shaking all its limbs.

the green slowly fades
taking away all the life
but embraces the shades
so beautiful in their own way.
Jan 12 · 65
Life's clock
Crystal Freda Jan 12
Is it too late
or do I have a chance?
I want to live for tomorrow.
I want to sing and dance.

Is there enough
time for me to see the light of day?
Am I given another chance
to reclaim my name?

The clocks are ticking
and I hear do I have enough time
to be myself, to grow,
and have what is mine.
Jan 12 · 115
Help me to let go...
Crystal Freda Jan 12
Lord, help me to let go
of the pain from my past.
Help me to uncover my feelings
instead of being blindfolded by a mask

Lord, show me, guide me
to know I did the right thing.
Right now I'm hurting
and not sure of anything.

Lord, you know my future
and I put it in your hands.
Lord, help me to let go
and one day to understand.
Jan 12 · 40
tunneling caves
Crystal Freda Jan 12
in the darkness

she hears the silence echo

like the air has a voice

and it follows where the winds go...

she listens for bats

to shriek through their wings

after fleeing from the light

her flashlight brings.

she stumbles on each *****

and shivers from the thought of breaking,

the light flickering on the path

from her frightened hands shaking.

soon her fear subsides

when a light appears at the end.

a great relief to her eyes

only the sun could send.
Jan 12 · 50
Crystal Freda Jan 12
All she wants to feel
is to feel wanted.
Just for someone to care
and not to feel shunted.

Someone just to ask
if she wants to hangs out.,
but no one sees her or hears her
no matter how loud she shouts.

Everyone wonders why she lives
in doubt and pain.
Everyone treats her
like she's an invisible shame.
Jan 12 · 93
We will never know...
Crystal Freda Jan 12
You could have felt every finger
and every little toe,
but this never happened
so we'll never know.

You could have felt my every move
when I was inside,
but my chance to be
in this world was denied.

You could have held me in your arms
and tickled my tiny feet.
That never happened,
we never got to meet.

We could have twirled
our hands into one,
but we will never know
for I was never to come.

We could have had a life
learning together,
but we will never know.
I am lost forever.
Jan 12 · 91
If to succeed
Crystal Freda Jan 12
If I walked a little,
would I walk at all?
If I tried a little,
would someone take my fall?

If I spoke out,
would anyone hear me?
If I made the goal,
would anyone cheer me?

If I made a mistake,
would you help or accuse me?
If I hurt myself,
would you lift or abuse me?

People should never need to hear if
when they are in need.
Reach out in love
in order for someone to succeed.
Jan 12 · 47
I can't...
Crystal Freda Jan 12
I can't...
I can't watch you live a lie.
I can't watch you
say goodbye.

I can't...
I can't watch you breakdown.
I can't watch you
shatter to the ground.

I can't..
I can't watch you live another life.
I can't watch you.
I can't fight.

I can't...
I can't see you be what you are not.
I can't watch you
damage yourself and rot.

I can't...
I can't watch you from who I knew.
I can't watch.
I can't be with you...
Jan 12 · 44
A life worth exploring
Crystal Freda Jan 12
She laid in her bed
with a pad and a pen.
Too many thoughts in her head
rotating over and over again.

Her eyes brewed with tears
dripping down to her notebook.
Thinking about all the years
so she wrote as her hands shook.

She gaze in the window
as her heart sank down.
She wondered when did time go
and why her heart was to the ground.

She thought there must be more to life
than this pain she had been enduring..
Take away all this strife,
and have a life worth exploring.
Jan 12 · 47
Fallen tree
Crystal Freda Jan 12
I'm a fallen tree
whose limbs have broken off
and everyone has left me.

My branches couldn't support me
and life's storms beaten me down
with powerful streams from the sea.

Damaged bark and broken apart.
The wood is no longer good
for how rotten is my heart.

I'm fallen tree
left to the ground
in fear and in agony.

Nature has taken its toll on me,
and here I am and here I stay
as the rotten, fallen tree.
Jan 12 · 70
Crystal Freda Jan 12
A beautiful thing.
Something only God can bring.

Rising above in the sky.
Glimmering above so high.

A bright yellow everyone can see.
Makes you feel giddy and free.

Let the Sunshine in your life.
Let it cover you with it's brilliant light.
Dec 2018 · 392
Keep smiling
Crystal Freda Dec 2018
Your smile
can melt away
every tear.
Conquer every fear,
and will always be here.

Your smile is the best
thing God gave you.
It sticks like glue,
and helps with
all you do.

So keep smiling
even if you don't feel so.
Your smile brightens as you go,
and is making others grow.
Dec 2018 · 135
You will be all right
Crystal Freda Dec 2018
Letting go is never easy to do,
but sometimes your broken heart
needs to be mended through.

This will take a bit of time,
but you will be all right
Everything will eventually be fine.

I know you are hurting right now,
but you will find answers
and you will figure out how.

So look up, you did what was right.
You will see the sun one morning
instead of a moonless night.
Dec 2018 · 84
If only
Crystal Freda Dec 2018
If only
she didn't let him go.
If only,
if only she had known.

If only
this hurt doesn't last long.
If only
she could be strong.

If only
she could tell him.
If only
the light wasn't dim.

If only
she didn't wait.
If only,
but now it's too late.
Dec 2018 · 183
Endless waves of love...
Crystal Freda Dec 2018
She studies the ivory glare
in the spark of his eyes.
The sound of laughter
overlaps as time flies.

Salty, brisk waves
tickled their feet as they stroll.
The aroma of salty air occupy them
with a sight of a soaring seagull.

She smiles brightly at him
with the sun glaring up high.
Her majorelle eyes match
the waves of the sea and of the sky.

The sun shines on them
in a majestic and beautiful way.
Glowing on the brightness
of their golden, happy day

They look at each other
as the tide crashes at their feet.
A wonderful day at the beach
with their love just ever so sweet.
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