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Badshah Khan Feb 11
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 49

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

I ain’t an adept drinker,
When I see deep in your gleaming eyes.
I instantly become an adept drinker,
Oh My Dear Love!

I don’t gulp or pile the unique wine,
When I glimpse your moisty lips,
I miraculously found a vine cellar;
All by myself’ in your lips,
Oh My Dear Love!

Generously allow Me’
To unanimously ratify,
As an adept drinker,
Oh My Dear Love!

Therefore willingly I can soak.
In your eyes myself, As;
A confirmed drunkard,
Oh My Dear Love!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Savannah Jan 15
Slow grasp growing,
Reaching for your radiance.
Once ardently awake,
My long forgotten limbs rest.

Wishing for vibrant verdant.
Instead of brown winter bramble.
Barren is the reluctant grape vine,
that awaits spring showers.
My hesitance had ruined it all.
I can't remember the way you felt against my skin.
Vexren4000 Jan 3
Somewhere down the dividing line,
Souls get separated in due time,
Even when growing together on the vine,
It withered and died in winter's time,
A place not so special,
No different from another,
But special in it's own way,
Because it was our place to stay.

Caloris Nov 2018
Veiling streaks on hill and yard
o shroud the yearn of coldest heart.
Low fog does densely cloud in shame
that you and I could feel the same.

Igniting hope within the grey
shall raise the shooting eye
Onward the light; be bold yet humble!
this might be more than mere a stumble.

New radiant warmth beneath the canopy
gives promise of the sweetest progeny.
Velvet hands to touch and feel,
let this desire be our seal!

Early storm comes as monsoon
as if the branches were to prune.
Ends you and me too soon.
This poem is an analogy of vineyards and love.
Amare Leslie Oct 2018
the first girl that ever hugged me
wrapped her gentle arms around me
like a hat in the rain
i was 14
she had the smell of
which she got from aphrodite herself
she was the first girl to teach me what love felt like outside of my family
that i should feel more than whole
and my god did i feel complete with her arms entwined around me
HisStuntDouble May 2018
Like a hopeless case

I sit and waste

This precious time

Life’s subtle wine

And yet I drink it in such haste

I fear my mind shall never find

The roots to life’s own vine
sofia Feb 2018
i fear that when i love
it is far to much like a vine.
always longing to cling
and unable to grow alone
feeding off the sap of another
deteriorating any of my host trees
competing for their light

heavily vine laden trees grow more slowly
produce fewer seeds
less fruit
and due to their deteriorative effects on trees
most people seem to advocate the removal of vines.

i fear that when i love it is far too parasitic.
a poem about loving with dependant personality disorder
aurora kastanias Jan 2018
I was born in green valleys to the effort of strong hands
roughened by the harshness of ungentle wintery gales.
Delight permeated space as they smiled to see me flourish,
Showering me with attention, care and compliments.

Perennially making sure I had all I needed as if I was
an incomparable incomplete treasure. For me they went as far
as killing storm clouds to shield me from hail, keep me
warm and protected. I thought they loved me for too much

energy, love and courtesy were devoted to me. Yet,
as soon as I started creatively sculpting blossoms, gems
of garnet concealing ancient praise, on an autumn day,
a distinguished man came to judge me prepared.

And that is when, my gratified father gave the order
to take me to the cellar ***** me *****, ****** me
in a large basin, to be trampled over and crushed, shaped
for the pleasure of others. Vampires awaiting a chalice

of blood as my lymph, delicately streamed into barrels.
In agony there I was abandoned, for years secluded until
My release, from wooden prisons to glassed cells.
They dressed me up and took me out to bars,

Sold me to the best bidders promising I would quench,
their thirst and make them forget, sorrows and worries
if only for a night. To date you can still find me at hand,
I’ll be your inebriating servant as I slither into your mouth,

intoxicate your essence with mine.
On vines, grapes and wine
That was a star in millions,
Which I wanted to touch from core of my heart.
Just to touch from warmth but not to touch so harsh.
Yeah! That was vacant from any bothered shine,
He made me do sins, his lips were like vine.
I saw him on the full moon,
He was shining brighter then the moon.
He doesn't believe on sun anymore,
Just a thing that gives light for sure.
His disbelieve made me believe,
In love and destiny.
I tried to touch him cause I got sparkled in his shine,
And then when I touched him he lost his shine,
He drowned in darkness,
And never appear again.
Again I destroyed a star in million!
Being satanic and dark I stay now low
Spreading the curse wherever I go.
-Being in love and don't wanted to hurt love is a next level kinda thing,
Cause let's just admit it im the end we all wanted to get that person whom we have loved and YASS! If you can keep distance fronm them because of them then YASS you are CURSED with love.
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