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Crystal Freda Apr 2022
Wild splashes of beaming

Azure brushing back and forth

Tottering briskly on granite rocks

Enlightening excitement to our eyes

Radiance of teal drops sprinkle salt

Follicles misting up the atmosphere

Activating a rushing rippling of waves

Lashing playfully with each other

Looping to a sensational surprise
Written in March 2019
Revenant Jul 2014
It feels like New Years all over again out here, but my feet don't hurt,
and I'm not chilled to the bone.
There's always been that insurmountable amount of space
b   e   t   w   e   e   n
my body and yours,
and I still want to kiss you ever so badly.
It's misting now, and it's kin to the haze in my head.
I miss you

— The End —