That Donald Trump  is President
shows that      some people don't
know what the President
actually does;  including
Trump - -                       Miss America's
                          higher moral standards
                          makes her more qualified;
                                                      ­                       &c.
                          her academic achievements
                          not dependent on backroom
                          kickbacks & payoffs;
                                                                ­              her
                                      |                natural look sexy & healthy;
|[                           ], (           )
she won't allow  war,    |      
just won't have it;
u don't want to see her angry:
sucks for
corporate industrial
fat cats         & their anorexic third  
    sitting on candy |
    clouds      of pollution
                              | in the college-town [       ] hills behind |
hidden electric gates]
& winning Lotto tickets;            [swimsuit] &
beauty pageants for all    ages
including                great-grandmothers
                & ghosts;
mermaid fairs,      toddlers in thongs
  &      naked
men; picnics & balloons -
just what does the President do? besides play golf & finger willing interns;
baking cookies b/c she can |

— The End —