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Niveda Nahta Oct 2020
I took a deep breath, and fell right onto my pillow
I said to myself, "People leave, that's what they do."

I breathed deeply, almost panting because of the anxiety creeping on to me.
Abuse, betrayal all of it flashed in front of my eyes.

I breathed deeply, in and out, as the world stood still, right in front of me.

I breathed deeper, consoled myself, things will be fine if not better, this isn't the end.

I breathed deeply, this time holding my chest, as if trying to tell it that all was well.

I breathed deeper, while a tear flowed down my left cheek, it's alright, it's just a difficult week.

I took five more breaths, before telling myself this, "it's okay, and that people leave."

My heart almost spiralled into confusion.

Blaming myself, and then not.

People leave, that's how it's been all these years, it's like my head was in a knot.

I've been bothered by this approach people have in life, "live and forget" as if there's nothing else in sight.

In moments like these, when I can't breathe any further,
I write, and feel,
Because I know,
I'll never be like the others.
Hellopoetry has become almost like a virtual diary for me. I'll also share my stories on here, all based on my life. Do you also feel empty when people leave?
Niveda Nahta Jan 2020
Bodies lying here and there,
torn clothes everywhere,
Some little girls crying near the bay,
Some little girls hiding behind the hay,
It's the month of May,and
I still remember this day,
When I refused to use my stength,
Gave up, laid down,
Could no longer fly high,
I was forced to drop on the ground,
Just because some hands pulled me down,
And swept me across the room
To fulfill their needs,
When I come to think about it now,
I should have stomped their throats,
When I had the chance,
I should have fought,maybe
I could have saved,
Others and every one,
If only I roared.
I had penned this in October,2013 and I posted it today. I don't quiet remember much but it did leave an impact on me..
Niveda Nahta Jan 2020
I've dreamed of dreams,
Sleeping through the nights,
Through the forest of darkness
No one in sight,
I relate my dreams to reality
Oonce I wake up the veil drops,
And I can't figure out what is what
Am I living in my fantasy
Or is all of this real
What I want to do and
What I'm forced to do
Living in a world of someone else
Do you feel like someone else?
Walk the road someone else was meant to
Breathe the air which belonged to someone else
Wish I could dream lucidly
Twirling down the rabbit's hole
Be someone I want to be
In a world where money,
matters most
All these cruel people around me
Fail to understand what I want to be
I see this dream
And I dream about it
The person I am
And someone I'll never be.
I've always expressed what I feel like in life, I had stopped but whenever I feel like it I write my thoughts down. I use simple words because I am as common as it gets, trying to related with someone who can relate.
Niveda Nahta Jul 2018
As I listen to the beats of another wild song
My feet tapping on the cold hard ground
In the darkness I ascend the stairs
Sharp eyes and all spread out hairs
Under the moonlight I let my sorrows out
Drenched in loneliness
I roam around and round
I know my heart is in ruins
The ruin is fun
It gives me pleasure
To be fallen apart
I leave those pieces behind me
And dance on and on
Till those pieces cut me deep
And I frown and I laugh
I'm happy to know I've thrown away a part of me
that will never come back
Shards of memories in my vicinity
I smile I cry
Till I let it all out
And I'm all in ruins,
My body is one,
My mind's out of control
But I think I'm alright,
I'm beginning to blossom
in this silent night
I dance on and on
Till those pieces cut me deep
And I cry and I laugh
Till I transform into light
Something I've always wanted to be
I feel a void
But that's alright
Because I'm no longer in ruins
But I still remember those times...
Words help me feel things I've never felt before..
Niveda Nahta Oct 2017
As the days are late
And time passes by
I stand here by the door
Waiting to catch your eye
A year has passed
A thousand dreams
A realm of kindness
A jealous feat
My eyes flutter
to see you here
As days pass by
without the tears
Time has come
And I want it still
Till the time my heart fulfills
Consumes the love
That was left
All this time
I wait and fear
This time to hold you near
All the time I try and try
Waiting by the door
To catch your eyes!
The wait is over he'll be here soon.. My wait is complete and so am I!!
Niveda Nahta Jul 2017
What if we saw what reality was?
Would it still be real?
What if we said for our hearts wanted
Would there still be fear?
What if I saw
What you saw
Would you still be near?
  Dec 2016 Niveda Nahta
Rickie Louis
Here I lie wide awake,
thoughts pouring through my mind.
How sweet the touch your body,
when craving after mine.

Playful eyes and dancing toes,
wrestling to shed our clothes.
You bite my neck and I taste yours,
we slowly kiss, our tongues explore.

I toss and turn, try to ignore,
these visions now vibrate my core,
the chance I'd take if you were near,
to breathe you in as though you're here.

Lips running down your heartfelt chest,
caressing them along your breast,
excitfull moans begin to flow,
the further down they go below.

With grace I trace, my love expands,
this sanctioned sin, no reprimands.
You feel me now, passions run deep,
quietly your sounds they speak,
and as they do,
I follow through,
through the depths of reaching you.

As inner thighs,
quiver and quake,
salty sweet your taste I take,
your fingers running through my hair,
you pace my face,
and steady,
You groan in ecstasy,
your love receives the best of me.
I slowly give my all to you,
with rhythm we begin to move,
clasping our hands, you sway your hips,
you raise them up, as we eclipse.

It echos through these deep elations,
driving in intense sensations.

Entangled we begin to dance,
form beads of tropical romance.
You rain on me, and I on you,
our bodies moist like sultry dew.

Tell me now, where have I gone,
this feels like some celestial bond.
I'm but alone, in my own bed,
yet here you are inside my head.

Joining rapid beating hearts,
pulsating through our tender parts.
Increasingly your warm breath's felt,
together we begin to melt...

I must expel this lustrous notion,
to sinfully vow my devotion.
How can it be, to have not met,
yet yarn for you, without regret.
Perhaps one day I'll feel once more,
reality vibrate my core.

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