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Ariel Nov 2019
I’m in love with a fantasy.
Looking at myself in the mirror thinking man is this me.
Flirting with the devil won’t get you no love. Mean like a tiger but inside your just a little dove. Chilling with the thugs,keep a close eye on my burning plug. I want a man that wants me for me. Not for what I got between the sheets. Not worried about what’s on the streets. I don’t want to question if you like me, I’ve learned my lesson. I’m to hype to be, some girl pinning for diamonds when I really want pearls. I’m not a materiel girl. But baby all I want for you is to give me the world.
Ariel Nov 2019
I feel safe in your arms,
fooled by your charms.
You made me feels like I was worth every hour. You built me up higher than any tower. Now I tear myself down every minute thinking about you in it.
Let me be wifey
Kissing you thinking about this  how life be.

I’m scared to let you in. Welcome you into the wolves dean. We can play pretend, live in sin, but let’s be real your gonna hurt me in the end.
Ariel Nov 2019
I  let my eyes glaze over,
I wish somebody would of told her.
Hurt people, hurt people.
Say a little prayer Mrs. Aretha.
Every dog has his day. Manipulation is a way.
Control my mind, you captured my soul.

I fall in love to quickly.
Ariel May 2019
I fantasize about you an I.
Letting imagination take the forefront when Realization hits you. You can only fantasize about someone so long. You find your self in to deep with out hope to resuscitate. Your eyes dilate an by then, Your hearts already stopped. Then you bleed, dying of a bleeding heart.. excitement gleams your eyes. With shinning bright lights echoing your slow demise. Your love never diminishes.

Feeling blue imagining my hands all over you. Clinging to the past ghost of ex communications. Me curious of the past relations. I’m jealous of a stranger. My heart beats so fast I get cold sweats thinking about it. My chest tightens an I’m afraid. So I run away, pushing all spectators down. I’m so quite ill never make a sound. I will never be in your hyper beams with brown eyes that gleam. An will go to extra extremes to hide it. I want to be your space ship.
Will I every stop writing poetry about men that happen to catch my fancy.
Ariel May 2019
Your all I ever wanted. Feelings left in the past but I still feel haunted. Your ghost weighs upon my soul my heart on a mission with one goal. Desperate to cling to love that will never fulfill me. Because I was never enough.
I once loved a man who didn’t take my love seriously. An absorbed my essence while ******* a man behind my back. My heart still cry’s for that ****. His love will never fulfill because it’s not real.
Ariel May 2019
Token me with a crumb of affection I wonder if God’s teaching me a lesson. Burn me an lay me to dust. Will I ever revel myself. Even in good health I break out in cold sweats. Find my self with short breaths. Addicted to you like a crack head on ****. With little to any satisfaction left. Will you reject me. That hurts me to the core. Will you try to use me like a common *****  will I become a bore. You don’t even see my efforts. My heart turns me colder. My mouth become even bolder. Mind set on prize clothed in the weirdest design. With one plan to make you mine.
I have a crush on a man an I’m unable to tell him my feeling for him. Without feeling stupid because I don’t even register on his radar. I’m such a non factor.
Ariel May 2019
My heart pangs to the light hums from the  soundless abyss. Waiting to Ponce without thought my tongue sharper than any knife. You ignite a fire in me that burn hotter than the seven suns. Makes me want to run away. I feel my blood drip in my hands from my beating heart contracting, making demands. I sometimes dream of better times where I knew who you where an you’ve know of my existence. I wish you finally see what you had been missing. My heart feels like he’s been served on a platter. She acts like nothing else matters. I burn with a hate that makes bile taste like a cupcakes. In this wake I’ve decided that love an loss matter nothing to the victor unless you have spoils. An I’ve spoiled you with affections that doesn’t equate to the fate you’ve decided for us both. My hate is one that simmers till the *** over flows.
An with that I wash away all my woes. Baptized in the blood of my enemies. Reverent rides the waves with daggers found on any spades. With a knife in my back I’ve decided I’d rather die than cry. At this point there no reason to even say goodbye.
My bestfriend ****** a man behind my back while I was in an intimate relationship with him. An he got aired out over the car speaker. It hurt me a lot.
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