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SiouxF Aug 2020
The future dazzles
Shining bright
Like nothing you’ve seen before.
Bring shades
Bring joy
Bring happiness
Bring love
And join us for
Coloured rainbows
Unicorns of love
And delectable delicious delights!
Anais Vionet Jul 2020
Ignore the roses' glory, lass -
for this purpose you were born!
****** princess - you are needed
to catch the elusive unicorn!

I stumble as if to music -
for I know the sordid truth.
That abstract love burns brightly -
in the hearts of maiden youth.

I’m a secretly broken angel -
so this magic I can’t perform.
I was seduced by boyish powers -
by clownish fumbling I was transformed.

I’ve been avoiding hateful mirrors -
for unwelcome truths they seem to know.
I can but join this dull adventure
and a hunting we will go.
a love poem - to unicorns everywhere
Heather Lea Jun 2020
I met a unicorn today;
So dazzling to my eye.
His coat was dark but glowing,
Like twinkled stars in sky.

He held a truth so strong
And a message for the free.
His heart held winds of power;
His eyes held storms of seas.

He spoke of tales of bygone times;
A message from the brave.
He spoke of ones who fought with love
And started a new wave.

He reminded me how love is strong,
And conquers any hate.
He showed me sights of future love
Beyond these heavy gates.

Hold strong, be brave, have power
But love is all you need,
For both the dark and loving light
Need your thoughts to breed.

Don't fight with fear; feed anger,
Instead be the new wave,
Use the strength of light
To let love stand with your brave.

This unicorn, so special,
So strong and so unique.
Time to love this unicorn
And let his darkness speak.

Heather Lea
lua May 2020
you sound like a dream
one that i've locked inside my head
the one with flying unicorns
and laser beams
and cotton candy trees
but the one with thunder and lightning
and a ring of flames
in the middle of a meadow
where the fires ate everything it touched
and spat out nothing but a blackened husk
it's the one where prince charming falls off his high horse
and into the abyss
the one where rapunzel chops off her hair
the one where mermaids exist to be feasted upon
by hungry sailors
you sound like a nightmare.
Ithaca Jan 2020
take me in
six inches deeper
my cold blade yearns to rust inside your heart

feel my pain
before the blood dries
I want to be the one to drain the color from your eyes
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
In the ice age
The people
Chase mammoths
But the chase
And **** unicorns
For their magic
As that winter is
Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
I wish there was a magical ground
   where centaurs would heal
   and to protect the land
   some giants to surround
   Thestrals as a traveling mean
   Golems to follow my command
   sphinxes to fulfill my demand
   some sylphs gatherings
   and mermaids to fill the air
   with their melodious voice
   unicorns with their freedoms
   to bring the brightness to this world
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