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How to
unlove you?
Do I have
a part of
me to do
it, or a
part of
Copyright 2019. All rights reserved by the author
  Feb 21 Michael S Simpson
You are trapped in that limbo in
which your freedom coincides
imperceptibly with your loneliness
without being able to tell the
difference between the two,
scouring for an answer in that
horizon you are staring at
enchanted, for it is just like you:
the fine line between
the abyss and the sky.
In the shattered wreckage of our love
I search for the black box
that holds my golden heart
Copyright 2019. by Michael S. Simpson.
All rights reserved by the author
I cry
Yes I do
I cry for me
I cry for you
for what we did
and didn't do
I cry.

I cry aloud
when I'm alone
I cry in silence
on the  phone
for all the love
we could have known
I cry

I cry

I cry.

Do you cry too?
I'd like to know
what moves your heart
makes tears flow in
places where it hurts to go
Do you cry too?
Copyright 2019. All rights reserved by the author.
Oh, these sparkling stars,
making our moonless midnight so bright!
Let's weave them into a
glittering garland of
pure starlight
and wrap our hearts
together with it
keeping our love
pure and strong,
so it's brilliance
will remain
even after
our lives on earth
are only memories
in the eyes of the angels
that we have become.
All rights reserved by the author.
Copyright 2019
Do I make sense?
I’m speaking but
Can you hear me?

It seems like I’m speaking silence
I suppose I am since, wait--
Do I make sense?

My words are easily misinterpreted
Even now, you’re listening but
Can you hear me?

Tangled tangents taken
From the context of my mind
Do I make sense?

I don’t. Of course the sound waves are reaching you
Still, I have to ask again to be sure
Can you hear me?

L’appel du vide is all I hear
I want to know you’re not the same
Do I make sense?
Can you hear me?
even i didn't understand what this poem was supposed to mean for a while. it took me about a month to realize why i wrote it.
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