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koreen Nov 2018
How your eyes look at me,
And how your words can heal.
Radiant as the sun, you smile brightly;
Vibrant as a city, you make me feel.

Every little thing about you is wonderful beyond compare,
You, my love, are my greatest answered prayer.
koreen Jun 2017
"Permission to be happy, Captain?"

Her hand on his is warm and soft, comforting and feeling like home, but unlike the atmosphere that surrounds them and what is yet to come. *Captain
. He closed his eyes and repeated that word again and again in his mind, trying to engrave the endearing nickname in his memory as this might be the last time he will hear that word in her voice. Tears started to well up in his eyes as memories of them together come back to him like a tidal wave. A pause, followed by a deep breath, then he opened his eyes and smiled at her.

"Permission granted."

With that, he let go of her hand for someone else to hold.
This might be the beginning of an era.
koreen May 2017
For the times when you feel wrong for loving someone who won't love you back:

One, love is never wrong.
It hurts, it heals,
but never should you feel
that you're doing something wrong
for loving someone too deep, too long.

Because Two, the world is unkind.
But still, it gave you someone
who can shine brighter than the sun,
giving color to your world,
to love with all your words.

Three, so cherish him with all that you have.
Stop wasting time thinking about
things that just burn you out
and let him be the center
of this love where only he matters.

Four, for you are just tangled red strings.
Time is ticking,
the string is untangling,
then sooner or later, he will only be
at the back of your mind, a fond memory.

Lastly, Five, he may not love you back.
But I swear to the universe that he is worth it,
all of your tears, your words and your heartbeat.
In exchange for the happiness he endlessly gives you,
Love him the most now and do the things that you can do.
this one is for myself who gets insecure.

LONG TIME NO WRITE!! I keep on running out of words and it's frustrating, please send help :(
  Mar 2017 koreen
i was once told that
my poems all contained
messages of hope and fate.

i realized that
my love for you is as hopeful
as it really is.

i realized that
my love for you is a matter of fate
because i truly believe that
loving someone like this does not
happen as a coincidence.

maybe im being too hopeful,
maybe i rely too much on fate.

but if it is these two that can
bring me closer to loving you
more than anything in this world,
then so be it.

i'll be waiting with these two
etched on the back of my mind
along with your smile that brings
promises of a chance.
for jww.
  Jan 2017 koreen
I'll be counting down the days
until I see you again
until I'm looking into your eyes
with nothing in between

I'll be thinking about you
until I get off the plane
until I run into your arms
until there's nothing in between
I miss a lot of people right now, whether because of physical distance or emotional distance. I had a dream about seeing them again.
koreen Jan 2017
stop writing "be kind"
at the back of your hand
every single day
then forget about
being kind to yourself.

You can save the world but save yourself first.
koreen Jan 2017
If all things happen for a reason,
if someone omnipotent has a plan,
would loving you might mean
that somewhen, somehow,
my fate will find yours
and will forever be intertwined?

That maybe the reason why
I still fall for you every day,
why I see stars dancing in your eyes,
why my heart calms with your voice,
is because someday you will too
and feel the same way that I do.

Or maybe that's all that it is ㅡ
to show me how wonderful it's like
to love someone endlessly,
unselfishly and unconditionally
even if that someone can never be
the one destined for me.
to my dearest ljh,
i don't regret you one bit.
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