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Sometimes life is going to get tough. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to have some beauty interspersed with all the drama and sadness, but other times it’s just one blow after the other. Sometimes you’re going to feel like something is wrenching you into pieces and like there isn’t any way out of the situation, but you have to remember that there is. There’s always a second chance. There’s always some sort of relief, you just have to take the trouble to find it. You are always stronger than you realize, and the big picture isn’t half bad. There will be friends along the way, and new loves, and sweetness interspersed amongst the madness, and you will get through it, even when it seems like everything has gone to ****. Give thanks for what you do have, work hard, and the rest will fall into place.
that sad sweet longing
for something larger than
our fragile souls.

my heart weighs heavy inside
my chest. full of salt
and tears.

leaving home seemed so easy
yet now nothing is clear
enough to know
what i will miss most.

the wind in the palms or the
sun on my cheeks.

i was never one to stay close to the nest.
my dreams always had a tinge of the
exotic and the scent of far-away places.

i've known too many nights where i've
dreaded coming home to not know
that this is exactly what i need.

freedom has come, not on the wings of a born-again eagle
but rather in the silent shadows and icy
winds of change.

because some people's love burns
like fire and hurts too much
to bear for long

i've sustained fourth degree burns
so far beyond the surface of my skin
that i will bear wounds that never fully heal.

the iron seeds from her throat have
taken hold in my heart and
will forever hold it in their grip.

some memories deserve to be remembered
while others serve only to be locked up
and buried deep within a chest bound by fragile bones and bitterness.

my heart hurts too much
to stay awake much longer.
wake me up when the pain has passed.

i've woven straw into gold for much too long.
He asks her to write a song for him,
She composes for him, her poetry...
                                                        He asks her to tell him a bed-time story
                                                        Sh­e lulls him with her poetry...

He asks her to sing a song for him,
She recites to him her poetry...

                                                     ­            He asks her to dance with him,
                                                            ­   She moves him with her poetry...
He asks her, to be his girl.
She smiles, *and gives him her poetry...
Poetry is what makes her.
Wrap me up and save
me. I'm drowning in God's
seas again. The waves
are hard to escape. I can't
breathe as the water is filling
up my lungs again. People
gathered to watch my
miserable life end. No
one offered me a hand.
You were the only man
willing to dive and take
the swim. You dragged
me above the waves. Held
my head up and cried in
pain "Please don't do this
again". "Breath in breathe
and out". "Breathe in the
words trembling from my
mouth" "Breathe in these
words of I love you and i'll
always do till the very end"
he said as he dragged me
to the sea shore. Where he
laid my body down. Kissed
my lips and neck. Where
he picked the seaweed
off my golden coloured
dress* ~
Days on end my mind can't sleep
As your words snake venom inside of me
As your hands leave my body undressed
You bless me with your lips of Judas.

Crucified as you hoist me high
Splayed out for you to try
bedeviling, like I'm another toy
Another pawn seduced by your ploy

Every time the Devil comes knockin
I open my door and let you walk in
And with every step you grow stronger
Because my deepest sins within me you conjure.

Use my body as your prayer
And leave my soul completely bare.
Use my innocence as your sacrifice
And leave my soul for you to sanctify.

***** me with your pretty lies
Push me down--look me in the eyes
Soil my body as you say you love me,
while I'm whimpering, "This can't be.

Everybody was an angel in the beginning,
but that was before we found sinning
Now you ravage my Good Grace,
as I see the Devil in your face
Wow. This came out so well, Ashley! I'm glad I had a chance to work with you on this, and I'm glad you got your writer's block out of the way. You are truly skilled, and you have a knack for raw emotion!

Guys, be sure to check her out!
My love can only be true,
he said, as he parted my lips with tenderness.
The laurels, they can lie too.

The sunlight rained down from skies awash with dew,
As my world rejoiced, sure nothing was amiss,
For the words from his lips could only ring true.

My darling, my sweetheart, I want to marry you,
He whispered, flooding my heart with profound happiness.
The laurels, they can lie too.

The messenger dove came too late, loaded with sadness and rue,
The festivities had commenced, the lovely couple a-bliss.
For the words from his lips could only ring true.

My dress snow-white, his eyes ocean-blue,
My broken heart rose-red, riven apart with sweetness.
The laurels, they can lie too.

As Hera’s lover had been untrue, so had you,*
I said, poisoning his mouth with one swift kiss.
For the words from his lips could only ring true,
The laurels, they can lie too.
Just another villanelle.
don't take the trouble
of looking into my eyes.
The lies, they lie too deep
for you to find.
The lies, they ran too far
into the cobwebs of my mind.
The lies, they wandered too long
in the darkness of my heart.

"The lies, where are the lies?"
they clamor.
"They took over my reality,"
is my clever answer.
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