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Nigdaw Aug 17
he cuts the grass into stripes
annoyed that the fence
doesn't run parallel

he will sit with a beer
after a long day
watching the sunset
his OCD screaming
it's not symmetrical

it's all he will see
amidst this natural
symbol of contemporary life
packaged, preserved,
instructions on the side.

simplicity of modern day,
pop stamped symmetrical;
hunter gatherer.

collect them into rows
italian chopped tomatoes
best before date, barcode.

tin can still bites,
like bramble thorns,
to repel against harvest.

boxed up comfortable living
adding edge to expectancy
countering convenience.
April 2018  (draft scribbles in 2015)
Baylee Sep 2015
The little mermaid
Is an incredible princess.
Her skin is immaculate,
Her hair is flowing perfection,
And she can sing-
I'm jealous.
Like the mermaid on the
Starbucks logo,
She's perfectly symmetrical.
And I know, I know,
She's not really a mermaid,
But a siren.
Much like Ariel
Who is a human on land
But a fish in the water.
I am jealous.
I'm a fish out of water.

— The End —