The flashing lights
A dance of your life

Don't stop spinning

The music thrums
Your body twirls

Can't stop moving

The drinks are sweet
Your mind begins to slip

Just let it slip away

The flashing lights
A dance of your life
  1d Nicole Dawn
My heart is an open window
Breeze coming in
Sunlight shines
moonlight glows

I have been thinking of you

Now that you're leaving
I'm not prepared to be sad

My heart
is open
for you to stay

I'll close it soon
Won't you come inside

I've loved you so much

It's all gone to waste

I don't want your empty love
Please go away
An angel fallen, an angel dead
Humpty Dumpty hit his head

An angel in chains, an angel in pain
Rapunzel in the tower, going insane

An angel who frowns, an angel who drowns
Cinderella has fallen, she's broken her crown

An angel who cries, an angel who dies
Little Red hides, with tears in her eyes

An angel who falls, an angel who bawls
Ariel is drowning, trapped among walls

An angel is frozen, an angel is broken
A dream is shattered, words best left unspoken
This is supposed to be about growing up but interpret it as you will
Nicole Dawn Feb 2
He loves me;
      He loves me not
He is proud;
      He is angry
He hates me;
      He hates me not
He holds me;
       He hurts me
He says he's sorry
        He's really not

He loves me?
         He loves me not.
Writing is hard lately
Nicole Dawn Jan 16
Shadows in her eyes
Shadows deep inside her soul
The girl of shadows
Been awhile since I wrote a haiku
Nicole Dawn Jan 15
As I sit and watch the wildflowers
I think how humans have no roots
Nothing to hold us back, but nothing to save us
From life's trampling boots

As I sit and watch the wildflowers
I wonder why they are weeds
Their only crime in life
Is to spread their lovely seeds

As I sit and watch the wildflowers
I think of all their trouble
We think of ways to kill them
All that should be left is ruin and rubble
Idk if I've posted this before but I just found it in an old notebook so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nicole Dawn Jan 9
A heart of stone
A girl alone

You came along,
You broke up the rock
It took time but
It became soil

You were gentle
You were sweet
You grew a garden
It took time but
It became flowers

You were lying
You were cruel
You left the garden
It took time but
The flowers died

You were gone
I was lost
The garden was forgotten
It took time but
The dirt turned to dust

A heart of dust
A lack of trust
Wow this is painfully bad but its a first draft so whatever
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