Nicole Dawn Nov 26
I am sad
I see blues and purples
      Sometimes even reds
Sometimes the colors hurt
Sometimes they hurt a lot
Sometimes they hurt too much

So they gave me pills
Pretty little pills
To hide the blues and purples
        And sometimes reds
They say to find the yellows
And greens

I take the pretty little pills
And the blues and purples hide
But I've lost my yellows and greens
And all that's left

Is grey
Work in progress
Nicole Dawn Oct 25
When your favorite time of day
     Is the time you are asleep
When your favorite time of week
     Is when you are alone
When your favorite place to be
     Is too drunk to remember

When you cannot get up
      To do the work you should
When you cannot make yourself
       Take care of your health
When you're too exhausted
       To even move

Why not sleep forever?
Why not lose yourself forever?
Why not forget forever?

Why not give up forever?
Why not heal yourself forever?
Why not rest forever?

When you ask yourself
Why not

      Why not?
Nicole Dawn Aug 22
Do you know me?

I see you searching
Look beneath the bed
    Through the window
          An empty closet
                A hanging shadow

You think I hide
You think I run

You think I bask in the shadows
That you can turn on the lights and I am gone

Little do you know
The light is where I hide
I am here now
Behind you
     Beside you
           Within you

Look around

I am your father
I am your friends
I am the light
    The dark
          The thoughts
and the actions

You think I hide
I am not beneath the bed
But within your head

I will never run
And you can never hide
Idk I've been listening to some wonky poetry stuff just roll with it
Nicole Dawn Jul 16
I see it

I see it
Swinging open

I stretch out a hand
Then let it fall

I lift my eyes
But rest my head

I know I should get up
I know I should go through
But I can't
I can't

I see it swinging

There is light through the door
But darkness in my heart

Deep in my soul
I ache

My mind sweetly whispers
Little lies, little secrets
(You won't make it)
(You're too weak)
(You're not worth it)

I lay for a moment
Watching the door
Then I close

Goodbye, I whisper
Forever gone
Nicole Dawn Jul 3
I quietly watch you walk away,
Calling over your shoulder
  "I'll never leave you"

(But we both know you're never coming back)
Nicole Dawn Jun 29
Life burns out like
The ashes of a cigarette
Bright flame
To grey dust

&nothing is very much fun anymore

Life gets harder like
A rusting bicycle wheel
Shiny joy
To dull pain

&nothing is very much fun anymore

Life gets sadder like
A tree loses its leaves
Vibrant green
To empty, dark branches

&nothing is very much fun anymore
(Will it ever be?)
Nicole Dawn Jun 28

Inside your head
      It's war.
Inside your heart
       It's pain.
Inside your soul
       It's death.

Outside your body?
It's calm

Don't let them know
Don't let them see
A poker face
Strong and cold as a mountain


Float above
Somehow one and two
Aware and unaware
The body stays...


Inside your head
Outside your body
It's too much to stay
Panic rising then gone
You are one but
You are two

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