Nicole Dawn Feb 2
He loves me;
      He loves me not
He is proud;
      He is angry
He hates me;
      He hates me not
He holds me;
       He hurts me
He says he's sorry
        He's really not

He loves me?
         **He loves me not.
Writing is hard lately
Nicole Dawn Jan 16
Shadows in her eyes
Shadows deep inside her soul
The girl of shadows
Been awhile since I wrote a haiku
Nicole Dawn Jan 15
As I sit and watch the wildflowers
I think how humans have no roots
Nothing to hold us back, but nothing to save us
From life's trampling boots

As I sit and watch the wildflowers
I wonder why they are weeds
Their only crime in life
Is to spread their lovely seeds

As I sit and watch the wildflowers
I think of all their trouble
We think of ways to kill them
All that should be left is ruin and rubble
Idk if I've posted this before but I just found it in an old notebook so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nicole Dawn Jan 9
A heart of stone
A girl alone

You came along,
You broke up the rock
It took time but
It became soil

You were gentle
You were sweet
You grew a garden
It took time but
It became flowers

You were lying
You were cruel
You left the garden
It took time but
The flowers died

You were gone
I was lost
The garden was forgotten
It took time but
The dirt turned to dust

A heart of dust
A lack of trust
Wow this is painfully bad but its a first draft so whatever
Nicole Dawn Dec 2017
A Shattered Family
       *A Perfect Life

A Lovely Painting
       A Deadly Knife

The words were echoing

Just like before

Smudged Black Lipstick
   Inhaling Black Smoke

Around and around we go

She blinked her eyes, her head unclear
When had the spinning come so near?

Black lipstick
Black smoke
A knife
A picture

A family here, a family gone

Stop. Stop. Stop.

She had lost her senses
Lost who she was

The world kept on spinning
When her mind suddenly stilled
Just trying to explain how my head feels, always open to criticism
Nicole Dawn Oct 2017
My hair is crazy

It is frizzy, tangled, wild

My hair cannot be tamed
You cannot confine it

It is not glossy and smooth
Gently curled
Flowing and sweet

My hair is crazy
My hair is free

My hair is not beautiful
My hair is not calm
My hair does not fit in

My hair is crazy
And perhaps that's okay
Definitely a 1st draft, just a quick distraction from an essay I've been working on :)
Nicole Dawn Sep 2017
I am not a rose

I am not delicate, I do not have thorns
I am not careful planted, tended, watered
I am not loved

I am a dandelion

I am not wanted, I do not grow where I'm told
I am random, sporadic, persistent
I am wild

I am not a rose*

I am not picked for beauty
Just to wilt
I am not chosen for love
Just to fade

I am a dandelion

I am picked to destroy me
But I will not die
I am killed to make me go away
But I will not fade

*I am not a rose
I am a dandelion

I am wild
I am free
And that is okay
I miss writing
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