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Annelyra Oct 2013
And you're awake
Fighting with eyelids
tick tick tick
running out
half an arm in your sleeve
and one shoe missing
this is modern life
the right to run yourself
absolutely ragged
was earned for you
by other better women
so run faster run faster runfaster
and make sure
your nails are as immaculate
as your
work/life balance

trickle trickle
down the centre of your back
fully paid-up member
of the local leisure centre
sculpting that body
for everyone else's sake
see the angel in the marble
and sweat until
you set it free
you're a modern-day
take out your chisel
and get back to work

tease those eyelids open
oh god
heartbeat elevating
along with your blood pressure
have you forgotten..
no its ok
thank god
heart slows
with a family to support
and a mortgage to pay
you can't afford to forget
and you can't afford
the sleep it requires
to sharpen that memory
you're paying in minutes
and you need more
than you can get

if you can't touch it
it ain't worth nothing
glass coffee tables with
object d'art languishing beneath
that's what life is all about
fill your place with
minimalist furniture
have a feature wall
in every room
be edgy and creative
monochrome not florals
seriously consider an extension
and a yacht
install a corner jacuzzi
in magenta temptress
that you'll never use
shout at the children
for spilling on the
cream wool carpet
invite friends over to
drink Merlot with you

carbon footprint aside
work is an hour away
so at the end of every day
get in your car
and hurtle towards home
weaving between cars
and lorries
and motorbikes
thinking of emails
writing emails
receiving emails
you realise
with your chest bangbangbanging
that your eyelids gave up
just momentarily
as a lorry pulled out
driven by a 44-year-old
who will later
much later
joke weakly
women drivers
over his pint of Carlsberg
and in two seconds flat
you're going
alexa Aug 2018
you met a girl who
cried raindrops,
tasted of champagne and regret but
oh did she love so hard
i never got a chance to feel how soft she could be
i was too busy drinking in her mahogany eyes and
lightly tanned skin-- by the gallon, gulping
trying to get air in between sips like
an aged merlot she was
timelessly magnificent.
i swear to you
she had the sun within her,
could shine so bright but
a single cloud could wash it all away,
dim her, shroud her
in stringy clouds of despair i swear
i would've done anything
to burn away those clouds.
Rick Adams Jul 2018
last night was spent with my five friends;
my five best friends in the whole wide world.
their names are Cabernet,
and Shiraz.

they are always there when I need them;
they relax me
and soothe me.
they help me through my problems,
dull my pain,
and help me sleep at night.

they will never ignore me,
avoid me,
desert me,
deceive me,
lie to me
or steal from me.

we were all together late last night,
my five friends and I.
when we started the night,
they were full of body
and color.
before I knew it,
four of my five friends
were gone.
the only one left
was Merlot.

it was late
and I was tired.
they’re good at that,
my five friends.
they’re good at
making me feel tired
and sleepy.
they’re good at playing tricks on me too.

“how do you feel?” asked Merlot.

“I feel good,” I replied.

“well,” said Merlot,
“just wait until morning…”

— The End —